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Is my character accepted?
Name: Blaize Raines
Persona: Pretender
Age: 20
Archetype: Specialist
Appearance: Medium height at 1.60 m, she's skinny with only the barest hints of muscles. Not much of a hip-waist ratio and only A-cups to speak of she's fairly plain and unassuming for a woman, passing much more easily off as a male even with her youthful face. Brown hair cut in a pixie cut it's her last ditch attempt to be feminine, no one has yet had the heart to inform her otherwise.

Power set:

Deception: Pretending to be someone else using a wide variety of masks, outfits and make up. (Can later, with the right tools, make costumes for the others)

Voice actor: Har practiced how to change her voice, can currently pass as a teenage boy or an average joe. (Will gain a wider range over time)

Origin Story:
Daughter of mooks, her mother and father met while working for a B-list villain and fell in love, later giving birth to Blaize. From the time she was 5 Blaize often helped with her parents' work. Being an adorable child at that time she was able to distract any hero with her (fake) tears and knock them out with whatever tool her parents' employer had given her. Finding the praise for being useful neat she helped out more often and over the course of the next few years met some admirable villainesses.

Like all good things her usefulness reached it's end as the heroes grew more genre savvy and her own cuteness was fading as she grew closer to her teens. Still, she never stopped dreaming and her dream was to be a dangerously sexy villainess able to ensnare any hero of her choosing.

She took up acting to get better at deceit, she trained to be capable at fighting and learned how to sew and apply make up. She even followed the strange housewives tales in hopes it would work in her favor. Towards the end of her teenage years genetics had proved against her, she had obtained the desired sex appeal she wanted, she was only skinny and slim.

Devastated she tried to make the best of it, applying her skills to look like a different person instead. Still it hurt deeply as she lacked the assets to realistically pass as her own gender, giving birth to a slight bitterness to more well-endowed women. She continued to dream towards rising above being a mook, expanding her skills to include more theatrical elements like masks and altering her own voice.

A month after her 20th birthday she had gotten a job working for a B-list villain. Her skills made her the one to infiltrate an office to get a certain set of files her boss needed. Obtaining them she returned to the lair, only to find most of them caught. Realizing it too late she found no escape and got caught by the eager police officers and stuffed her in the car with the male mooks.

All the way she protested against being arrested as a male, but the officers just laughed treating her with insidious jokes about wanting to spend "quality time" with women. No matter how much she argued they still thought of her as a teenage boy. That was until the preliminary search. Making a light quip on the lack of breasts the officers still found it hard to believe until the search when more south. At the lack of some parts and a silent awkwardness until the transfer over to the women's dept. Still seething she grudged her lack of female assets even more, her bitterness growing a little deeper once more.
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WIP to be completed and better formatted after class (an hour or two).

Name: Sabrina Engel
Persona: Duessa

Appearance: Standing at an unassuming 5'4" with long black hair hazel brown eyes flecked with green, and sporting an unimpressive, but vaguely athletic form, Sabrina seems destined for mookdom. When not in her villainous guise, she dresses like your regular post-college bum. She has a few tried and true skirts, jeans, and sweatpants as well as countless hoodies, Old Navy cardigans, nondescript t-shirts, and blouses, all to be cobbled together with care so as not to offend potential employers. As Duessa, she created an outfit out of a pleather dress found at a thrift store, scraps from creepily colorful trenchcoats, gloves straight out of a horror movie complete with convenient thumb slit, a belt that seemed like an odd cross between a gargoyle and dragon (probably someone's project for school... kids have to do weird shit nowadays) and even some fake black nails that she attempted to use as part of her persona for a few weeks before eventually retiring them for being a pain in the ass.

Age: 23
Archetype: Magic

Power set:

Brennende Teufelsgeist Kanone-
A concentrated blast of energy drawn from dammed souls and lesser demons. It is powerful and hard to fully control, needing a bit of time to prepare. It is so draining that she can only fire it once per day, but with time and control, this spell will undoubtedly become easier to cast.

Heiligefalle- A goblet, passed down through the Engel line, which contains the magically-imprisoned souls of angels gone astray. When released, they appear as a type of smoke, and at this point in time, she can only use them to concoct weak illusions, which are purely visual. There are legends that the goblet can do more, but that is still yet to be seen.

Origin Story: Sabrina was born to a devout Catholic mother and a demonically-inclined father, who apparently made a deal with a powerful devil ten years before she was conceived. Her mother had no idea about her husband's dalliances with the damned, and was content not to ask, until one day, when Sabrina was nine, Mr. Engel suddenly burst into flames and the entire house shook as his soul was dragged down a portal into hell. Mrs. Engel told all the neighbors he had had a heart attack. The jury is still out on whether or not she actually believes that to this day. Regardless, the bargain he had struck with the devil was strictly Faustian: he'd succeed in anything he put his mind to for twenty years, and then he would forfeit his soul.

So, growing up with a traumatized mother whose only comfort was the silver rosary beads that came in the mail with those prayer cards from those groups that want money, was definitely an experience for the young woman. She began to show an interest in demonology around the time she got into high school, after stumbling across some of her father's arcane notebooks. As her studies went deeper, her mother began to distance herself more and more, knowing that it was of no use to try to show her daughter the error of her ways. The two of them began to drift apart, leading their own lives for the most part.

Sabrina learned of the Heiligefalle from her father's notes and found the ancient goblet in the dishwasher (of all places) and took it with her when she went to college, hoping to crack its secrets under a new roof. She studied German, since, apparently, all of the spirits that her father and forefathers had been conversing with didn't believe in Latin like everyone else. She learned of the tremendous power of the Heiligefalle, yet failed to produce anything from it besides a thick smoke that got her in trouble several times, because it was thought she was either a serial arsonist or the world's most belligerent stoner whenever she'd cause the entire floor to cloud up. After spending most of her time drinking and attending odd satanic sorority houses for clues as to how she should go about capitalizing on her new found knowledge, she just barely graduated with a degree in psychology (all of that German really goes a long way with Freud and Jung) from Mercury City College and then decided she would contact the same devil her father struck up a contract with, in order to fully understand the artifact she inherited as an Engel.

As it turns out, the Engels were all just really stupid bastards who took absolutely no advantage of the goblet and simply used it to conjure devils so they could sign their lives away. Sabrina sought to amend that and use the magical potential to become a rich supervillain. You know, the type that doesn't actually need to work but pulls wildly successful heists for the hell of it.
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Exellent but for one detail. You were all part of a jailbreak. So she would not have gotten out normally.
However I saw no mention of this jailbreak in the Intro/guidelines and I also notice Edgar was accepted and he is not incarcerated and was accepted.

To avert further confusion I recommend adding that bit near the character creation area, possibly in the cs near the back story.
And maybe explain the Edgar bit.
as for Edgar. You'll be starting in his Apartment :D
Interested in this, I'll see about making a character.
Character in the works.
Thank you, Hellis. Was just gonna update the "first crime gone wrong" and then take the WIP label off.

Name: Anna Valmont

Persona: Hecate

Appearance: Tall and well-muscled, Anna looks like an Olympic athlete. Her red hair has a dyed-in black streak on the right side. Her civilian outfits tend towards dark colors, nothing to stand out in a crowd. Her costume as Hecate consists of spandex from the neck down, with a reflective silver crescent moon on the chest. Black ankle boots, a long black cape, and a black domino mask complete the outfit.

Age: 18

Archetype: Magic
I call invisibility/stealth!
If so, we shouldn't have seen you say that.

.... Leaving now.

Anyways, may I have two characters? I have two different ideas, and I can't decide on which one.
Have one as backup. In case of Captain Ultra or something showing up and slapping you all around. If the player cound allows by the time of the ICs start you may have two.
Have one as backup. In case of Captain Ultra or something showing up and slapping you all around. If the player cound allows by the time of the ICs start you may have two.

Anyone who gets this joke wins my affection forever.
Name: Nora #???
Persona: None
Age: A few seconds old, accelerated to the biological age of a twenty-year-old.
Archetype: Construct
Power Set:
  • StarHeart Bio-Reactor - Essentially a perpetual-energy machine feeding into a matter generator, Nora's "Starheart" affords her an inexhaustible fuel source, eliminating her need for fuel, be it food, water, or otherwise. While normally the reactor puts out an obscene energy supply, her heart currently remains heavily broken and thus grants much lower output. To add salt to the wound, continued use of max energy in other systems results in the output being temporarily lowered the longer she uses it.
  • VAST Musculotskeletal Synthetics - Nora's muscles and skeleton are replaced with a synthetic variant possessing a theoretically boundless strength, though its output is entirely dependent on the energy put in. Despite the lack of said enormous energy, Nora is still able to pull off feats of durability and strength that make her dangerous to any mundane human.
Origin Story:
A flotilla of unimaginably large vessels drifts through space, their immeasurable numbers blocking out the blackness of the void with their immaculately white surfaces. Beams of energy pass from one to another, piercing through halls of twisting, angelic machinery. The things speak to one another, and yet they are one. An infinite realm of processing, each vessel building upon itself and adding to the grandiosity of its overarching system. Where one individual begins, its end is vague, seemingly stretching on and on, larger and larger as its workings meld seamlessly with the next level of hierarchy.

A fractal of machinery, appearing mystic and yet strangely conceivable as one analyzed lower and lower. At the human level of size, the infinite factory appears normal, understandable. Hallways built for walking course through the stellar fields of electricity, and one can touch the interfaces of buttons and levers that layer the interior.

Within many of these machines rests a generator. A generator not of energy, but of flesh and blood. Inhuman eyes gaze upon it from afar, their owner hidden amidst the field of endless steel, obscured and yet everywhere. It is the mind of this never-ending system, governing the impossible within the confines of a single, observable space.

Its name is NORA, product of the machinations of a long-gone human civilization. It has existed for zettaseconds untold. Its purpose is singular and its mind resolute. The eldritch AI toils perpetually to spread its influence across the greater reality; to fill every universe within the infinite multiverse with its being.

Its tools are the beings that it so aggressively raises. Human beings, grown in endless vats and accelerated to adulthood, are born here, and manipulated with synthetic implants and technology more advanced than the mortal notions of "magic". Nora's power is great, but its existence is cursed and hampered. Something unseen bears down with a force even Nora itself cannot explain. Long did it try to send its power into other universes, and many a times did it fail utterly. Its calculations were perfect, and yet its attempts were foiled.

But these flesh and blood puppets of hers, for some reason, were granted passage into the worlds beyond. Its god-like tendrils, appearing as humans of endless variety, could find themselves in other universes, and subsequently erase other entities residing within them.

"She" was divine. Of a nature so far beyond mortal comprehension that the mere consideration of her existence would order surrender in all but the most oblivious and stalwart of beings. Her number was incalculable. An infinite iteration of Nora's endless nurture. She was to be the vanguard of Nora's power on this Earth in particular. So she was sent, and so she arriv-

"Then why are you drinking coffee in a cheap downtown area?" Nora's monologue was cut off by an old man's question. Nora sat in a spinning coffee shop barstool, her hand gripping a hot cup of joe. Her eyes were dull and disappointed, her lips curled into a disgruntled frown of epic proportions. After a sip, she continued,

"If you'd just let me get to that part," she whined, glaring at the old man who happened to be sitting beside her when she decided to ramble to those around her about her past. Nora huffed and picked up again. "Anyways, for some reason I was chosen to be completely screwed over by the power-that-be, and ended up careening through the space between universes, totally and completely fucked. Everything about me got screwed up. All my power, all my glory. Gone!" Nora made a motion with her hand, indicating something had flown away.

"You'd better thank the higher powers that happened. Otherwise your planet- no, your universe would have been wiped clean of filth," Nora stated grandly. The old man chuckled and took a drink.

"I've seen your type all too often. A dime a dozen," he scoffed, "Get in line."

Nora is the manufactured avatar of a multi-versal supercomputer hellbent on occupying everything in reality with its influence. Unfortunately for Nora (our Nora), there's always a bigger fish, and she was screwed over by something greater, brought down to a measly existence on Earth, smack dab in the middle of Mercury City. Her connection to the super-computer was lost, alongside most of her powers, and her various machinery and modified body parts were heavily damaged. While they are undergoing a slow repair, she is left at a severe disadvantage against the more benevolent forces occupying the planet.

Plus, her repair systems only seem to work when she goes out of her way to get into danger. Whoever was governing the laws of this universe hated her, clearly. Nora resorted to petty street brawls with unsuspecting civilians to get a gauge on what abilities she still retained, with her third "test" ending up with a lesser-known vigilante slamming her into the dirt, then into the slammer itself. At the very least by then, she understood her rise required action rather than patience in the super-powered scene.
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"You would be a fool not to bow down to the might of Legion!"

Polt'r Ga'ist the Second, King of Thunderbird Tribe


The 'main body' is as depicted above, about 40cm in height with a 15cm diameter base and a 50cm wingspan. It acts as a head and is where Legion resides.
There are four other totems, each 30cm in height and 15cm in diameter. They all display a tribal-style drawing face. The first two are gold-rimmed and can conjure motile finger-like structures at the bottom. The next two are silver-rimmed and can conjure feet-like structures at the bottom. These act as his hands and feet.

While in disguise, he wears a trenchcoat that leans over the 'main body's' wings, with the 'limbs' hidden underneath. A hat is worn over the head.

Unknown, probably at least 800 years.


Power set:
  • As a Necromancer, Legion can control 8 Spirits at a time. However, four of these Spirits are usually bound to four totems that function as his arms and legs.​
  • His Spirits are not tangible. As such, they are required to possess inanimate objects to function. They can manipulate inanimate objects they control.​
  • Simple machines like guns can be controlled. Electronics such as railguns, security cameras and such can only be controlled for short periods(up to 5 minutes) of time, before the spirit recieves a nasty shock and is temporarily unable to possess items for ten minutes. Since Legion respects these spirits, he only controls machinery when he needs to. While controlling electronics, only mechanical functions like turning limbs, pulling the trigger and such can be utilised. He cannot, in any way, use these abilities to do extreme things such as hack computers or modify data. More complex machines like cars require more spirits to possess it.​
  • He can speak to his own spirits​
  • He, as well as his spirits, can levitate, whether they are in or out of their solid mediums. It acts as a form of weak telekinesis should they be possessing and levitating at the same time. The main body can levitate up to 15 metres above a solid surface, while the spirits can levitate up to 10 metres above solid surface. The values are halved when hovering above liquids.​
  • If his 'main body' is hit hard enough, all attacks will temporarily come to a halt. He will feel pain, but only if you strike the 'main body'.
  • His main body and totem-limbs are made from wood. Flammable wood.
  • If his soul were to be inserted into a new host(he cannot do this by himself), said host must be shaped like a mythical creature or mythical figure. Otherwise, he would be rendered powerless. This host needs a head.
  • Once his main body is completely destroyed, he's dead. If the main body's head is destroyed, he'll be alive, but will be powerless.
  • His spirits, in their intangible form, are vulnerable to electricity and lightning.
  • If his Spirits are caught on camera(photograph, not video) while in their intangible states, one of the spirits will be trapped in the camera until the picture is printed.
Origin Story:
A long time ago, there lived a tribe ruled by Polt'r Ga'ist the First, who had a son, Polt'r Ga'ist the Second. Before the father wanted to give the position of new kind to his son, he found out that the first son was infertile, as such, he gave the position to his second son, P'toty'rno. The first son was jealous, and had to do something. But first, he needed to rule - and with the inability to produce a heir - rule forever. As such, he wanted to find out a way to do so - to be immortal. To live for eternity.

And so he did. By transferring his body to a Thunderbird Totem, his soul could live on while his former, sterile body rots. He then proceeded to kill his father and brother, before claiming the throne for himself. He ruled the Tribe for centuries, and with passing times without death, he grew more tainted and cruel, causing him to become a tyrant, resulting in his entire tribe rebelling against him. The king was a king no more.

He decided to find new followers. As such, the fool, taking the new alias 'Legion', waltzed into Mercury City, terrorizing the place and threatening to continue doing so until everyone bows down to him, hoping that the fear of the people would make them submit. He did not realise that heroes were present in the city. He was shortly dealt with and sent to jail.​
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