The Black Butler {Jessica and Roses Version}

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  1. Catherine Jones
    A mistress, and now heir of the famous and rich people

    Abby Smith
    The maid for the Jones'.
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  2. Sebastian "Young master. Lady Catherine and her maid Abby are stopping by for a visit today."

    Ciel "Is that so?..When are they to arrive?"

    Sebastian "Well Abby said it'd be about 2:30 to 3."

    Finny and Bard are outside the door of Ciel's room where Finny is helping Bard with the cleaning, having already heard about there being a visitor, though Finny and Bard didn't know who was coming to visit until now. Finny smiles and says to Bard "Did you hear that? Abby is coming. I'd say we get everything done quickly so we ourselves can prepare for her's and Lady Catherine's arrival."

    Bard "I agree. Let's hurry. It just struck lunchtime so we've only got 3 more hours."

    Finny nods to Bard and then they start racing around the mansion trying to get their chores done as fast as they can.

    Sebastian hears them take off and he comes to the door and opens it and just blinks seeing the two of them rushing around.

    Ciel comes out seeing it too and says to himself but where Sebastian can hear him as well "What are those two fools doing?"

    Sebastian "Not sure Young master but it looks like they are trying to rush through their chores for some reason."

    Ciel "Yeah. Well they are sending up dust clouds everywhere in the process."

    Sebastian "Yeah. I can see that."
  3. Catherine sighed softly, she was so happy to see her dearest friend. She tilted her head thinking but then Abby took Catherine's arm, " Lady Catherine, time to get up so you can get ready to see Ciel."
    Abby smiled, she was excited to see the boys. She looked around the room, moving the curtains to move them open. She yawned softly. She tilted her head softly, before she went to pick out the outfit and help Catherine get the corset on after she got on the other stuff.
    Catherine yawned softly, before she sat up and let her help herself with her dress, she put on the necklace. " Guys you better be on your best behavior, Young Steven, and Abby are going with me to see Ciel, don't leave this place into ash." She said softly. She then slid on her heels, going to her little jewelry box reputting on her favorite ring, and the ring that was handed down to her from her family. She smiled softly, before she went to go and have breakfast, before heading to Ciel's, knowing it'd take a few hours to get there.
  4. Finny and Bard, Not knowing that a good bit of dust is still up in the air and on some things, finish the chores Sebastian and go to put on something nice for Abby's arrival with Lady Catherine.

    Ciel looks around the place as he comes down the stairs. He rolls his eyes as he eyes his surroundings. "Abby and Catherine are going to be here soon. And dust is still everywhere. Rush jobs really aren't the specialty of those two." Ciel then gives a sigh as he and Sebastian descend the rest of the way down the stairs.

    Sebastian "Maybe Lady Catherine and Abby won't mind spending time with us outdoors today."
  5. Catherine smiled softly, she bit her lower lip, she then seen that their carriage was close to the place, and pulling into the driveway. Steven got out and grabbed her hand to help Catherine out, and Abby.
    Abby smiled softly, she was so happy, she was finally here. She looked around, " Oh I think it gets prettier every time we come here."
    Catherine smiled softly, " For once I can agree with you Abby. " she said softly.
    Abby smiled at Steven as they went up the stairs to go and knock on the door, to let them know that they were here. She was so glad.
    Catherine awaited for them to answer as steven knocked. She smiled sweetly. She had a red dress on, with red heels, and she had a black blind fold over her eyes, She had to keep a blindfold over her eyes ecause someone cursed her and gave her a power, whoever she looks at in the eye, may burn or turn into stone.
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  6. Mei Rin, sense Finny and Bard haven't come down from their rooms yet, goes to answer the door herself and greets Young Steven, Lady Catherine, and Abby saying "Hello and welcome." She smiles as she holds the door open a bit.
  7. Catherine smiled hearing Mei, " Oh Hello." She said softly. She smiled sweetly, she knew that she couldn't see but she could tell that it was a happy day. She smiled, she didn't want anyone to turn into stone. She blinked her eyes inside that black blind fold. She then smiled," Where is Ciel and Sebastian?" She asked sweetly. Abby sighed, " It's just Mei, the others are somewhere in the house." She said softly.
  8. Mei "Yeah. Ciel and Sebastian are on this floor. Maybe in one of the other rooms down here. The place is still sort of dusty though. From what I overheard Young Master Ciel say, Finny and Bard did a rush job for some reason a bit earlier and they sent up a few dust clouds while rushing around the mansion."

    Ciel comes out into the room to greet Steven, Catherine, and Abby and says "Yeah. Sorry about the dust. But we're getting preparations ready to spend the day outdoors and have our meals outside as well."
  9. Catherine moved her head towards Abby, " What Dust do you see dust..." Abby sighed, ' Lady Catherine if you removed that you'd be able to see." C atherine said, " I am not removing it, not after what happened last week." She said softly but yet stern. She smiled hearing Ciel, " Well it is a beautiful day." She said softly. She liked the feel of sun on her skin. She smiled softly. Abby curtseyed and looked at Mei smiling sweetly. " I have an idea why.. I kinda get that way when Ciel comes to the house." Maybe they got nervous and wanted to make it as precise or what? Catherine smiled sweetly looking down fixing her hands , she was happy.
  10. Mei "Really? Hmm..I guess that could be it."

    Sebastian comes into the room shortly thereafter and says "Welcome to the Phantomhive Mansion. Outside dining preparations will be completed shortly. It's a pleasure to see you all here today"
  11. Catherine smiled, ' yes she gets very anxious" She then turned her head hearing Sebastian, " And It's a pleasure to hear your voice, Sebastian." She said softly. She knew the last time she seen everyone she didn't have the blindfold on. She didn't want to hurt people. Knowing the demon who gave her this... thing liked her and she didn't want to get involved because of Sebastian. She suddenly heard Steven, " Lady Catherine, your uncle is going to be arriving to our maner late today."
    Catherine sighed, " Steven, right now I am visiting friends, my uncle should stay away after all what he had done.... surprised he's coming." She said softly. She sighed softly, fixing the blind fold.
    Abby smiled and said, " True, but your Uncle is family you should at least treat him like family."She said softly. She sighed and then smiled.
    Catherine smiled. " So what shall we be doing outside today? It is really warm today." She said softly.
  12. Ciel "Well we'll have the picnic first, then Sebastian is arranging a canoe ride across the lake and back and then a hike among 5 of the trails in the back forest which are about 2 miles a piece."

    Finny and Bard come down the stairs just after that and pretty quickly and they are looking kind of dressed up.
  13. Catherine smiled, " So sweet. " She said softly. She nodded looking at Ciel. She was so glad. She bit her lower lip and nodded. She loved hikes. " Awesome!! That would be so fun." She said softly. She bit her lower lip as she giggled. She looked over at her feet and then went to her carriage to get some flats that she brought that matched, heels weren't for hiking. She then smiled and made sure they were on right, she couldn't let them see her eyes.
    Steven came to hel pher lead her back to where everyone was. Abby heard Finny and Bard, she giggled, " Hi boys!!" She said softly, she looked down thinking. She bit her lower lip as she thought. She closed her eyes and smiled, she then sighed. Looking up at the others.
  14. Finny "Hello Abby" Finny smiles.

    Bard does a little bit of a bow and says as he raises back up "Hello there Abby. How are you doing today?"

    Finny bows to her after Bard does and says "Yeah. Are you doing well today?"

    Mei looks at them and then at Abby.
  15. Abby smiled softly, looking over at the two.

    Catherine smiled hearing the other two. She then raised an eyebrow. She hated not doing this, and she was surprised that Ciel haven't asked why the blindfold yet. She knew he was curious. She gulped and looked over towards the voices.

    Abby smiled, " I am doing well, how are you two?" She asked softly.
  16. Finny and Bard both answer "We are doing well Abby."

    Mei Rin hears the phone ringing a few minutes later and goes to answer it. The call takes about 15 to 20 minutes and then she comes back into the room and gives a slight sigh.
  17. Abby smiled softly. She then looked over at Catherine.

    Catherine smiled feeling eyes on her, it was strange. She bit her lower lip softly. She looked down and said, " Shall we go out soon?" She asked.
  18. Ciel "Yes. We can go now if you'd like to." Ciel looks back to Sebastian and then leads the way out into the back courtyard of the Phantomhive mansion.

    Sebastian follows behind Ciel.

    Finny, Bard, and Mei Rin then follow behind Sebastian along with Tanaka.

    Tanaka notices Mei Rin acting a little different and more quiet as they head to the outdoors. Though curious he doesn't press it, though Tanaka knows Finny might if he notices.
  19. Abby smiled softly, she then looked over at the two before going with Catherine, and Ciel.
    Catherine smiled and nodded. She kept on walking depending on how they were walking with the sound of their steps.
    Steven was behind Catherine making sure she was going in the right way.
    Abby smiled and said, " So how many visitors did you have to set for between the time I last saw you, we've had so many." She said softly with Finny and Bard. She smiled.
  20. Tanaka gets up to Mei Rin's side and puts his hand on her shoulder saying "Don't worry. It'll all be just fine."

    Mei Rin looks to him and then says with a sigh as they walk following the others "I sure hope you're right."

    Finny looks to Abby and says "Hmm..well I know it was quite a lot. Probably close to 450 sense we had to host a few parties sense then."
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