The Assassin School

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    Description: You are at one of the most prestigious schools in the known world - The Assassin School. A place where you learn: Parkour, Weapon combat, Hand-to-hand combat, Tracking, and Stealth. There are Five factions int he school. One: Strength: Strength Assassins have heavy armor. They carry a weapons any place they can stick it. They have a minimum of; 5 throwing knives, 1 sword, and 1 heavy weapon ( Axe, Spear, Greatsword, Etc). Two: Stealth. Stealth assassins have no armor. They wear protective camouflage cloaks instead. they carry a minimum of; 2 fighting knives, and 3 different poisons. Three: Assassin. Assassins are just your basic everyday Assassin. They carry any weapons ( Except for Heavy weapons) and have a few potions handy at all times. Four: Ranger. Rangers are masters of ranged combat. They wear Light armor. They carry a Bow, One heavy fighting knife, and one throwing knife. Five: Mage. Mages are the most elite of the assassins. They wear light armor. All of their weapons are runed, And they can use one or two handy spells.
    weapons in the game can be "Runed." Runed weapons are weapons that have runes on them that give them a certain ability. such as; a Air rune can make a sword cut deeper, or it can cause a Warhammer to throw opponents. An earth rune makes the weapons hit harder, and it takes more to break the weapons. water rune can cause a weapons to heal the wielder, or shoot a stream of sater out of the weapon. a Fire rune can cause a weapons to catch fire, Shoot flames, or Burn the wound.

    Start: You have just arrived at the School orientation. Good luck! Master Coal directs your class.
  2. "Welcome cadets!" While Master Coal continued on his lecture about the factions, and politics of the school. Will glanced around at his fellow students, studying every detail he could about them. "Any questions?" Master Coal asked after his three hour long monologue. After no one replied for a while. He said that class was dismissed.
  3. Hannah stood motionless outside of her class room her hands shook as she inticipated what lay beyond the doors to her first class. She glanced over at her brother who had a big grin on his face Alex had always kept his cool unlike her. Hannah glanced away from her brother an opened the door and stepped inside. Her eyes moved around ever square inch of the class room simple white walls long table and seats going from one room to another. Hannah walked into the class room and sat down on one of the metal chairs in the front of the class next to the window and she rested her head on the window and closed her eyes and waited.

    Alex smirked as he watched his sisters hand shake he knew that she was not used to much contact with other people but she would have to learn how to get along with others instead of isolating her self. He sighed as he walked in and sat down next to his sister "I wonder how Sida is doing I'm amazed that she hasnt come running in yelling for you yet".

    Sida sat in a tree watching everyone move and shuffle around the tree her eyes went from one person to the next and she sighed and looked away wondering where her sister and brother where.
  4. Will walked down the hall analyzing people as he went. Finally he had found his classroom. He went inside, sitting down next to a nervous elf. He examined the simple, but elegant walls of the classroom. Will looked to his left and held out his hand "Hi, I'm Will." He said to the Elf.
  5. Hannah glanced at Will and narrowed her eyes at him observing him and she mumbled "Hannah".
    Alex sighed and looked at Will and shook Wills hand "sorry about my sister I'm Alex and this is Hannah it's nice to meet you Will"
  6. "Hello, Alex. Nice to meet you." He Analyzed Alex , and saw no visible weapons. "How do you fight?"
  7. Alex smirked and pointed to him self "I'm a Mage one of the best in all of the nation. I know you wouldn't expect an elf to be a Mage but hear I am". Alex bursted out in excitement an had a big grin on his face.
    Hannah sighed and she rolled her eyes at her brother and looked out the window seeing her little sister sitting in a tree watching people like he had always done. She whispered to her self "mouse".
  8. "A Mage Elf Assassin... How interesting." Looking Alex up and down Will could tell that he was plenty dangerous - spells or not.
  9. Nikita made her way along the hallways. She walked into her classroom, head down, eyes casting glances over everyone as she sat in the very back, last desk to the right, just inside the window. She rested a silent arm on her desk, her chin fitting almost perfectly into her palm. Golden eyes flickered across the window before looking outside. She noticed a young girl in one of the trees and her hand fell from her chin, gently resting on her other arm as she watched the girl with a curious expression. Why was she outside? Did she go to the school? Was she a threat? Where only some of the thoughts that ran through Nikita's head. She glanced only momentarily over her shoulder as two other students began to talk, then resumed watching the girl in the tree. "Hmmm.." She muttered thoughtfully.
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  10. Hannah glanced over at Will and she smirked at him but when she saw another girl walk into the class her eyes narrowed and she watched the girl realizing that she could be a potential threat to her family. She glanced over at Alex but realized that he was to interested in his conversation with Will to notice the new girl.

    Alex smirked "So what are you Will you seem a little small to be a mage maybe your an assassin." He tilted his head and saw that Hannah was eyeing the new girl rather harshly he garbed Hannahs hand and gave it a tight squeeze reassuring her that everything would be okay. He leaned over to her and whispered "we are safe they wont find us hear." He moved away from his sister and his focus was back to Will.

    Mouse smiled as she sat in the tree and she took out a notebook and started to draw in it her head became berried in the notebook as she watched the people walk bellow her. As her pencil glided across the page she smiled watching the picture start to take shape and form of a crowded area with 5 diffrent human faces and on each face half of it was destroyed by darkness.
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  11. Darin entered his new classroom, glancing to find an empty chair for him to sit on. The boy just got a warning for arriving late, and doesn't want to make any commotions that will draw people's attention to him. Getting a warning on your first day of school is already a bad–worst start for your school life. Though, this is an assassin school. Will things like that got noticed by the students? Ah, well, he has been living in normal schools anyway. Of course he didn't know.

    He took a step forward and stood on his tiptoes, trying to find an empty chair. The class is crowded by muscular young men and women who carries big weapons, so it's hard to see anything in the class. But at last, he found a chair. He walked toward the chair without making any noises, or at least he tried to. His claymore, spatha and knives made a jingling sound with every steps he took.

    "Oh, God, I hope I didn't draw anyone's attention.", he prayed. It's too late, though. Some eyes has already observed him. The eyes of an assassin is scary. It almost seems like, "I'll rip you apart and leave your body alone to rot in the pool of blood I'll soon make for you.", kind of thing. Darin shivered as he felt the cold stare he got, and then he walks to the empty chair in the edge of the room.
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  12. Nero stood out side the classroom door . He takes a deep breath before steping into the classroom. " greetings , i am Nero blackshield " He says while bowing his head towards Mr coal. He looks around the room before taking one of the seats in front. Kai was not sure if He was suppose to come fully equipped so he just brought his Katana which he tied to the back of his chair.
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  13. Hannah got up and went outside to Mouse and picked her up out of the tree and carried her into class on her shoulders. She looked around the room wanting to be brave and show her sister how to communicate ith humans she walked over to two people one boy and one girl. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly and set her sister down she first addressed the girl. "Hell I'm hannah" she turned her attention over to the man "this is my sister mouse mind if we talk to you?" She tilted her head and watched the two people in front of her and she set mouse down.

    Mouse giggled and climbed up on the desk and sat in front of the women "you have really pretty eyes I have never seen any that color before where you born with them, how old are you, what is your specialty, do you have any wepons on you. mouse started to bounce up and down from where she sat sitting she was just a big ball of energy and excitement.
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  14. Will Chuckles. "I'm not a full mage. I only know a few handy spells. I mostly rely on my weapons."
  15. Nikit blinked, surprised by the young girl on her desk. She sat back loosely crossing her arms over her stomach, her hood falling back around her shoulders. That's the girl from outside... She wondered if the girl had noticed her watching. "Uhh...yeah...I was born with these eyes." she said with a weak smile. "You're really inquisitive. I'm 16, Stealth Faction, and yes, though I'm not telling you where they are." She said, her cloak hiding the throwing knives, the handle of the sword barely visible, and the bow on the back of her seat, her quiver under her cloak. "What about you?" She asked, her gaze flickering over the young child before glancing over to the girl who brought her in. "Do you know them?" She added to her first question. I bet the other girl brought her inside. Maybe their related?
  16. Sida giggled and she hopped of the desk and spun around facing Nikit "my name is Sida but you can call me mouse everyone does i'm 14 years old and that's my sister hannah and that's her twin brother Alex." She pointed at her two siblings and she had a large grin on her face. "I'm part of the Stealth faction and I have two daggers." A Gleam of light showed from her eyes as she looked into Nikits eyes and she tilted her head to the side and she looked at Hannah "I over did my hello didn't I big sister."

    Hannah shook her head and chuckled "no you did find Sida."
  17. Nikita nodded slightly. "Ah, sister. That's makes sense." She said with a slight wave to Hannah and Alex. "I go by Venda." She said. "I guess we'll be in faction training together, Mouse, since we're both Stealth." She said, looking over to Hannah. "Which faction are you?" She glanced around the other classmates. There's more people here than I thought...maybe there are class cuts or something. She thought to herself.
  18. Hannah sighed and she rubbed the back of her head before sitting down she looked at Vendoa "I'm an assassin" She pulled out one of her hidden daggers and started to twerl it around her finger and she smirked and mouthed "Watch this." She tilted her wrist to the side and let the blade go it flew right by her brothers head and hit the wall that that resting behind him. The knife was a inch away from his face. Hannah smirked and winked at her brother.
  19. Lyla entered the classroom quickly, wearing her usual attire. She had just watched a boy with white hair, red eyes, a black scarf, and white and gray clothing enter the classroom. At first, she had kept her distance, watching him quietly. After the boy had entered, she sighed. "Hmmm, I wonder who's in there.." she thought to herself. She was very curious, that was for sure. Lyla took a quick scan of the room and noticed all of the students who had come. She rushed to a desk in the back left corner of the room. She sat down, looking down at the desk, with her hands folded gently in her lap. She watched several girls and boys talking and interacting amongst each other. She wasn't very good at introductions so she decided to sit there quietly.
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  20. Since nero was from a colder place he was starting to get hot as he just sat there. He stands up and begins removing the top half of his armor. " i cant take it any more" He drops his armor next to his table before walking up to one of the windows and opens it letting a breeze in, He removes his shirt and hangs his body out the window " ahh thats better"