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  1. The Story You, along with a band of Mercenaries, have decided to take it upon yourselves to protect the land of Raldia. You all have your own backstories, and your own friendships to make. Using the Airship, you may travel around the world of Raldia, protecting it from the evils that intend to destroy it. The RP will start around all of the characters meeting each other awhile boarding the ship.
    Raldia The land you were born in. Your home, and the land you are sworn to protect. The land of Raldia consists of a single, major continent, with many small islands surrounding it. No one who has sailed away from the continent has ever returned to tell tale of other places. Any attempts to fly away, also, result in the Airship malfunctioning, and a storm mysteriously appearing, forcing you to head back. In the center of Raldia lies the esteemed, University of Fate, where young adventurers go to learn how to defeat evil demons. Further information about the world must be discovered by your group.
    Magick The Raldians have discovered how to use the power from gemstones in order to create magick. Magick is the embodiment of the elements used to aid a Gem User.
    Gems Gems come in all shapes and sizes, and the type of element a gem produces is not limited to that certain gem. Meaning the same gems could have different elements. Also, a gem user has the ability to MASTER a gem, meaning he/she has drained all the power from it, by using it for a long period of time, and can now use the element whenever they want. Also, gem user's would need multiple gems for multiple elements, because gems can only have one element. Gems can also break if used too much.
    YOU Character Creation
    Look: (Description or picture)
    Bio: (Work in how you came to be with the Airship)

    Task: (This is very important. This is basically your job around the Airship. This could be a description, or just a name. Example: Does all the heavy lifting, Armorer, Navigator, Does the cooking - Chef)

    Class: (Basically what role you play Example: Fighter, Gem User)
    Main Weapon Type: (Just give description of what type of weapon you use, Example: Sword, staff, bow, spear, none)
    Abilities: (Anything that your character can do, and how skilled they are at doing it. Example: Cooking - normal, Archery - poor)
    Gems: (Any Gems, and their elements, that your character starts out with.)
    Bag: (Anything special in your character's bag? Example: Pendant, rare coins, chocolate)
    Special Qualities:

    1. I, Enthriper, am the GM, I will try to be fair, and just, but my word is law around here.
    2. No over powered characters. This should be an exciting, story driven role playing, so if something happens to your character that really should have something bad happen it, then don't try to avoid it, just go with it, make it look even cooler.
    3. No unnecessary things being said to others. I don't want any hate. Unless it's between characters and not users. Let's all just be friendly, but our characters can fight it out all we want!
    4. Uhm.... have fun?

    In matters of posting, I want it to fair and pretty
    equal in the posting... things. So, in order to keep
    that, I've created a type of posting system.
    There will be 2 kinds or posting, each having a
    different task.

    Common Posting
    This kind of posting would be used in situations
    where your character is just in a common happening.
    Such as, talking in a group, moving to a different
    place, aqquiring a skill or item. Whenever you
    commonly post, you have to wait for at least 3 other
    users to post before you can post again.

    Aggresive Posting
    This kind of posting would be used in situations
    where your character's input is about 50% of the
    entire input. So, if your character is in a
    conversation with 1 other character. Or your
    character is locked in combat. Whenever you aggressively
    post, you have to wait for the other user/users
    that are important for the aggresive posting.
    So one user would have to wait for the other user
    to continue the conversation, or battle.

    RolePlaying Elements IMPORTANT
    1. Creating a situation = You are allowed, and encouraged, to create your own scenario's for the roleplay. I would highly suggest talking about it first in the OOC, but you may drop a surprise every now and then if you want.
    2. Becoming powerful = Don't be afraid to create a situation in which your character finds a powerful item or gains a powerful ability. But be prepared to have me throw a challenge at your character in order for them to keep it :3
    3. Magic and Skills = This is a big one. So there is no kind of specific magic system in this roleplay. Like "Heal" or "Fire" As long as you have a gem with that element, you can create anything you want to, as long as you explain it. If your character has a fire gem and, say, a wind gem, They could cast, "Flame Gust," or anything that comes to your mind. The possibilities are endless, be creative. Strong spells, however, do need high level gems, so be prepared to make some weak spells at first. The same exact thing goes for abilities. If your character has high agility, or has practice/skill in movement, then make them able to scale a large jump! If they're bad at something, make them fail at that thing. (Don't worry, even if they fail, they still get exp for it.)
    4. Taking the Lead = Under no circumstances, don't be afraid to take the lead. You could suggest things to me, or ask to write the story yourself. I'm open to all suggestions, just have fun with it!

    How Skills Work
    1. When you acquire a skill, ability, or Gem, You will be able to use that skill, ability, or gem at a low level. The more you use it, the more experience you have with it, and the more skilled you get. Every time you use the skill, you will obtain 1 XP point, and when you reach a certain number of XP points for your skill, your level of use will go up, and you will be able to use it better. For Gems, once you reach a certain level, you will have mastered the gem.

    The people of Raldia have discovered many different ways to get around the land. They've invented steam-powered ships, and heating devices, and the Emperor has had a Royal Train invented. In order for these things to work, a heating device is needed. The most common thing used is a Flame Worker. This workman is skilled in the usage of fire gems, and can produce a great flame for a long period of time.

    Many different weapons and armor have also been invented. Any weapon, it was discovered, encrusted with the element of a gem, can have that element used every time it is used for an attack. The same went for armor. Equipment with gems encrusted in them are known as Relics, and are quite expensive.

    Magick is also used in daily life, although it is stamina draining. Whenever a spell is casted, the user's stamina is depleted for how long the spell is being casted. A Flame Worker must have a lot of energy in order to complete his job.

    It was proven that normal villagers have better resistance to the stamina draining effects of magick using than mercenaries because they use it every day for their lives.

    The Crew and everything about it
    The Crew (open)
    Name - Class - Task
    Status - Bag - Koin

    Thomas - Healer - Captain
    Normal - Family Crest, Two-headed Koin, Memento Pendant - 100,000 Koin

    Harmony - Servant - Personal Servant / Chef
    Normal - Family Crest - 0 Koin

    Rina - Gem User/Sword Fighter - Chef Assistant
    Normal - Family Coin, Ocarina - 0 Koin

    Khimaira - Gem User - Navigator / Hunter Gatherer
    Normal - Tooth Based Pendant - 0 Koin

    Jona - Gunner - Engineer / Weapon Expert
    Normal - Personal Toolkit, Maple Leaf Crest - 0 Koin

    Darun - Brawler - Heavy Lifting
    Normal - Fancy Knife, Smooth Rock, Box of Chocolates - 0 Koin

    Derby - Master Gem User - Heavy Lifting / Navigational Advisor
    Normal - General Books - 0 Koin

    Armelle - Gem User/Botanist - Head Navigator
    Normal - Books on Plants, Plant and Animal samples - 0 Koin

    Equipment (open)
    Name - Weapon - Side Arms - Special Equipment - Important Items

    Thomas - Willow Thorn Whip - None
    Harmony - Willow Thorn Dagger - None
    Rina - Katana - None
    Khimaira - None - None
    Jona - Magnum Opus (FLAME) - None
    Darun - Steel Braces - None
    Derby - None
    Armelle - None

    Abilties (open)
    Name - Skills

    Thomas - Combat Lvl -1: 0/15, Bargaining Lvl 3: 0/20, Gem Usage Lvl 2: 0/15
    Harmony - Cooking Lvl 2: 0/15, Gem Usage Lvl 3: 0/20, Communication Lvl -1: 0/15, Weapon Usage Lvl -1: 0/15
    Rina - Cooking Lvl 1: 0/5 , Swordplay Lvl 3: 0/20
    Khimaira - Hunting Lvl 3: 0/20 , Trap Detection Lvl 1: 0/5 , Cooking Lvl -1: 0/15 , Weapon Wielding Lvl 2: 0/20 , Gem Usage Lvl 2: 0/15 , Hand To Hand Combat Lvl 2: 0/15 , Star Reading Lvl 1: 0/5
    Jona - Engineering Lvl 3: 0/20, Gem Usage Lvl 1: 0/5, Hand-to-Hand Combat Lvl 1: 0/5
    Darun - Hand-to-Hand Combat Lvl 3: 0/20, Endurance Lvl 2: 0/15, Knife Wielding Lvl -2: 0/25, Name Calling Lvl 4: 0/35
    Derby - Gem Usage MASTERED, Hand-to-Hand Combat Lvl 2: 0/15, Archery Lvl 2: 0/15, Hard Labor Lvl 1: 0/5, Scientific Knowledge Lvl 3: 0/20, Running Lvl -2: 0/25, Sight SPECIAL: Near-Sighted
    Armelle - Cooking Lvl 2: 0/15, Botany Lvl 3: 0/20, Survival Lvl 3: 0/20, Athletics Lvl -1: 0/15, Hand-to-Hand Combat Lvl -1: 0/15

    Magick and Gems (open)
    Name - Gems - Mastered Gems/Elements

    Thomas - Holy Gem Lvl 1: 0/10, Wind Gem Lvl 1: 0/10 - None
    Harmony - Flame Gem Lvl 1: 0/10, Water Gem Lvl 1: 0/10, Wind Gem Lvl 1: 0/10, Earth Gem Lvl 1: 0/10
    Rina - Water Gem Lvl 1: 0/10 - None
    Khimaira - Light Gem Lvl 1: 0/10 , Dark Gem Lvl 1: 0/10 , Water Gem Lvl 1: 0/10 , Illusion Gem Lvl 1: 0/10 - None
    Jona - Flame Gem Lvl 1: 0/10, Light Gem Lvl 1: 0/10 - None
    Darun - None
    Derby - None - ALL MASTERED (Except for Legendary Elements)
    Armelle - Earth Gem Lvl 1: 0/10, Earth Gem Lvl 1: 0/10, Air Gem(BROKEN)

    Info and Story (open)
    The Adventurers are all just meeting each other, creating bonds with one another, and enjoying themselves. They are discovering new sections of the Airship as they share their stories with one another.
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  2. Name: Ruho Nashui
    Age: 20
    Gender: male
    Bio: as a young boy Ruho was always abused by his family so he had decided to run away at the age of 13. He had came across an old lady who was being atacked by a group of bandits, so Ruho thought he could help her. He ran up to them and swung at them, but one of the bandits had turned and cut his arm open. Ruho had fell to the ground and blood rushed from his wound and he thought he would be done for. But then the lady started to chant something and then she disappeared. Ruho suddenly felt a crazy strenght in him and he got up. Surprisingly his wound had healed and he had a flare in his eyes that seemed like he would fight to the death. He had ended up knocking the two bandits out and ending up being trained by the lady who had re appeared. She taught Ruho how to use a halberd and showed him that his arm is made up from a magical seal. After that day Ruho has been fighting with a passion to protect any one in need. So one day he had decided, the best way to protect his home and his people was to become a mercenary. He had come across a group that uses an airship to get around, so he thought maybe he could get recruited.....

    Task: cleaner
    class: warrior
    Main Weapon Type: halberd
    Personality: Ruho is kindhearted and loves to battle anyone who is up to a fight. Ruho will never betray his friends and he will never back down from a challenge. Ruho thinks of himself to be trust worthy.
    Fears: the seal on his arm, his home (Raldia) being destroyed and conquered, and his friends being killed.
    Strengths: Ruho is good at hand-to-hand combat and he is good at disarming traps.
    Weaknesses: Ruho cannot see through a lie, and Ruho will never back down from a challenge which would lead him to his demise.
    Special Qualities: Ruho is a kind hearted person who could get on the good side with almost anyone
    Abilities: trap disarming
    Bag: an old cape with a symbol of a dragon on it.
    Gems: none
    Other: he likes to wear capes
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  3. Accepted!
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  4. I might join. Maybe. Eheheh
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  5. I should be getting my character up later today.
  6. Name: Rina
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Look: [​IMG]
    Bio: Rina had never met her mother for she died when Rina was born. Her father she knows nothing about for he left her at a young age. She always dreamed of doing good and meet a group training with blades one day in the forest when she was little. She asked many questions and eventually they let her join them in learning the skill of a blade and she learned through some of the great sword masters about using gems and magic along with the blade. She seemed to prefer water over most elements and she still would have much to learn if she ever dreamed of becoming a master. Rina finally decided she wanted to do something after hearing many interesting rumors and she wanted to try and protect her home so she left her adopted family so she could do something bigger something great she hoped for her home land.

    Task: Chef assistant

    Class: Gem User mixed with sword fighter
    Main Weapon Type: Katana, magic and water gems
    Abilities: Cooking-normal, Sword Fighting-adept, Gem User-average
    Gems: A median sized water gem
    Bag: Gems, keeps a family coin, and an ocarina
    Personality: She can be very curious on things. She is very intelligent but may not always act it. She's not the sort to get jokes to easily. Rina can seem kind at times others she may come across as mean or uptight depending on when you catch her. She sometimes may have anger issues but she tries to stay a pretty clam person.
    Fears: That she will turn her friends away one day
    Strengths: Hand to Hand combat, close range combat, cooking
    Weaknesses: Range combat, her anger can get the best of her sometimes
    Special Qualities:Skilled with a Katana
    Other: She likes to wear komantos usually fighting komantos.
  7. Accepted!
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  8. I take interest in this.

    Can gems be a little more complex than just offensive elemental blasts? Such as transforming into beasts?
  9. So gems aren't the spells themselves, gems are just the holders of many different elements. Spells, and all sorts of magick, are used through utilizing the elements contained in these crystals.
    (Example: A fire gem would provide the element needed to create flame. A holy gem could provide the element needed for light, or healing.)

    So a transformation spell would require the elements such as, the element of the creature you are transforming into, and the element Illusion. These two elements would have to be supplied through gems.
  10. Name: Khimaira
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Look: She basically looks like this. Being a wild child, she does not seem to wear much clothing, limiting herself to a pair of leaves on her chest and a simple, silk loincloth. I will post this outfit later.
    She is essentially 1.85 metres tall, and yet very slim and slender, with a curvacious figure.
    Her necklace has her gems(except the Light Gem) and a pair of animal teeth on each end. The Light Gem is around the area of her loincloth.
    Outfit Appearance(Ignore the weapons) (open)

    Bio: Khimaira once lived in the forests of Raldia, as a wild child who never knew any relatives. She had to survive by herself, hunting, being one with nature, giving her experience in combat and hunting bare-fisted. She also took an interest in shiny gems, self-experimenting on them in an attempt to learn more about them. Over time, some broke and she gained some more, and in the end, she only had those three she currently has now. She decided to use her newly-found power to become the guardian of this forest.
    Odd, evil people invaded her forests, odd people with a power greater than hers. She was then forced out and decided to join the ones who could possibly help her.

    Task: Navigator, Hunter-gatherer

    Class: Gem User
    Main Weapon Type: Bare fists, gems
    Hunting - adept (3)
    Trap detection - normal (1)
    Cooking - horrendous (-1)
    Weapon wielding - rather horrendous (-2)
    Gem usage - great (2)
    Hand-to-hand combat - great (2)
    Star reading - normal (1)

    Light Gem
    Dark Gem
    Water Gem
    Illusion Gem

    Bag: Her gems, a tooth-based pendant
    Personality: Khimaira may be a violent beast, but deep within, she is a gentle giant who cares for those who care about her. She is very protective of the ones she call 'brethren', and will ensure that no harm comes to them. When angered, however, Khimaira shows little to no mercy to those who go against her, and that is when she unveils her true state as a mad beast who fights with no mind or soul, only anger and vile rage.
    Fears: She is afraid of fire, as well as technology that is alien to her.
    Strengths: Her five senses seem to be a little higher than an average human's, making her role as navigator and hunter fitting.
    Weaknesses: She is absolutely horrendous at weapon-wielding, yet her combat skills are pretty top-notch.
    Special Qualities: She is an excellent fighter, especially in the speed department. She has previously self-taught herself in magick, mainly focusing on transformation spells via her Illusion Gem.
    Other: She is not fond of man-made environments, and prefers fine nature.
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  11. Say, if the beast I intend to transform into has flight capabilities but literally no wind abilities, do I need a wind gem?
  12. I should be done with my application. I guess it's time for some fun.
  13. Yes because the wind elements represents flight.
  14. Accepted, welcome to the team!
  15. I guess I'll hang around with flightless wings until I get a Wind Gem later then. The winged form I have planned has pretty good jumping anyways.
  16. Alright, so we have 3 out of 10 characters.
    Also, 2 characters are allowed from each user.
    So If you want another character, you may make one more.
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  17. Sorry for my absence, many things came up, but now I'm open.
    I might be appointing a back up GM in case I'm ever caught up in something.
    I will be posting my TWO characters either later today, or tomorrow.

    Reply, saying anything at all, so I know you're still with us. ;)
  18. *raised hand* Still here.
    I'll be helping my friend GM something but I'll reply as often as I can. It's a fast pasted RP I'm having to help with XD
  19. Right here.
  20. Name: Thomas Willow
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Look: Richard00.png

    Bio: Thomas had always been interested in the sky. Ever since he was a child he loved heights and loved the wind. His family was very wealthy, and spoiled him most of the time. He has known extremely little of fighting, or of work. By he has self taught himself how to use magick. On his 17th birthday, he was gifted an Airship, and, not knowing what to do with it, he asked his Father. His Father told him that he should use it to protect the land. Knowing that he had little strength to do so, Thomas decided to recruit many mercenaries and utilize their strength to protect the land. His Father gifted him a relic of the family to help him along his journey, a whip.

    Task: Thomas is the owner of the Airship, essentially the captain. He doesn't know how to do manual labor, but he will learn from the others along the way.

    Class: Healer
    Main Weapon Type: Whip
    Abilities: Combat - Poor, Any Manual Labor - Extremely Poor, Bargaining - Great, Gem Usage - Good
    Gems: Holy Gem - Contain the element of Light, Wind Gem - Contains the element of the sky.
    Bag: Family Crest, Pendant, Two-Headed Coin.
    Personality: Kind-Hearted, Loving, Shy
    Fears: Pain, Bugs, Being un-wealthy
    Strengths: Leading, Bargaining
    Weaknesses: Fighting, Navigating
    Special Qualities: Hides all of his blue hair dye under his bed.
    Other: The main part about this character is that he doesn't know quite what he's doing at first, so everyone else has to help him along at first.
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