The battle of Blackrock

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  1. There lies a great city on one of the hills in the Dal-Malgoor plains. A great city enveloped by mighty stone walls, keeping it's inhabitants and it's visitors safe.
    This city of trade is called Blackrock, and is the home of the Blackskull clan of Orcs. A clan wanting nothing more than to live in peace.
    Yet the empire of Briona to the west has been watching the trading center with greedy eyes for a long time. And now, they have decided to take what they want from the "foul Greenskins"!

    In other words, this is gonna be a kind of big thing, with lots of fighting and killing, yet with time for some rest between battles.
    You can sign up for both sides, and with multiple characters, as long as you keep it within reason.

    The Blackskulls accept most races into their city, seeing anyone wishing them harm as their friends. The Orcs themselves follow the Spirits of their ancestors, but do not look down on anyone for believing something else.
    Every warrior is allowed to use whatever arms and armor they wish, yet will be provided with some basics if they can't afford anything else.

    The Briona consists of only Humans, Dwarves and Elves, and they see all other races as potential slaves, or heretics to be purged, as they do not follow the Light!
    Their armies are all with strict uniform, and standardized equipment, made to look impressive and intimidating.

    And we're talking standard fantasy races here, so please, none of your own invention. Your take on the classics is okay though.
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  2. Leilah Strousse
    Age: 26
    sex: female
    Rank: Briona Army General
    race: Half Human Half Elf
    Skills: unarmed combat, close combat and an array of weaponry.
    Pic/Description: [​IMG]

    Kardot Grander
    Age: 30
    Sex: male
    Rank: Second in command, Briona Army
    race: Human
    Skills: Heavy armor and heavy weapon. Close combat and unarmed combat.
    Pic/Appearance: [​IMG] Under his armor is a tanned and toned individual. Years of fighting have left him scarred and strong. He has brown hair and brown eyes. Very average looking but definitely not to be overlooked.
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  3. Name: Warlord Hargorsh Siegebreaker of the Blackrock clan

    Age: 64 (Not young, but not old either)

    Rank: Warlord of the Blackrock clan, the head of the clan.

    Description: He is an 9 foot tall Orc, a mountain of green muscles. His face is worn, having experienced many things, yet he still keeps a tusked smile most of the time. He usually wears dark clothing, to signify his position among the Orcs, as if him being bigger than everyone else wasn't enough. Like all Orcs, he is a bit hunched over, yet he always has the aura of a leader around him.

    Personality: A kind, yet firm man, Hargorsh is mostly friendly to everyone he meets, excluding those who are breaking his laws, or otherwise attempting to make his clan a worse one.

    Equipment: For times of war, or other battles, he wears a Warlord's armor, bigger and heavier than most races can even hope to wear without being crushed. It is, as most Orcish armors a bit crude, yet thick enough to make up for it. It is made of dark metal, and has a red cape attached to it, to set him apart from his men in battle, as well as to intimidate anyone opposing him.
    His weapon of choice is a greatsword to match his size, which he swings with brutal efficiency. Along the blade, several runes of power are inscribed, furthering the power of the blade.

    History: Hargosh was the son of the previous Warlord, and has proven himself several times as Blackrock has come under siege, thereby his name. Most of his people like him, as he has lead them into a golden age of trade and tranquility, mostly by forging lasting peace with most other races.
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  4. Are dragons and/or shapeshifters accepted? I would like to RP as a shapeshifter or dragon, if neither of those are accepted I would choose an Enchantress.
  5. Name: Varn Firebrand
    Age: 31
    Sex: Well... If you insist...
    Rank: Commander of the Red Hand mercenaries
    Race: Human
    Skills: Close range fire magic, Blades, dual wielding, medium armor
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    Capture (open)
    Varn was not born into captivity. He was, in fact, born into one of the few free groups of humans still left near the Brionan borders. The Horse lords of the north. His was a tribe of hunters, herders, and warriors, used to the regular raiding for sheep and cattle between clans and even occasional forays into Brionan farmland. They lived simply, moving from camp to camp looking for good pasture for their horses and livestock and living off the land.

    But the Brionans had other ideas. They saw the horse lords as a nuisance. Heretics. Barbarians. They would bring civilization and religion to the uncouth masses. And so the legions of Briona marched north against the unsuspecting tribes, laying waste to the few permanent settlements with ease.

    Varn's tribe was one of the first to fall, attacked in the night and with no forewarning almost all were killed or captured. Varn himself was taken by a dwarf, dragging him from his sleeping furs. That dwarf did not live to see another day.

    Varn's father was a famous warrior of the tribes, a man known as Damos Twoblade. Named such for the two longswords he kept across his back at all times, and his mastery of their use. He had been teaching the boy hand to hand and wrestling almost since his first steps, and more recently had started with shortswords hatchets and knives. The boy had much of his fathers warrior blood in him, and easily took to fighting with a blade in each hand.

    When the dwarf woke him lat in the night Varn reacted immediately and violently, stealing the dwarfs dagger and plunging it in his throat. After a few moments of bleary eyed disorientation Varn realized that the camp was under attack. He grabbed up the Dwarf's axe in one hand, the dagger still clutched tightly in the other and charged out... only to find a massacre.

    He watched the tribes warriors fall as they tumbled from their tents, their weak attempts at resistance easily defeated by the trained soldiers of the Brionan armies. Only his father, Damos, fought on. Varn saw his father kill man after man. He saw the archers notch their bows and let fly. He saw his father fall, so many arrows striking him that the man looked like a pin cushion.

    The boy was filled with anger, fear, dread, sadness... So many horrible emotions that he could barely name. When the Brionans came for him he struck at them mindlessly, fighting on instinct and his fathers training. His blades flashed in wide arcs, hitting vitals and weak joints with ease. 12 enemies fell before him when, at long last, an enemy managed to throw a heavy chain net over him, trapping him and putting the boy at their mercy.

    He would have been killed then, but the commander saw a good future for the boy, and a pocket lined in gold for him. He saw Varn in the arena. And so his story began...

    Red Hand (open)
    The Red Hand are a mercenary troupe based out of the city of Blackrock, where their leader and founder Varn Firebrand first stopped to rest his troops and was welcomed. They started out as a militia of sorts on the borders of the Briona empire, a gathering of survivors and escaped slaves from the various villages and towns attacked by the Brionans. Varn himself was a well known gladiator, fighting from the time he was 12 until he finally managed to earn his freedom around the age of 26.

    Varn came to be their leader when he was caught in the middle of a battle between the militia rabble and a small contingent of Briona veteran troops who had been sent out to defeat the gathering militia before it became any sort of threat... Varn, caught in the middle of a bad situation, had to choose between fighting against his lifelong oppressors and risking death or, worse, another enslavement or watching these inexperienced civilians die before they ever truly had a chance... He made his choice, and so far has not regretted it.

    He took charge and led a holding action with the few experienced warriors in the bunch, allowing the others to escape... somehow he and those few troops managed to escape the Brionan veterans and slip away. Varn led them along the borders of the Briona sphere of influence, occasionally skirmishing with their troops, and all the while picking up stray's of all races and walks of life. Soon he had a good number of people... but they were still inexperienced and untrained.

    Eventually he managed to find Blackrock, and was welcomed within their gates. He spent the better part of a year turning his rabble into a proper fighting force, making sure that he allowed each of his men to find their own specialty and then drilling them mercilessly in their use. Once he felt they were prepared he began to offer their services to the people of Blackrock and other surrounding villages, towns, and cities nearby.

    As this new group of well trained mercenaries cut a bloody swath through bandits, pirates, brigands and even Brionan raiding parties they gained a name that would make them infamous throughout the land... The Red Hand.

    As for composition and general deployment they are made up of just about every race that is in opposition to the Empire. Minotaurs, Goblins, Centaurs, Orcs, and any number of other creatures have come to call the Hand their home and family there are even a number of humans, elves, and dwarves, though there are fewer of them in the troupe than one might expect. Deployment depends mostly on aptitude but racial traits hold a large part in it as well. The foot soldiers consist of Minotaurs in heavy plate, Goblins in lighter armor, and a large mix of humans, elves, orcs, and dwarves. Cavalry are mostly Centaurs mixed with elven, human, goblin and orc horsemen. Archers are mostly goblins and elves, lightly armored but deadly accurate.

    Personality (open)
    Varn was shaped early on. His time in the arena's taught him to be ruthless. To fight and kill as though it were second nature to him. He learned his lessons well, killing Brionas enemies, their prisoners, beasts that they had captured... all for their amusement. His entire youth was spent fighting for the amusement of others, but he took no joy in the act.

    Early on he learned to block out the idea that his enemies were people, and so they have little value to him. Since he was freed and took control of the Red Hand little about that has changed save that now he has a cause. The Red Hand are his people. He takes pride in the fact that he has been able to take a group of civilian rabble and turned them into a dangerous fighting force... but there is more to it than that.

    They have become his family in a way. Each and every member is a brother, a sister, a son or daughter. All of them are important to him and he would die to help them. But fighting is all he knows, and all he has known. He can not drop that to become a farmer. Lead his people to a life of safety and proper work... Instead he gave them a choice. Leave and find your own way, or stay with him, learn to fight, and live by the blade.

    They made their choice, and he is their leader. That is who he is. The leader of the Red Hand mercenaries. He is a commander. Calm, collected, and as harsh as he needs to be to get things done. But his men know the real him. That he would take a blade for any of them, and that he feels one plunging through his heart every time a member of The Hand falls.

    He is their commander. At times he loves it... at times he hates it.

    (added some stuff... sorry if it seems disjointed or anything T_T)
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  6. [MENTION=2541]BleedingRose[/MENTION] I kinda feel that full sized dragons would be a bit too powerful for this, even if it's gonna be a big battle. Smaller ones, like Dragonkin are okay, however! And shapeshifters are also accepted, as long as they have limits, as in, they can't grow to enormous sizes, and have unlimited power!

    [MENTION=2081]Ferril[/MENTION] I can happily welcome The Red Hand to Blackrock! I just hope we can pay you better than the Brionans can! ;D
  7. They will have to pay well my friend, to get the Red Hand's backing lol. And trust me... Varn will be a thorn in their side the whole time.

    P.S. For Varn's magic its mostly touch based. He wreath his swords or hands in flame and maybe do some close up fire blasts but not much more. Its mostly stuff he learned to use in the arena for fancy executions *He likes to grab face plates or helmets and fry peoples heads lol*
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  8. Thats what I like to hear! :D
  9. Name: Belros Urthadar
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half-Orc
    Rank: Member of the Guards
    Personality: Silent, watchful, caring, protective

    Bio: Belros was born to a human mother, an active protestor of the human racism. Due to her protests, she had been ridiculed, avoided and even assaulted by many of Briona's inhabitants. What were once friends and family grew to be the worst of enemies, ashamed of the way she thinks.

    After several months of seemingly pointless protest, she was fed up with mankind's discrimination and superiority complex. She fled the town with nothing but her sword, feeling better off anywhere but there. She faced many dangers on her way, including the Blackrock guard which almost shot her, but at long last the poor woman made it to her self-proclaimed paradise where she found herself a man who wants to share everything with her, and they lived happily ever after. Until he died in battle.

    Appearance: Standing at 7ft and having as much muscle mass as his human body can handle, Belros doesn't have too much of a problem fitting in with the Orcs. A slightly lesser strength on his part is made up for with agility and precision.

    He wields his father's sword, a large blade that, inscribed with a rune of durability, never seems to dull. He's very good handling this sword and a great archer.
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  10. Okay! This has me excited now. I will post my character sheet this evening when I have access to my laptop once again. Thank you.

  11. Now that is what I mean when I say I'll judge you by your character, rather than his race :P
    Accepted! :D

    [MENTION=2541]BleedingRose[/MENTION] I'm looking forward to reading it! :3
  12. Name: Ledona Partin.
    Age:76 human years. Race age: 19. A Black Elf, ages one year, for every four human years.
    Gender: Female.
    Race: Black Elf.Will be described
    General Appearance: Pale skin. Icy blue eyes. Black hair. Gentle voice. Height: 4'11"
    Picture (open)
    Race History: Ledona, otherly known as "Led" is a member of the dying race of the Black Elves, due to their low numbers, not much is known of them. Angered by the fact of their race being destroyed by war, many of them have taken up roles of rouges, bandits, and generally unappealing life styles, the rate of meeting one of them is calculated to 1-1000. However, not all of them are evil, and the most rare are even good. The rating for sharing air with one of them is 1-10000. There is little more than two thousand of them left on this world, mostly hiding in far away places where they can never be disturbed. Though many, ignorant of their true want, hunt for them in an attempt to wipe them from this earth, which only contributes to the race's anger.
    Led's history:Having been raised wit the stories of the outside world, and the monsters outside. Ledona was always afraid of the other world, constantly afraid that the small town she lived in, which was inside the base of a cave, would be attacked someday. And to confirm her fears, it was attacked. A group of Humans, Orcs, and even their Ancient 'family' Elves, had attacked the city. But what the town did not know was that they were a rouge group, who had joined together. The town was destroyed, nearly all the men dead, and all the women taken prisoner, what happened to them is unknown to her, and she would rather keep it that way. Thankfully, due to her wits, she was used as a tailor and marketer, and was kept like this for, four human years. However, one day, a group of Human Knights rode in, on the backs of horses, saber cats, and gigantic armored boars. They began killing every man insight All the male Black Elves already died. Not a single Black Elf was hurt by them, and after the initial panic had washed away, a large, and grand looking knight explained who they were, and why they had come. They heard rumors that a camp, commanded by the rouge group. Was holding a large percentage of women, and even explained that they knew they were Black Elves. Many of the women left with them, to join their army, while many more stayed behind to rebuild, and attempt to attract members of their dying race. It is now forgotten, only a few sharp minds, remembering it ever existed.

    Ledona however, did not want to join any side, and preferred to keep the world in check. She is known as one of the "Makajalu" a group dedicated to the balance of the world. They have been spotted at every large battle sight, fighting on the loosing side in an attempt to restore balance. But the shadowy group of "mercenarys" is a mystery on its own.

    Skills: Led, has the ability to conjure other worldly demons. She is known for healing, and even poisoning an army, with Light, and Corrosive magic. She's able to use healing arrows, which she fires from her hands, or even arrows of poison, rarely killing the target instantly, but mostly over time. She's generally skilled with all, one handed weaponry, but avoids using a shield, believing that if she were to use a single sword the fight would be balanced in equal favor. She mostly uses a knife, its fast mobility, but weak attacks adding to her 'way'.
    Mount: Led, has been known to have a mount, she only openly called its name once in battle. "Cearic"
    Both Led, and Cearic, fight together, or separate. Their bond, allows them to understand each other, almost as if they were speaking to each other... Almost.
    Appearance: Like Ledona's skin, Cearic's fur is White in color, and also shares her Icy blue eyes, his sattle a dull grey color.
    Picture (open)
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  13. Not a bad character by any means, but there are a few things I'm a bit unsure about. For one, you've made your own race, which is something I'd prefer to avoid adding here.
    For two, she seems a bit overpowered in my mind. I mean, most summoners are restricted to one things to summon, if you understand. Demons, the dead, or something else, not everything at once. And then adding in both healing and poison magic, as well as one handed fighting.
    I understand that she's been living for a long time, and had lots of time to practice, but I gotta set a limit somewhere.

  14. I'll see what I can about limiting things, but is the Black Elf allowed? Its not exactly an entirely 'new' race, just a different 'branch'? Like, Caucasian, and African.

    At least that's how I viewed it.
  15. Yeah, I think I'll let that part slide, if only because there's more kinds of elves than anything else! >_>
  16. Is there anything else I need to change before I get working on it?
  17. Not a lot that I can think of...
    No, cant think of anything but the skills part. :3
  18. I limited her conjuring to only demons, and made it so that Led and Cearic, 'understand' each other, instead of having that bond.
  19. Seems about right now. So as long as I don't see you running about slaughtering everyone with your blade at least, I think you'll be fine.
  20. When do you think you'll be starting it?
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