The Bloods

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  1. Im assuming that everyone here has posted on my signups, is a friend of mine, clicked by accident or just thought the name looked cool. Well whatever the case, i'm glad your here. If you'd like to learn more check out the OOC thread, for there's very little information on this post. It is purely for known characters, and role-playing.
    Thank you.

    Known Characters:

    Coyote- Chosen one, The Warrior. Blueblood
    Blight- Redblood Prince.
    Malkiyat (the Small One)- Deathblood Reaper.

    (@Michael Kokirin)
    Damon- Leafblood.
    Kurazh (courage)- Deathblood. Reaper/Lifegiver

    Gem tracer- Crystalblood
    HÄ«ringutatchi- chosen one, healer

    Enola- Silverblood
    Ouray- Deathblood. Advisor in red court

    @Nitro the Rose King
    Kodiak- Blueblood
    Tobias- Blueblood strong one, Wanderer

    (@Satan's Mistress)
    Zoey "Frost" Blake- DeathBlood Alpha
    Damien "Demon" Mortelle- Blackblood

    Kiyana- Leafblood (the only known one with powers. wat?)
    Silnoto (The Strong)- Deathblood Reaper.

    (@Poisoned Rose)
    Swift- Blueblood/Silverblood mix. Wanderer

    Renee (ren) Vlunder- Crystalblood. Mindreader.
    Mudrite (Wise One)- Deathblood.

    @Essence Winter
    Essence- Lifeblood Shapeshifter


    Nevera (Vera)- Silverblood, pack member.
    Juliet (Jules)-Spiritblood pack member

    Map (by @loviebeest)
    This is a very rough map, not completely accurate. The top of the map is the north, with the volcano where the red king holds court somewhere in the mountains
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  2. It Was a cloudy day. The sun hanging lazily over the eastern mountains where the spirits were said to be sleeping. The land stretched for miles and miles from these mountains to the coast. If one sat on the highest crags or ledges they would see its beauty. The endless evergreen forests, filled with rocky hills and rockier caves where the many small Lifeblood packs roamed. The forests fading to birch and oak, bare in this time of year. One would know that The Pack of Lost dreams and The Pack of Lost souls share these woods. They would see a shadow seeming to hang over one part of the woods, the densest forests, choked with weeds and brambles and dead things. The Deathbloods, and Blackbloods were most comfortable there. Your eyes would travel to the thinning trees, opening into meadows that ran right up to the southern mountain range. These plains and mountains were the long sacred home of the children of air, the Silverbloods. Even from this distance one could see the swirls of dust and color as they ran, laughing and hunting in the way of them. Then on the other side, the northern mountain, the thick, dark woods going straight up to its base. Not so much a mountain as an old volcano, with lava bubbling far below the surface, The home of The Pack of Crimson tides, and their red court. Then you move back to the sea, a distant silvery glimmer. The trees move close, ending only several hundred feet from the waves, a thin strip of golden sand and then the endless ocean that no one has ever crossed. There on the sands, tucked into small caves carved out of cliff faces, or on one of the many small islands Sleep the members of the Pack of Living Water. This was the land the wolves called home, endless and beautiful and full of dangers.

    It was this land that Coyote watched over. Tail curled neatly over her paws she sat on the lower slopes of the eastern mountains. The hard rock pressing against her back, the narrow ledge beneath her feet and the world stretching out far below her. She could not see the sea, or the plains. Only forests. But she could feel, tiny heartbeats trembled through her nerves, she would feel the touch of panic, the unconscious cry for her aid. She had only to wait. Yawning she stood, her crystal settling against her chest, blue as the blood that ran thorough her veins, with a strange, indecipherable pattern in its glass. Glancing around, ears straight up she sniffed the air. All she could smell were trees and rock and mud. Certain that all was well, for now she leaped off her ledge and took off running down the slopes. Determined to meet someone, anyone this day. Being a loner was well, lonely.
  3. In the woods, a large wolf was limping past the scenery, only stopping to lick his wounds, smell the air, and move on. He wasn't taking any chances. Where there's one red, there's usually more.
    Finally, the wolf allowed himself a break beneath a large tree. He hadn't smelled or heard anything for quite some time, and he needed to rest. After a few minutes of lying there, he passed out, tired from his night of excitement.
    He woke up a few hours later to a sudden noise. The wolf's head shot up, ears perked and snout sniffing around. Sure enough, he wasn't alone.
    He quickly stood, faltering a bit as he put weight on his hind leg, and issued a low growl, looking around for the hidden threat.
  4. Her jaws opened, tongue lolling out. She had sensed someone, he was hurt, and bleeding. She took off running, determined to catch up, he was far away. But few could outrun her, except maybe a purebred Silverblood. She ran at a steady lope for a couple of hours, never tiring the urge to make sure everything was well consumed her. In times of relative peace, this was all she would ever do, check up on the occasional injured wolf, or locate a lost pup.

    Finally she found him, curled up on the ground, just waking up. From her spot among the bushes she saw him stand, favoring one leg and look around. He thought he was in danger, well technically yes. If she decided she didnt like him and attacked he was. Barking happily she trotted out of the trees head held high though this wolf was much bigger than her. "Your hurt" she commented. "whats your name?" Without asking permission she sniffed the leg he had been favoring.
  5. The wolf tried to make himself appear more threatening, as he doubted he actually hold his own in a fight in his condition. The newcomer however wasn't discouraged, and began to sniff his wounds.
    He immediately pulled himself away in suprise, and examined the newcomer for any threatening signs. If she managed to get a whiff of his blood, things could get bad.
    She looked to be a silver blood, small and lean, still, never hurts to check. "You're not with those reds, are you?"
  6. "of course not. Im with the spirits, and any wolf that needs my help." Ignoring his reaction she began licking one of his cuts gently. "i care not for blood, or actions. If a wolf needs help, i will help them. Do not worry stranger, i do not care about your parents. I am above such petty things." He yellow eyes met his, calm and non threatening. She only wished to help.
  7. He didn't necessarily trust this wolf, but something told him that the wolf really didn't mean any harm. So he let her tend to his wound.
    After a short while, the wolf mumbled,"Damon".
  8. She licked all of his wounds clean, while she couldn't heal them she could soothe them. "Coyote" she said when she was done as she sat down and watched him, her tail thumping lightly against the ground, the crystal she wore settling against her chest. her eyes glimmered with friendliness and Mischief. Now that her job was done... she could have a little fun. "Where are you from?"
  9. Gem was enjoying the sun and the air. He was entertaining himself by chasing after a butterfly. He ran threw the forest happily yipping, not caring if any wolves were around. After chasing the butterfly till he was exhausted. He layed down in a clearing. The butterfly flew back and landed on his nose. Gem snorted and then sneezed. Then he smelt something funny, wolf blood. Half of him wanted to run the other way, but the other half wanted to investigate. He gave in to his curiosity and ran twords it. Once he got there he saw to wolves, one was injured the other was licking his wounds. They didnt seem to have there pack around. Plus mabey he could help the wounded wolf, he liked helping. He happily trotted into sight and smiled a pathetic smile, anyone could tell he was harmless. "Hello, can i help." He askes as he looked at the wounded wolf.
  10. She raised her head and looked at the newcomer curiously, she could immediately sense its breed. The taste of its blood in the air, One of the Crystal. She rarely met any of those, they usually stayed in their forest of white and gold, flowers and berries. This was obviously not part of any pack. "I think we are fine Crystalblood" she was not unfriendly, just unsure where he had come from and determined to know why he was so far from home. It was her job, right? Dusk told her she should know about as many wolves as possible, in order to protect them. "Why are you so far from home? The Pack of Lost dreams is several days away"
  11. "Ohh are those guys nice, ive never heard of them before." He said completely truthfully and with the enthusiasm of a puppy. He sat down and his tail wagged. "Anyway im Gem, i kinda dont belong to any pack. Mine died, and nobody else likes me." He said with a wimper in his voice. "You seem nice though, you sure i cant help. Im really good at healing you see. It comes with being a crystal blood." He slowly walked over to them and looked at the other wolfs wound. "Ahh thats looks bad are you hurt, come on let me heal it." Since he was always an Omega he wouldnt actually do anything with out permission. Thats just how it rolled. "Wait, were are youre guys packs. You loners to."
  12. "They are the Largest, and oldest Crystalblood pack. The only wolves they turn away are non crystalbloods, and those who have caused too much trouble to be trustworthy." She looked away for a minute "Yes, i am a loner. But it comes with a job. I was born in the Pack of Living Water, to two Blueblood parents. I left because of who i am" She didnt bother to explain. If they couldnt figure it out, they werent worth telling. "If only the Healer showed her face... Then they would be able to heal all injuries. I cant even do the smallest scrapes... I was born to do harm, not erase it" she murmered to herself looking sadly at the sky.
  13. Damon quickly snapped to attention, standing to look at Coyote. "Wait you know something about The Healer?"
  14. Gem wondered what was so special about this healer, he could heal to. Was this healer some master at it. Was he or she nice. "Yeah who is this healer." He said as his eyes dazzled in wonder. "Is it a he or a she, is it nice, would i g be my friend. I need friend, will you guys be my friends." You could tell Gem was an omega if not just a pathetic wolf just by looking at him. "And Coyote, if youre a loner can we be loners together. Itll make it less lonely." He said with a hopefull look. Then he rolled over in submission.
  15. She looked at him "of course i know about the healer. I'm waiting for their return. And i Also know the Warrior, really well actually" She opened her jaws in a wolfish grin her eyes seeming to glow a little and the wind picking up. "Surely you know the only one who would wait for him, or her" She leaped to her paws, her fur bristling slightly as her tail wagged. Her mischivious look faded as she looked down at the wolf. "I hunt alone stranger. It is the way of things. " she nudged him to his paws and sat beside him. "surely you have heard the stories, Of the Guardians led by the Warrior and the Healer. Master off all powers, save death and life. The warrior is the best fighter in the lands, and will defend everyone tooth or claw, sacrificing their own life if nessecary. The healer can heal any wound, great or small and bring a wolf back from near death, sworn to end all conflicts peacefully and put themselves between a helpless wolf and danger, never baring their fangs in anger. It is their duty to protect and defend." her eyes glowed with such excitement and pride as she spoke.
  16. "And it's because of this that I need to find the healer." Damon showed the scar on his neck, "They saved my life, and I want to know why."
  17. "it is the healers Duty. If possible they will save the lives of every wolf. Sometimes they dont, because the spirits tell them not too. But im afraid you wont find him, or her. Ive looked for years, and there is no trace. If they wont reveal themselves to me, they wont reveal themselves to anyone." She looked incredibly sad "i cannot protect the wolves of the blood alone, without the healer i am only half of who i should be."
  18. "I know a guardian." Gem said happily. "Well i knew a guardian." Gems tone dropped, and became more of a whimper. "He was the alpha of the small pack i use to be in. He took me in, and later he made me his mate. Then he died protection me." Sadness showed in Gems eyes abd a few tears fell. "There will never be another wolf as kind as him, i loved him." Gem pushed the pain away. "I wanna help you guys find this healer and this warrior. Mabey i can ask them more about the guardians, more about my Alpha." Gem was also kinda said that Coyote didnt want to hunt with him. He was kinda being to stupid to realize, She might be the warrior.
  19. (So we have no healer, if no one takes the role i could take it. Or the healer could die and Gem could become it. Im saying this cause the healer seems like kinda an important charecter. It wouldnt be good to not have him/her in the roleplay.)
  20. (yeah, but someone needs to be born the healer. They cant just become one later in life. Unless hes a really late bloomer, which is normal for the guardians. And you can take whatever role you wish. Its all open, i just ask if you do choose a guardian that you try to be on several times a week. They have to be around if anything big happens)

    Coyote looked at the wolf and began laughing "stranger, we dont need to find the warrior. Your speaking to her right now" her eyes glowed brightly "but if you wish you may come along to find the healer." her head tilted "odd, most guardians are loners. He must of turned away from his duties to lead a pack" she looked a little disgusted at this. She took her job very seriously, she had given up everything for it. To become the warrior.
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