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    Room C-16 is home to a few kids just trying to get by in life, but that doesn't mean they're not willing to open their door for those who need it.


    + Welcome +

    Hey Everyone! It's Vio here again with a brand new role-play idea. Compared to my previous role-plays, I plan for this one to be on a much smaller scale. There will be a limit to how many people join, because I want a smaller role-play group that will be easier to manage. There will also be a character limit, but I don't really expect people to take on more than one character. This is going to be a relaxing role-play in most of its aspects. The idea above is a work in progress, and I am looking for players that are willing to work with me on the concept and the plot. What I list below will be expectations, and some ideas.


    + Expectations +

    1) Dedicated players would be nice, but this role-play has been created in a way that if people were inactive or dropped out then it would not really affect the story as a whole.

    2) I'm not looking for long winded posts. This role-play is supposed to be relaxing and fluid. Single paragraph posts are fine. Quality over quantity here!

    3) I don't tolerate drama and people that don't really know how to be mature with others in the OOC. Try to be nice to each other, if you find you have a problem with someone or something message me about it please!

    4) This role-play is going to center on the different types of relationships that people can share, making connections, and the changes of life. Nothing in life is set and stone, so I expect the same in this role-play. Try to refrain from making official couples (or official anything) before the role-play even starts. I highly encourage that my players plan plot bunnies with everyone and that everyone gets a chance at making connections with each other in the IC.

    5) The player limit is eight, I want a small easy to manage group of people. Character limit would be two characters, but I don't expect people to have two characters.

    6) Have fun of course!


    + Ideas +

    These are some of the ideas that I have so far. For a setting I was thinking of using a place from one of my dead role-plays. Its a city on the west coast of the United States called Biddeford. I already have a map of it that you can see here.

    I was also thinking about making this a modern fantasy role-play, but I want an even amount of supernatural creatures and humans. If we did go the modern fantasy route we would have to decide on whether the supernaturals were "out" to the public or still keeping themselves a secret. We would also have to talk about what kind of supernatural creatures should be allowed in the rp. If we were to exclude the fantasy aspect of the rp, then I believe this rp would fall under Modern Role-play/Slice of Life/Drama. Though all of that is debatable, if you guys wanted to turn it into a mystery then we can do that. We could even make it Sci-fi.

    Basically what I have in terms of details regarding the role-play so far is that it's about a group of friends that rented out a large condo and turned it into a safe haven of sorts. Its a place where people go to get away from their problems, and possibly make new friends. I wanted the rp to be centered around the several different types of relationships, making connections,and the changes people go through in life. It focuses on a small community with in a much larger community, like the LGBT community. I plan on there being LGBT themes in this role-play, but it's not going to focus on just that. It's just part of it.

    Anyways, that's all I have so far on this! If you're interested and have any ideas please let me know in the comments!

    + Players +

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  2. This sounds pretty cool, I would love to be in this if there is still room for one more, since I've rped with at least two-three of the people in here^^. I can definitely have some cool ideas if you want to here them probably later today... since Thanksgiving and everything, will be busy^^.
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  3. I was actually wondering if this would get your attention or not! I even debated about tagging you in my previous post. lol

    Sure there is plenty room for you, and I would love to hear what ideas you have. ^^
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  4. Aww lol thanks xD, yeah this seems like it will be a lot of fun, and I will most likely write ideas down throughout the day and throw them up later tonight... if I don't fall into a food coma xD
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  5. Oml, the dreaded food coma. It's so worth it though! I love thanks giving simply because its the one day of the year I get delicious food, and can eat like a pig.
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  6. Yeah and you don't have to fill bad about going in for more food after the second time xD. Only day I don't feel like I need to be on a diet lol. Well I actually have to go to sleep, since like I said busy in the next few hours. But I will be back, hopefully you get alll the spots you need filled and everyone can work together to make this a great roleplay^^ later for now.
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  7. Good night, and have a wonderful thanksgiving!
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  8. e.e I'm in. ^^
  9. Are you sure???
  10. I would love to be a part of this!


    Can I be a part of this? .-.
  11. I'm in ^.^ I vote for modern fantasy...i really love the supernatural.
  12. Supernatural isn't exactly one of my favorite genres of roleplaying. I was thinking of a Madoka Magica-esque sort of plot but without all the death and sadness and death. I can explain how it works if you haven't seen it yet. But however this roleplay goes, I'm in.
  13. I might be interested
  14. I wasn't really planning on going madoka magical esque. You might have to elaborate more on what you mean. XD
  15. Well its pretty flexible right now, anyway we can turn that might be into a yes??
  16. Just a little confused on the plot, so basically it would be 8 people living together forming close (some romantic, some not) relationships?
  17. It might not have supernatural bits. We are still working on it, but most people so far have been leaning more to modern fantasy.
  18. Not necessarily. I was thinking that it was only three people that actually lives at the condo, but the other characters are welcome to crash there for weeks, months, ect.

    And it doesn't have to be close relationships at all, there are different kinds of connections between people. Forming connections is a key part in just about any role-play, and life it's self. Sometimes those connections don't last either, and life changes. This role-play is going to focus on the complexity of these changing relationships and life itself, but in a fun way. XD
  19. Yes there is still room for you! ^^

    All aboaaaard the vio express! Choo choo.
  20. Okay I'll join
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