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Do you think allowing additional characters per player is a good idea?

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  1. IC

    Welcome to the AI Project
    It is the year 2759.

    Humankind has left their home planet and now explore the universe around them.
    They travel to other systems in the Milky Way, colonizing planets and harvesting new resources.

    We believed we had the entire universe at our fingertips.
    We believed that we were alone in the universe.

    We were not.
    The Khaian's have run out of space in their galaxy, and have come looking to ours for new opportunities.
    Intergalactic war ensued immediately.

    In efforts to stop the war, Project AI has been initiated.
    You are one of twelve men and women to take on a young AI in attempts to find the key to winning the war.
    Good luck, and welcome to The AI Project.

    What is the AI Project?
    The AI Project is a top-secret military Project funded and organized by the UPN (United Planetary Nations). It's purpose is to create 'smart' AI that can cooperate with human soldiers in the war against the Khaian's. The Project is centered on the planet of Durness, where in a heavily guarded compound live the twelve AI and their creators. Twelve civilians have been selected to be 'test subjects' by scientists based on their background and history- they will each receive an AI that has been matched to them, and will undergo vigorous testing.

    If the implantation process of each AI into the brain of their human 'hosts' goes smoothly, then the enhancement process will begin. Each AI has been programmed to be able to receive several enhancements, each having roughly five slots to fill for these abilities. These enhancements are designed mostly for the military, but will be tested through these twelve subjects before put into military use.

    Who are you?
    You are one of the twelve men and women randomly selected for the AI Project. You have shown to be exceptional in your testing, and your records are exemplary, no matter what occupation and path you've taken in your life. For these reasons, and perhaps some more hidden ones, you stand out. Scientists have taken note of your accomplishments, and have chosen you. You've been matched to your AI prior to your notification that you are to report to Durness. Once you arrive, you will undergo basic testing, receive your service number, and soon, undergo implantation. Your participation, however involuntary, will be vital to winning the Khaian-Human war.

    You will be property of the UPN, and there is no choice to be made. However, let it be known that what you choose to do with this AI is entirely up to you.

    And the roleplay?
    This roleplay is a mix between a sandbox and a plot driven roleplay- there will be times in which you can do whatever you wish, and other times in which the gamemakers will influence your path. However, these interruptions are only meant to further the roleplaying experience and help unravel the story despite the player's choices. This means that even if you choose to leave the AI Project, the ultimate plot goal will find its way around. Somehow.

    It takes place in roughly 700 years in our future, in the midst of a war between humans and a species of humanoids called the Khaian's. There is much worldbuilding to be done and much of this will be left up to the players. Being so far into the future, there really is no saying what has and hasn't been discovered, what is and isn't possible. The universe is your limit! And the universe knows no bounds.

    You can choose to be one of the twelve candidates for the AI Project, a civilian, a war hero- whatever suits your hearts. You may create technology, planets, cultures, governments; a large part of this roleplay is your participation in the creation of the universe! What happens in the story also depends largely on you and your actions.

    1. All Iwaku rules apply. No exceptions.
    2. The word of the GM's are law, and they also hold the right to alter these rules at any time (although there will be notifications of such changes).
    3. Three character a person limit. Only one Project AI candidate a person. NPC's do not count.
    4. No godmodding- the only case in which this is acceptable is if a player is inactive for a week, and has not notified the GMs and players before hand. In that case, you may godmod only to free your character from conversation/interaction with said player's character.
    5. No metagaming, powerplaying, OP characters, etc. You know the drill.
    6. Please be prepared to post at least two well written paragraphs per post, and please post at least twice a week. If you are busy, or will not have internet access, please notify us, and you will be exempt from this rule.
    7. However, please try to be active if you join this roleplay; at least, if you will be playing a Project AI candidate.
    8. All CS's are subject to the GMs discretion; they will accept/decline at will, although they must provide a reason why and a chance to fix the CS.
    9. Please try to add some detail into your CS. They aren't just scant little biographicals here; they should be an insight into your character.
    10. Your AI's should somewhat match the given personalities in the list. Yeah, I know, it's a bit restricting, but each AI is designed to be different from the others.

    I am keeping information on the roleplay on two websites, here and here. They contain the same information presented here, as well as information on major planets, history, and more in-depth background stories. Both are a work in progress! Although I will be posting the majority of the background info below, please do feel free to go to the websites for more information if you're interested, or ask questions!

    AI List
    About The AI (open)

    AI List (open)

    Project AI began with the creation of 12 'smart' AI, each one created with a flash clone of a human brain. The flash clones were done of brains with exceptional activity, taking the minds of brilliant men and women of the century (a list of these men and women can be found on either of the websites if you wish to learn more!). Each AI was assigned a service number to be used as their name, but later, each AI was given an additional name based on the order they were 'born'. The scientists behind Project AI used astrological signs to name the constructs. Later, many of them nicknamed themselves off of gemstones relating to their astrological sign name. They also took on preferred genders/pronouns, associated with their appearances as holographic beings.
    The underlined names are their preferred names.

    Below is a list of the twelve AI.

    Aries -> Diamond
    Cloned From: Wayne Baldini
    Pref. Gender: M
    Personality: Aries is a leader in nearly every way imaginable, being strong and charismatic. It's hard to resist his call to battle, and the impressive speeches he can make. This AI is fearless and courageous, while maintaining his likable persona and care for others. His partner is his most trusted companion, and if he could, he'd give his life to save them, as well as any other companions.
    Characteristics: Amiable, charismatic, loyal

    Taurus -> Emerald
    Cloned From: Samantha Spalding
    Pref. Gender: F
    Personality: Taurus rejects the name Emerald for one reason and one reason only; it connects back to luxuries, a curse that Taurus has to live down, passed on by her creator. Although Taurus still holds onto that desire for pleasure and luxury, she tries her best to be the exact opposite; humble, gentle, and charitable. She doesn't do it as well as others do, unfortunately. Taurus also holds onto her own special skill, that being her ability to find peace- although in rather unique ways. This is one AI that doesn't mind causing mayhem and disorder.
    Characteristics: Sporadic, determined, destructive

    Gemini -> Agate
    Cloned From: Danielle Beckett
    Pref. Gender: F
    Personality: Agate is a very chatty AI, both in her efforts to show off the knowledge she has, but to gain it. Giving her companions 'fun facts' when she's bored is a trademark of hers. She is quick witted and has a mind that can run lightyears a second, and it never turns off. She is constantly searching for more information and new things to discover and learn, a habit that can become obnoxious and tiring. She also tends to be hyper and energetic, sometimes with violent tendencies.
    Characteristics: Curious, loquacious, learned

    Cancer -> Pearl
    Cloned From: Marianne Favero
    Pref. Gender: F
    Personality: Pearl is a quiet, maternal AI. She's quite against combat and violence, although she has a knack for shutting off the parts of her that care, resulting in a rather careless, rude version of herself to appear. She is highly patriotic and communal, enjoying a sense of community and self. She can sometimes be shy, but it isn't much of a problem as she primarily is build to work with one person, and one person only.
    Characteristics: Taciturn, patriotic, maternal

    Leo -> Peridot
    Cloned From: Cornelius Hertz
    Pref. Gender: M
    Personality: Leo is something annoyingly egotistical, an AI that practically requires attention as fodder for actual work. He, like others, likes to see projects to their finish and is ambitious, but his view on how to achieve these projects are not always entirely legit; cheating is not outside his repertoire of skills. He was almost destroyed before researchers discovered his potential.
    Characteristics: Arrogant, intent, resourceful

    Virgo -> Sapphire
    Cloned From: Jessica Sumner
    Pref. Gender: F
    Personality: Sapphire is one of the pickiest, most critical AI's around, and they don't say it lightly. Sure, she pays a high attention to detail and is great with technology, even foreign tech, but she can sure be a bitch when provoked. This AI was born to serve, her sense of duty providing her joy and perhaps even pleasure. She is adept with information services, the AI project holding intentions for her kind to be used in information in the military- once they can work out the kinks.
    Characteristics: Critical, proud, analytic

    Libra -> Opal
    Cloned From: Ophelia Burns
    Pref. Gender: F
    Personality: Libra is somewhat obsessed with companionship; she doesn't like being alone, or kept unused. She would drive herself into insanity thinking on her own time. When with a partner, though, she is at her best, providing the thoughts that her companion couldn't remember, coming up with helpful ideas, and being a caretaker of sorts. She is all for fairness and balance, insisting that that balance is what keeps the world in check, and if nobody else is going to maintain it, she should try.
    Characteristics: Altruistic, practical, scholar

    Scorpio -> Topaz
    Cloned From: Harold Saller
    Pref. Gender: M
    Personality: Topaz is a bit of a confusing AI; his cloned alternate is quite different from him, although the two also hold their similarities. This AI, although retaining the snarky and lazy attributes of his creator, also holds a much stronger ambition and intuition. He lives in a world of little gray, believing that everything has a reason and that he needs to find it. He's not afraid to find out new things, although sometimes he would rather influence others to do the work for him instead of searching for answers himself.
    Characteristics: Laid-back, direct, insightful

    Sagittarius -> Turquoise
    Cloned From: Warwick Donati
    Pref. Gender: M
    Personality: Sagittarius is an honest AI, who is both keen as sensing deception and truth in others. His intuition with his art is strong, although it is not classified as an actual skill or ability. He is another laid-back AI, preferring to allow answers to find him. He has a vast knowledge of weapons of various types, all stored in a database in the back of his relatively empty storage banks. Sagittarius, despite his honesty, can also be an AI of deception, grudgingly using this skill when necessary to achieve his goals of truth.
    Characteristics: Flexible, cunning, honest

    Capricorn -> Garnet
    Cloned From: Fletcher Costa
    Pref. Gender: M
    Personality: Garnet is unbelievably ambitious; he sees every project through to the end in some way or another. He is highly realistic and pragmatic, taking that approach to everything in his 'life'. Sometimes he is described as 'domineering' for his ambition, but his organization and efficient manner makes up for it. He isn't a very risky individual, preferring a quieter, dependable approach.
    Characteristics: Ambitious, pragmatic, cautious

    Aquarius -> Amethyst
    Cloned From: Anastasia Kahler
    Pref. Gender: F
    Personality: Amethyst is highly focused on research, a trait inherited from her creator, but also holds the future and its preservation in high regard. She is highly inventive, always seeking solutions, and never hides from a challenge. Sometimes she can prove to have a fiery temper, but at heart is kind and gentle. Extremely loyal and stubborn, she makes for a great AI companion.
    Characteristics: Personable, diligent, studious

    Pisces -> Aquamarine
    Cloned From: Reginald Leitz
    Pref. Gender: M
    Personality: Pisces is an AI with a personal goal, a mind of his own, and is determined to get there, even though he isn't always working too hard on it. He has a strong sense of intuition, although he only sporadically shares his thoughts and views on events around him, quite often at the wrong time. Sometimes, though, he can be spurred into action, his hidden charitable self whirring to life with a need to help others.
    Characteristics: Intuitive, steadfast, untimely

    The Human Counterparts (open)

    Below is a brief description of each human that each AI was cloned from. Each AI's personality has been built from each character's personality, as they 'share' the same brain.

    Cornelius Hertz - Cornelius Hertz, a man of great controversy in the human world. Not only has he spent a large portion of his life studying everything and anything imaginable, but he has also vast experience in the military, holds rank both in several governments across the known human territories, the UPN military, and in the Directory of Science. Some might call him a bit of a showoff, a man who loves the spotlight and the fame. Despite this, he does live up to his name. Most great achievements can be somehow related to Cornelius in some way or another, but he has his own achievement as well, primarily his work on the concept of a new military bio-weapon. This weapon, if ever built and successful, would presumably be able to wipe out entire species simply by uploading a DNA sample and applying the proper chemicals and gasses to the planet-sized weapon. Biological warfare- the largest source of Cornelius-controversy. And, knowing the man, he will see the project through to completion.

    Reginald Leitz - Reginald Leitz spent most of his youth hunting on the planet of Motherwell before he left to Durness to begin his studies. Much of what he studied was anatomy and molecular biology, focusing towards DNA and it's relations to behavior and the mind. Some of his work brought him to work in close quarters with Ophelia Burns, as the two collaborated to study genes that altered the function of the brain and neurological pathways. Later, he ditched this effort to study things on a larger scale, moving onwards to join a study group on Durness on the "alien" lifeforms. He was present on Irvine after the initiation of the war, studying some of the lifeforms there.

    Anastasia Kahler - Anastasia was born on Earth, living a fairly easy, sheltered life up through her teenage years. When it occurred to her what was happening outside of her world, she decided to thrust herself into it, rather than hide. Never had there been more of a bookworm than Anastasia, who simply sopped up all the knowledge she could on various subjects before specializing in experimental sciences, particularly being known for her cooperation with the AI project and her personal study on Quantum Physics. She once proposed the idea of using black holes in relation with time travel, a concept she studies in her free time. In the beginning of the AI project, she is also known for flash cloning her own brain to create an AI for personal use in her research.

    Ophelia Burns - Ophelia Burns has wanted to pursue biology, particular studying DNA and genes, since she was a mere girl. It was not surprising when she studied this throughout her time in college and then promptly went to work in study. She has worked with a variety of people under a variety of projects, combining her science with psychology, anatomy and more. Her prized project, Project Linked, was created to study the remaining of unmapped genes and find their purpose- which she did. After this, she moved on to study beneficial mutations and evolution, working with a collaboration of scientists under her command to investigate how to speed up evolution in their favor, and to control it. She has been studying to enhance strength, mental capability, speed, and other attributes with military funding. However, after she found out that these enhancements would be forced upon a new generation of youth, she destroyed the project, fleeing to Alva for a safe haven. The AI project recruited in secret, promising her safety and liberty as long as she assisted in their effort. She accepted.

    Harold Saller - Harold is the epitome of unused brilliance. As a child, he outsmarted not only his peers, but his teachers and educators; he was in university level studies at the age of sixteen, alongside his required secondary schooling, although he never particularly tried too hard to get his grades. He held a special interest in astronomy, but focused instead primarily on the physics of it. He was requested by several groups for his help in the prototype construction of 'hyper-speed' ships; ships that would be able to travel nearly as fast as the speed of light through the manipulation of physics. However, he declined most of these offers, and with the ones he did accept, he only appeared on the job at his leisure. He is full of snarky remarks and comments, but he can come up with brilliant suggestions and ideas at the drop of a hat, making him invaluable.

    Jessica Sumner - Jessica's childhood was uneventful, considering the lives of her intellectual peers. She spent her summers at camp and went to theme parks with her family, receiving average marks in school. She enlisted in the military to help pay for her schooling, where she passed her way through basic and was thrown out into the field as the human-"alien" war accelerated. Originally a basic soldier, she later was put to use in information, being put in a special ops team to retrieve enemy intel. Not only did she hold a hidden proficiency with technology, but she had both charisma and stealth, useful not only in strictly military operations but in non-combative situations (where charisma and her natural allure came very much in handy). Technology and acting is her home, and these skills have kept her alive through the thick and thin.

    Wayne Baldini - Wayne was a child who was fascinated- and I mean fascinated- by space. His entire childhood bedroom was filled with anything relating; star studded walls with planets hanging from the ceiling, toys, everything. Astronomy was his goal in life, and he wanted to live in the stars. As soon as he got the chance, he went straight towards piloting, with the ultimate goal of being captain of his own ship. He took the first deal he could get; Captain of the Free Fury, a huge battleship built not only to hold drop ships and massive amounts of military tech, but to battle in space itself. Wayne was considered one of the most loyal, trusting commanders in his force, sparing no expense for his troops, with his personal "No man left behind" motto. Not only was he kindhearted, but he was brilliant in combat, in addition to his affinity for piloting- he'd be damned if a scratch got on his Free Fury. Not one other person could maneuver a ship that big in the way he did.

    Fletcher Costa - Fletcher Costa was the mastermind behind the Biodome, known for the creation of an atmosphere, climate, and totally controlled dome that was used extensively in terraforming otherwise uninhabitable planets. Although there were techniques to do the same from long before his youth, he is credited to the upgrade of these domes, allowing them to function much quicker, making habitable terrain in half the time. His research extended further into biology and ecology, studying the species of new planets and analyzing them. His expertise has been called upon to assist in the study of the "aliens", where he has made vital progress on understanding their anatomy and functions. As a youth, Fletcher traveled to various different planets with his family, earning him an understanding of various cultures and of the people. Generally, Fletcher is a very straightforward individual, seeing every project through to the very end.

    Warwick Donati - Warwick is an accomplished person, the entirety of his life focused on enhancement and research. In fact, the man doesn't even have a family, because he's put it off for so long, focusing instead on science. He studied chemistry and biology in university, but didn't even finish his studies before he left to do an internship at a improvised research lab, where they were studying the causes and effects of the use of various chemicals, formed and found on new planets, on human subjects. Needless to say, many of these tests went wrong in a number of ways; Warwick had seen plenty of gore and death before he left to begin his own path, investigating bioweapons and chemicals used in "alien" weaponry and attacks. He took part in the study of their alternate fuel source, and was working on harvesting and using this fuel with human craft. Throughout his life, Warwick has often found himself in trouble with the law, usually the military- he is a troublemaker with no limits, his true passion in discovering secrets, useful or not. This has resulted in his forced allegiance with the AI project and military weaponry research.

    Marianne Favero - Marianne Favero is a gentle soul, not belonging in this world of violence and anger. She always has been rather maternal and introverted, preferring a quiet setting as compared to the spotlight on stage. She studied various sciences in her youth and was a self declared jack-of-all-trades, combining her mixed knowledge to help with whatever she could. She was brought to Durness early-on to help initiate the AI project, and became a leader in the technology involved, designing both the new flash cloning techniques but also a programming and control system for the AI. Arguably, she is the top expert on AI, both smart and dumb, that the humans have. She has written several papers on the chance of AI achieving a state of life, and has a great interest in finding out, although she has yet to pursue it. She has also worked on creating advanced military armors, drones, and has borrowed some of Ophelia Burns' research for the AI project.

    Samantha Spalding - Samantha's childhood was a disaster, interrupted by the war and other conflict. She planet hopped constantly, never settling down permanently in one home, leaving her without the ability to trust or rely on anything. Some part of her wanted to join the protests for peace, but she knew that mere protesting did nothing; so instead she moved on to work with politics. To her, it was as much a science as biology or chemistry, requiring study and practice to get right. She had to learn to be charismatic and likable while maintaining her inner logic and sensibility. It took her years to find her niche; President of the UPN board. Leading the countries of Earth and managing disputes over colonies and technology was her calling. It kept her occupied and busy, and she felt like she could finally help maintain some semblance of peace- or at least, help introduce it to their hectic world. Many people see her as a selfish brat, seated atop her throne of the UPN board, swaddled in the luxuries she was granted, although these views have yet to knock her off her high horse.

    Danielle Beckett - Danielle Beckett studied psychology in college, but was enlisted into the war halfway through her studies. She was exceptional during training and was soon put into action. Ascending the ranks rapidly, it was soon found that she was a brilliant strategies, those under her command never losing a battle as long as she was leading. Neurologists conducting a study on her brain found abnormal activity; her brain functions went significantly faster than usual, her mind processing information and planning at 10x the usual rate. She was selected for the AI project for this very reason. She has held major roles in the conquest of several "Alien" planets, her strategies often being recorded for second uses. She's also taught several strategy courses. Arguably, she competes with Jessica Sumner, the two both being high quality military officials.

    The Procedure (open)

    The implantation process of the AI is complex to say the least. The scientists at Project AI will be directly implanting the processor and drive of the AI into each candidates head- specifically, their brain. Of course, this does require some surgery and adjustments made to the brain, but we're sure you'll be fine afterwards.

    Each AI can be pulled from the users mind, as each structure is visible from the implantation spot, just at the base of the skull. The structure that contains the AI can be pulled from where it is inserted into the brain- however, if this is not done properly, it can cause bleeding and damage. No scientist would recommend it.

    Once implanted, each AI will still be able to give themselves a holographic form, and still will be able to connect to outside devices and platforms suitable for holding an AI- they aren't contained to their unit, but cannot fully leave it. Their thoughts are also audible in each users mind, as well as outside of it should the AI please. This means you can your AI can have private conversations as well as public ones.

    Flash Clone Process (open)

    Each AI was flash cloned from one of the humans in the list earlier. The programs were created from the flash cloning process in order to achieve the feel of being sentient, as well as to have a base for the AI. However many of these were altered in order to create an AI more suitable for military use. They don't often remember anything about their human counterparts; if anything, they only recall bits and pieces as if they learned them through a textbook, not through memory. A few AI have 'errors' in which the programming did not remove residual memories from their human counterparts; in rare cases, the AI even feel as if they are the same person. However most AI's like this are destroyed immediately after it is discovered.

    The Khaian

    The Khaian (open)
    Anatomy (open)

    The Khaian are humanoid life forms, with anatomy similar enough to a humans that their body functions can be referred to in human terms. However, despite being humanoid and incredibly similar to a human, the Khaian are much more powerful and strong in terms of their physique.

    General Structure-

    The Khaian have a homologous bone structure to a humans, standing upright with a spine, two arms, and two legs. It has been proven in studies that the Khaian even have a tail bone, like humans do. However the Khaian have a spine much more flexible than a humans, composed of more small bone parts and further protected by muscle. Their spine is also longer, as are most of their bones, with the Khaian to be on average six to seven feet of height as compared to a humans five to six. They tend to be thinner, and more lean, although their muscles can, if properly trained, be incredibly strong, much stronger than a normal human could ever achieve. Their spines are straighter than a human, lacking posture issues.

    The toes and fingers of the Khaian resemble a humans, but their nails are slightly more clawlike and sharp, their fingers slightly curved. There also seems to be a 40% chance of a Khaian being born with an extra joint between their wrist and elbow. This joint has only partial movement, moving barely up or down, but still providing some extra mobility. Many of them are double jointed, and flexible.

    The skin of a Khaian is tough, nearly impenetrable to most weapons and even explosives. A Kkaian could run a dinner knife across their arm without effect, although other sharp weaponry, usually designed for decapitation or for fighting the Khaian, can slice through their skin. Their skin has few pores, and sweat and toxins mostly leave the body through their feet, hands, or in the back of the neck. Otherwise, toxins such as poisons or chemicals have a tough time leaving the body, being a weakness much exploited by the humans. Their skin, as much of a bodyguard, is also a weakness. It tends to have a gray color, although the range can expand from a blue-gray all the way to a pale gray-ish 'peach' color, that could resemble a human with an ashen skin tone.

    The Khaian for the most part do not have body hair, although they do have hair on their heads. Many of the older Khaian lose their hair- it doesn't turn gray, it simply falls out. The pigment in their hair is usually black, although it can occaisonally appear more brown.

    The Skull and Facial Features-

    The Khaian have skulls that also much resemble a humans, however there are several key differences in it's features. Their jaws stick out more, although some show this feature more or less prominently. Those with a jaw that juts out more tends to have sharper teeth, and more of these teeth. As the Khaian are carnivores, they do not have molars as humans do, instead having smaller, pointed teeth. Behind their first set of teeth is an additional set, although being smaller in number and in size. These teeth never grow out, or are replaced by 'adult' teeth. Despite this, the Khaian still speak similarly to a human, although they make many more "th" "s" sounds (sounds that are associated with the touching of the tongue to the teeth). Many of their words alternate between soft sounds to sharper sounds.

    Their noses are more like pug noses, the inner surface being filled with different bodily filters to keep dust and pollen out. Without these 'filters' being in place, it is predicted that a Khaian would be have a stronger sense of smell, but as it stands they do not, relying on 'taste' to replace their sense of smell. Their eyes are slightly larger than a humans as well, with thicker lashes and a thinner eyebrow. Their irises vary from a dark black to a pale purple. They can see in a broader spectrum of color, and some have a decent ability to see through the dark.

    Their ears are not much smaller than a humans, but the functionality of them seems... broken. A Khaian can hear, but not as well as any human or other animal. It is as if they hear everything through water, with sounds dullened. This is why they speak with a mix of soft and sharp noises. The soft noises are used in lip reading, a skill every Khaian must have for communcation, while the sharper noises are for hearing. However, Khaian primarily communicate through expression and action, instead of words.

    As a whole, the Khaian have a larger skull that accommodates a bigger brain. Their brains run processes much faster, providing most Khaian with a faster reaction time, more memory space, and more control over their bodies.


    Because of their stronger, more versatile structure, the Khaian can carry their unborn young for a month or two longer than a human can, providing for more time for the young to develop. They reproduce in much the same way as a human does, but usually not for pleasure. Same sex couples in the Khaian species can also reproduce. This is due to the fact that most Khaian are considered hermaphrodites, with both bodily systems that a male and a female human would have. However, some Khaian are more suited to carry a child than others. Individuals with a more wideset body, longer hair, and dominant human 'female' features are distinguished as being feminine. Individuals who are thinner, more lightweight, less muscular and flat chested are considered masculine.

    Technology (open)

    Khaian have been researching and creating for centuries more than humans have, and have almost everything they have and then some. Although their history progressed differently, they still have firearms, swords, bows and arrows, although they were created and used differently. They also have a few new weapon types that humans did not have.

    As for firearms, they began with bullets and metals, moving on later to poisoned capsules and deadly chemical weapons. As time went on, they began the study of lazer and energy based guns, although these weapons had a much shorter reach, and took too much to charge and use. They switched back to guns while they continued research, eventually developing plasma. Plasma was used to create bullets and continuous streams, similar to lazers, and lasted much longer, not requiring a constant energy stream to be used.

    Blades progressed nearly the same way that they did with humans. They progressed through swords, daggers, knives, spears, and a few new weapons. These weapons were mostly done away with as time progressed, but it is known that the Khaian are studying on how to produce energy based blades.

    These weapons were largely unused in Khaian history, but when their own space age began, they decided they needed weaponry on their ships- just in case. Artillery began were firearms started, but not for long. They soon upgraded them to energy based attacks, using plasma technology as well as energy tech, as the ships had more access to power than normal firearms would.

    Yes, bioweapons. These have been in development in Khaian for years, a fact recently discovered by the humans. Although there are no known instances of their usage, they know for a fact that Khaian have a fair understand of how to create these weapons. There is no knowledge on extensive their research is and how damaging these weapons would be, or their scale.

    The Khaian have a variety of different bombs, and they sure don't use hydrogen bombs anymore. They use a form of what they would call antimatter, erupting it in a currently unknown way to cause massive, large scale damage. They also have weaponry of this type that functions in space, sending out shockwaves of EMPs, or even disrupting physics. As with the bioweapons, this information is classified by the Khaian and little is known about it.

    In regards to outside technology, the Khaian have what can be considered upgraded versions of everything human. Biodomes are no more; they have pure terraforming, and they have notably used their abilities with terraforming not to heal, but to destroy. Their ships can travel at exceedingly fast speeds, and they have the technology to perform small-scale jumps. Their versions of AI can understand and translate human languages with easy, and allow for the Khaian to have near instant access to incredible amounts of information.

    The Khaian settled with writing for centuries before they began to develop hardware and systems for the process. They had their own form of telephones and cellphones that they used briefly before creating headsets that were born by most everybody for communication. Then, they changed their tech into implants. Originally only used in their military (to ensure soldiers and troops alwayshad their radios on), the implants were later applied to every citizen in their domain.

    Medicine came about quickly and easily for the Khaian. Despite their reduced need for many medicines, they still went into study. Having to spend less time with vaccinations and symptom relievers, the Khaian moved forward with DNA investigation and analysis. They found many cures for mutation-based diseases early, and later, began a DNA correction process for unborn infants. Their lack of study on basic viruses and illnesses have left them slightly off guard when in contact with human illnesses.

    What with their tall, immaculate buildings and hovercraft, it's not surprising that the Khaian exceed expectations with their engineering abilities. Things took off slowly for the Khaian; they lived in caves and mudbrick houses for longer than humans have, or at least that's what is said. But once they figured out how to build with wood and stone and other materials, the science boomed. Now, they mostly live in skyscraper type buildings, or in underground complexes that are incredibly secure and stable.

    These guys have to get around somehow, right? The Khaian totally skipped over mounts and went directly to automobiles, although of a different kind. These machines were bigger and, thus, were safer, but they had less maneuverability. They soon focused on air based travel, using small vehicles of flight to travel on their own planets and designing massive scale ships for the air. Tanks and seafaring ships were never a Khaian thing. In a sense, the air is their true home.

    History (open)

    As it stands, not much is known about the history of the Khaian. It is known that their home planet is Ca'eva, in the Ja'vistis system of the Caii'eva galaxy, adjacent to the Milky Way. They have existed in their homenplanet for the past 500,000 years, although the accuracy of this information is hard to discern. They began space exploration late compared to humanity, but they accelerated in their technology much faster after they began to travel through the skies.

    Apart from this information, anything else about the Khaian history is purely speculation.

    Tech (open)

    Developments (open)

    Humans have been working on their technology for centuries, and have gotten quite far with it. Although there are still many things to discover, they have surpassed anticipations. In some ways, human tech outdoes Khaian tech, but there are also other ways in which the Khaian's outdo the humans. Most of this technology will be left up to the players.

    Most humans now have cybernetics of various types. Many are simple; an implant to fix their sight, enhance their hearing, adjust their backs. Others are more complex. Cybernetics, although not yet a perfected art, are useful in many situations and have been used frequently. Some people have inserted panels on their arms that project holographic screens, and some have entire limbs redone out of the metals and wires. The possibilities of cybernetics are infinite; you just have to be willing to deal with the adjustment if it doesn't go as planned.

    Cryogenics is an art thoroughly studied and nearly perfected. There are some incidents where things don't go quite as planned, but for the most part, humans can be frozen and reanimated with ease, even if the process isn't pleasant for all. There are different procedures for cryogenics that vary depending on how much money your willing to spend to have it done. Sometimes, they use a liquid to put the person in question in stasis, while sometimes a chilled mixture of gasses are used, the latter being much easier and a more comfortable experience.

    In medicine, cryogenics is often used to save people who would otherwise die without treatment. It is usually a process saved for those who are rich, those who are important figures (military, politics, science), or for those that are being studied (giving your body up for science? they'll probably freeze your body until they need you). It has been discovered through testing that freezing a person who has already died only has a 30% revival rate- and that's only when the best of the best are the people bringing your body back to life.

    Communication has advanced increasingly so in the last 100 years. Radio waves and signals can, if you're using the expensive, correct technology, travel across solar systems to other planets, and sometimes can be boosted to travel halfway across the galaxy (however, usually only the military in the UPN has the ability to do so). Telecommunications are rarely disrupted on planets, making for easy communication with nearly everybody. Letters are a thing of the past. Digital mail has been taken to the next step, now existing at your very finger tips, be it through a cybernetic computer implant or a small digital device that projects your holographic e-mail.

    Cars are a thing of the past in most colonies now; instead, flight has taken it's place. Hovercrafts of a sort are typically used to get from place to place in cities (unless you're walking). Trains still exist, but mostly are only used for industry and travel for unfortunate souls. Transport from planet to planet isn't as costly as you would think it is, although the further your trip, the most costly it is. As a whole, travel is significantly safer, cheaper, and quicker.

    Teleporters are an object of study. Some cities have been equipped with beta versions of teleporters. Scientists say they only put functioning equipment out for the public, but accidents are not uncommon. When finally finished, these teleporters will be used in the military and, hopefully, for cross-planetary travel.

    Being a doctor isn't as much of a money-earning career now as it was in the early 2000's. Most medicines for serious illnesses are easily accessible, as they are relatively cheap and perfectly safe. Many are also fast acting. Doctors, now, are usually only consulted on battle fields or in surgeries, intensive care, cybernetics, and the more serious of diseases.

    Bandages have been developed with healing technology that can heal a papercut in minutes, a mild burn in a little less than a day, and serious wounds in a little bit more time than that. These bandages are life savers, keeping victims alive with their fast healing process. There also are new injections that are used for various purposes; symptom relievers, allergic reactions, near-instant disease curing. There are even injections that can, temporarily, put a person in stasis, where their heart and brain do not need to function, permitting time for hospital admittance.

    Vaccines are usually only given to young children, with boosters every 30 years. The vaccines come simultaneously for the most part, and defend against most viruses and bacteria.

    Hygiene is at an all time high.

    Space Travel (open)

    Being in the future, ships need to be able to travel much faster than they can now; months to get to Mars would be highly impractical. Image it taking that long to get anywhere, especially during a WAR! No reinforcements, that's for sure. The engines humans use are built on the process of cold fusion/fission, which are used in a cycle to create massive amounts of energy that propel spacecraft. They are nuclear reactions that build off one another, and cold fusion is used so that heat doesn't build up. An element found on a new planet is used, as it lasts much longer and creates more energy.

    For FTL type travel, humans travel through wormholes. They discovered these accidentally, with no clue how they were created; however, they can use them to travel from system to system. After they arrive in a system, they use regular transport to get to different planets. It doesn't take too long for travel; planet to planet travel can take from an hour to a day, depending on the distance, or days to a week to travel across a system. However, this is still slower than Khaian travel; FTL warp travel.

    Alternate power sources are used for other parts of the ship to maintain life support and lighting; that way, if the engine goes out, life support, lighting, electricity, etc. doesn't go down as well. Fuels are used as well as new age versions of batteries.

    Each ship is also equipped with an artificial gravity, preventing bone mass loss and other health issues usually associated with exposure to space and a lack of gravity.

    Design's a matter of aesthetics v. practicality. Are we going for a Star Trek Enterprise? Or a Forward Unto Dawn or Pillar of Autumn? I doubt that there would still be an idea of the more gritty and realistic Fireflies and the like since Earth's still intact and a-okay. In general, there are a few guidelines to the exterior design:

    (please refer to here for the rest of this information, as the format of this post does not want to allow me to put it on here....)

    Character Sheet

    This roleplay is based on human-AI interaction, but you do not have to be one of the candidates to join the roleplay!

    However, there are a few rules on the creation of characters.

    All characters must be human at this time. All candidates must be ages 19-39, and all other characters may be no younger than 15 unless accompanied by an adult character. Please keep in mind that each player, at the current time, is only permitted two characters (although this may change at a later date).

    There will only be six female and six male candidate characters, for a total of twelve, although they do not have to be matched with an AI of the same preferred gender.

    When customizing your AI, please keep their preferred gender intact, preferred name intact, and the basis of their personality. You may add to it, and alter it, but each AI is based roughly on their astrological sign name and the character they were flash cloned from, so their personality traits must somewhat match these.

    Please do not feel pressured to write a full, huge CS. The fields in the CS have been put there to help you flesh out the character; while I prefer you describe your character well, don't feel the need to go in more depth than you feel comfortable with.

    Can use any name you wish, but try to keep from using names already chosen
    Male or female, not that hard. You can include sexuality, but don't be crazy (transgender male asexual and
    aromantic but is bisexual for flings)
    See age restrictions above
    Home planet:
    A premade planet or create your own (if creating, add in a little description)
    Home system:
    A premade system or create your own (only if creating your planet)
    Your characters occupation. Feel free to include some history with the occupation

    Appearance (image):
    Optional. If you do add one, please keep it more on the realistic side instead of anime. If you do use an
    anime image, please make sure it's realistic enough to qualify as human. Also, please source your image!
    Appearance (description):
    Please include a few sentences even if you have an image. Height, weight, clothing choice, all of that stuff
    counts here, even adjustment notes on your ref image
    Distinguishing features:
    Optional. Any features that make your character stand out from the crowd.

    What is your character like? Headstrong, introverted, cowardly, chatty? Try to include both positive and
    negative traits, but don't feel pressured to create an unrealistic character in attempts to even out the
    positive and negative
    Anything your character is really good at, be it a learned skill or a hidden, inborn talent

    At least a paragraph. You can include childhood, education, anything interesting about their occupation or
    their time growing up, etc.

    Optional. Any other additional info you think is necessary. Such information would include; weapon of choice, pets, relationships, etc.

    AI name:
    The name of the AI you would like your character to have. Check the list for availability.
    AI personality:
    Each AI comes with a personality; I only ask you keep the basics, and flesh it out from there. These are
    your characters, they just each come with their own distinguishable traits.
    AI appearance (image):
    Optional. An image of your AI's holographic appearance. Please source all images.
    AI appearance (description):
    Even if you have an image, add a sentence or two on how your AI appears in their holographic form
    AI skills:
    2-3 skills your AI has already learnt. Please keep them similar to your AI's preset description and their new

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    The AI listed below will have either "taken" or "open" next to them. PLEASE check here before making your CS to make sure the AI you wish to play is available!

    You MAY reserve your AI for up to 72 hours, or 3 days. After than, it will be void unless you leave a message stating that you are still going to be creating your character. You MUST reserve an AI to reserve your spot as a candidate character.

    Aries (TAKEN) - FiliaFlammae (Blake Lianson)
    Taurus (TAKEN) - Cheesecake (Garfield Amadeus)
    Agate (TAKEN) - J_"Kraken" (Savannah Chapman)
    Pearl (TAKEN) - RayChel (Bao Qin)
    Leo (TAKEN) - RayChel (Riley Stark)
    Sapphire (TAKEN) - Rainjay (Alice Davern)
    Libra (TAKEN) - Rainjay (Simone "Phoenix" Rish)
    Topaz (OPEN)
    Sagittarius (RESERVED) - Peterpantsu
    Garnet (TAKEN) - J_"Kraken" (Nicholas Wilkinson)
    Amethyst (TAKEN) - FiliaFlammae (Elric Lunaripher)
    Pisces (TAKEN) - 175Maddie (Reecila Gerardia Evanica)

    Other characters-

    Kendrick "Bullet" Crow (J_"Kraken")
    Marianne Favero (Rainjay)
    Corbin A. Durazo (Maddeline)
    Kayla Stark (RayChel)
    Claire Miller (Minamoto Thunder)
    Kris Fenstermacher (Yiyel)

    Other Other Characters-

    Jonas Albach (J_"Kraken")
    Warwick Donati (Rainjay)
    Random staff lady #1








    Minamoto Thunder

    My CS's
    Alice Davern & Sapphire

    AI Candidate CS (open)

    Name: Alice Davern
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Home planet: Alva
    Home system: La Luz
    Occupation: Freelance computer network/programming IT​

    Appearance (image):
    (ignore the sword)
    Face Image (open)


    Appearance (description):
    Ali has dark brown hair kept at a mid-back length, with dark blue eyes. Her skin tone and complexion are pale, at an height average (about 5'6.5"), along with having a healthy weight. Nothing really stands out in terms of regular physical features; she bears no real muscle mass, although her body is regularly fit, and has no enhancements of any kind.

    She typically wears dark clothing, a form fitting top under a looser blouse and loose pants, being jeans or trousers of a sort. Her hair is kept loose and she characteristically wears dark colored eye makeup with minimal makeup otherwise (lips, skin, etc.). Occasionally she will wear a necklace or another small piece of jewelry, but otherwise dresses plainly.

    Distinguishing features:
    Usually pretty hidden by her clothing, Alice has a decent number of tattoo work across her body. She has a network of art running down her arms and across her shoulders, an entire back of colorful work and has scattered smaller tattoos on other parts of her body.​

    Alice is a tough nut to crack, strictly speaking. Staring at a screen for the majority of her life, she finds herself solitary, expressionless; it's not as if she doesn't feel emotion, but that she doesn't find it easy to show. Anything that needs expression is best only interpreted by friends, she would say, and only friends would be able to understand the subtle movements and quirks that force their way through her tough outer shell. Even throughout the best, and worse, of times, she generally maintains a neutral composure- she is particularly good at maintaining a solid, inert face.

    Apart from her expressionless visage, she usually comes off as being tough, as being able to defend herself. And she can. She is a confident young woman with little in the way of doubt, although that doesn't mean she is reckless. She is cautious, but yet still bold, and strong. There is little that can sway her to be nervous, and little more that can turn her into herself in fear, but she also is not without her weaknesses. Hit these weak points, and Alice is almost inconsolable, perhaps in intense terror, or in relentless fury.

    Ali is skilled with most things involving computer based technology; she is adept at writing programs with a variety of purposes, understands how networks work and knows how to make a computer tick. However, outside of computers and circuitry, her skill level is minimum to none. She can cook a mean steak though.

    Alice was born on Alva as things were going downhill, her parents living in a small colony outside of the main cities of the planet. The planet itself at the time was widely built and no longer was sustained mostly by small colonies, but the one her parents lived in still existed due to it's assistance in the local research groups. Alice attended schooling like any other child, under an Americanized system (as the planet was originally colonized by America) and made her way up through the eighth grade before things began to get bad. Alva wasn't always meant to be a "Fake Earth" planet, but once it was discovered by the Khaian, that was it's full time designation. Where else would the Khaian focus their attacks against humanity?

    It was the big cities that first were destroyed, ripped to shreds with artillery from space and ground forces of incredible strength and power. Her colony was spared several times by sheer luck, their location in the mountains allowing for Khaian troops to pass them by. But it wasn't long before their luck began to run dry. They were running low on supplies, fuel, and food, and then word came that a large Khaian force was approaching their colony. The UPN refused to send in troops for small villages like hers; instead, they fought worthless battles in the ruined cities. So, Alice and her family had no choice. They gathered what resources they could, and ran. However, they only managed to scrounge up the money for two seats on the next shuttle out of the planet; perhaps they could have sneaked the rest of her family on board, if it wasn't for the fact that the shuttle already was full. The family sent Alice and her elder sister aboard, leaving the thirteen and fifteen year old alone.

    The shuttle led back to a large refugee ship that was going to another planet in a system nearby, Geofir. The two children were taken in by another mother with five children, and they stayed together under the guise of being related. At the refugee camps, there was little in the words of an education, but Alice made do with what she had; trying to find work to bring in extra supplies for her 'family', she became an intern at a nearby research center, working with the computers there. She learned a large majority of her skills there, and eventually moved on to officially work on the research team, bringing in money and food for her makeshift family. A year afterwards when she was fifteen, her mother, aunt, and two cousins arrived on Geofir. They had managed to take another shuttle out of Alva and had been scouring the planet searching for Alice and her sister. Her father, elder brother, and grandparents still remained on Alva.

    The family, with the help of the adoptive family that took in Alice, got rooms in an apartment complex in Geofir's major city. The high rise apartment was large enough, and cheap enough, for the families to survive there peacefully. Alice continued her work at the researching group and began to work on her education once more. Once she was old enough, she received her GED and moved on to secondary education at a small university on Motherwell, leaving her family behind her. She has since lived on Motherwell, studying and working freelance with whatever jobs she could- even if they weren't strictly legal.

    Reason Picked:
    Her application to University warranted several studies and tests to be done on Alice, to ensure that she would be able to commit to her studies and had the mindset for the tasks ahead of her. Her scores were exceptional, although nothing amazingly special. The AI Project saw these and her background, and selected her particularly because of her skills under pressure and her stealth, in addition to her refugee status.

    AI name: Sapphire
    AI personality: Sapphire is one of the pickiest, most critical AI's around, and they don't say it lightly. She'll take any detail, from anything, and analyze it to the ground, be it a painting or a new piece of hardware. She can turn the slight faults of anybody into an insult- although it tends to be on accident. She doesn't really mean to cause problems. It just happens. Otherwise, she's a decently friendly person, loyal and kind. In addition to her high attention to detail, Sapphire is great at technology, something she picked up from her human counterpart, Jessica Sumner. She feels as if she was born to serve, her sense of duty providing her joy and perhaps even a sort of pleasure.

    AI appearance (image):
    AI appearance (description):
    Sapphire has long, thick hair that has a deep blue hue, laying around her shoulders with a floaty sort of volume to it, as if she were underwater but with less of the effect. Her make up also appears to be blue. She dresses in either armor suiting her human counterpart's profession, or in a long black evening gown, also, in a way, suiting her human counterpart in the way of job. Her form wavers and flickers like most holographic visuals, but they flow and ebb with a blue tinge.

    AI skills:
    - Basic hacking
    - Basic infiltration​

    Marianne Favero

    CS (open)

    Name: Marianne Favero
    Gender: Female
    Age: 57
    Home planet: Noveria
    Home system: Novus
    Occupation: Head scientist of the AI Project

    Appearance (image):
    (Not the correct source but I couldn't find a link to the proper page. I believe it is from M-Tai on deviantart, as the watermark in the bottom right corner says, but the page has no visible art, even though the comments suggest otherwise. Perhaps they are set to private?)​

    Appearance (description):
    Marianne has near white hair (unrelated to her age) that is kept short, resting along her shoulders in light wisps, and a fringe of bangs swept to the side that frame her dark eyes. She has strangely light colored skin, perhaps a result of her time indoors and studying, and small, cherry red lips. Often, she has an intense look to her eyes and expression, but usually only when she is studying and researching; otherwise, she has a soft, maternal look, as if she cherishes everything she looks upon. She is short, standing at perhaps 5'2" with a light weight, and only moderate muscle to her form.

    Distinguishing features:
    Marianne would suppose you could say she looks to be Chinese or Japanese, but she would tell you that she is actually a diluted mix of many different cultures combined with European influences. As such she looks to be a bit of both, generally a stark contrast between herself and the people she works with.

    Marianne is a maternal, 'homey' person with a high concern for the well being of others. She is more than willing to help others, but also can be introverted, preferring her research and quiet spaces and machines to people, although this doesn't deter from her social skills. Despite her gentle exterior, Marianne can turn to a focused, intense scientific-robot; that is to say, when she begins to focus on her work, she can shut out nearly anything else, and can become irritable when disturbed. She still maintains her ethics, however, and is hard to be swayed to move against them.

    Being the head scientist for the AI project, Marianne has skill working with AI of all sorts, and is adept at not only programming and controlling them, but creating them. She studied a variety of subjects in general, and thus has great skills with a variety of science topics. She is good with most technology, taking part in advanced armors, drones, etc.

    Most of Marianne's history is just a list of achievements. She was born on Noveria in the midst of the two planet civil war. However her youth wasn't largely affected by it. She passed her way quickly through her primary studies and then moved onto her secondary studies, where she didn't major in anything; instead, she, per say, minored in nearly every science she could get her hands on. She spent her spare time studying, her busy time studying; the only time she wasn't staring at a textbook and absorbing the words like a dry sponge was when she was sleeping, and even then, it's rumoured by close friends and relatives that she spent her nighttime hours dreaming up science and technologies.

    After university studies she began to work on her own to research AI and AI theory. She also spent plenty of time studying enhanced armors and weapons, the desire for which spawned from both the civil war on her homeplanet and due to the Khaian-Human war; she only wanted to help. As such, when the call for her assistance in the AI Project was sent out, she immediately accepted and assumed the position of head scientist, working to gather other great minds to assist not just her, but the future of humanity, in the project.

    Simone "Phoenix" Rish & Libra

    Second Candidate (open)

    Name: Simone "Phoenix" Rish
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Home planet: Freiza

    Freeza is a highly militarized planet; most people born there are expected to soon join the military in some way or other, with the children being trained from youth to fight. They often spent more time in gym classes as a youth than they did in other classes, and in their upper level education, they study strategy and history more than English; although sciences and maths are also important. The colonies here run themselves in a military style way, taking no shit from anybody, at any time, with some of the highest security prisons in the galaxy. The Khaian have yet to break through it's heavily guarded borders; the UPN has considered making bases here (as it would be an extremely safe place for council members and other officials).

    Home system: The Chanu System

    The Chanu System only has one inhabitable planet, although several others and many of the moons have been colonized with military and research bases. It has been mostly left alone by armies and enemies with it's heavily fortified colonies... and because there are at least three thousand ships circulating the system at all times, most of them huge battle ships. This militia, although under the UPN as is every human colony, mostly operates on it's own, with it's own base of operations run by a sect of the UPN. Some people have asked why the fleet has yet to be deployed in battle; a question that will remain unanswered for a long time.

    Occupation: Battle ship pilot/special forces

    Appearance (image): [​IMG] Image Source
    Appearance (description): The first thing people note about Simone is the bright red hair, which has only grown darker in color as she grew older. She grew out the bangs long ago, and leaves the wavy locks anywhere from mid-back to shoulder length, depending on when she's in/out of duty. She has striking dark gray eyes and a narrow eyebrow, with medium length lashes. Across her cheeks is a light smattering of freckles, so faint they are barely visible. She stands at about 5'8" with an average, lean weight.

    On duty, of course, she wears the proper armor and gear, usually a form fitting layer underneath actual armor for ground attacks, but otherwise, she'll dress anywhere from woolen sweaters and jeans to shorts and a t-shirt for training. Make up is a big no for her; in training, it would just sweat right off. She also doesn't wear any jewelry at all. Her only form of decoration are her tattoos.

    Distinguishing features: She has an array of tattoos, namely being a floral design on her right arm.

    Personality: Simone is a quiet secluded girl, almost a true introvert anywhere other than on the battlefield. She visibly is anxious most of the time, hearing things nobody hears and seeing things nobody sees. She is twitchy and always on the tips of her toes, searching for something that isn't there. It's hard to get her to be talkative or open, usually keeping to herself completely. She doesn't seek out others to talk to, not even friends, and has difficulties holding onto friendships. She prefers to maintain some sort of personal balance between serenity and stress to keep herself together, often meditating or reading.

    On the battlefield, however, she takes charge, with brave and bold movements and actions with a very leader-esque tone of voice. She doesn't let anybody get her down, with the kind of determination only seen in movies. She never tires and never gives up, never leaving her team behind.

    Talents/Skills: Working with the military, Simone has good combat skills (both hand to hand and with weaponry) and can pilot a small, single-person battle ship (and probably bigger ships as well). She has had leader experience.

    History: Simone was born into a family of all boys; three elder brothers, and then she was followed by two younger ones. Her father was a general in their state military, her mother worked with information services, and her eldest brother was deported to the frontline of the war in Alva. Her family has lived on Freiza since colonization, with it's culture deeply set into their lives and family- every child began training at the age of eight at the latest, working with different skills and combat techniques before moving onto more militarized training and action. Simone herself began training at seven, although it was nothing serious until the age of eight, when she took combat technique classes (martial arts, boxing, wrestling) and then progressed into using weaponry at the age of ten (primarily knives and swords). At the age of eleven she got her first tattoo with her eldest brother as he was deported.

    The Tattoo (open)

    At twelve, she began training with guns and other weaponry of all sorts, taking classes in strategy, hacking, stealth, bombing; everything you can think of. The year after, her eldest brother was KIA a week after her second eldest traveled to work as a guardsman on Motherwell. The loss was hard on her as she had held a close relationship with her brother. She put her grief into her training, slowly rising to the top of her class, although not without it's drawbacks. More was expected of her, the stress piling on slowly as the students were put into live missions, with real bullets, real bombs, and real injuries. She fought hard to achieve her spot as number one, striving for the opportunities it would bring, just as her eldest brother had. Her younger siblings looked to her as an inspiration, but it occurred to her that it wasn't a good thing. Still, she remained in her number one position for years to come.

    Change (open)


    The UPN began to recruit from Freiza for the Khaian-Human war. Her third eldest brother was swept away with the war, and as she approached her graduation date, she began to worry. Those in the top hundred would be swept away to the war, and those at a lower rank would be used in guerrilla forces. She attempted to slide down the ranks, but her trainers pressed her harder and harder. At graduation when she was 17, she was to be deployed to a special class force, but signed up for fighter pilot training, giving herself another year and a half of time before she was sent out. She received her own craft aboard a massive battle ship, command over her own unit, and high tech battle gear that must have cost a fortune. She found herself sick to her stomach.

    For the next three years, all she did was fight. Fight the Khaian, fight to claim planets, fight against rebellions and rogue colonies. She took a half year break just to get away from it all before she was emergency sent to Alva, the same place where her elder brother died. She fought there for a full two years. Then, her ground unit was sent to hold a top secret research facility halfway across the planet. They saw no action for two months- and then a full scale attack was launched by the Khaian. Her unit of 30 men and women dwindled rapidly. They may have been the best, but against hundreds, those were impossible odds. The group decided to arm and plant a bomb in the center of the facility that would wipe out not only the Khaian army, but also their ships and equipment. The majority of the unit died arming and defending the bomb before an evac team arrived- including her father. She fought until it last troop to make it past the front lines to the evac shuttle; only two teammates besides her survived.

    Alva (open)

    After she was returned to her home planet, she was diagnosed with PTSD, but the military was too deeply ingrained in her for her to stop. After a year of therapy she threw herself back in the field, heading out to where her younger brothers were fighting for awhile before freelancing with her piloting skills, doing drop offs and space combat with the Khaian. When she was 26, her craft crash landed on a desolate planet during combat, and she narrowly avoided suffocating in the oxygen deprived planet; she suffered serious damage to the ligaments and muscles in her leg, stunting her ability to run and move. She has since had physical therapy for it, but she still has slight issues with her injury. She was waiting in reserves when the AI Project contacted her.

    Reason Picked: Scientists originally desired to have military personnel test the AI- while it was not possible, it was possible to pick one or two retired men and women. Simone was an interesting subject: PTSD, but still strong, with a good mind and a good set of skills. She was intelligent apart from her military work and was a leader.
    Other: She has PTSD.

    AI name: Libra
    AI personality: Libra, no matter what anybody else says, is a scientist at heart. She will always be drawn to science, of any kind, and has an inborn desire to find out why. She always has to have a project going on, and somebody to work with; silence, and loneliness, will drive her insane, even as an AI. Being disconnected, or lost, is her greatest fear. Even though she is a scientist, she is a fair one. She believes strongly in balance and tries to preserve it, and will refuse to do most things inhumane if given the choice, no matter what it would provide to 'science'.
    AI appearance (image): [​IMG]
    Image Source
    AI appearance (description): Libra appears as a young teenage girl with long blonde hair tied back in an elegant pony tail of a sort, with olive green eyes. Her clothing seems to change in appearance between a lab coat and regular teenage garb, sometimes appearing in a pink sundress. Her form is quite pixelated, making it hard to focus on anything other than her face.
    AI skills:
    - Inventive (has a knack for coming up with impossible-to-think-of solutions to problems)
    - Bio-expert (she has huge databases for biology of all sorts and kinds)
    - Emergency/evac (can find the backdoors to anything, helping her companions evade problems)

    Come here if you have any questions that aren't answered by the information above. Some of this information may be on either website, but you can still come here for help! Don't forget that you can message either J_"Kraken" or me for assistance as well at any time!
    Can my character be a _______________?

    In terms of occupation, your character can be ANYTHING! Yes, ANYTHING! This roleplay is a sandbox with a plot (I know I read a name for it somewhere..), meaning that no matter what you decide to go off and do, the GMs will make sure you meet with everyone at the end game. You will progress through the plot as everyone else does, just perhaps differently. This means you can flee the Project and still reach the same end goal.

    Okay, so, what character roles would be more important to see?

    This is highly dependent on your own opinion. Any character you create will be made important, but considering the scifi background, we can give you a few ideas.

    Military personnel
    Political Figures
    Alien specialists
    Response units

    Cool. Now what about my AI? What if I don't like any of the preset AI?

    It should be mentioned somewhere (but knowing me, probably isn't) that if you have an issue with your AI's personality, do contact me. Each AI's personality is roughly based on their astrological sign (I thought it would expand personality horizons) but you are not confined to the preset parameters. They are only basic morals and traits each AI has. Otherwise, you can expand on your AI in any way you wish, especially if it makes them stand out!

    What about the AI/Human dynamic? How does that work?

    The AI are being put together with humans in an attempt to, in a way, create a bond between human and AI that gives humans an advantage in war. Be it having access to instant information, or having a companion that can hack into systems, or security cameras, or enemy tech for you, or if the AI has certain abilities (has yet to be discussed, but in scifi, the extent of what AI and mechanical or technical forces knows no bounds), it would be a benefit to humans. The idea of the Project is to find out what benefits they can reap from it; leaving the actual benefits up to the players to create. Think RvB for example (only example I can think of). The AI there could create those dome shields around their host, or perhaps add additional shielding to armor, repair armor, analyze a soldiers health; you have an HUD for all that, but you'd be able to further focus on the battlefield if an AI did it for you. The AI could tell you of enemy forces nearby, help with stealth missions, etc. Maybe the AI can be programmed to use EMP's of a sort, I dunno. It's up for imagination.

    In general, each AI candidate is really only a test subject for experimentation to see what the AI can actually do; but that doesn't mean the candidates have to stay with the project. A criminal could get in, get their AI implanted, and run. That's the fun part. After basics, it's up to each player to run off and do whatever. It doesn't necessarily mean their AI will be the best equipped- others who stay might undergo testing that greatly improves their AI, providing some of these 'mysterious' abilities- but they can still do it.

    How are we starting the roleplay?

    AI candidates will be arriving at the facility, scientists working there will be working (:P), unrelated characters can either find their way to the Project or post an introduction post (and GMs will help develop a storyline for them to follow that will involve them with the Project or with other characters).

    What's the combat like?

    Space combat will be a thing that can probably happen; just think of any other type of warfare in space. Big guns and artillery, speedy moving ships, those big annoying dreadnoughts that can't move around for shit, little guns, explosions.

    War combat is a bit different. The Khaian primarily use plasma; a very efficient plasma. They also have big weapons and are working on bioweapons and energy swords of a sort. They mostly use brute force to attack, not going for sneak attacks most of the time. They could knock a human soldier right off his feet with ease, and not even have so much of a bruise. Humans usually have to be careful with their tactics in response, using railgun-type handguns, regular bullets, modified guns (with stronger ammo, more force, sometimes poisons in the ammo) or prototype plasma/energy weapons. Both sides face off just like in real war... just a bit more violent.

    Human x human combat is pretty simple, just as it always has been. You have your fair share of knives and guns and other weapons and you fight. :P

    Is there a group for this?

    Yes, there is! But only those accepted into the roleplay, or otherwise assisting with it, may be in the actual group itself. Here it is!

    What the heck are Khaian?

    Assuming you've refused to read what it says above, or perhaps you just want more information, you can check out the websites or the group (website links are on the first post, the group link is on the FAQ right about this one) for more information! It would be best to check out both (preferably the website and the group), as they both contain information, but they don't both contain all the information, if that makes sense.

    tl;dr, Check out the group and the website for more.

    I don't want to be a candidate. I want to be a Khaian!

    As for now, you can't. Sorry. But come back later into the roleplay, or join for now and wait until later on. We might, depending on how things go, have Khaian playable characters.

    Okay. I don't want to be a candidate still; I want to be a character outside of the Project!

    As said, you'll probably have to wait a bit for your character to become involved if you're going that far out (Ex. A business woman on Earth). Or, if there's enough people willing to get a second plot line going on, that's fine.

    God this roleplay is so slow. Hurry it up!

    Patience is a virtue. If you want things to speed up, please do let me know (how you feel about things being slow) and please do it nicely. If you're rude, I'll just ignore you. This roleplay isn't meant to be a post every single day. People are busy and have lives and need to be able to do their real life thing. And, people like to roleplay out conversation. It slows some things down. But I guess if things are truly being too slow for your liking, let me know how you feel and we can work things out a little faster.
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  3. Name:
    Garfield Amadeus
    Home planet:
    Corvus Prime

    Corvus Prime is the seat of power in the Corvus System. Corvus itself is named after the crow, for it's pitch-black skies. Fortunately for its inhabitants, Corvus is also rich in fuels, fossil and natural. Corvus' main export, therefore, is energy production. Day and night lights flicker through the streets and buildings. It is also not as populated as other planets, not getting many immigrants or tourists due to it's unnatural darkness.
    Home system:

    The Corvus System is composed of four celestial bodies: Corvus Prime, its moon Corvus II, the gas giant Korona, and a dwarf planet named Pliny. It is a binary star system. Corvus is the farthest from it, close enough only to gain the minimal amount of heat, but too far to gain bright light, leading to Corvus Prime's eternal night.
    Mental Ward (released, deemed safe and sane for society. More or less. After hearing his skill in learning extraordinarily fast, they decided to induct him into the program.)

    Appearance (description):
    He stands at 5"10, weighs 190 lbs. He has light-brown hair, which he keeps short. He has stubble growing. His eyes are brown. His skin is very pale and ash grey, as a result of Corvus' eternal black sky.

    Distinguishing Features:
    He has a brand on his wrist that shows his name and number, used by the mental institute back on Corvus.

    Garfield is mostly an observer first and foremost. He has photographic memory, capable of learning how to operate machines and memorize passwords with ease. He has used this to devastating effect back on Corvus' mental facility, where he could repeatedly escape by memorizing passwords.

    Through prolonged exposure to repeated tasks, Garfield can learn useful skills from it. Due to years of therapy, Garfield knows psychology to a degree, using his psychologists techniques against him. Also, watching the doctors and apothecaries create drugs and medicine over the years has allowed him to determine which drugs cause what effect.

    Garfield is a sociopath. He has trouble keeping relationships happy and stable. He lacks a sense of morality and is very self-centered. He is known to manipulate others to his advantage and cares not for the consequences, to them or him. His need to manipulate and his desire to learn stem from his inner craving for peace, one he has not known since the departure of his mother and the closing of his park.

    • Psychology
    • Drug Creation
    • Photographic Memory
    • Quick Learner

    Garfield was born and raised on Corvus Prime, son to a pair of middle-class workers. He grew up alone, mostly, and spent his time hanging around the parks playing with the older boys. His antisocial behavior developed a few years after his mother was sent away to work at another plant. He spent more and more time alone as the park closed. He refused to eat or sleep and would lock himself in his room.

    His father, disquieted by his sons growing problem, decided to take him to a psychiatrist. After a few sessions, he was deemed sociopathic and admitted to Corvus Mental Institution for the Mentally Disturbed. Though not as violent as some of the other wards, he was just as troublesome, releasing inmates after learning the passwords, sabotaging equipment, and stealing drugs. He also was disliked by staff for taunting them. According to them, he was a very disturbed boy who liked to toy with people for amusement.

    Reason Picked:
    The Project looked over the files of the mental institute as a last result, as none of the small amount of inhabitants had any skills that could be used. Many were simple factory workers or office drones. After seeing Garfield's photographic memory ability, and his destructiveness when it came to sabotage, they picked him. Being a sociopath helped as well, strangely, as he lacks a moral compass. This was a useful contrast to his teammates. When the others had second thoughts on the morality of a mission, Garfield would be able to see it from another perspective.

    Garfield prefers not to fight head-on, instead using sabotage and infiltration.

    AI name:

    AI personality:
    Taurus, once known as Samantha Spalding, was the President. She was known for being extravagant and egocentric, spending most of her time on parties. Her term of office was during a period of peace, so she was not bothered by too many affairs.

    Although no major accomplishments were achieved during her reign, she was still well-liked by the public due to her large amount of holidays and parties given to the populace. She, herself, lived in the lap of luxury. Having many servants, friends, money, and power, this went to her head and she became addicted to achieving grander parties.

    However, she was also skilled in politics, much more than she showed to the public. She was an adept socializer, able to swerve conversations in her favor. She was also skilled in telling lies and scrutinizing liars. She had a temper and an ego as well.

    In her new incarnation as Taurus, she tries to escape her past by becoming humble and giving, as opposed to her extravagant, bombastic old self. She, however, is not patient. At times, she will struggle and falter, then revert back to Samantha. She never gives up, however, and returns to her humble self after a while.

    Being implanted directly to Garfield's brain, she has access to all of his memories. As such, she understands what happened to him, something he ahs not told anyone including his father and the psychologists, and cares deeply for him. She is the only confidant and friend Garfield has. They vent their frustrations to each other, taking care of each other emotionally. In social situations, Taurus takes over for him, telling him what to say and how to act.

    AI appearance (description):
    Taurus tries to look as humble as her ego allows, wearing simple, minimalist clothing. A plain, white T and shorts are her everyday clothes. Her strawberry blonde hair is tied in a simple ponytail. Some things from her past that she could not simply let go are the various jewels, rings, necklaces, and tattoos, which contrast her simple outfit.

    AI skills:
    • Social Skills (She is adept at maneuvering social situations to her desired outcome.)
    • Deception (She is able to lie well, and detect lies from others.)
    • Politics (She knows the inner workings of governments and organizations, and the reasoning behind their actions and how to counteract them.)
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  5. Savannah Chapman

    Gender: Female

    Age: 23

    Home Planet: Earth (Specifically Diana-I, Earth's one moon)

    Home System: Terra-I

    Occupation: Professional student; her intuitive mind and outstanding secondary school performance bought her enough scholarships to be paid to go to school. Her part time official job is an internship at a research firm for studying alien weaponry and other technology.

    Appearance: Chapman stands around 5'3" with pale skin, a lithe form, and shortly cropped black hair. Her face is lined by harsh cheekbones, casting a gaunt look on what would otherwise be the image of youth. Black bangs cover her forehead, inches above plain brown eyes. Her lips are the only part of her face that bespeak of any weight to them, being a stark comparison to the rest of her visage.

    Distinguishing Features: None, she's rather plain. No features set her apart from the crowd, something that's fed into her more adventurous side.

    Personality: Chapman, at best, could be described as brilliant and troubled. She is wholly distant from everyone save for those she views on an equal intellectual level and spares them even moderate conversation, nothing ever personal. Her addiction to STEMS (an acronym that currently has no meaning) has nearly cost her university education twice now, and rehab has done little to reconcile the need. The admission into the AI program was a stroke of luck on her part, for the university was entirely ready to remove her from their programs and revoke the scholarships, which she kept only due to luck as far as anyone can tell.

    Savannah is best applies to researching, trivial matters of education (particularly involving science, math, and social structures), and the wetwork of computers. Once upon a time, she had been a decent athlete in the university track team until the first signs of STEM addiction were discovered and she was removed. Still, she retains a runner's build from constant practice outside the program.

    History: Savannah's family was one of the original families to accept the colonization program on Diana-I, which was originally intended for a platform to launch other vessels - gravitational pulls on the moon are less strict, allowing for less wasted fuel - and mining opportunities. Nothing changed over the generations. Her ancestors ten generations back were miners, and her current family are miners. Of all six her siblings, she being the youngest, not a single one went to education beyond the mandatory secondary level. Her family did not treat her as an outcast, if anything she was treated better than the rest as at true hope to turn the family history to something better. Not wishing to financially burden her parents, Chapman went out of her way to meet the requirements for the more prestigious of the scholarships needed to attend a university on Earth. From there she became one of the most well recognized names on Diana-I, for of all of them few had reached this level of recognition, and a symbol of sorts to other colonies like it.

    Reason Picked: Her ideologies, intelligence, and nature were close enough to the original template that there was little to no overlap of emotional and memory-based 'aftershocks' of the procedure. Beyond that, her brilliant, if short-lived, career as a scholar elevated her on the list of candidates chosen for this particular AI.


    AI Personality: While the original tests showed an 86% match to the original template for Agate, Chapman and Beckett did not share one vital component needed for a true match to work: sociability. Where as Agate is outgoing and constantly talking, Chapman prefers to observe and comment only when necessary. Beyond that core miscommunication, she retains little other personality traits that can be discerned. As her conversations are almost entirely on her experiences and nothing else, it becomes difficult to tell what is fact and what is simply a all transition from flesh to machine. One thing is for certain, her viewpoint on the world has degraded with the entrance to the military (causing a rather different outlook on life then when she was a university student) compared to Chapman's, which leads to several occasions of neither speaking to the other despite sharing a mental link and hearing what the other has to say anyways. The principle that they refuse to communicate seems to be enough for the pair.

    Appearance: In the flesh, Beckett was the very image of the rough-and-tough female officer. Buzzed blonde hair, a muscular form, all the usual markings of a soldier. In the machine, she has taken a unexplained liking to a blue-haired android with pale red eyes and blue steel covering her form.

    Skills: Agate is particularly gifted in the fields of applied psychology and strategy. Often times her memories fade into Chapman's own, causing massive dissonance and distortions of reality on both sides. Beyond that, her intuitive on-the-fly thinking sometimes allows for her to come to solid conclusions before Chapman does.

    All credit goes to the guys at, without them I would spend countless hours on Google.
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  7. Finished as well! Tell me if anything needs changing.

  8. Name:
    Xue, Bao Qin (Shweh, Bah-oh Cheen)
    Home planet:
    Shu Han (open)
    In 2278, China laid claim to the only planet in the Tchou system that was already inhabitable: Wu. The planet was abundant in resources, and soon other nationalities swarmed to it as well. In 2351, after Biodomes had become viable, two other planets in the system were colonized: Cao Wei and Shu Han. Many claimed it was tempting fate, but there have only been small tensions between the three planets in the last four hundred years. Relations between them are rather amiable, and they will often support each others' interests in the UPN.

    Shu Han retains much of its Chinese heritage. The culture, the physical features of its citizens, and the local language can all be traced back to the country that first colonized the Tchou system, though notably altered. The planet is primarily farmland now that the terraforming is finished, but industry thrives where the biodomes were first built. At the heart of the planet's economy is its capital city, Chengdu.

    Shu Han is ruled by a monarch. Each province on Shu Han elects one person to the Senate, and the Senate will appoint the next King or Queen. From then, the Senators act as vassals to the King, reporting on their province and handling lesser domestic affairs. The King is responsible for the planet as a whole, especially regarding foreign policy. If a King is found unfit to rule, the Senate can remove him and appoint a new King.

    Home system:
    Tchou (open)
    Tchou, the star, is marginally larger than Earth's Sol, so the inhabitable planets are slightly further out, comparatively. Shu Han is the nearest, then Wu, then Cao Wei. All three of these orbit in the same direction, with slightly different speeds, so they remain equidistant from one another around Tchou. One small planet is even further in than Shu Han, but there is no possibility of habitation. The same goes for the two frozen worlds past Cao Wei.

    As Wu was the first settled and required no terraforming, it is the most populated of the three. The three planets are generally similar, enough so that many astronomers claim all three have the same origin. As such, the Tchou system is often referred to as just that, rather than identifying each planet separately. The primary exports are food and timber, and the primary imports are technology and people.

    Each planet represents itself in the UPN, but the three will almost always stand united. As a people, they consider each other almost like family--and indeed, many of the inhabitants have family on the other two worlds. Travel between the three is as common as travel between Asia, Europe, and America was in the 21st century.

    Retired Politician; Convict.

    Appearance: (credit to Zhou Zhao at
    Bao Qin has the dark hair and eyes typical of Tsong, but has a fair complexion and delicate features to define her as a beauty. Her frame is slight, measuring 165cm (5' 5") tall and 54kg (119 lbs.) heavy. She still chooses to wear traditional robes with deep colors, leaving very little skin exposed.
    Distinguishing features:
    A crystal hair comb always rests atop her head.
    Taciturn, dutiful, logical. Bao Qin knew from the beginning of her life that she would be a Queen. Her sense of duty drove her to diligent study, but she had very little human contact beyond her instructors. In her early teenage years she learned to present herself for an audience. Everyone who met her, or even just saw her from a distance, agreed that she would make an excellent ruler.

    It was all an act, and Bao Qin knew it. Her intelligence was beyond compare, and she would always choose the most logical course of action. A nation under her guidance was sure to thrive. Yet she wouldn't step off her pedestal to help a single woman collapsed on the street, nor could she understand why the young man that was her rival for the throne would. She still doesn't know why, but she did decide that a person like herself was unfit to lead people.
    Logic and Reasoning
    Basic Self-Defense
    Bao Qin is a bred Queen. Her mother and father were matched on the basis of beauty, intelligence, and charisma. At age three she began schooling. By twelve she had completed the equivalent of a primary education. The next three years were spent on in-depth study of foreign policy, domestic affairs, economics, and human behavior. When she turned fifteen, Bao Qin was formally presented to the King and Senate. It was nothing more than a formality, as her very existence was due to a group of Senators representing the large cities; however, it did provide her a chance to leave a good impression. By the time she left that room, everyone in it was enraptured with her elegance and majesty.

    Now an official candidate for Queen, Bao Qin was moved into the palace. Two months later, a young prince joined the house: Yu-lin, a candidate for King that had been prepared by the outer provinces. He was polite, modest, and charsimatic, just as Bao Qin had been taught to behave, so they never fought; but there was something more about him Bao Qin could never place.

    It wasn't until she was twenty-two that Bao Qin found how they were different. During a parade for the Harvest Festival, a woman--a peasant of no status--fell into the street, injured and unable to move. Bao Qin rested before the King, and Yu-lin rode beside them; all three saw the woman collapse, but only one of them leaped down to her. Bao Qin was shocked at Yu-lin's action. The woman could have been an assassin or thief, or there may have been such a criminal in the crowd waiting for a chance. The woman who fell was nobody, just another peasant in the crowd with nothing to offer. It was a risk to descend to the street, and there was most certainly nothing to be gained from doing so. Yet Yu-lin was at her side, lifting her in his arms, and resting her on his mount before the guards could say a word in protest.

    He took her to the palace, had the royal doctor examine her, and cried when he was told she couldn't be saved. Bao Qin was moving swiftly to confront Yu-lin, so she heard the final verdict: the woman had been attacked, the attacker using a deadly parasite to eat her body from the inside out. It had multiplied too far to be countered. Bao Qin waited for the doctor to leave, then stepped into the room to join Yu-lin at the woman's bedside. The brief conversation the three shared forced Bao Qin to reevaluate herself as a ruler.

    Two weeks later, Bao Qin had found the group that killed that woman. She alerted the police that they could catch a murderer if they would hurry to that house. When the officers arrived, they found the bodies of three men staining the floor and Bao Qin kneeling in the center of the room. Bao Qin plead guilty to murder, denied every attempt the Senators made to claim it was self-defense, and retired to a minimum security prison. The Senate tried to hush up any information, but rumor spread quietly.

    For two years Bao Qin remained in that prison. She showed no desire to leave. She continued to live as she always had: regal, elegant, modest, polite, and correct. She hardly seemed like a prisoner, and indeed she didn't see herself as one. She was simply living in a different house, facing new experiences, and trying to learn what Yu-lin had that she did not.
    Reason Picked:
    Preliminary tests found Bao Qin to be 80% compatible with Pearl. More investigation raised the number slightly. Though it wasn't an exact match, finding someone who made a good test subject was important, too. Bao Qin's personality convinced the researchers that she would be able to provide precise and unbiased information.
    Bao Qin used to carry a war fan on her at all times. She'd like to do so again, as it made defending herself easier.

    AI name:

    AI personality:
    Pearl is, first and foremost, dutiful. Her first duty is to see that the AI Project succeeds. She is very caring, so she also takes it upon herself to care for the other AI. She'll do so quietly, though, because she's too shy to step into a limelight. She dislikes violence, and she especially hates seeing the AI fight--which is quite the conundrum for her as she knows the ultimate goal of the AI Project is to enhance soldiers. Her sense of duty--to the Project, the UPN, and humanity--pushes her to swallow her personal distaste for the sake of the greater good; nevertheless, Pearl has never reconciled within herself, so the two conflicting agendas are tearing at her.

    AI appearance: (credit to Eric Chen at
    Originally, Pearl had long, wavy, hair that was almost as white as her namesake and eyes as clear as the summer sky. Her pale-blonde tresses have darkened slightly since Pearl joined Bao Qin, and her eyes have become a deep brown to match Bao Qin's. The cherry blossoms, too, are a recent addition, added to match Bao Qin's crystal comb. Pearl wears a peach, floorlength, formless gown and leaves her feet bare.
    AI skills:
    Biology, especially Human Physiology and Anatomy
    Artificial Intelligence

    Kayla Stark
    Home planet:
    Home system:
    Professional Racer
    Kayla takes after her mother: long, luscious locks of deep brown reaching to her lower back; smooth, fair skin that sunburns easily; and a lithe, hourglass figure with curves enough to be remarked upon. Her eyes come from her father and hold that same confident shine. Like her brother, Kayla is very proud of her figure and will not do anything to blemish it. (ignore anything you think you see on her arm; she is not the girl with the dragon tattoo)
    Distinguishing features:
    Naturally 65E and proud of it.
    Hair enough to hide a stilletto or two.
    Headstrong, passionate, and possessive.
    Ace Pilot (if it drives, she can drive it)
    Basic Mechanics (star fighters and land speeders)
    Nursing (first aid, and then some advanced techniques she hasn't used yet)

    Kayla's story starts with her mother. Vivian North was a phenominal pilot without a ship of her own, so she accepted Jacob Stark's offer for a job. At first she kept avoiding the cad, turning away every advance he'd make. He made the same passes at every other member of the crew--everyone, as there wasn't a man on board other than Stark--so why would she believe any of his trite professions of love? As time wore on, though, Jacob proved how much he cared for her time and again. Vivian couldn't avoid falling in love with the man. She became the third woman Jacob claimed as a wife. She bore him two children: a son he raised in his own image; and a daughter that Vivian doted on.

    Kayla spent most of her time with her mother. As a young girl she learned how to pilot the Darling, as well as the small debris sifter kept in its hanger. By twelve she was driving that small ship for most of their scavenging trips. Kayla was closest to her big brother, Riley, but she felt a special connection with Braxton as well--the second son of the Darling's mechanic, and an accomplished gearhead himself despite being only a few months older than Kayla. When Kayla began land-racing at fourteen, she and Braxton spent hours on end working on her speeder. Fourteen was also when she took a special interest in medicine; seeing the stunts Riley would try to pull on the tracks made Kayla believe he would kill himself one day.

    Six years later the two are racing space courses together. Be it stunt shows, target shooting, or speed racing, the duo challenges everything. Kayla is a notably better pilot than her brother, but she isn't as reckless. Riley always pushes her to the limits, and miraculously the two haven't blown themselves up yet.

    Kayla can't swim. At all.

    Riley Stark
    Home planet:
    Home system:
    Professional Racer
    Appearance: by Fan Jingyan
    Riley takes great pride in his body. He stands 183cm tall and weighs in at 78kg of toned muscle. He has never allowed a scar or tattoo to blemish his skin. He can't grow even the smallest of beards, so his face is always smooth. He wears his lush, brown hair past his shoulders. Riley always dresses elegantly, be that the decorative overcoat of Novus, the dark suit of Durness, or the fanciful robes of Tchou.
    Distinguishing features:
    Long, brown hair reaching just past his shoulderblades. The color comes from his mother, not his father, so he bears it as a sign of his uniqueness.

    Charismatic, confident, passionate, a blatant flirt, and a supremely loyal friend.
    Starship Pilot
    Practical Psychology
    Telegenic and Photogenic

    Riley's story starts with his father. Jacob Stark was a semi-legal trader; he owned a scavenging ship--the Darling--and made a living selling the scraps of the civil war. He had a pick-and-choose approach to the law: laws prohibiting murder were fantastic; laws about not taking someone's extra cash were optional. Above all, though, Jacob Stark can only be described as a cad--he fell in love with every beautiful woman he saw. Normally this would not go over well with the previous woman, but Stark possessed a phenomenal combination of charisma, kindness, and honest passion that never let a woman feel like second-place.

    Jacob Stark's crew was exclusively female, half of whom were willing concubines. Riley's mother, Vivian North, was the primary pilot for the Darling. Riley grew up as a part of the crew, along with his little sister Kayla and a dozen half-siblings. He learned how to pilot the ship from his mother, and his father often brought him to sales negotiations to teach him bartering and cold-reading. Riley grew up much like his father: personable, confident, and flirtatious. The greatest difference between the two is that Riley was never happy being inconspicuous. While Jacob stayed low-key to keep his not-totally-legitimate business safe, Riley wanted to have every spotlight in the system shining on him.

    As a teenager Riley made a name for himself around the Land Speeder racing tracks... as a hot-headed daredevil. As soon as Kayla was old enough to compete, she took up racing as well. She proved the better, and won so regularly that Riley didn't see enough limelight left for himself. He quit land racing at seventeen and went looking for his next big adventure, Kayla tagging along. He decided racing in space would be a thousand times more glamorous--and space races were team events, so he and Kayla could share the spotlight. Their savings weren't enough to buy a good racing ship, but with some persuasion Riley managed to talk a retiring gentleman into selling them his ship. It wasn't a great ship--the man hadn't won in years--but it was enough to start racing.

    Kayla knew more about what the ship needed than Riley, so she compiled a list of parts. Riley bartered for what he could, swiped what he couldn't, and had a half-brother help put it all together. Now outfitted with an exceptional craft, Riley and Kayla Stark began to dominate the races in Novus. For a few sweet months they enjoyed wealthy stardom; then their ship was impounded for using stolen parts and they had to undergo a short stint in Juvenile Rehab. The real tragedy is that the police busted them for a part Riley had paid for; the man who sold it to them had stolen it.

    Those few months left Riley's records in the system, including a psychological evaluation. Riley and Kayla went right back to racing, this time with a fully legal ship. Soon the Novus courses weren't enough, so they went on tour to other systems. Riley added to his wardrobe every time, always purchasing something culturally elegant. Kayla would find something to match him, of course. The duo is, while not the greatest team in racing, one of the most well-known names throughout civilized space.

    Reason Picked:
    The UPN had no trouble accessing Riley's record. There was a 2% margin of difference when Riley's evaluation was compared alongside Leo's; it's like the two were made for each other.
    Riley has a large family, some of whom are spreading out around the Novus system. All of them are willing to do him a favor, and he'll do them favors in kind.
    Kayla isn't a brocon, she's just very attached.

    AI name:

    AI personality:
    Leo is annoyingly egotistical--an AI that feeds on attention. If he isn't recieving enough, he goes on strike to get more. Nevertheless, he is ambitious and likes to see projects to their finish; however, his views on how to complete his projects are not always legitimate. Cheating is just one more means to achieve his ends, as is deception. He was almost destroyed before researchers discovered his potential.

    AI appearance: (image byWang Rokly at
    Leo's defining color is silver. His hair, his eyes, his jewelry, and the glow that surrounds him are all silver. He dresses as a wealthy nobleman, as anything less simply wouldn't do him justice.

    AI skills:
    System Comprehension - with a little intense observation, Leo can discern the function of what he sees. This could be a dissected animal, or this could be a ship's life support. This could even be the code of a person's DNA if he had the means to look that closely.
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  9. I'll check it out in a bit ^^
  10. Alright. I just have a few things:

    It does say that if you make up a planet or system (or both), please include a brief description of them. Even if it's a real life planet, we haven't settled on it IRL, and so we don't know what this planet is like in this sci-fi story.

    The AI Project picked their candidates randomly; they looked at random people and examined them through their education, psychology, etc. to select them, and after they arrive at the facility, they will be tested on some more to ensure they fit. Candidates aren't 'volunteered' for it. With a project as expensive as this one would be, they wouldn't just let anybody off the streets participate. Somebody coming from a mental institute must have had a good reason to be randomly picked for the Project; be it that have some sort of skill, or their mental disability is actually a skill that's been wrongfully used, etc.

    Samantha Spalding's description doesn't mention hers being a billionaire; she worked in politics, making her way to the top as President through that, hence receiving her lap of luxury. Sure, she's rich, but she didn't work in business and math to get there. Quite frankly she would be rather good with charisma and social skills, but her math skills and accounting wouldn't necessary be of any greatness. So the AI, in turn, while being a computer would have good math skills, but wouldn't necessarily be an expert yet, as each AI is new and young.

    Other than that, it's great. The idea of the sociopath, while a bit strange, adds some sort of depth to the character and to the story already.
  11. That makes sense. Changing the sheet now.
  12. Cool ^^ Welcome to the AI Project! xD
  13. @RayChel
    That's a very interesting planet; is it still sticking to 'traditional' technologies or is it just Middle Kingdoms society with the modern-day technology?
  14. @RayChel Are you finished with yours? I didn't notice; if so, I'll read over it asap.
  15. Ooo.... This piques my interest... I am thinking of stealing Topaz there for some shenanigans.
  16. Welcome aboard!
  17. I can reserve the spot if you'd like ^^
  18. Ah! Actually that would be fantastic! I would like to make up some character sketches before I drafted a full write up :D
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