The C-Listers; [Closed/Dead]

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If you're still accepting, I've got a character for you.

Name: Andrew Jensen
Mr. Birch
Appearance: Mr. Birch
Age: 26
Power set:
Telekinetic control of wood: Mr. Birch's power set is focused around the manipulation of unvarnished wood (think lumber or construction materials), which is controlled by extremely focused telekinesis. As it stands, his power can only focus on one thing, either speed or size; i.e. the smaller the object he manipulates is, the more precise and potent his control is. The downside to this power is that it takes total concentration to work, so anything that surprises him sufficiently can break his focus and cause his power to shut down. In addition, while he can manipulate what's already there, he can't create matter, and can't manipulate living wood, yet.
Origin Story:

Andrew Jensen was born to poor parents in the slums of Mercury city, and he never forgot how much it sucked. The kids would often pick on him for being thin as a stick and wearing clothing that was barely above rags. He had no way to fight back, until one day, a bully went too far. During a fight, he was shoved out a window, landing, unfortunately, headfirst. When he landed, a glass bottle went into his eye, shattering in his skull, and inadvertently unlocking latent powers within him. He didn't understand why he had the powers, or why they seemed so limited and useless, but the more he used them, the more he started learning of their potential. Eventually, he realized he could use them to start a new life of crime, all he needed was a team...
Hello Everyone. I am gonna repackage this rp as INVITE ONLY rp. I apologize to everyone who took their time. I might reach out to those I feel will best work in the RP.
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