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  1. Welcome to Sovery highschool where almost everyone is normal! There are two new guys that come in one day oh and alllll hell breaks loose. The best thing? Its all focused on one girl Skye Jones, she is a mortal with no powers but a strong bloodline. So what side will she choose? Werewolves or Vampires?

    1. You can pin someone against the wall and stuff but no raping
    2. Dont do 1 sentances
    3. Dont g-mod
    4. ask me for certain spots

    Vampire main: Enkou666 regedashi
    Werewolf main: Armin alert

    Character Sheet:
    Background: (optional)
    Transformation: (werewolves)

    Name: Skye Jones
    Age: 17
    Race: Mortal
    Personality: Calm, Shy, Smart, Creative, Confident at times.
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  2. Name: Ryushen Maultice
    Age: appears to be around 17 is actually around 100 or so.
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Race: Vampire
    Personality: Generally bored with everything. Being a Vampire he was told he would be immortal. So attachments and such don't seem important. But, he is very smart and calculating. Out going and friendly. He is never the second one to talk to someone new.
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  3. Skye Walks down to her bright blue locker with 5 books stacked in her hands, When she finally gets there she feels like a complete and utter idiot "How Am I Going To Get These Books In My Locker If I Cant Get To It!?!?". She sets the books down onto the white clean floor and starts doing her combination "22, 24, 3, 13". At that moment her friend pops up behind her, "Hey!" Skye jumps with fear planting her face on the lockers door. "Ow!" She holds her nose "What do you want!" Her friend thinks "Oh yeah! Theres gonna be a new kid!" Skye was focused on putting her books in alphabetical order "Cool oh wow a new kid." Skye wasn't Talked to much and only had one friend but other than that she was basically alone I mean she lived on her own too. She grabbed her notebook and began roaming over to room 201 in a fast stride.
  4. The room seemed small to Ryushen. At least smaller than the coven's school room. He was also the only child being brought up there. The only pure blood vampire in his coven for several decades to his understanding as well. But, alas to that he was thankful. What he wasn't thankful for was transferring to a school a quarter of the way in. But, no fretting now. It also seemed to him that not everyone was there yet. A few empty seats still remained. Being a pureblood he had a certain respect about him. Always being somewhere a few minutes early was one of those. But, they were in high school. Things were different people acted differently. Especially mortals, usually having an identity crisis around this age. Unsure of who they are or where they belong.
  5. Skye Dashed into the room tripping on the door's bottom falling flat on her face "Ow" Everyone who was in the room was laughing at her as her cheeks flushed with blush. She darted over to her seat near the window and set her notebook down, She continued what she did looking out the window wondering unanswerable questions. She looked around the classroom quickly stopping at a new face "hmmmmmmm" She kept staring blinking continuously.
  6. Ryushen waited for the teacher to begin his introduction. It seemed like the bell would never come to ring to start class. Of course a few short moments later did the bell in fact ring. The teacher put up his hands and lowered them trying to quiet all of the class. "Now we have a new student He will make his introduction now." Sitting back into his chair behind his desk slowly he nodded to Ryushen. Ryushen saw the remark and smirked. "Hello, my name is Ryushen Maultice. Some may call me Ryu if I tell you so. I am pleased to meet you all and learn with you." Ryushen now bowed slightly. The teacher coughed a bit. A signal for the class to clap and ask any questions they'd like.
  7. Skye just stared at the boy dazed not clapping like the rest of the class had moments before. She was doumbfounded her friend ussualy lied about new peiple but this time she had told the truth. She averted her glare in fear of him thinking she was a creep and started to draw in her notebook to get her mind to a different place.
  8. A few people asked a few generic questions. Which to not be rude he answered. After they were done the teacher pointed to the open seat beside from Skye. Aware of what Ryushen was but, also knowing that the sun shouldn't be such a issue. If it did he could just ask Skye to close the blinds. "You will sit there Mr. Ryushen." Ryu nodded and sat beside Skye. Diligently he took out his books and notebooks with pencils.
  9. She began drawing small designs on her notebook pages writing small letters in between the small doodles thqt lined the page. She raised her hand to answer one of the math problems which resulted in 46. She set her head
    against the window basking in the sunlight that escaped the window. She let out a sigh that sounded kind of sad but not sorrowful.
  10. Name: Zaki Henyekane
    Age: 17 but is actually 110
    Looks: the_loner_on_the_roof_by_russiacat-d78f1ei.png (He wears bandages)
    Race: WWerewolf
    Personality: He is unapproachable and cold to those he doesn't know but to the very few friends he has he is protective and caring Background: The Henyekane clan is a descendent of natives who back in ancient times worshipped wolves and who could turn into them. Zaki first transformed as a small boy due to being bullied but as he grew older he learned how to change on his own will.
    Transformation: Zaki looks like an ordinary wolf except he he is several feet taller and much more muscular. His coat is dark blue with a blonde underbelly, tips of ears, under tail, tip of tail, and paws. Except for his front paws which are covered in gauze.

    He was never late! He hated being late but today Zaki found himself running like a wanted man as he headed towards the school. This never happened back in the village at his old home. He hated that his parents had to move to this town, it was sickening to him. Sure his old school was only for the villagers and they only taught them how to deal with the "Cold-Bloods" but it was fun for a werewolf to learn and hunt and practice the needed skills to fight.

    He cursed as he ran up the massive staircase and slammed into the front doors with a bang as he fumbled in the hall.

    Zaki was tempted to turn to wolf form just to cover more ground but he didnt to chance himself being caught. He ran to his class and tore open the door catching the attention of the teacher and students of 201.

    Without saying a word he walked towards the empty seat behind Ryushen.

    It took Zaki a split second to realize that the young man before smelt different than everyone else!

    "He's a....!" He thought.

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  11. She looked over at the second new boy Wh-What Another one? Her mom had always told her never ever bleed in school She didnt know why but she figured she was playing around. She looked around pushing her glasses back up making them more even, She then fixed her hair by swiping her hand over the top of it. She looked around at the different people Wow is that his natural hair color or fake?!?! She stared at the boy behind ryushen looking at the different Hair color That cant be his normal hair color! She began to close her notebook getting a paper cut in the process "Ah *mumble* Stupid paper *Mumble" She looked at the eyes staring straight at her since she made a loud noise "Uh um Im sorry!"
  12. Zaki sighed before looking over at the young girl, due to the mini fight with her journal.

    He stared at her curiously but quickly adverted his eyes not wanting to come off as rude.
  13. She wrapped her finger in a piece of paper making it look more than idiotic and made a goofy smile that fit her, The bell rang for lunch and she got up carrying a boxed lunch for herself. She headed into the cafeteria and it went silent and only silent whispers were heard "Well I dont want her to sit over here" :Why does she have to sit over here make her sit over there!" She left the cafeteria not phased by all of the different comments she heard. She put on a false smile and treaded up the steps to the roof "Guess its another roof lunch!" She sat on the roof and began to eat some left overs and a bottle of water.
  14. Zak, relieved to be out of the classroom and made his way down to the cafeteria, but halfway there he noticed the room went from loud to quiet then loud once more.

    By the time he reached the room he saw the young girl from the class walking away. Curiously he followed, he blamed the wolf instinct to be part of everything.

    To his surprise he found his on the roof.

    He watched as she settled down and begin to eat her lunch.

    "Hey..." he said hoping not to spook her.
  15. She looked back tears on her face "Oh uh hi" She wiped her face quickly and put on a false smile again, "So Who were you again I never got your name". She put the cover over her now empty lunch box and threw the water bottle out she than sat at the very edge of the roof hanging her feet down. " You know I wonder if I was gone would people care? I mean I'm The wierdo of the school anyways." She gives a small snicker and stands up I wonder how my blood would stain the pavement..."
  16. Entering the lunch room late Ryushen was greeted by everyone he met. Not carrying anything. He couldn't eat here. So simply he waved and nodded in their directions. He was unsure of where to sit. Although the offers were nonceasing.
  17. Zaki frowns slightly at the sight of her crying it hurt him really, he'd never admit but she too beautiful to be seen crying.

    "The name's Zaki." He said trying not to sound so cold. But hearing her intentions "Hey wait!" he practically shouted as he stepped forward and somewhat roughly tugged her from the edge "Those losers aren't nothing to kill yourself over!" He snapped "They're just too weak to express themselves the way you do!"

    He sighed "I know what's it like to be the one the kids bullied, and I learned that didn't need anyone...." he paused his bicolored eyes scanned her face "But I don't killing yourself is right...what about your family?" He asked.
  18. "I wasnt going to kill myself!" She giggles a bit "I was looking down at the people it makes different shapes!" She grabs his hand softly and pulls him to the ledge. "See Its a star right now! I would never kill myself I wouldnt be able to eat anymore" She closes her eyes and smiles "They just hurt its like being stabbed a thousand times over.... You know it will ruin your reputation if you're seen hanging out with someone like me!" She clicks her tounge and waves her finger. "Well See ya later Zaki!" She runs to the door holding her hands behind her. "Oh and I dont have a family!" She was smiling when she said it but biting the inside of her cheek.
  19. Zaki was stumped, he wasn't too sure what to think at the moment but he couldn't let her know.

    Recollecting his usual demeanor he said "I'm not worried about ruining my reputation...there isn't much to ruin." He looked over the edge unfazed, those humans below were beneath him."

    He returned his gaze to her " Sorry to hear that..., I didn't know.“
  20. "No need to be sorry" She laughs again "I'm just unlucky!" She opens the door stepping into the stairway where she goes down to floor 3 for her social studies class in 303. "Better get to class soon." She starts running and than slows down "The sad thing is I did want to commit suicide...." She lowers her head down to the floor. "well I gotta keep going!" She puts on her false smile and walks into the classroom 303 entering to silence once again, "Ugh shes here now?!?" She lowers her head and walks over to her seat.
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