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  1. The year is 2277. It has been two years since the defeat of the Malpais Legate at the hands of Chief Hanlon and General Oliver. An uneasy calm exists between the NCR and Caesar's Legion, as both superpowers recover strength expended in the First Battle of Hoover Dam. In the midst of this stands New Vegas, an independent city-state ruled by the reclusive Mr House and his Securitron Army, a tantalising beacon of hope that all too frequently chews up those who visit it. The siren song of the city pulls in people from all around, and sometimes throws together some unlikely groups of individuals. After all, despite the calm on the surface, the underground is full of schemes and plots.

    Your characters will be defined by two sets of statistics: SPECIAL and Tag Skills.

    Special (and how it is implemented)
    Strength (determines damage with Melee/Unarmed weapons, Physical feats)
    Perception (determines Energy and Explosive weapon damage, detection ability, Lockpicking)
    Endurance (determines resistance to all damage, health)
    Charisma (ability to influence NPCs and negotiate deals)
    Intelligence (affects hacking ability, medical ability)
    Agility (Ability to sneak, Guns damage)
    Luck (Affects how fortunate/unfortunate you are. Luck can be a saving roll, or a wrecking roll. High luck maximises your chance of good outcomes)

    Energy Weapons
    Melee Weapons

    The effect of this will be determined by dice rolls (for simplicity) e.g. an attack with a melee weapon will be a straightforwards Strength roll against the target's Endurance roll. Environmental tasks will be accomplished by a roll against a set target. If your tag skill relates to the task, you will gain a bonus to your roll.

    Character Sheet Skeleton:

    Appearance (Image, Description or both):

    SPECIAL (30 points):

    Tag Skills (3):


    • Standard Iwaku rules apply (No godmodding, powerplaying etc.)
    • I'll be running on a posting cycle of one post per week.
    • Your character should be in or around New Vegas at the start (inc. Freeside, North Vegas Square etc.)
    • Ghouls and Super Mutants are allowed as characters, but don't expect the locals to be so friendly.
    • OCs are preferred, if you want to use a character from the game please discuss it with me first.
    • I'm not putting any hard rules on starting equipment, but will be judging your equipment against the backstory. Anyone starting with Power Armour and a Fat Man will have some serious explaining to do.
    • I'm not keeping track of ammo, provided people stay reasonable in their expenditure.
    • Posting expectations are Intermediate.

    Tycho Merax - Grothnor
    Martin Powell - LVL1337N00B
    Alexandra Powell - LVL1337N00B
    Douglas Raymond - Rowdycow
    William Coster - Dakota K5
    Castius Hellsting - Dakup
    Roskva Steinvegg - UnseenShade
  2. Name: Roskva "Cremator" Steinvegg
    Age: 26

    Armor has East Coast Brotherhood of Steel symbol on the shoulder plates. Stands at an impressive 7'2". Under her armor, she is well-muscled with salient green eyes and auburn hair flowing down to her hips. Her skin is fair but not pale. Her entire body has flame-like green tattoos. Her facial features are strong and pronounced, but they are still feminine in form.

    Personality: True to her nickname, Roskva cremates her enemies. They do not survive encounters with her if she can still fire at them. As a result of her bloodlust, she has trouble calming down following a fight. During this cooldown period, she will actively search for enemies or stand guard if none are found. Once cooled down, Roskva rests. Her bloodlust leads her to massive physical and mental stress that requires recharging. She can go into battle during the rest period, but it will increase the time needed to rest exponentially.

    Time outside of battle is spent making survival items, hunting and scrounging for food, and training. If she completes all of it and has free time, she will write in her journal or add an additional training session. If she is well supplied and in down time between missions, she spends free time reading, singing, and telling stories. She does not drink alcohol, instead preferring Nuka-Cola. Normally, she will drink purified water or cactus water. Her diet is well balanced due to hunting and scavenging for meat and plants. If she feels truly private, she will pull out Caitlyn's holotags and hold them.

    Roskva can often be blunt and hard to relate to. She makes no attempt to be smooth or charismatic. She also holds no inhibitions about pointing out flaws and problems. Those that take offense to it confuse her. She is used to improvement and fixing flaws and issues as they arise, so resistance to that concept never comes to her mind. Despite being one of the least charismatic people imaginable, she has a big heart and really does desire her companions to improve and become better. Privately, friends can expect her to treat them well. If she ever has another romantic partner, she will treat them extremely affectionately, though she is naturally inclined to always come off as a bit detached despite her strong emotional investment.

    She defends her companions, usually taking point and scouting for traps, ambushes, and possible escape routes. Tactical withdraw is not unusual if she thinks the risk is too high. To her, a mission comes second to preserving the lives of her team. Unlike her Enclave family and acquaintances, she views all intelligent wastelanders as people to help. Her disillusionment with Enclave practices and time spent with an East Coast Brotherhood of Steel Paladin rubbed off on her, giving her the desire to help non-hostile people of the Wastes and defend them from threats.

    Backstory: Growing up in the East Coast Enclave, Roskva began training as a soldier from an early age. Their doctrines were drilled into her. Once she was old enough, Roskva entered the military. She rose quickly through the ranks into Sigma Team. There, she became a Hellfire Trooper. Her squadmates took note of her brutality. Even for Enclave soldiers, she was brutal. This caught the attention of Enclave scientists. They decided to enter her into a secret program to develop stronger Hellfire Armor. She tested a few prototypes until the first production model came. Then, she was reinserted into active duty Sigma Team with the armor. The first mission was in the year 2273. Her team got pinned down by Brotherhood Paladins. Of her team, she ended up the only survivor. While the Brotherhood moved in, Super Mutants fell on them. Paladins fell left and right. Roskva had to move position to prevent getting pinned down again. The hole she found herself in resulted in getting pinned down. Looking to the other occupant, she noticed it was a Paladin. With both the only survivors of the attack, Roskva and the Paladin, named Caitlyn, decided upon an uneasy truce. They fought the mutants for hours. During which, to keep each other sane, they talked to one another. Following the death of the last mutant, Roskva and Caitlyn sat down for the rest of the day, cooling off and talking. Through their discussion, Roskva found the Brotherhood's goals to be agreeable. Caitlyn invited the Enclave soldier to travel with her on the patrol. Their patrol lasted a few days. In those days, Roskva saw the atrocities Enclave soldiers committed to the common people. She grew increasingly disillusioned, to the point of voicing that she was leaving the Enclave and taking the equipment with her. Caitlyn offered to let her join the East Coast Brotherhood. Roskva accepted and the duo returned to the Citadel. After a nearly deadly encounter with the guards, Caitlyn vouched for Roskva. Following entrances, Elder Lyons allowed the defection after Roskva explained her position and desires. She was given the title of Paladin due to her extensive training and Caitlyn's destroyed squad was bolstered by two recruits and Roskva.

    The two spent much of their time away from the Citadel, patrolling and helping people. Over time, the two women developed a romantic relationship. By 2276, they had become nearly inseparable. Unfortunately, a run in with Enclave soldiers led to Caitlyn's death. Unable to retrieve the body, Roskva only obtained her holotags. She returned to Elder Lyons, requesting permission to leave for the Mojave to establish a presence there. He, likely understanding her grief, let her leave and keep the holotags. Roskva arrived in the Mojave just weeks ago. She knows the Brotherhood is here, but her East Coast affiliation would get her shot. She needs to find recruits and establish a secured base.

    SPECIAL (30 points):
    S 6
    P 6
    E 10
    C 1
    I 3
    A 3
    L 1

    Tag Skills (3):
    Energy Weapons


    Experimental Mk II Hellfire Power Armor (+2 Strength, -1 Charisma, 50% fire resist, 40% radiation resist, DT 30 [equal to T-60])
    Heavy Incinerator
    Power Fist
    2 Silver Sting
    2 Mother Darkness
    6 Healing Powder
    4 Cactus Water
    2 Journals and supplies to write in them
    Caitlyn's Holotags
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  3. Name: Tycho Merax

    Age: 124 (Ghoul)

    Tycho (open)

    Tycho is actually very short and skinny, hardly standing taller than 5'4" and barely weighing over 100 lbs.

    Personality: Tycho has a very abrasive personality and has often been described as an 'asshole'. He has addictions to alcohol and mentats, neither of which help his personality, though he becomes quite tolerable when drugged. His addictions are physiological rather than psychological, and he has the presence of mind to detox naturally or with Fixer before a job and the willpower to avoid it during mercenary work.

    Backstory: Tycho was born to a clan of nomadic prospectors outside Sin-Sin-80 (Cinncinnati, OH), where he was raised to be a 'surveyor-scout'; his job, when not scouting for the clan, was to sneak into areas to reconnoiter them, identify any occupants, evaluate their threat and mark and/or disarm any traps that may be there before the rest of the clan arrived.

    When he was 28, he was captured by a group of raiders who left him locked him in an irradiated bunker. Instead of dying like the raiders intended, Tycho became a ghoul. After several weeks of searching, Tycho managed to find a tactical nuclear device. Figuring it was better to try to escape and risk a quick death than to starve in the bunker or go feral from the rads, he set it off, blasting open an escape route. When he emerged, he found that his entire clan had been destroyed by the raiders, so he embarked on a one-man guerrilla campaign against them. He spent long watches waiting for movement and often turned to mentats to keep him sharp. His campaign inspired several other revenge-minded individuals to join him, and together, after several months of hit-and-run strikes, the raiders were destroyed to a man. Finding nothing in common with his other allies, Tycho changed his original name and left to travel the wastes as a wandering mercenary.

    One of his first jobs was as a caravan guard with the Lazy Fair Caravan Group, heading westward through Midwestern Brotherhood territory. Lazy Fair, named after the pre-war phrase Laissez-faire, was a large group of largely independent, nomadic traders, numbering in the hundreds. Tycho's employer managed to convince him and a number of other mercs to raid a Brotherhood cache after the caravan had left their territory, promising them hundreds of caps after he managed to sell the stolen goods. The raid went poorly, costing the lives of most of the mercs, but was ultimately successful. When it came time to pay the survivors, Tycho found his share did not match the work he did and left the caravan.

    After his stint as a caravan guard, Tycho settled on the Misery River (Missouri River) outside Bismark ND. He tried launching several businesses, but they all failed, mostly due to anti-ghoul racism. Turning to drink, Tycho wasted away his meager savings. He was saved from downright poverty by a raider attack. Tycho single-handedly drove off the raiders and was deputized by the town sheriff. He served as deputy for twenty-seven years until he tired of the constant discrimination he faced. Regardless of his critical role in the defense of the town, he was always passed over when it came time to appoint a new sheriff.

    Changing his name again, he returned to mercenary work, joining up with Yellowstone Rangers, a mercenary band based in Yellowstone Park. He worked with them for over three decades, protecting settlements from raiders and tribals and fought in the Sawtooth Campaign in Idaho, where the Yellowstone Rangers eradicated the savage Sawtooth Tribe. Those thirty years he worked with them he considered the best of his life. However, the aftermath of the Sawtooth Campaign saw the disbanding of the Yellowstone Rangers, as the campaign cost too many troops and resources for the Rangers to effectively continue. Most of the surviving Rangers settled in the settlements they had protected, but Tycho moved on.

    Tycho next found himself working as a guard for a group of scientists in Fort Collins CO. The scientists were promising a cure to radiation poisoning and even ghoulification, and had gathered a rather large following working to support the scientists, eager for the coming cure. Tycho was doubtful of their claims, but needed the work. He stayed with then for several years until he learned that the scientists were selling their followers to the Legion in Denver, not far to the south, ostensibly to fund their research. He ended up killing the leader before leaving.

    Tycho passed through New Canaan, but, wary of cults, didn't stay long. He eventually found himself in Caliente, north of New Vegas, and found some deputy work there. After a few years, he realized the town was hardly a safe place to live in between 80s and White Legs raids and the unruly populace. He moved on to New Vegas, hoping for more work there.

    SPECIAL (30 points):
    S 2
    P 7
    E 3
    C 2
    I 5
    A 7
    L 4

    Tag Skills:


    .308 Sniper Rifle, customized with a wood stock and detachable silencer
    10mm Pistol, with detachable silencer.
    Varmint Rifle with night scope
    Trench Knife
    4 Frag Mines (proximity sensor)
    2 blocks of C4 with Remote detonator
    4 Tin Can grenades
    Combat Armor with hooded camouflage cloak
    3 tins of Mentats
    1 tin of Part-Time Mentats
    Hip Flask (usually filled with scotch)
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  4. @LVL1337N00B I like this pair. Mainly to appease my curiosity, how did Martin find a Super Mutant willing to look after his daughter? Also, wouldn't a Super Mutant in Freeside be the target of thugs and gangs? People don't tend to do happy coexistence with mutants at the best of times.

    @Grothnor I'd like to see a bit more detail about Tycho - how did he wind up in the Mojave? He's travelled a pretty long way to get there from Cincinatti. I love the character, as well as the reimagining of Sin-Sin 80, but I need a little more detail in his backstory.
  5. @RJS - I was about to bring up Meansonofabitch but now that I think about it, he wasn't actually in Freeside, was he? If you think it doesn't work, I'll edit the super mutant out. When I wrote that bit, I was half asleep and thinking: What would make a good guard dog? Lol.
  6. Also debatable as to whether he was even in Westside at that point, given we're two years before FNV. I have no objection to the mutant as guard dog, but it needs fleshing out a bit more in order to fit :P
  7. Sure thing. I'll get on that.
  8. @RJS - Hrm.. Would Jacobstown have been around 20+ years ago from the time of this roleplay? Come to think of it, how old would Vegas and the surrounding areas be at that point? Unless I'm remembering wrong, wasn't it somewhat recent that House got everything civilized there?
  9. Ok, expanded Tycho's backstory a lot (and may have gotten carried away doing so).
  10. Character Sheet Skeleton:

    Name: Douglas Raymond
    Age: 50
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Wizened, Smooth, Optimistic.
    Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 9.13.59 AM.png
    Backstory: Not many know where Douglas first began, he's been a wanderer since anyone in Vegas could remember, coming and going, yet always returning with dust on his boots and a smile on his face. He traveled in from the west, California ways, born and raised from the vault city, he has been on the road since his young days. His beginnings were as a caravaneer, following the family business when he was old enough to leave for the roads, soon enough he owned the caravan with brahmin to boot. Ever since he smelled that wasteland air, felt the crunch of dust clots beneath his feet and the sizzle of rads in the wind he's been filled with wanderlust, despite him being long in the tooth.
    He's currently stuck in the loop of the Long 15 after coming back from the utah ways. Raiders as bad as ever have dried up his mojave caravan route. He's been holed up in New Vegas since, sending what he can back to Vault City and doing what he can for caps.

    Tag Skills (3):
    Lock pick
    Energy Weapons


    Trenchcoat (DR+5)

    cigarette lighter
    packs of cigarettes x 2
    caps x 80
    NCR $20 Bill x 5
    Plasma Defender
    Recharger Rifle
    Stimpaks x 5
    Weapon repair kit x 2
    nuka cola x 3
    Sunset Sarsaparilla blue star bottle cap x 5
    Caravan Papers
    bobby pins x 13
    energy cells x 30
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  11. Everyone thus far is accepted. IC will be going up at the weekend, IRL allowing.
  12. Name:Castius Hellsting
    Appearance (Image, Description or both):

    Description: Standing at 5'11" and weighing in at 195 pounds, Castius has dark brown hair with a scruffy goatee to match. His tanned, leathery skin is matched with his hazel eyes.

    Personality: intelligent, book smart not street smart, always seems to be angry even when there isn't anything to be angry about.

    Backstory: Castius is a small town boy at heart. He grew up out in the east, in a little town in what was once Louisiana. His family raised Brohman, and big horns. There were raids everyone and then, but that didn't scare Castius. He knew his dad would protect them with old faithful. A simple double barrel shotgun, there wasn't really anything special about it.

    Despite his small town beginnings, Castius is very smart. He was the one that was able to get his families farm the power it needed by calculating energy output of generators and interfacing the whole system into a computer that was scavenged from a broken down, and over run vault that some scavenger scavenged. But this didn't happen over night. In fact it took him three years to get to the point to just get the electricity running through the generators. Then another year to get the interface.

    By the time he was 16 he had a basic understanding of electronics. After a couple of years he learned a lot by just reading. Around the time he turned 19, his families home was attacked. This time by ceasers legion. Castius tried to hide under his mothers dead body, but the hounds that the legion used sniffed him out. That began his servitude in the legion.

    Two years passed into his slavitude, he did mindless work like carrying packs for the legionaries, and keeping the beasts alive. He was treated like garbage, no worse then that worse the dirt. He was to afraid to fight back, and to afraid to run. But that didn't mean that the other slaves were. A lot of slaves started a riot that was put down in one day. Castius feared the legion, but he feared death far more then the legion. He knew that if he stayed with them then he would die.

    During his escape he picked up a rifle that one of the legionaries had. It was a very big rifle, it was a anti material rifle. When he was finally out of the legions grasps, he cried. His life for the past two years was hell. He spent the next year traveling, trying to throw off his scent from the legion. That's when he heard of new Vegas. He thought that if he could make it there then the legion would back off of him, with the walls all around him.

    SPECIAL (30 points):

    Tag Skills (3):

    A Duster
    A cowboy hat with sunglasses
    Anti Material Rifle Mod: carbon fiber parts(Lighter)
    5 stimpaks
    A doctor's bag
    Riot shotgun
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  13. Room for one more?

    Name: William Coster
    Age: 40
    Appearance (Image, Description or both):Here
    Personality: Hard, realistic, understanding

    Backstory: William was born in a NCR settlement in Baja, he grew up in as normal of a childhood you could get in the wasteland until he was 15. The settlement was attacked by a raider group from up north known only due to it's five main leaders who were able to keep the rest of the raider in check. The small detachment of NCR troopers was killed in the opening minutes of the attack while William was hidden with his mother by his father, he watched as a raider beat his father's head in with a pipe and unfortunately he and his mother were found by the raiders. He was beat within an inch of his life by the raiders who thinking they had killed him left him to lay in the sand where his blood pooled around him while he was forced to watch the unspeakable things that they did to his mother before killing her as well, they burnt the town down before heading north again.

    William awoke a week later covered in ash and filled with hate and rage so he took the only thing that had survived the fire of his home and that was his father's brush gun and headed north, it took him two months to find the first raider of the original band he took his time hunting the man killing his friends slowly... one by one and when he finally cornered the man he took his time...using a knife, he made the man suffer for his transgressions but he was not done. It took another four years to find the next man but now William had aged and was not a young man who had taken his rage and stoked it until it was a finely crafted fire rather than an uncontrollable inferno, this time the man was alone having given up his old ways but that meant little to William as he tied down in his wood shack and burned it along with the man inside. The third was the easiest to find, drunk in a bar as William walked up behind him and put the 357 revolver he had bought a few years prior to the man's head and pulled the trigger ending him.

    The forth had died of cancer he learned as he finally made his way to new Vegas where the final man now lived, it had been fifteen years since he had lost everything but now he would have his final justice or so he thought. When he found the man he was already broken and beaten, word had spread of William's hunt and while most raiders wondered if this boogeyman was after them this 5th man knew he was the true target but when William found him he just couldn't find the strength to end the man, he saw that the way the man feared and lived like a beast rather then a man was enough so William left and headed out to free side where he set up a bounty hunting business where he has made a stable living for the past ten years.

    (I hope this wasn't to much)

    SPECIAL (30 points):

    Tag Skills (3):

    (Refer to picture for clothes)
    Brush gun x1 (Mod forged receiver)
    357 x1 (Mod Heavy duty cylinder)
    10x stimpacks
    300x caps
  14. @Dakup Unique weapons aren't going to be a thing in this RP, I know I didn't mention that. So Sleepytyme either needs to be replaced or removed.

    @Dakota K5 Accepted. Welcome aboard.
  15. Changed.
  16. Character done. This is a concept borne of Fallout 2, so please bear with me.
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  17. I was going to post a character here and now... but I got lazy and started watching the Blues Brothers... You have my sincerest apologies.

    Anyway, I'd love to join. I already have a decent character concept rolling. My character is going to be a Luck and Sneak specialist. He'll be a wretched, cowardly, back-stabbing, chem-sniffing and murderous thief that would sooner rip out his mother's still beating heart than be placed in any sort of danger. He may or may not be a former Fiend that sold his teenage daughter to Motor-Runner for 500 caps of chems and a position in said Raider group. He may or may not be currently working against the Fiends after betraying them so that he could regain possession of his daughter, then failed. (May or may not is key here, I have made no final decisions on his backstory) He'll be cunning, talented and an ungodly scumbag of a human being.

    Oh, and Solaire is the one that brought me here, so thank him for letting my insane ass in this thread ^~^
  18. @Hyper Henchman There's still time to finish off a CS, IC will be going up soon but there will still be opportunity to join for a short while after that.

    @UnseenShade I'm sorry, but I'm not accepting intelligent deathclaws. Humans, Ghouls, or Super Mutants.
  19. Fine. Changing it.
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  20. Rjs am I good?
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