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The wind does fascinating things if one flies high enough. What may seem random and destructive on the earth's surface, becomes smooth and uplifting far above. And in one special place, four trade winds meet, and the Aether lives. The Aether is a harbour for airships, in the center of several trade routes. Ships dock here for security from air pirates, and emergency repairs.

Like any harbour, it has its own pub and inns, as well as a market for restocking ships. There is cheap food, cheap boarding, and even cheaper entertainment. Few people live here, and even fewer for longer than a week or so. It's seedy and has lost the reputation of its former glory, but there are those who call it home. Two of those people include the old Captain who owns and tends the bar at the public house, and the mole of an engineer who maintains the steambots that perform the menial tasks required in the harbour. A crack team of watchmen also roams the streets, hired by the harbour's board of owners and made up of drifters looking to line their pockets with a few coins before moving on.

Would you care to pay a visit to The Aether? Jump aboard your airship and make for the nearest trade wind current! There is plenty of things one can find to do when docked at the harbour. Adventure awaits you in The Aether!
I'll post up the character sheet and hopefully my own characters tonight, but I won't be able to start the thread fully until this weekend.
*cracks knuckles* Okay! here we go! You may choose to play as a visitor or a resident. The jobs of pub owner and harbour engineer are taken, but anything else is free game!

Appearance: Please include all accessories and/or weaponry
Ship: (if you own a vessel, or whatever dirigible you floated in on! Not needed if you're a resident.)
Why are you here?: (original purpose for docking at the Aether. Could include history.)

Name: Arthur Clinton Bray (Also known as Arty Flint or even "Mouse")
Age: 25
Appearance: 5 foot tall with dirty blond hair that is always shaggy-looking, even when he bothers to trim it. He works in the dim light, so he often squints, but if you look hard enough, you'll notice his eyes are actually a nice violet colour. He's rail-thin and sinewy, but is stronger than he looks, he just doesn't have any fat on him. He carries all his tools and supplies around either on a belt or in his doctor bag, and some magnifying goggles atop his head. He also carries a pair of pince-nez glasses in his shirt pocket. The guardsmen watch out for him, since he keeps the Aether running, so he doesn't carry any weapons.
Personality: Very hyper and friendly, but painfully shy around women. Has a very rambling and fast speech which mirrors how he thinks. Tends to be very self-deprecating and laughs at himself often, if he's not already talking to himself.
Occupation: Main engineer on the Aether, and amateur scientist
Ship: N/A
Why are you here?: Arthur came to the Aether as a young runaway, looking for a more fascinating life than that of a coal-miner or a factory worker. After playing at being a street urchin on the Aether for a week, the engineer at the time took him in and apprenticed him. Arthur had a quick and curious mind, and soon became a very skilled mechanic and engineer. When the old engineer died, Arty inherited his position.

Name: Captain Anghus Kavanagh (ret.)
Age: 57
Appearance: Medium height and heavily built, both with muscle and now fat in his later years. Red hair and beard streaked with grey. Wears a small pair of glasses on his square nose, and dresses nicely but plainly. Wears slacks instead of a kilt but wears his clan sash instead. Hamfisted and walks with a tall shillelagh that he uses to reach things, or to strike at unruly patrons in his pub. He also keeps a modified blunderbuss that shoots rock salt shells and disorienting gas bombs. He also keeps a small, spotted jungle cat he picked up on one of his voyages to South America. It wears a leather collar and is named Seamus.
Personality: Gruff and short-tempered, the Captain has a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Tends to seem permanently half-drunk, which may or may not be an act. Even so, he's quick-witted and sharp-eyed. He won't let you off easy if you try to skip out on your tab or rob a fellow patron. Unless they're passed out drunk, in which case you split whatever you get with him to cover the drunk's tab.
Occupation: Owner and bartender of the Captain's Lounge Public House, retired naval air captain.
Ship: Still owns a stout little flyer known affectionately as "Molly-on-Aether"
Why are you here?: The Captain, as he prefers to be called, sailed in and out of the Aether all throughout his years in His Majesty's service. He captained many airships and kept the air pirates and privateers at bay, protecting the interests of the English ships against those who would rob them. For each ship he destroyed, he received a large commission, so by the time of his retirement, he was quite a wealthy man. He could think of nowhere else to live out his years than at his favourite floating harbour.
Name: Captain Augustus Mayfair
Age: Twenty-six

Appearance: Augustus stands at an impressive six feet, four inches (with the inclusion of his heeled boots) and sports a slim, muscular frame. His skin is pale and smooth save for various dueling scars and several lash marks aross his shoulders and the back of his legs. His hair falls to his waist in pale lavender waves but tends to become a tangled mess after spending days in the sea winds, so he typically wears in either a braided tail or a high ponytail. His eyes are a piercing golden-brown that have been described as 'snake-like' in their intensity. His face is well-formed and almost feminine in its beauty and is perfectly symmetrical save for a rather alarming burn scar that travels from his collar bone up to just beneath his left ear, framing in his jaw. His clothes are flamboyant and always of fine and exotic materials, trimmed in lace and studded with jewels...well...when he's not in hiding at least. When he's trying to be lowkey he'll dress in plain peasant tops and leather trousers. He always carriers an elegant flint-lock pistol with an extra long barrel for improved accuracy along with an elegant saber he won from in a duel against a Naval officer. His most prized possession, however, is a elegantly designed pocket watch that doubles as both a compass and solar calender. He enjoys wearing charcoal around his eyes and an occaisonal smudge of rouge on his cheeks for parties and is known to disguise himself as a woman when he fears being recongized.
Personality: Augustus is typically reguarded as a pompous snob who happens to have been blessed with a talent for dueling. He's a rather notorious buccaneer and mercenary, and of noble lineage on top of everything else, so he feels he has a right to be an ass to whomever he sees fit. Hedonistic and selfish, it's rare to see him doing anything that doesn't benefit his own motives in some way. He's slow to trust and quick to seduce or manipulate and thus isn't the best choice for a friend. He is, however, a good captain to his crew and a man of his word, especially if there's money waiting for him. If you do manage to earn his rare trust, he'll be willing to voice the cares and worries he deflty hides and may even prove decent at giving advice.
Occupation: Buccaneer/Mercenary Captain
Ship: Augustus owns and runs a large custom built airship that is built for speed more than direct warfair.Dubbed 'Scarlet' the ship is fully equipped with reinforced engines and sturdy defenses that make it slightly more sturdy than most speed ships. Some say Scarlet was the Mayfair Family's personal craft, though no one is quite sure where the supposedly noble Mayfair family resides or originates.
Why are you here?: Augustus makes periodic stops in Aether for re-supplying and occaisonal recruiting. Author is also his mechanic of choice. He often spends his spoils on the various pleasures the floating harbor oftens and is even reported to keep a mistress or three. (I can add a history if you'd like, but I want to keep him a bit mysterious for now x I need to come up with a background for him x D)
You don't have to add a history if you don't want to. The histories will mainly be for the residents, why/how they came to live there.

: D Awesome! Habour= haven and a port?
nope! Actually, I meant the title of the RP itself. Oh, I should post the link up in here.
Hmmm....nope. I'm not clever enough for that x D
Aether, harbouring the sky?

Name: Roman Benedict

Age: 32

Personality: Adventurous and sharp-witted, with a ruthless intelligence and a patriotic sense of nostalgia. He has a flair for the dramatic and can get overly excited about the things that interest him.

Occupation: Corporal of the Watch.

Why are you here?: Roman was dishonourably discharged from Her Majesty's Navy after assuming command of the HMS Hadrian following the death of its captain at the Battle of Bengal. He disobeyed orders from the Admiralty to retreat and instead led the ship on a suicide run into the heart of the Chinese flotilla. The Hadrian suffered a crippling blow and was forced to crash in the Indian Ocean. The vessel was lost and Roman and his crew spent days at sea before being picked up by Indian patrols and returned home. After his discharge he drifted between ports, drinking and gambling his family's fortune away before ending up broke and hopeless in the skyport of Aether. Luckily Captain Kavanagh did not allow Roman to keep his tab open for too long. The old captain refused to serve him any more drinks until he had made something of himself. And so, the unorthodox and abrasive Roman found himself enlisted in the Aether Watch, a job which he enjoys and resents in equal measure.
Awesome, I love him! And no, you're wrong about the guess.

HINT: Do you know what Aether is? The word play is in the IC Title, not the OOC one.
Join us! There's room for all! The IC's already up, so whenever you get your character done, just jump on in!
Oooohhhhh. Sounds interesting. I MIGHT want to join, can I? I kinda have nothing better to do, LOLz.
This is totally open! Jump on in whenever you have a character ready to go! I have nothing better to do, either!
Quick question! I was sent here by a staff member because I was looking to create a medieval style thread that happened to have some steampunk styles in it. Was wondering a little more about the plot? .)
Well, this one's pretty open as to the plot, but the setting is Victorian era steampunk, on a sky-floating harbour. My characters are currently the harbor's head mechanic and a retired captain/pub owner.

Anything else you'd care to know? :)
Well, this one's pretty open as to the plot, but the setting is Victorian era steampunk, on a sky-floating harbour. My characters are currently the harbor's head mechanic and a retired captain/pub owner.

Anything else you'd care to know? :)

Sure, any room for a few villains? XD I have a demon that would make a field day out of this, and another demon on the good side.
ehh, I don't think so. While I don't mind demons in and of themselves, I really prefer not to mix my mythology with my technology.