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  1. At a young age you were taken, taken by the scientists, taken from your world into theirs. They executed tests on you and your loved ones if they had been brought with you. Sometimes whole communities would be captured, other times it would just be one family or a couple of the creatures. But, you were one of them. No matter who you are or where you were, you were one the ones they took and they are not going to give you back anytime soon.

    The ones who took you were 'scientists' from a place called earth. They took you so they could learn about you and maybe be able to help their race, their race called 'humans'. You are not like them. Some may look like them but if you were taken, you were taken because you are not like them, you are different than them. You are different because you have powers, you look different or you have more advanced attributes than these 'humans'.

    You were taken one day which seemed like any other by an group of men who are different than you. You could have been taken secretly, when no one was around to see or hear them or they came as an army and took out your whole town. They came with guns, tanks and soldiers and no matter how hard your people tried, they would always fall in the end and be taken prisoner by the men and women who came.

    Once you arrived at their world you were locked in a facility where you seemed to have some freedom (the amount differing with how powerful you are). You were able to go where you wanted during your 'free time', you could go to the courtyard, the halls or stay in your room but when it was time for them to test you, some security would come and take you to the labs where the scientists, or 'doctors' as they would call themselves, would test your strength, intellect, or endurance.

    The rooms you are forced to stay in are little more than a pure white prison cell/ cage. It's the size of a small room, just able to fit two small beds and two old chests for the very few, very censored belongings you may keep. The rooms are in two buildings, male and female and the rooms are in long, white hallways.

    (for non-humans)

    Family/friend(s) taken with you:
    Power(s): (be reasonable)

    (for Scientists/humans)

    This is an rp that I had thought of a little while ago and finally decided to make. I know it's not the best and if you have any suggestions I'll take them and are always welcomed.
  2. WIP

    -Name: Addison Delahunt
    -Age: Addison appears eight, and has the mind of an eight year old. Addison was eight years old when taken to Faerie, she was in Faerie for forty-seven Earth years, and she had been back for five years prior to her second abduction.
    -Gender: Female
    -Race: Fae-altered human
    -Personality and Biography : Addison allows obsessions to overtake her. Her past has instilled in her a great desire to connect, but prior to her second abduction, she found that most people did not or could not understand what she had been through. The guardianship of the mage Ambassador Joseph Cavenaugh helped her develop that connection with another supernatural entity, but Addison rarely discusses her time in Faerie--not even with her 'father', with whom her relationship is secretly not very daughter-like. Addison has trouble understanding that what is often done to her is wrong. She understands that it makes her FEEL wrong, and it always has, from her first abduction to her life with the ambassador to the second abduction, but she has trouble registering that feeling with wrongness on part of the perpetrator.
    -Family/friend(s) taken with you: None
    -Power(s): Snowskin changeling. Addison has made the following contracts:
    *Contracts of Mirror: Riddle-Kith. Addison is an Elemental Changeling of the Snowskin Kith, but appears as a Fairest Changeling when around others of her kind. In this state, Addison's white-blonde hair, nearly translucent eyes, and powder-like skin seem near-perfect, but under the guise of a stunningly beautiful fairest, as opposed to a snowskin Elemental. This only affects the perceptions of other Changelings, and it is simply a physical illusion.
    *Contracts of Smoke: The Wrong Foot. Addison may alter the pattern of her footprints, and other such marks.
    *Contracts of Dreams: Forging the Dream. Like all Changelings, Addison may enter the dreams of humans and near-humans, while other supernaturals will be more aware of this intrusion. This Contract allows Addison to serve as the director, cinematographer, and editor" of the dreams she enters.
    *Contracts of Elements: Cloak of the Elements (Cold). This allows for immunity to the effects of cold, snow, ice, and everything related.

    The use of most of these Contracts require Clarity, a Fae resource which measures a Changeling's balance between his or her Fae and Human identities. This resource is obtained in a multitude of ways, including but not limited to exploration through dreams, feeding off of strong human emotions (fear, happiness, etc.), and eating certain Goblin Fruits. Also required is a degree of exposure to other Fae creatures, or, in some cases, other supernaturals, lest a Changeling loses his or her connection to his or her Fae identity.
    -Pic(s): elle-fanning.png
  3. Name: Mogar Oathender
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Hooflin (horse anthro)

    Personality: Mogar is one proud beast. He's hotheaded, fierce, and strong-willed. He absolutely refuses to admit that he ever needs another's help, and he trusts no one. Everyone's out to get him. But he can take them all! He's got the strength for it, that's for sure. And he takes plenty of pride in his muscles. But is he arrogant? Pfffft. Only filthy humans care about arrogance. His clan is all about power and strength! It's what gets a hooflin through his life! Human values are just backwards is all.

    Family/friend(s) taken with you: Friends? What friends? He doesn't need friends! All they ever do is hold you back and leave you in the mud when they're done with you. And family? Another useless human construct. Hooflins are raised by the entire clan from birth, and parental connections simply don't exist. And none of the other Oathenders are with him. These fleshbags could never hold any more than a single hooflin for long, they can already barely hold him! (Or so he likes to think, anyway.)

    Power(s): None, other than the superhuman strength and speed that comes with his race.
    Bio: Born to the taboo-laden Oathender clan, which is famous for starting numerous wars with its founders' backstabbings, Mogar was very quickly on his own. The neighboring clans refused to offer any kind of help, and there was a distinct lack of interclan trust. From a young age, he learned to be tough, or be left behind. And so he trained every day, building up his strength and endurance until he could practically feed the whole clan with one night's worth of hunting. But did he ever share? Hell no! Greedy bastards can get their own food! And so it went: Mogar continuously shut out everyone else until his distrust reached ridiculous levels, right up until the day of his capture.

    Other: He has a basic grasp of the English language, though it's not really enough to hold very detailed conversations, and when he gets angry, he reverts to his native tongue in a heartbeat so he can properly...express himself.

    Pic(s): http://ryuakira.deviantart.com/art/anthro-3-horse-167831389
  4. Added a thing. :3
  5. Quick question- Would written a description of a character's appearance be allowed? Or is it necessary that there be a picture?
  6. Yea, you can just have a description for what your character looks like if that's easier for you.
  7. I'd like to reserve a non-human spot if they aren't all taken yet. I'll see if I can't get a sheet up later today or tomorrow?
  8. Name: Alina Gaine

    Age: 27

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Alina could be described as 'cold', being mostly silent and only speaking one, short sentence at a time. She rarely expresses any emotion, her face staying neutral. Some might assume that she can be just as cold as she acts, and at times this assumption can prove to be true. However, sometimes, a smidgen of emotion escapes her, and she'll do everything in her power to try and make you disbelieve it ever happened. She is a cynical person who often thinks the worst of people, and often thinks that others can handle hard conditions because she has survived the same... even if she can relate. Somehow she expects everyone to follow her standards, and one of her major fears is messing up and not meeting them. She can be distrustful, even of the other scientists, and often keeps any especially 'interesting' tidbits to herself, her excuse being that the others are probably doing the same.

    Bio: Alina's mother died when she gave birth to her, causing a stressed relationship with her father because he had always believed her to be why he lost his love. However, at fourteen, her father died, and she went into the foster care system.

    The first homes she went to hated how distant she was and the kids would often do things like steal her things and bully her. It only got worse as she moved from home to home. It didn't help that she'd often have others be nice to her, only for it to be a cruel trick. She moved around too much to really get any friends, not that she could really make any. Soon enough she slowly but surely formed an emotional wall, making sure to keep out everyone and anyone in fear of what might happen.

    She steadily developed an interest in science, stemming from an interest in what complications killed her mother. She thought that perhaps she might figure out a way to prevent it from happening again, but soon enough it grew to be an obsession. Unfortunately, her grades were never all that good, only really improving in science during her last two years in high school. Much like foster care, she was shuffled around from college to college, until a group saw her potential and took her in, saying they wanted her for their studies. She hastily accepted, and now has some sympathy for who they brought in..., but is sure they can withstand it. She turned out alright, at least according to her standards.

    Other: As mentioned before, she often hides certain findings for herself, and carefully hides them in the facility.

    Pic(s): Alina has a light skin color, and is of average weight and height for her age. She has long, dark brown hair that she ties into a ponytail, with hardly any strands in the front of her face. She has sharp, green eyes.

    She usually wears a simple, clean outfit of a white lab coat, a sea green shirt, a tan work skirt, and black boots.
  9. Ooo... This sounds a bit like Shadow's past. Is it okay if I use her for this RP as well as long as her personality and appearance is different?
  10. [MENTION=3575]ilovevampzero[/MENTION] yeah, that should be fine
  11. Name: Dr. (Jasper) Kileaton
    Age: 37
    Gender: male
    Position: head of the Lab
    Personality: has some anger issues, cold, uncaring, cruel, will do anything for science, disgusted by all the creatures he's in charge of


    Name: Hayley Juter

    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Race: Aswang (kind of like a vampire/witch hybrid)
    Personality: quiet, sweet, shy, protective of those she cares about and has a fierce temper if you threaten her friends, pacifist
    Family/friend(s) taken with you: her little sister Kylea but she was taken to a different lab a couple weeks after they were taken
    Power(s): shapeshifting into a dog, some simple spells/magic, when she consumes blood/ flesh she gets much stronger, faster, better endurance, etc.
    Bio: She and her family along with some of her people and the people in her village wished to live in peace with all people but they never could. On the world where they lived they were people of legend, and not in a good way. Every tale has a villainous people and the Aswangs were them. No other race would associate with them because of the stories of the Aswang's ancestors (along with some present day ones) killing and/or eating the other peoples but her family and some others did not do these things or believe in the life style. Her family lived in a small village with other Aswangs who thought the same about this. When the humans came they tried to be peaceful and offered them hospitality but the humans instead attacked. They of course retaliated and it ended in a large fight, at the end of which the humans won, killing most of the villagers. At the beginning of the fight her parents had to go out and fight the humans. They sent her, her younger sister and her 3 brothers to flee and hide until it ended. Once it did and the humans won they went in search for any survivors or any who ran. She and her sister were found hidden in the woods after the battle, her brothers either dead after deciding to go back and fight or having left in search for food for them all. She and her little sister, Kylea were then taken back to earth to be experimented on but they were too close, the humans thought it wouldn't be good- having someone you know and care for gives you reason to fight more. So they took Kylea from her to demonstrate that they were in charge and controlled them after Hayley had fought the doctors too much.
    Other: Because she's an Aswang she has a natural bloodlust and constantly hungers for flesh but she hates this fact and finds it to be disgusting that she needs blood to remain healthy
    http://www.wall321.com/thumbnails/d...1440x900 wallpaper_www.wallpaperto.com_73.jpg
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    Name:genni varpous



    Race:hamun(a race so dubbed for the fact that they are almost exactly like humans but with weird abilities from birth)

    Personality:fun-loving,easily trusting,friendly with everyone he meets(which is how he got captured),easy to earn his trust but if you break it
    hard to earn it back, and often sees the good or bad in people trying to conceal it.

    Family/friend(s) taken with you:none(they were all killed in the process of capture)

    Power(s): the ability to manipulate fire and heal with said fire by turning it into "white fire" which ,implied by the name, is white and is
    actually cold to the touch and can heal someone from most injuries (excluding fatal ones for example if someone gets shot in the head thats a no go but if someone gets shot in the lung and is still alive he can heal that)

    Bio:genni was born to his mother and father; (he wont tell anyone their names) one who could manipulate fire and one who could heal minor wounds, on an unnamed village in the middle of a forest on the island of guam. he is fun loving by nature and was taught to be friendly by his parents. jack had mastered his power at the age of 6 and was the villages resident shaman by age 8. he was taken at the age of 9 by officer [redacted} and private 1st class [redacted] in which he fought for his, and his parents lives, killing private 1st class [redacted]. he was eventually captured by means of a knockout blow to the head by the butt of officer [red[SIZE=3]acted]'s M4A1 stand[SIZE=3]ard issue assault rifle, which had[SIZE=3] run out of ammo, [SIZE=3]which said officer used[/SIZE] to beat his parents to death with[SIZE=3]. [SIZE=3]genni barely remem[SIZE=3]bers the incident or if he does will not talk to laboratory staff about it. genni[SIZE=3] is extremely smart (he knows the entirety of[SIZE=3] [SIZE=3]modern medical sciences)[SIZE=3] but conceals this fact [SIZE=3]presumably for his own safety. this was o[SIZE=3]nly discovered when one of h[SIZE=3]is favorite lab technicians was having a heart attack and [SIZE=3]genni [SIZE=3]resuscitated him withing a f[SIZE=3]ew minute to perfect health wi[SIZE=3]thout the use of his powers. we do not know how he knows this informat[SIZE=3]ion as his v[SIZE=3]illage was completely void of techno[SIZE=3]logy. genni can speak perfect english[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Other:genni loves most music and is much more cooperative in lab tests when played his favorite bands(pink floyd, the pixies,beck,skrillex,red hot chili peppers, and more are being added with every test done) however if played music he doesnt like genni is completely uncooperative (only country has found to have this effect) his favorite scientist,for no apparent reason, is Alina Gaine. this became known after he expressed a friendship toward her (never before seen with any test subject to scientist) and frequently requests her for his testing especially if he knows it will be painful[SIZE=3] upon being asked w[SIZE=3]hy [/SIZE]he replied "she just seems nice![SIZE=3]...[SIZE=3]and [SIZE=3]having someone thats nice is cool to have when pain[SIZE=3] is near". since [SIZE=3]he [SIZE=3]cooperates more w[SIZE=3]ith her[SIZE=3] the [SIZE=3]facility often [SIZE=3]fulfills this request for [SIZE=3]him.[/SIZE][/SIZE] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

  13. Name: </SPAN>Eiluath “Tynes” Hlaeneldth </SPAN>
    Age: looks 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Lathlani</SPAN></SPAN>

    Personality: Tynes is reserved, quiet, and serious looking but always paying attention. She enjoys people watching and is easily amused by the smallest of things but the only sign of her amusement is the hint of a half-smile. Don’t let her demure appearance and stature fool you though. Given the right oil on the fire, her feistiness will shine through like a true champion and she will not give in easily if at all.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Family/friend(s) taken with you: Her older brother – Kaean Hlaeneldth. Unlike his sister, Kaean is a warrior and has more skill using his family inherited abilities especially in combat and is not as reserved as his younger sibling who prefers to hide the fact that she has any ability at all. </SPAN></SPAN>

    Power(s): Tynes can manipulate the air. She can use it to jump from high places (feather fall) and create storms, etc.
    Pic/Appearance: Medium length silver hair with a violet hue with brown eyes. She is 5'5 and small framed.

    Bio: The Lathlani people all have various mystical talents. As they age and gain complete control of their first skill, they will begin to hone in on the next one until they have reached their limit of four talents. Control takes many years to master each one so only the elders have control over all four at the same time. Even the older adults with only two or three can only concentrate enough to control one of them at any given time.

    </SPAN>Other: She cannot create storm like effects unless she is outside with access to the sky. So if the scientists are always performing their tests in indoor labs, they will never be able to discern the how's and why's of her powers... at least not all of them.

    Character creation is not my strongpoint =/ Please let me know if you need something altered or expanded upon.
  14. Name: Shadow
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Race: Vampire
    Personality: Very shy and quiet, doesn't like to talk to anyone unless necessary. If she were to befriend someone, however, Shadow is very protective of the ones close to her.
    Family/friend(s) taken with you: Shadow was found alone in the woods.
    Power(s): (be reasonable) Temporary invisibility, basic vampiric abilities, telekinesis on small objects.
    Bio: Not much is known about Shadow as she does not like to speak with anyone. All she can remember about her young age is her village being ambushed and her living on her own in the woods ever since.
    Other: HATES electricity, as some of the lab tests use it. Hears voices in her head sometimes, but isn't insane. Also well-educated.
  15. Is it okay if I post a character sheet for a non-human character tomorrow? If you need more humans or prefer for me to do a human as my character I'll be fine with that.
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