The Ambrosius Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Original Wizarding School RP)

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  1. "Hey, (your character's name here), you've got a letter!"

    A letter? Who writes letters anymore? Must be important if they took the time to write it out by hand... Let's see what this thing is.

    Open the Letter (open)

    Ha! This has to be some kind of a joke! There's no such thing as a Wizarding school... Right?

    Are you ready to accept the invitation to the Ambrosius Academy? If you are, post below and feel free to ask questions!

    The basic idea of this would be that we all attend a Wizarding school to try and become better witches and wizards. I won't give away too much of the plot, so that's pretty much all I can say at the moment. Think of a Harry Potter based RP, except this exists in its own universe with its own rules and lore.

    Anyways, post below if you're interested. We should be able to start the OoC if we get 3 people to join (not including myself).
  2. I'm interested. o.o
  3. interest
  4. Sweet, just one more and then we can start. Are there any questions or discussions you may have that you want to bring up here?
  5. I am interested!
  6. Hey guys, I have an interesting idea for setting up some aspects of the characters.

    Since this is borrowing a little from HP (what wizard school work nowadays doesnt? It pretty much defined the genre), I was thinking of having a few In-Character events occuring in PM's before the actual IC commences.

    For example, one of these events would be buying the first wand. You, as your character, would enter the shop and me, as a Wand-Maker/Seller, would take on the task of gifting you with your very own wand (which you decide corresponds to your character).

    Just an idea, feel free to turn it down. I just thought it might be fun to try out something interactive like that to help get into the world.
  7. I am so into that idea!! :bananaman:
  8. I know one! The wizard school they're mentioning in Diana Whyne Jones's books. XD Although, they were written before harry potter so... >.>

    I like it though. o.o
  9. You've got my attention...
  10. Did Rowling borrow stuff from those books? I don't recall ever hearing about that author.

    And that's two on-board! What say you, @daird ?

    But if the ratio is 2-1, then we can start thinking about the basic character stuff, which we'll then implement into the sheets.

    If we're going ahead with the events, what others can we do, do you think? There's Wand Shopping... Maybe buying a Pet?
  11. You realize along with an original Wizarding school. you will need to think up original houses? Or will it have houses at all? And whether or not this school has intramural sporting events (Quidditch) or irginizations like the Gobstones club or the like?
  12. I have original houses if we decide to go with that option, but I think we should. It allows for some friendly competition between the characters, as well as helps establish relationships.

    And yes, there will be intermural sports from both the regular world and the Wizarding World.
  13. Well, you are on top of things! I only ask because I've seen similar ideas flop because they were not fully thought out.

    Regardless, I wantt in!
  14. Why thank you. All of my RP's are thought out for weeks before I post them :3

    I actually had this in mind since August, but decided to wait until I fleshed out the BG before I posted the thread.

    Anyways, glad to have you aboard!

    Now that we seem to be moving into the OoC stages, I'm gonna ask about age. What age should our characters be? I was thinking of 12-21, with 12 year olds being 1st years, and 21 year olds being 9th (Final) years. These ages can be changed. Maybe 1st years are 15-17, and last years are 26?

    But, here's the question: did we want to be first years, last years, of something in between?
  15. I like any idea not sticking to the Rowlingian default of 11-17, just for the sake of variety, and if you're wanting nine years of schooling I would think 12-21 would be decent. The question is, would that mean a child would not come of age until their last year of school? (Waiting until 21 to be able to use magic outside school would be a pain, especially when one knows that in other places people come of age at 17.)
    As for what year I would like to begin at, I'd probably start with an ickle firstie myself. Just because starting from the beginning lets me develop my character ove time. Grow up with them. You know what I mean?
  16. I'd say they come of age when they're 17-18. Just seems easier, especially if they're applying for co-ops or part time jobs where magic is required.

    That could be fun, having us all be 1st years. I think in terms of the progression of time, we can skip a majority of the classes (unless they're essential to the plot like how they were in HP), and break the RP up into "Years", with a cut-off date for new players after the start of a new "Year".
  17. And if you keep bringing first years in every year the RP could go on FOREVER!! Ha, ha.
  18. I really enjoy these ideas! They are incredibly thought out and I am just falling love.

    I am all for being a first year because of what Pulchritudinous said: I'd be establishing my character a bit more and growing up with them and whatnot.

    Also, how would we be determining the end of an entire Year?
  19. I believe Wand Shopping, picking a Pet, going in to get you money (like Gringotts or another variation of sorts), and picking up books would be great to RP out.
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