Sword Art Online: Fight For Aincrad

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  1. It has been two months since Akikiko Kayaba locked the 10000 players in his VRMMORPG game, Sword Art Online. His rules were simple. To leave, clear all 100 floors of Aincrad. If you are unplugged, the headset removed from your head in the real world, or the game shut off, you die. If you die in-game, you die in the real world. Since that day in the Town of Beginnings, 2000 players have died.

    You start on Floor Seven, in the town of Stohess. Your mission: Clear the game, using whatever means necessary.

    Will you be a member of the infamous Knights of the Blood Oath, the leaders of combat on the front lines, or will you play solo? Will you join a guild or party for good, or will you join a guild that kills other players, such as the Titans Hand? The choice is yours. Clear the game. Godspeed.

    Character Sheet:
    Appearance: (Pic or description)
    Alliance: (if any)
    Other items: (healing potions, teleport crystals, etc.)
    Skills: (how do you fight)

    1. No god-modding.
    2. Relationships are allowed, but take any smut into a pm.
    3. If you wish to attack another player (other than an npc) tell the gm.
    4. You can upgrade weapons, but you can't jump from a noob sword to a UT sword. Keep the upgrades in progressions.
    5. If you kill a level boss, you can keep the item drop, trade it or sell it. Purchases go through the gm.
    6. Put the words "sword skill" somewhere in your cs so the gm knows you read the rules.
    7. Have fun!!
  2. Character Sheet:
    Name: Kirito
    Weapons: the Elucidator, Dragons Flame
    Alliance: no guild, party with "Lightning Flash" Asuna and Silica on occasion
    Other items: Teleport crystal, Cloak of Night from Floor One Boss drop
    Skills: One Handed Wielding, Dual-Wielding
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  3. Character Sheet:
    Name: Asuna
    Appearance: (Pic or description) asuna.jpg
    Weapons: Last Light (rapier), keeps an extra sword in item storage called last chance. looks like below. last chance.jpg
    Alliance: (if any) kirito
    Other items: several healing potions, 2 or three teleport crystals
    Skills: (how do you fight) sword skills one handed no shield
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  4. Interested.......accepting?
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  5. Awesome! Let me just whip up a character
  6. I'll post the ic when we get a couple more people. This is gonna be epic!!
  7. im excited for it!
  8. Name: Real name is Rick Reels. In game he's known as Steam
    Appearance: http://img02.deviantart.net/531a/i/2011/057/9/8/the_steam_knight_by_reaper78-d3ahm0x.jpg
    Weapons: Eagles shield, Steam sword.
    Alliance: Steam is a solo player but he'll work for whatever guild is willing to pay for his expertise on the games many items.
    Other items: Teleport crystals x3, x2 healing potions, a few rare items.
    Skills: One handed shield, one hand sword.
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  9. Name, Damain Heart and keeps his first name for the game as well.

    Age, 16

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Weapons and Equipment, Cereberus cloak and Cereberus sword. One teleport crystal, five healing potions, and various random gems and materials.

    Guild/Party, The leader of the Doomfires, he is the best swordsman and tactition they have. Leading his small group of 20 members, he and his top commanders fight for themselves and only their group. Hoping to be the best of the best. They are merciless when it comes to fighting other players.

    Skills and stats. Focusing on power above all else, he can take down medium leveled monsters with extreme ease with little to no trouble with the higher rankings. His second highest stat would be his sneaking, able to appear out of thin air to ambush other players.
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  10. Name: Silica
    Silica Information.jpg
    Weapons: Dagger
    Silica's Dagger.jpg
    Alliance: (Sorry, I don't know but maybe?) Kirito, Asuna
    Other items: Teleport crystal, healing potion
    Skills: one-handed short sword/dagger
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  11. i love silica she is so adorable and i love her personality.
  12. Me too. She is awesome just like everyone else in that whole anime. :)
  13. its also an amazing anime every character is well explained there are no hidden secrets in it.
  14. 0-0 i feel weird for choosing a non SAO character, were we supposed to?
  15. I don't think it matters.