The adventure of time

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  1. Fayette, who was usually called Fay, sat in a chair reading a book. She was wearing a red dress with black lace on it, and a matching ribbon in her hair. It was rather quiet, which both annoyed her and made it easier for her to read, which was a good thing. She yawned a bit and looked around, realising that no one was there. A small grin spread on her face as she realised that she didn't have to read any more. Not like she had been forced to read, but she had got tired of reading by now. She looked out the window, it was pretty dark outside, and it was probably soon time for dinner, she thought. She was pretty hungry now that she thought about it, and she put the book aside and put her hand on her stomach to listen. Yes, she was hungry.

    She walked to the kitchen, which was a one minute long walk, and then she stopped in the doorway. "When is the dinner ready?" she asked, and sat down on the chair that she always sat on. She played a little with her hazel brown, curly hair, as she mumbled things to herself.
  2. Allen was swiming in paperwork. The table of his little office was literally filled with papers. For the almost five years he had been working for the family as bodyguard, he had been given more and more responsability inside of it, and by now, he was not only the bodyguard of their daughter, he was also the responsable of the security department. He sighed and leaned on the chair, tired for being almost two days straight awake. Allen looked his arm. I could easily live two lives with this, thought him. Not that he was able to spend any of that time, he was employed 24 hours a day in his job as bodyguard of 'Little' Fay.

    Starting to feel hungry he got up and walked out of his office. The house where the family lived was huge and always felt like a waste of time to walk from one place to another. Taking a deep breath, Allen started to make his way to the kitchen. I hope there's something good to eat today, thought him, tired of all that fancy and small food he had to eat at the preppy parties and reunions he had to attend to, due to the nature of his employers.

    Meanwhile in the kitchen, the chef, who was calmly cooking food, gave a tiny jump when the girl entered and asked for the dinner. "Ms. Fayette, you scared me." Said him smiling. "Dinner will be ready in about... Ten minutes." Replied him as he continued immersed in his chef things, chopping meat and boiling vegetables.
  3. Fayette nodded slightly. Ten minutes. She smiled a bit as she thought about the chef's little jump as she had entered. The thought of her scaring him was a bit amusing, she thought to herself as she kept playing with her hair. She looked over to the chef, and was just about to ask if there was anything that she could help with, but stopped herself just as she opened her mouth. She knew he probably wouldn't let her. And besides, she thought she would just ruin everything. She sighed quietly and glanced at Allen as he entered the room.

    "Allen! Where have you been all day? I've missed you!" she said, with a bit of a smile on her lips, looking at him. She kind of knew where he had been though, there wasn't really any reason to ask - he had probably been doing some paperwork. Just looking into that room with all of the papers made her feel sick. She couldn't understand how he could do all of that, and at the same time have such an important task as to look after her. Not like she herself thought she needed to be looked after, but she knew that her parents, at least, thought it was really important. "What are your plans for today? Maybe you and I could do something together, Allen? What about maybe taking a walk?" she said, and just as she closed her mouth she remembered that it was pretty late. Maybe not that late, but late enough not to be outside, she thought. "Well, maybe just a quick one, please?" she added, looking at Allen with her kindest expression, hoping he would let her.
  4. Allen sat on a chair and looked at Fay. It's curious how things change. Many years ago he was in the army, fighting for what is good, for freedom, driving armored vehicles in the 33th engineer division. Then, a few years in the police department trying to make things right, and finally, after realizing he was not going to change anything in this violent world, he just gave up trying it. Gave up, and finding himself out of time, he accepted an offer from a friend of a friend to be a bodyguard. How curious is the destiny.

    "Sure thing, Fay. Where would you like to go?" Asked him smiling. Allen job may be tiring and heavy, but with time, he had got used to it, and the relationship between Fay and him, although it was strictly professional, it was really nice. The feeling of her being more... Herself, around him was pretty good, and allowed him to actually enjoy that part of the job. "But a quick one, okay? I still have tons of... Thrilling paperwork to look at." Said him laughing ironically.
  5. Fay nodded, yes, it would be a quick one. As long as she got to do it, she was happy. "Maybe we could just go for a walk in the park, or just on the street... I don't know really", she said, and sighed slightly. She glanced at the chef and then looked at Allen again, with a tiny smile on her lips. "But first, we'll have to eat. Then we'll be ready to go outside", she said. She had almost forgotten about the food now that she had thought about going out for a walk with Allen, but she was still hungry.

    Soon the food was ready and was placed in front of her. She touched the meat with her fork before tasting it, and then she looked at the chef with a huge smile, although she had hardly tasted it. "I love it, it's delicious!" she said, and then put a piece of cucumber in her mouth. She chewed it for a while, thinking about the walk, looking out the window, and then she swallowed and looked at Allen. "What do you think about this?" she asked, as if she had any idea of what was 'delicious' in the eyes of someone who was really experienced with these things. For her, it was delicious though. She tried not to hurry as she ate, even though she was eager to get outside.
  6. Allen looked at the plate, moving the food from one place to another before tasting it. "Well, it's better than the rations we used to eat back in Kabul..." Said him smiling. The chef looked at him maliciously, and Allen noticed it. "What? I'm eating it, no?" Replied Allen. With an annoyed puff, the chef walked away, probably pissed off. Allen chuckled, knowing he won't be mad with him for long and then he continued eating. The food was actually pretty good, but it was just as all the rich people food; fancy, tasty and scarce.

    In no time he was finished and, as always, ready to go. "So, park?" Said him. The parks in this district were really nice and beautiful. Always filled with trees and flowers, well light and with the soft essence of nature. All artificialy achieved, of course. Some couples used to go to them to a walk under the moon, well, at least the days that didn't rained.
  7. Fay looked a bit worried as the chef walked away, he looked mad. She didn't understand why Allen had done what he had done, but she didn't ask. She nodded eagerly as he talked about the park. It was going to be fantastic! The park at night always looked wonderful, she thought. She had already finished her meal, and so she put it aside and then stood up. "Ready to go!", she said, as if she was on some kind of journey, and smiled towards Allen. "I'll be waiting for you in the hallway", she said, and walked off.

    As she got dressed she glanced at her arm. She didn't look at it too much: she didn't need to. There was no need for her to know how much time she had left, she had more than enough, and she knew it. But she made sure to cover it up well, for she knew that people would kill for the time that she had. They would kill for even less, she thought. Thinking of it was quite scary, so she tried not to think of it too much. She got her red coat on and her black boots, then she leaned against the wall, waiting for Allen.
  8. In the time Fay got dressed, Allen went to his office and made sure he had everything he needed; car keys, celphone, hand gun. Yeah, everything was in order. Taking a last look to the laptop he walked otside of the office, just to stumble with one of the new servants working for the family. "Oh. Excuse me sir." Said the girl looking at Allen, talking with hispanic accent. "I didn't saw you. Sorry." Said her apologizing, looking to the floor. "Don't worry, wasn't your fault." Replied Allen, walking away with his usual quick walk.

    Dressed in his usual three piece gray suit, Allen got where Fay was, already ready to go. "All set?" Said Allen, looking how gorgeous Fay looked. Of course, his expresion never showed that, in fact, his expresion never showed anything he didn't wanted. The expression of a man, rather rude, in his late 30, of strong constitution and agile figure. Even if he could look like he was just a young man with 25 year for ever, he choosed not to. In the end, after living almost a hundred years, the idea of appearances was dull and empty.
  9. Fay looked at him as he came, and smiled. "Everything is set", she said, although she wasn't really sure what he meant by that. If it meant that they were ready to go, then yes. She opened the door and stepped outside. It was a bit chilly, but she didn't mind. She had been longing to go outside the whole day. She eagerly walked over to the gate and stepped outside once it was open. She looked around as if she had never been outside before and whistled something to herself.

    She turned around and walked backwards, facing Allen. "Doesn't it feel good being outside after a long day of paperwork?" she asked, and then she walked normally again. She began whistling again and almost danced as she was walking.
  10. It was indeed a nice weather, at least, nice for the time of the year. "Yes. It feels pretty good." Said him smiling. Allen walked close enough to Fay to keep her in sight at all times, but leaving her enough space so she wouldn't feel observed or annoyed by his presence there. Walking on the sidewalks, they encountered other persons and couples walking, everybody happy with their lives, laughing and being glad to be rich. Everybody seemed falsely happy in this districts, and due to the expensive taxes to go between districs only rich people lived here.

    Well, everybody except for Fay. Fay seemed to be always happy just for the sake of it. Holy youthfulness, thought Allen looking at Fay walkning in an almost dance-ish way. Many memories of his past came to him, but with a deep breath, Allen put them back where they belonged, into oblivion. It looked like they were almost in the park.
  11. Fay stopped whistling as she caught sight of the park. She glanced at Allen and then she walked into the park. There wasn't anyone else there, but she hadn't expected anyone else to be there, either. She sat down on one of the swings and slowly made it rock back and forth. She looked up at the sky and watched the sky. Soon she was lying down on the swing watching the stars.

    "Don't you think they're lovely?" She said, even though she wasn't looking at him. Soon she sat up in the swing and made it go a little higher and then she jump off of it. She looked around and noticed a bunch of guys coming their way. "Maybe they're on a walk just like us?" She said and glanced at Allen.
  12. Allen followed Fay, and look over her as she swinged and enjoyed her stay in the park. As her question, he looked at the starry sky and just let the question in the air, not really knowing what to answer without sounding too cheesy, or too rude. Then she jumped off the swing and noticed the small group of guys coming their way a few seconds before Allen did. He disctretely got between Fay and the guys boefore they got too close and slightly opened the jaket of the suit, still not leaving to the sight the chest holster and his gun, but leaving it at hand. "I'm sure they are." And if not, I'll make sure they will, thought Allen.
  13. Fay looked at them as they got closer. Now she could see there was four of them. It was hard to see what they looked like since they were wearing black hoodies, but also because it was dark outside. Soon, two of them stopped and the two others kept walking. Fay found it a bit odd, but soon one of the guys who stopped was coming their way, and the other one looking at them as he got closer. The guy looked at both Allen and Fay, it seemed like he wasn't sure who to look at.

    Soon, he let his gaze turn to Allen. A slightly grin was seen on his face. "You happen to have any fire?" he said, and out of his pocket he got a cigarette. As he got the cigarette out of his pocket, he couldn't resist to look at Fay. He glanced at the guy standing at the outside of the park where he had left him, and then he looked at Fay again. "I think I know you", he said. Fay was surprised to hear that since she didn't recognize the guy, and she couldn't think of any place or situation where they could have met, since she spend most of her time inside. She looked at Allen, hoping that he would sort it out.
  14. Allen payed close attention to all their movements, and even put in his mind their position and distances between him and them. "Yes." Said Allen as he put aside a little bit his jacket, finally showing the grip of his gun. With his other hand on his hip, just half secnd away from his gun, Allen looked at the guy again. "You think wrong, you don't know her. Now get lost if you value your time." Allen could make an idea of what was going on, but under his watch, nothing bad would happen to Fey. Allen would make sure of that.
  15. The guy looked at Allen's gun for a second, he didn't look too surprised. Instead, he grinned at Allen. Then he looked at Fay, ignoring what Allen had just said. "You sure you don't recognize me? Think", he said, and looked at Fay with intence eyes. Fay bit her lip and didn't look at him at first, but then she did. She thought about if she had seen him, anywhere, anytime. Soon she could see those eyes, but somewhere else. That same intence. But where? She stared into the eyes of the guy for a few seconds, before shooking her head and then she looked away. She had definitly seen those eyes before. But she didn't want to know where, or when - it felt as if it wasn't good. Bad memories.

    The guy looked at Allen again, with a grin saying that Allen was wrong. He waved at the other guy, and he got closer. "Hey, you know us, right? I know you do", he said to Fay. "You don't have to talk now, though. We'll talk to you later", he said. The other guy nodded agreeing. Fay couldn't look at them. She didn't understand anything. She sat down on the ground behind Allen, trusting him to get rid of them. "I don't know you. Get the hell out of here", she hissed.
  16. Okay, that's enough. Allen grabbed the wrist of one of both men, twisting it and aplying such pressure he could feel it breaking it as the man fell to his knees between pain moans. Almost instantly, Allen took off his gun and aimed at the other guy, calculating in his mind hundreds of trajectories and complex ballistic algorithms as he positioned the other two guys in his mental map of the situation. Advantages of tens and tens of years of training. "Last chance, punk." Said Allen as he dropped the first guy, leaving him in the floor almost fainted. "Get. Lost."
  17. The guy that was left looked at both his friend and Allen, he hadn't expected this at all. He nodded slightly even though his eyes were terrified. He turned around and left. The guy that was left was almost crying at the point as he held his injured wrist. Fay had wrapped her arms around her legs and had closed her eyes.

    Fay didn't expect any of this to happen. It was supposed to be a nice walk, wasn't it? It hadn't turned out the way she wanted, not at all. Her head was spinning, she couldn't believe that she had let those guys get into her head. She had almost felt sorry for the guy who had moaned in pain, but only almost. He still deserved it for what he had done, she thought. She tried as much as she could to get those eyes out of her head, but they wouldn't go away. It scared her, she just wanted to get home and forget all about what had happend.
  18. As the guys left, Aaron put his gun back into the holster, and ignoring the guy in pain, he put his hand on Fey back. "Come on. We are leaving." Said him as he gently pushed away from the park. The walk back home was quiet and faster than usual, and made it back in no time. Once back home Allen Looked at Fay and tried to calm her. "Don't worry, Fay. You are safe now." Said him. Still, he couldn't avoid thinking about those guys: They seemed to really know her. Of course, that could only be a way to get near them and try to rob them, so Allen quickly forgot about that. "Come on, go to your room and rest. It's getting late and I'm sure your fathers wouldn't like you to stay awake until too late." Said Allen.
  19. Fay tried to listen to what Allen said, she tried to believe it. Yes, she was safe as long as she stayed inside. Or, was she really? Maybe they got inside her bedroom? She started sobbing and sat down in a chair. Allen was right. Her father wouldn't like it if she was awake for too long. "Allen, could you stay with me just for a moment, in my room? Please?" she said and stood up, and began walking towards it. Then she quickly turned around and looked at him. "It's silly, I know. You don't have to come. Never mind", she said.

    Then she got to her room and sat down on her bed. She looked out the window. It was really getting late. She got her diary and wrote just a little.
    Four guys came to the park, one of them said he knew me. I think I remember his eyes from somewhere else. Or maybe he just got inside my head. Either way, I'm safe now.
    She sighed and lied down on her bed and looked up to the seiling. She glanced at her arm. More time than enough. She looked out the window, wondered if that guy also had too much time. Was there even "too much" of time? She wasn't sure.
  20. Allen didn't knew what to answer, but lucky for him it seemed that Fay forgot about it and then she left to her room. He knew that this place was safe, probably one of tha safest houses in the district, but still, he got in contact with the other security staff and made sure they had their eyes open wide for anything unusual. Once everything felt fine, he went to his office. Looking at all that ammount of papers he sighed and sat behind his desk and started reading some of them. After a couple of hours, he felt too tired to continue and just got up and left the office. As he walked to his room, he thought it could be a nice idea to check on Fay, in the end, she seemed kind of worried. Once there, Allen slowly oppened the door and peeked inside. "Fay? You awake?" Muttered him, not wanting to wake her up if she was sleeping.