Tales of Sythus: Rise of the Shadowlords; Chat OOC Thread

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    This is the thread in which you are free to discuss the plot, ask questions, chat amongst yourselves and generally...be as messy as you like. Please reserve the Sign Up thread for Character Sheets only. This is the place to have your OOC squabbles and the like. So go wild! You are all still free to PM me if you have any questions you want to ask without posting on here.


    Since people appear to be doing introductions, I think it only fitting I do one for myself;

    Ahoy there! I'm Ethir, your friendly neighbourhood GM! I'll be here to answer any questions you may have about the RP as it progresses, or to answer any questions you have about...well, anything really. *totally isn't obvious I haven't done one of these before* o_o"

    Please don't let my super duper long post on the Rules put you off, I'm totally not a control freak and genuinely a nice guy! Just ask Erran! She'll vouch for me! :D ...probably.

    Anyway! I hope you all enjoy your time here and manage to squeeze out every ounce of enjoyment you can from the roleplay! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any issues. My inbox is always open~
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  2. Hello all!

    I'm Erran, I'm kinda of half Co-GM but without the actual responsibility or being awfully helpful >.>

    Although if you want help, you can send me a PM too along with Ethir!

    Another point to add is that Ruin's brother Ruukan is available to nyone who wants to play him, I can change the name to suit you if you wish ect.
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  3. Hiya!

    I'm Mowkie, dragon-lover-extraordinaire (not to mention cats! I love cats) and player of Dray, who just gots accepted (YAY).

    I's not any sort of GM here - just along for the ride (for once), but I'll help in any way I can, as that's just how I roll.

    Again, just wanna say WOW to this RP. Best I've seen in years, and it reminds me of Partheus. *lurves on Partheus*
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  4. Dragon lover you say? Erran, I think we just found you a new friend~
  5. On Partheus, I have 40 different kinds of dragons, with four species and three subspecies, each with distinct names. In fact, the entire beginning of Partheus (after the world, itself, began) was dragons.

    Kallydrana, queen of the gods, is Inhalla, Mother of All. But most importantly, she is the creator of all Dragons! YAAAAAY!

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  6. 0_0 *vibrates in intense excitement*

    Wait wat is this a roleplay a dragon roleplay can I join dragonsdragonsdragons
  7. Can I just say tho, dragons still exist in Sythus o.o

    Ruin's dad is a dragon ^_^'
  8. They're around...just not as much as they used to be. They're not uber rare, but they're not too common either....so no constantly seeing dragons flying around.

    Just saying~
  9. also the ability called dragons breath, does that mean she does literally win any battles she uses it in?
  10. Partheus is just a world. I'm afraid to use it in RP because of the amount of work I put into it...I want to Copyright all of it before I put it up on the internet...plus, though I have ideas for all these dragons, I don't have them all written down just yet...

    But I'm always open to using them in RPs...particularly my more rare creations such as the Epidote, which is called Corqia by the other dragons. They have the ability to take the shape of another animal, such as a wolf, monkey, or even horse.


    As for this RP, I'm glad that dragons are rare. It makes the story to Dray that much more interesting. Where did she come from? How can her true power be unlocked? Stuff like that...
  11. I draw your attention to this question Mowkie
  12. Oh, sorry!

    No, it doesn't. It just makes her faster and stronger so she keeps from getting killed. It only lasts about a minute, and afterwards she feels drained and tired. So, if she's not out of the fight, there's a problem!

    Think about it...she's a Priestess, not a warrior. Her power is in her communication with the world...so though she has a natural talent with the sword, she's still nowhere near warrior-skill.
  13. Greetings there,

    So I suppose it is part of good manners to introduce myself as well?

    Call me Nemo, though some may call me by another name. Depends from where you know me and what you prefer~ I'm just your usual lurker here and a slow-poke writer who has just been accepted after taking long enough for finishing my character.

    For the rest... I've nothing of interest to share.
    Maybe the fact that I have Erranruin's head on a silver platter. The story behind it? She lost the 'guessing game' with me~

    Best wishes,

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  14. *whimpers*
  15. I'm interested, but my, so many words...

    o . o


    Could I be a Drake, a young dragon, yet to have his wings formed, but old enough for flame?
  16. Dragons are a popular thing.


    I saw that one coming.

    *dragon addict*
  17. *dragon addict brofist*
  18. Please don't let the words put you off. They're not that scary~

    Oh my, Dragons are popular o_o"

    If you can PM me a description of the race I'll look it over and see how I feel about introducing another dragon character...
  19. *whispers*

    I haven't explained my dragon race.

    Should I do that?

    YEAH!! *sits in the dragon addict corner with ebil grin*

    By the way, @The Oddsman - The rules are a little scary-looking, but other than that, the RP is AWESOME!! I love, love, love the story!!! *reminds her of her own planet and the Kalidyrre*

    Watch This XD (open)

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  20. Yes, yes you should o_o race descriptions are a requirement if you don't use the standard ones mentioned. I didn't notice you hadn't put it in your CS >_<
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