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    Above England floats Swarovski Academy, the magical soldier academy that Vivaldi Black is the headmistress of. She is powerful and strict on the children concerning their abilities. She is especially like that to her own daughter who attends the academy as a student. Lilith Black, she’s a SS-rank student who is involved in the military while still attending the academy until she graduates. She usually is either in class or out on a mission for the military. It would seem like it would get boring, however, Lilith does not always get along with other people. She does not try to be mean to them on purpose but she tends to come off that way. After all, she does control water and ice which seems to be something that quite a few of the other students don’t seem to like.

    Lilith was sitting on a bench outside, letting the slight breeze blow around her two colored hair that she had gotten when she was much younger. She was studying for a test she was going to have in a few days in one of her regular school classes. Classes were finished for the day so the students got the chance to do what they wanted. Some students joked around, others trained with their powers, and some actually did study like Lilith was doing. Of course, the girl trained quite often as well because she had to continue to better her ability. That was expected of her from her family, and the other members at the school. Most of the students knew each other or at least have heard of each other which caused many of them to give each other nicknames.

    Lilith felt her phone begin to vibrate which prompted her to take it out of her pocket and take a look at who was calling. It was her mother who was most likely in her office. “Yes mother,” Lilith said when she picked it up. “Very well, I’ll be there soon.” Lilith hung up the phone then placed it away in her pocket again. She closed her textbook, and got up from the bench. She started walking, heading for her mother’s office to meet her. There was some information the woman wanted to give her, most likely some kind of job that had to be done.

    Along the way, she could see other students talking with each other. Truthfully, Lilith sometimes wanted someone to talk to but that would involve getting closer to someone and then she would run into the problem of possibly being touched. She couldn’t handle that. So, it was best for her to be alone even if it could be lonely. It didn’t matter; she was a soldier so she didn’t need to have any friends. Let the others have their friends; she needed to focus on protecting the people from the monsters that were always attacking them.

    Others were training, of course some were alone while others were working with others. That was another thing Lilith wasn't used to. She didn't really train with others unless it was required by a teacher in a fighting class. It was the same reason that she had for not having friends. She was worried as to what working with others would end up as, would they try to get closer to her? She couldn't have that. So, she always trained alone.

    Suddenly, Lilith's eyes widened, the girl quickly twisting to get out of the way of someone who was running straight towards her. She moved her body, just slightly moving away in time as the person passed her. Even that kind of touch, even if it was an accident Lilith could not handle getting touched by anyone. It was why they stated to call her the Untouchable and that name was one known. A lot of people thought it was because she believed she was better than everyone and she couldn't be touched by others but really it was because getting touched by anyone would cause a panic attack for her, it terrified her.

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    "Classes are over eh? Fine with me. Seems I got off scot-free. I'll just wait here till next I'm needed."

    The Rebel they called him, was lounging about underneath the shade of a tree in the court yard. Students were all around him talking away. Many ignored him, not because he was a mean person, or unsociable, but for his reputation around the school. A young man with incredible skill who refused to treat this place as a school. He had been such a promising student, one that might have even rivaled the infamous "Ice Queen," daughter of the head master Vivaldi Black, herself. But he was perfectly happy the way he was. After all, he was not some attack dog. If he felt something was not right, he'd deal with it himself.

    Today it seemed that this Rebel had decided not to show to class. This was the usual for him, so often times, the staff will have to track him down. Considering this is a school to teach those with magical capabilities, that usually isn't very difficult for the staff members. In truth, Rolar was surprised they hadn't expelled him yet.

    "They're scared of someone like me. They keep me here because they want to keep a muzzle and leash on unfaithful dogs, so they don't run off and bite. I'm a liability. I'm no different than a prisoner. Or so they think."

    Rolar had very little regard for the organization. He felt they weren't doing as much as they could. It made him angry just to think about it. This was nothing against the teachers, no. In fact he was certain plenty felt similar to him. But that wasn't the point. The point was, he was expressing it. He was making his opinion known.

    That's when he saw perhaps the most loyal of the students. The aforementioned, Ice Queen as it was. The Untouchable Lilith Black, How different they were in every regard. Rebel, and Royalty, Ice and Fire. Might be fun to bug her for a bit. Standing from his shady tree he called to the passing student.

    "Lilith Black. It's been a while since I last bugged you and, well simply put I was bored. So how is my exact opposite doing? You seem like you're in a hurry somewhere. Hate to see anyone too overworked. Take a moment to enjoy yourself! Be a delinquent just once."
  3. With the end of todays final class, the S-rank Student, Fujiwara Rino makes no attempts to do anything other than leave. She didn't care much for the classes..it was nicer than the streets sure. Hell nicer than her old man's friends. But all the rules didn't sit well with her, the military was fine to a point, but the classes.

    Sighing a bit at least she could make some money now..well more than normal. Seeing a group of male students on her own way out the main door her eyes narrow. Approaching the group, it was obvious to her what they were up to, and so she opens with her sales pitch, tapping the center on on the back of his left shoulder with her own left hand. "Hey there guys! Ehh, how about a lucky talisman or charm for luck with tests, or the girls ehh?" Taking a notice in the group of females the trio was watching, Rino gives a wink of her right eye. This however provokes a service offer in kind.

    "Heh, hey about you just go with me huh? Come on I'll spend more on yah than you sell'n a few of those useless shit tags." With his two friends laughing the speaker leands in. "Ehh what do you say?"

    "Oh..careful boys, can't you read the sign." Pulling out a paper seal from beneath her coat, in between the index and middle finger of her right hand, she seems to smirk as her eyes narrow. "No touching what you can't buy, also beware of fire.."

    "Tch I could buy and sell your wanna be gangster ass. Do you know who I am? The hell you think y-" The central one stampers out as he begins to lear at Rino

    "Ora! Get lost yah lil'shits before I decide ta burn somet'n else off!" Glancing at the mans grion the paper goes up in flame as if to make a point. As her eyes narrow one of them on the right whispers into the centrals ear. With a tch sound the trio leaves, going back to their bird watching. "Tch hell with the Zoo animal.."

    "Yare, Yare...well might as well find someone else..or head back to the room..damn white head likely is in there with her pervert books." Talking aloud to herselse, for the current time Rino simply observes what else may happen on the school grounds.


    For her part, another SS student that was an oddiity by her maid dress takes a course of action very much unlike her peer or junior. Walking the halls room to room, she was on the lookout for messes or rule breakers. Among other things. She typically liked to observe what happened rather than directly interact. She was a sniper in more sense than one. Plus there were some perks in being what she was. Humming a tune she takes note of Rino's interaction, then the mysterious run in with the "Untouchable" as some called her. "Heheheh..hmm.." Turning her attention back towards her destination there was no point in watching those two.

    "Ah Miss Enfield. How are you this evening?" An older man asks, Isra recalled him as being on of the senior instructors, likely on his way to a training secession.

    "Ah Instructor Gerald. I am well. What of you?" Bowing lightly while lifting her dress with both hands slightly as a greeting, the maid then straightens her pose.

    "So why are you up here alone, surely you have some friends or something to do yeah?" He asks of her with his right hand under his chin, and his left arm behind his back. He was a magical handgun duelist if memory served Isra correct. Regardless his concerns over her, weren't of concern to Isra herself.

    "I simply am observing the leaves in the breeze...some are more colorful than the others at least." Leaving the older man pondering what she ment, Isra turns on her heel giving a final bow. For now she would make her way up to the roof. "Pardon me, I have elsewhere to be. Have a good day sir." It was one of the few places she liked having tea. Normally alone, though at times strays as she called them where given to showing up.
  4. Colvino squeezed though the crowd of students after her classes were over. She was a few years younger than most others in the classes for S-rank students, and it didn't help that she was shorter than the average for her age. The weather was fair, with a slight breeze in the air. Colvino isn't the outdoors type, unlike many students who like to train their abilities outdoors, Colvino's magic can be practiced fairly easily indoors since it could be controlled so well and doesn't require natural elements. Though today she felt like going outside, not to train or do anything in particular. She just wanted to be there.

    As she turned the corner of the hallway, heading towards a fleet of stairs, her mind slipped a little. It was the result of trying to get her homework for a whole week done in a single night last night, naturally it took her until daybreak. After taking a step down, her already slipped mind totally went blank for a moment. The result of that, was all the students around witnessing a supposed "genius" underage S-rank rolling off the stairs at school.

    Her dexterity from fighting quiet a few monsters didn't completely fail her even under sleep deprivation, after rolling down half of the stairs, she managed to land in a half keeling position at the bottom. "Off...What happened..." Her left arm had a bit of skin scraped off, and blood was dripping from the wound. It wasn't deep though, and didn't catch Colvino's attention too much.

    "B-blood! I-it's him, the one who'll explode!" A younger student cried out in a rather panicked voice. At first Colvino was puzzled, even if they're young, there's no way students at this academy will panic after seeing someone scraping their arm after falling from some stairs. Then she remember that there was a rumor going on in the lower ranks that there was an A-rank kid who ranked up because their blood was made out of liquid dynamite. That kid was Colvino, who ran out of magic supply and was forced to use her own blood as ammunition during a feild mission. Which earned her the reputation of being made out of expolosives. "This is still going on...really?"

    Getting up, she walked up to the younger student and flicked her on the forehead gently. "You're still a Novice? Use your head more, okay? I won't be alive right now if I blew up everytime I bleed." She turned away from the younger student, preparing to leave. "Also, I'm a girl."

    Looking down at the wound that wasn't serious, but covered a decent area on her forearm, Colvino canceled the plans to go outside. Instead she began traveling to her dorm room where she keeps her bandages. "Wonder if Raychyl's done class yet..."
  5. "Fuck... Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Growled a young white-haired girl as she ran through the campus, eyes frantically searching the grounds for the one most recently to have ticked her off. In this case, the object of her ire had stolen—a rather delicate item of hers. Honestly speaking, Yoko was the one who picked the fight, and definitely with someone she shouldn't have, however the man swiping this particular item was worse than if he were to have beat her down. This particular item completely contradicted everything she appeared to be to others; it'd ruin her reputation.

    However, with her eyes scanning futily everywhere other than right in front of her, she was bound to collide with something or someone eventually. Luckily for the two of them, the girl she almost ran right into evaded what would have been a heavy impact. Yoko herself stumbled as she attempted to avoid the famed "Ice Queen" followed by a harsh "Move it!" which preceded another series of muttered vulgarities. Hostile words, yes, but she was obviously riled as her hair had began to inflame; an occurrence that often happened with Yoko when aggravated.

    Pausing as she passed the headmaster's daughter as well who some might call a fellow delinquent that she hadn't noticed in her rush, the yankee looked around in exasperation, which only added as a testament to exactly how much she had been running around, for any trace of the bastard that snatched her possession, unfortunately to no avail. This obviously didn't go over with her well as the underclassman began to eccentrically scratch her head before simply shouting another obscenity. "FUCK!"

    "...What is this garbage...?"

    Sitting atop one of the various buildings surrounding the main quad of the campus, the SS-class student regarded as "Wind God" seemed to be looking through—a shoujo manga, obviously displeased with it as Noburu held a rather bored look on his face. Flipping another page, the shinobi released another dissatisfied sigh. "...What the hell... When she put up such an effort to pick a fight with me just to hide this stupid book, I thought it was something of interest and worth taking to teach her a lesson... But this..." Well, it was just an average romance comic. Nothing of note or interest; especially not for someone of his stature.

    When Noburu was simply passing by and happened to glance at her as well as what she was doing, the girl shot up and so adamantly began to talk down to him; a very foolish thing to do to one such as him. True, he could've simply shut her up physically. However, the great ninja did not enjoy wasting time on those significantly weaker than he. Not to mention that this wasn't the first time he had tolerated her volatile mouth directed at him. Physical force wouldn't shut her up anyway. At least being aware of this one thing she appears to be embarrassed about marks him as someone untouchable; ergo, this means she shouldn't be opening up her vulgar mouth to him anytime soon.

    Speaking of her vulgar mouth...


    If that was any proof, the poor delinquent underclassman was near her breaking point, or at least to the point where she was about to give up immediately looking for him. Noburu would give her her boring manga back—after another while. If the teachers weren't going to put these troublemakers in place, he would take it upon himself to do so, at least when they began to bother him, that is.
  6. With a heavy sigh Rino watches this absurd display unfold, muttering to herself, the girl places her right hand over her face. "Damnit all..speak of the devil huh? Ara ara.." Watching as her hot tempered white haried roommate ran across the grounds screaming like a beserker, clearly upset about something. Having a general idea of what, the delinquent looks as the girl nearly bowls over the Ice Queen as some called her. Taking in a breath and lowering her hand, Rino would have to help out her Junior. "I fuck'n swear its like watching out for a sister.." With a slow shake of her head, and her days activities seemingly made up, she would head over to see, firstly, what in the hell was wrong with her. Secondly, to clear any misunderstandings that may arise from the untouchable as some deemed her. This could be interesting..good or bad. Though unless she ran it would take a bit of time to get over to the pair. But she was in no hurry..yet.


    Meanwhile elsewhere;

    Isra hums a fost tune to herself, sending out breif electrical pulses, partly by habit, partly by training, or even paranoia. The waves were harmless and invisible, but they allowed her a form of Sonar that allowed her to feel the electrical pulses given off by living beings. Sensing someone up on the roof, this could prove interesting. It was a large campus, so why her section? There was nothing up there, some places had machinery, greenhouses, clotheslines, all manner of things really. Her own was just a flat overlook, it had a small shed that served some purpose or another once, but otherwise was for now a sort of locker or supply closet she had laid claims on. Of course she had visitors time to time. Mostly the Curious, or those looking for her.

    Continuing back on her walk the maid dressed student briefly fingers her eyepatch, as if adjusting it. Taking the stairwell up, and then opening the door, it seemed this one was neither. A ninja of some sorts judging by his appearance. With a...manga...or romance novel of some sort. Showing no signs of Emotion as the door shuts behind her, the girl gives her bow as before. He was a stundent..a fellow SS if she remembered, but there was some manners she needed to observe regardless. Hearing the loud scream of FUCK!!!! from below Isra now was curious about the book.

    "Welcome to my roof..what brings you here? I find your choicie of reading material to be odd." With her lips slowly forming a half smile the Maid continues past Noburu. Punching in a combination on a keypad off to the side, her left hand goes for the knob as her right lowers from its former task. "Or did you steal it? I can't abide that if so..or was their a justification? I think I will make some tea. So what brings you here?"

    Truefully Isra could care less about why he had the book, she was mostly testing him, seeing his reactions, and if she would need to enforce the rules..on him or the one below..regardless the smile creeping on her face did not seem friendly, nevermind the fact she was dressed like some sort of Maid.
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    Classes were over. Time for some fun!... But first to find that Colvino... It was always so hard to find her. So Raychyl wandered around campus for a while. Looking... Looking... Looking... Brown eyes peered over a red scarf, as they scanned the area looking for the Kitsune's best friend... And potential victims.

    Ears perked up. Someone was veeeeeery upset right now. While another...

    Ears shifted another direction. Seemed to be looking at something... Up... there!

    The Wind God. Raychyl had seen him plenty of times before. After all, he was perhaps the most well known and most powerful stealth mage the school had enrolled. She had always admired him. So strong, so serious, so...

    She stopped that train of thought, shaking her head vigorously. However... She never has once interacted with him, let alone pranked him... But he seemed so far ahead of her, she shouldn't even try...

    No! She could do it right? Yeah, then she'd be beside h-

    Vigorous head shaking continued.

    This time she'd prank him for sure. Judging from what she picked up from the really angry girl, and what Noburu was saying... She was looking for something that he had. Soooooo~

    Smoke formed around her, as her tiny body was replaced with that of the hot-headed girl running around. She then snuck up to the side of the building. Her training made scaling the building a breeze. Now to get into position...

    The girl froze at the sight. The scary maid was there too. She always could find her no matter what. It wasn't fair. Not to mention, she was actually talking with Nobu-er, in the way of her prank! Stupid scary maid, always making pranking hard!

    Another puff of smoke. No point in keeping that form for now, if the maid was here. But might as well watch to see if anything was happening...

    The poor girl didn't even realise how intently she was starring.
  8. Vanessa Hawk

    Location: Front Yard
    Mentioned: Rolar & Lilith
    Interacted: N/A

    The young woman passed the front of the doors at school, not caring for the surge of students. She walked no faster than she pleased, wavering her pace for no one though when one should shove against the invisible student that they pass right through her without noticing. It's times like these that she's perfectly aware of her ability to eliminate the students she is with but chooses to ignore it as the headmistress does. It would have been surprising that anyone would allow someone with her ability to live as she does not, having become as strong as she has, but they would refuse to admit that they could not stop her now. If she had chosen to disobey orders than she would without a second thought towards it, as she has in the past to encourage the survival of an innocent child. Now though, she walked through the crowd towards her favourite training area - the arena.

    Heavy boots made no sound as they hit the pavement, the hood of her jacket pulled up over her cap to hide her face in shadow. She had never been fond of the sun and the temperament that it had on her own manipulation of shadows though she had to admit it was useful when she wanted to remain unseen. The light traveling through her made her look just like a ghost, pale and seemingly a figure of ones imagination. Dressed nearly completely in black, her dark hair was hidden inside of her jacket and hood, shadowed by the beak of her cap. The jacket itself was leather, lined on the inside with felt and cotton.

    When she had finally departed the crowd she had been about to come back to the realm of the touchable, though as she stepped just off the sidewalk, a body pushed right through her, causing the tips of her hair to be caught by the wind as they had begun to solidify. Rolar, it seemed, had gotten a tad bit overexcited again and not been watching where he was going. Vanessa stood still, watching him go straight forward, passed Lilith Black. As her body came to rest in the material plane she watched them, dark eyes keen beneath her hat. Such childish warriors they were, and none of them any sort of entertaining to someone like her.

  9. Noburu Takashi

    With a huff, Noburu replied to the female voice that addressed him from behind. "I was not aware that any roof on the premises was yours, Miss Enfield. Regardless, this trash isn't something I'd even keep as a paperweight..." He clarified in an apathetic tone.

    The so-called "Terminator"; a maid with a murderous intent she seemed unable to turn off as it leaked out of every word she said. Perhaps some didn't notice it until she made it more evident, but to one such as him it seemed to affix itself to every word uttered from her mouth. She also seemed to look down on others; that was also an aspect of her that the Wind God found aggravating. Of course, he was arrogant. However, how dare others think they themselves to be on the same level? This deceiving maid that could only pretend to be polite—so annoying. Still, a fellow SS-class and one of such a demeanor required caution.

    "I did; from the A-class delinquent currently shouting vulgarities at the sky," Takashi replied, shutting his book as he glanced behind himself with narrowed eyes. "Not that I have any reason to explain myself to you, or to be frightened in the least of your trivial warnings, but if you must know... I grow tired of these imbeciles the school keeps here solely because they wish to keep them on a leash. If the staff isn't going to do anything to teach them any manners, then I will take it upon myself to do so, at least when they decide to bother myself." With another huff and pushing his gaze over to the area below, Noburu watched the delinquent continue in her panic. "I will return this garbage to her when I deem it necessary. While I don't expect her to stop threatening to sear everyone else, she will at the least know to hold her tongue with me considering how badly she wished to hide this."

    As usual, his motives were completely selfish. You couldn't really blame him, though. Yoko was known to be rather annoying, especially when she turned absolutely nothing into something, much like the case with Noburu hardly even glancing at her little comic. Still, it was keeping him busy; busy enough not to notice the fox-eared trickster watching him. This was also understandable, however. Between the maid with murderous intent and the constant yelling of obscenities from down below, not noticing one young girl out of sight wasn't all that unfathomable.
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    sakura's mark.jpg

    Sakura sat on her soft bed after classes were over. She had planned to fall asleep, but she had candy so she was full of sugar at the moment. She decided she could go out and train. She was working on creating a vine, covered in poisonous thorns. Of course she wouldn't be able to test it on anyone, she never could. She walked gloomily out of her room and headed down to the training area. ((Not quite sure where people train...>.> Also, my character doesn't start conversations, so it would be lovely if someone could make her life interesting))
  11. Isra Enfield

    Sensing another approaching Isra opens the door, first laying her hands on a rifle she bit by bit peices together who it as and insted brings out her tea cart. On its contents were a tea pot, boiler, and a few saucers and cups, with some sort of biscuits that were popular in the UK, and of course a box of what else, tea. In this case Darjeerling. Deciding to wait for how long it took the Ninja to notice their visitor, but between herself and whoever he pissed off below, it was likely his mind was occupied. Allowing her own thoughts to run wild as she brings the cart out into the open "Oh? I beg your pardon, I shall help you understand, Mister Noburu. I have employment here, this is my storehouse. The instructors know of it. So does that not make this my work room? Or should I keep my tea in the same room as the cleaning chemicals? I'll let you have the first batch of tea if that seems sound."

    Now how do we respond to this hmm.. duty demands I act..though perhapes it would be more effective to allow a whole grouping to earn my ire..isn't that what father would say?..its the nature of staff to clean messes as you see them..but in this case isn't it like letting a cat in to kill rats..or allowing rats to gather into one room for a gassing..hmm I will have to ponder this. For now should we not watch? Indeed untill I see clear violation..

    For now watching would be best, a sniper had to know when to fire and when to simply watch. Shifting her eyes to Raychyl the Maid locks her eye-to-eye. This was the one with the sweet soft voice. Isra had ran into her more than once, and normally her punishments would be passed on with a form of bullying, though it seemed more that Isra just liked cute things, or maybe even thought of the girl like a doll. Regardless of it, the narrow eyed stare she was giving likely sent shivers down the others spine. "Ehehehe..ahh...hmm.." Keeping her mouth shut about the girls transformation it wasn't clear what the Maid was plotting, only that she was. The Maid had directly laid eyes on her, and not only didn't call her out, but quickly directed her attention back to the ninja.

    "Oh, so we aren't doing a good enough of a job? Perhapes you, who steals things could do a better job? Hmm?" She says in reply, or rather in polite challenge. Laughing lightly at Noburu it was a bit rich in her mind. "As to that..hmm..I think they have use of us..its hardly a lab." I know what those look like after all, she thinks but doesn't say aloud, which was true her value to her family was as a weapon, little more. Though it was at least of some worth, wasn't it?

    "As to your last remark, threats that are not acted upon aren't of issue unless directed at insturctors. Even to a small chick it should be obvious not to chirp at the Eagles above?" Saying that in her typical down looking fashion, Isra's smile starts to creep in a little more. "So why don't you give me that book, and I will see if its contents violate any rules..and you may sit and have some tea with me. Darjeerling."

    Pondering what to do about Raychyl, Isra adjusts her eyepatch with her left hand, turning her back to both she would prepair the tea, trufully saying she didn't visually see either at this point in time. After all if there was no one to make messes, what would she have to clean up? Though she doubted the girl would likely be that brazen, with luck her curiocity might bring her down, or the fire starter would make her way up here. "Unless you intend to read it..then by all means."

  12. [​IMG]


    Lilith really wished some of the students would learn respect and manners which was obviously directly to the hot-headed Yoko that she had to maneuver around and she even got a "move it" from the foul-mouthed Yankee. She needed to learn respect for the people who were older and higher rank than her, Lilith could make the girl slip by simply making some ice on the ground, though Lilith was not that petty and let the bad behavior slide.

    Though, she was distracted by the other delinquent, Rolar. He had so much potential but he was wasting it honestly. She had learned a lot from her mother, something the headmistress probably shouldn’t do, however, Lilith was there to help make sure things were running smoothly as well. She could be used if they needed someone to wrangle up the students; which related to the invisible girl that was on the side most likely watching them. While Lilith could not physically see her Lilith had the ability to sense water and human bodies were obviously mostly water. Hence, she could sense a blob of water over there in a person-like shape and making an educated guess it had to be Vanessa since she was the only one who could become transparent as she could.

    Of course Vanessa didn’t know this, they figured it was best for the girl to think she could do anything she wanted to the school with no one to stop her because she was there to become stronger after all and Lilith respected the fact that she wanted to get stronger.

    “I am heading to my mother’s by request Rolar, I have to hurry over there.” Lilith responded to Rolar when she turned her focus back on him. “Being a delinquent would be a waste of time and potential, you should listen to that too. You would be much better if you focused more on training rather than fooling around.” The girl didn’t hate Rolar, she wanted to help him in a way though she always sounded a bit cold when she spoke to anyone even if she was trying to be the complete opposite. “You’d be a higher rank as well.”


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  13. Colvino wandered around the school campus, heading towards her dorm. The outside area was quite noisy, bustling with students who are training, traveling, or just doing nothing in particular. A white haired girl ran pass her screaming "FUCK!" at the top of her lungs. Talking about being hot tempered, there are kids in the school as fair as Colvino knows. Passing by the beach she saw the infamous Ice Queen, Lilith Black. One of the people that Colvino always tried to stay away from. Besides, it seems like that Lilith already have someone pestering her, Colvino thought as she glanced at Rolar.

    She made it across the school ground fairly quickly, and scurried up to he dorm. Gazing out the window for a bit as she grabbed some bandages and wrapped them on her arm, Colvino noticed something odd with the building across.

    First of all, there were people up there. It wasn't too unusual for students to loft around on the roof, but this time the students were different. "Fujin..."Colvino muttered as she squinted her eyes a bit more. "...and the terminator maid girl." No wonder not many people were hanging around the roof today, the two SS-ranks up there were probably the reasons.

    "FUCK!" Another shout was heard from down below, Colvino assumed it was the same white hair girl from before. Leaning out the window a bit more, she tried to check if her assumption was correct or not. The white haired girl was there, but Colvino was early enough to notice the smoke, and the fluffy kitsune tail that was inside the smoke a moment ago. "Is that...Ray?" Probably trying to prank a SS-rank.

    Finishing up the bandaging, Colvino flipped out the window and held onto the side of the building. She closed the window from the outside, most windows did lock from the outside since many students can scale around buildings pretty easily. After making sure that the window was closed, Colvino let go of the side and leaped from the dorm building. A few white, glowing cubes the sizes of ice cubes appeared on the ground, and brushed into bits of glitter as Colvino fell on to them. The small shock wave softened the fall as the girl made her landing. The kitsune was already gone from her original spot, and has shifted upwards in position on the roof. She was back into her original form, and didn't move at all. "Oh right, the maid." Remembering that the eye patch maid could see though illusions, Colvino can tell that her kitsune friend was in a tight spot. But she didn't want to interfere, since it might expose Raychyl more. "Well, maybe I should let her know that I'm down here" A tiny white cube, about the same size as a lump of sugar appeared in her hand. Flicking it straight up, the cube made an elegant curve up the corner of the building away from most sight, and dropped onto the red scarf that the kitsune was wearing. "Geez, hope that scary maiden didn't see that."
  14. Noburu

    "And you use your work room to store tea? Very productive of you," Commented Takashi in a droll tone. This was quite common whenever the two interacted. Their arrogance lead to constant back and forth between the two SS classes. Thankfully, neither of the two had actually physically assaulted each other, likely as, while arrogant, the two were mature enough to hold some restraint. Instead, they simply threw subtle—and sometimes not-so-subtle insults and veiled threats to and fro.

    Looking back at the woman, Noburu appeared to watch her for a bit, as if waiting. He was waiting to see if she was going to try something. But of course she wouldn't. Why would she? She knew it was more trouble than it was worth, and that was if she even had a chance at winning. Beat Fujin Noburu? A foolish hope for a foolish maid.

    "Well, a bett-" Pausing his retort to the woman's inquiry of who was doing a better job of keeping the delinquents in line, said delinquents appeared to be stirring up more noise down below. It wasn't Rolar, but the white-haired one's roommate who appeared to be scolding her, or trying to. With a sigh, Noburu returned his focus to the maid once again. "-A better job than any of you, yes. Or would you otherwise care to attempt to convince me otherwise? What with one troublemaker burning something or someone once a week and another skipping classes, doing whatever he wants and then believing he is somehow superior. I don't think you deserve any praise for your work, Miss Enfield. Neither does any of the rest of the staff." She couldn't possibly think that the school deserved praise for keeping anyone in line, could she? Those that didn't do as they were told or produce worthwhile results were kept here for one reason; to keep them away from society. Unfortunately, that meant those taking their job seriously, like the Wind God himself, were forced to deal with the troglodytes.

    Finally, Isra began to lecture him on what the rules regarding threats were. That was worth a laugh. The damnable yankee rarely didn't act on her vulgar threats. Still, Noburu ignored it and watched as the yankee's red-headed roommate began dragging her off somewhere. "Hmph—If you wish to see the contents, just ask. Though take my word for it in that there's nothing of interest inside; it's quite bland. To the offer of tea, however, I will accept."

    Standing up from where he was sitting, Noburu presented the comic to Isra, however withholding it for a moment. "I don't think I need to tell you that you will not keep it, not that I think you'll enjoy this trash."
  15. Making her tea Isra responds in kind. "Well its better than me stealing my tea, thief, regardless more than tea is in there.." A bit tongue and cheek in her reply Isra continues in her customary tone. "Hmm..so a complaint is it..very well.." This time her smile went wide as a soft hum starts up from the maid. It seemed for whatever reason she was taking him seriously, or at least considering it. Taking the book she looks through it, pausing briefly at one section, sighing a bit the ninja likely missed that. "Noburu-san..I'll hand this back over to you, as far as I am concerned you will return it as you found it on the ground. Trash throwing out trash on mistake is hardly anything new." As if dictacting terms, she palces the book face down, turning her attention back to the tea, setting out three cups and three saucers, which was likely odd given there was only two of them here.. Holding up a finger as if to shoosh any dispute the fellow SS may have, or at least ignoring them, Isra has reached her own choice.

    Having decided on a mixture of bait and extermination...yes bugs should be crushed, roaches should be baited. As the tea comes to a boil, her one eye narrows. Finishing the preperations a few minutes later it was likely time..

    Bowing to Noburu As the Maids head lifts up a clear wide smile is plain as day. "I will handle thos disruption..personally should they wish to fight... And I will tell the girl that her book was found and returned...I trust you will return it..else I may have to come for it. Regardless stay and enjoy the Tea..please go easy on the Biscuits it is difficult to get them from home. I Isra Enfield shall carry out my Duty...Thank you Mister Noburu. I was getting bored." As she heads off the maid doesn't seem to bother taking her rifle, if it was a fight she rather doubted either of the parties would resort to murder. Unaware of hte passed message, she was fully aware the kitsune was there..and had left her an open window, and a cup of tea even to take on Noburu, she knew he had to be her target. It would be amusing to see what she could and would do.. "I do trust you will be here, and the book will not when I return..if not I'll find some other way to pass the evening. Good day."

    Of course when that bait was taken she would know. Laughing to herself as if happy, the Maid does something very unexpected, Isra walks right off the roof edge, as lightning charges seem to gather around her. It was unknown, and unimportant to her if anyone was concerned. For now she had a job to do, and using her limited ability of flight was the fastest way down.


    Meanwhile and prior;

    Rino sighs heavily shaking her head, the roommate was making things difficult..and being a fellow fire user, she knew all to well what could happen, nevermind she likely pissed off the princess, and she could swear she had heard the terminators laughter. This had to be silenced now. The two had something of an understanding between one another, and in manyways was like a sibling relation or a underboss and her henchman, that wasn't to say Rino bossed Yoko around, rather she could get away with things others could not. Regardless the girls worries were spilling over into rage..that would not end well.

    "Yare! Yare! What the hell are you doing! Kana?! EEHHHA?!" Tilting her headside ways and butting her forehead against the others Rino was a bit angry about this, a crowd had even gathered to watch..which wasn't Yoko's fault alone of course.. "Ora! Get lost! This ain't a fuck'n Sideshow! Unless you cheap, Gaijin Have Money, piss off!" This was enough to break off some of the watchers, or at least they pretended to do other things while they watched. With another angry sigh, Rino does something rare, lifting her face up enough for Yoko to see her fangs as she spoke, it always seemed to throw the girl off briefly...this normally allowed for a cheap shot or some subtle suggestion. Pulling Yoko inside with her the redhead sighs, as at this point her domination would likely have to switch to reasoning, Yoko was hotheaded.

    "Let me guess, someone pissed you off..likely got one of yer books, or pulled yer hair..., now you're drawing a crowd, scare'n off my goddamn business.." Releasing Yoko's Arm, and ignoring her own part in the whole, scaring off business, Rino places her right hand up to her face again, with the previous face palm. Taking in a deep breath before she continues talking. "I told yah, anyone starts shit yah should let me know..two heads better than one? Kana..I'm your Senior yeah? Told yah I have responsibilites..plus as I said my business! ...ugh and I wanted to buy more Vodka from that one seller..Tch pisses me off.." Slumping against the wall, out of hte corner of her eye, it seems the three shit heads from before were back..just great. And this time they looked ready to cause trouble.
  16. Arthur Chamberlain

    The arena was place for the students of Swarovski Academy to hone their craft in magic, not only in that, but to also strengthen their bodies for what the real world threw at them. Out there, there was not examples, no tests, no do overs... You get it wrong once and you are dead, both Arthur and Layth knew this well, all too well. Arthur stood at the side of the arena, styled much like a modern Colosseum, taking obvious design schemes from the olden structure in Rome, Italy. His one azure eye stared intently at the seen unfolding in front of him... What had begun as a simple training exercise was about to transform into a all out brawl, Layth seemed to have a habit of riling others up in more ways then one... In spite of not doing much. A smile pulled at the military man's lips. "Take out the best, and secure your spot on the top... A obvious conclusion, but is it the wisest?" His British accent laced in the words he spoke. Of course Arthur spoke of the current situation at hand, seemed some of the more zealous students aimed to slay the beast... The Lion of Swarovski, Layth. That eye of his shifted from the students that challenged the SS rank towards the beast himself. Slipping gloved hands inside of his black slacks he watched eagerly.

    "...There is a reason they call him beast, though I am sure they will learn soon enough."


    The student has always been popular among the school's populace... Though it wasn't for his impeccable social skills, nor was it for his kindness... The other students knew Layth because of his skill on the battlefield. Among the SS Ranks Layth had always consistently ranked at the top of his class, and reaching rank of SS at the age of twelve was a daunting feat in itself. In test score he scored consistently high marks, but his true strength lay in his on field experience. At a young age he was already well accustom to the harsh world outside of the academy... Being a child soldier and forced into war. The young man stood in the middle of the arena hand holding his weapon of choice, a Japanese blade still sheathed. Surrounded by his opposers, fellow students who seemingly had enough with his overwhelming popularity and prestige, they all had their weapons drawn; daggers, swords, guns even... There must have been ten of them, power in numbers right? Typically that mind set would work. "Lion of Swarovski!... Load of shit if you ask me!" One of the students called out grin pulling at his lips. "We haven't actually seen you do jack shit... Nothing but tall tales, honestly I would not be surprised if you spread em' yourself!" Another called out to Layth's side prompting the lion to gaze lightly at his direction. He couldn't blame them, he was often away on missions and the seldom times he was seen at school he would often be off doing his own thing, studying, training... With so much commotion and word of mouth already the stands of the arena began to slowly fill, other students began to surround the soon to be battle.

    "They're taken on the Lion of Swarovski!"

    "...There are ten of em' how is Layth gonna beat that?"

    "He does not seem fazed at all."

    Idle chatter among the masses, and honestly Layth was not one for so much attention. His golden hues moved to stare forward, not at anything in particular, his goal was to focus on his surroundings and not focus on a individual assailant. His free hand moved to rest on the hilt of his blade, he did not have to wait long... The student that held the gun raised his fire arm and fired off a few shots at Layth, honestly... With so many innocent bystanders around? Reckless... As those bullets flew through the air time itself seemed to slow down, at least to Layth. Those amber hues looked towards the bullets that slowly traveled through the air towards him, if he were to move the student on the other side would have been struck by the shots... Dodging was not an option. Time kicked in at normal speed once more and quickly Layth unsheathed his blade, in a few quick slashes those bullets were deflected towards the ground and the sky, ensuring no one will be struck by them. The gun user was dangerous... He would need to be dispatched of first. Taking a step to his side, within a brief moment he was already in front of the student holding the gun. That blade of his was sheathed once more, and the sheath cracked against the student's gun hand. The sound of bone cracking under pressure was heard, followed by a yelp of pain before it was quickly silenced with another strike against the student's jaw strong enough to force the kid into the air in a spiral before landing a few yards away. During this time the other students rushed in, seeing a opening to strike the preoccupied Layth. A student with a blade came down on Layth's right shoulder, and it was quickly met with a block of Layth's sheath he had merely lifted the sheath up behind his head to block the blow. With a quick spin Layth thrust his fist into the student's gut, the power and speed of the strike would have sent the boy flying in the air... But Layth had other plans for him; grasping him by the shoulder with his free hand the lion lifted him briefly and tossed him into another charging combatant. Suddenly he felt it, someone's aura... Their magical essence began to surge, someone was about to cast a spell... Quickly gold eyes shifted towards the spell caster who uttered their incantation, Layth would counter with one of his own. Forcing a gloved hand outward he struck the mage with something... What it was, not many people knew, but it was enough to send the spell caster reeling backwards from the force. Turning that palm upward Layth's own aura began to show, it started off cool like a low flame, but it steadily grew into a raging flame, a glow of red and white. The moment he sent his palm upward the student was launched into the air, the force rendered the young man unconscious, as he tumbled back to the earth Arthur was ready, using his own magic to steadily ease the kid back onto the ground.

    The remaining students were clearly shaken by Layth's speed, power and magical ability... The kid he had knocked out was a rank S, the strongest in their group... And Layth tossed him aside like nothing, how big was the gap between them and him? Amber eyes turned to look towards them, ferocity entangled in that glare, he was like a beast stalking his prey. Most of the students laid down their weapons surrendering, all but one who held firmly onto her book of spells. Her eyes swelled with tears, which took Layth back for a moment. That fierce glare he held softened, and that intense aura he admitted dimmed. "It's not fair..." The female whimpered grasping onto her book tightly, tears began to mark it's binding.

    "...I thought, that if I trained... That if I put up with your presence here... That I would be able to beat you..." She began her voice trembled, lips doing the same. Arthur stared onward arms moving to fold over his chest as he watched, Layth remained silent, eyes trained on her. "But even with all of us... You still came out on top, how can anyone win against you!?" He sadness slowly began to turn into anger, those digits of her's tightened around the book in her hands.

    "...My dad, he's gone because of you. Killed by you! And they still let a monster like you stay here!" Her voice echoed across the arena, silence fell over the arena. Layth stood, still silent, eyes never leaving the small girl's frame... She must have been no older then twelve. Off to the side, it was clear Arthur fought himself to not say anything, but he left his words to himself... He knew Layth would have not wanted him to step in, and so he granted the young man this. Slowly the wind around the girl began to swirl, her own aura becoming visible, a pale blue in shade... Yet filled with such hate. The winds around the arena in general began to strengthen causing Layth's hair and jacket to sway in it's strength. Her eyes began to glow brightly, a shade vibrant shade of blue... She was tapping into too much power. "...If they won't kill you, if they can't kill a mindless beast like you!... THEN I WILL!" The book opened, pages flipping out of control slowly it rose in front of her, and the girl herself began to slowly raise as well... Far too much power. Layth stood unflinching, waiting for the girl's rage fueled blast that was sure to come. The students around them stared dumbfounded, at a loss for words and actions, all they could do was watch as the little girl expressed her sadness, her rage. Large icicles formed in the air surrounding the girl's small frame, they began to spin quickly... From where Layth stood he could feel the frigid cold... But she was beginning to lose control. Small shards of ice began to launch prematurely striking the ground, some were sent towards the other students watching, and were quickly countered by protective spells... One even flew and stuck Layth's right shoulder forcing the young man to take a step back in recoil. His face for a moment scrunched in pain, wincing as the icicle still impaled his body. He clearly saw it coming, yet made no effort in trying to dodge the stray shard. The icicles began to flurry out of control and before the girl was ready to launch them at Layth, they took flight on their own. Moving at near blinding speed Layth remained still watching, was he going to bother moving?

    Either way it did not seem to matter, he a blur of black Arthur moved to stand in between the shards of ice and Layth. Lifting a hand in front of him he snared the icicles in his own spell, by the use of the gravity he forced the ice to simply collide into the ground instead in front of them. A bit shocked Layth looked towards Arthur, who peered backwards with a look of disapproval. No words were stated, but there was no need, they both knew what the other had to say. The girl who had attacked Layth had clearly used far too much power in one single attack for someone of her skill level, and as a result began to fall backward unconscious. In a blur Layth was right there to catch her before she hit the ground, he held the girl in his arms. Blood began to slowly seep from her nose, a clear sign that someone had used far too much magical power for their body to handle. For a moment Layth watched the sleeping girl, her rage subsided into a quiet slumber. Kneeling on the ground with the girl in his arms he parted his lips to speak.

    "...I don't blame you." He began briefly looking towards Arthur who approached. Layth's voice slightly deep tone held nothing but regret in it's words. "I would of done the same thing." Moving to stand with the girl in his arms Arthur gave a light shake of his head. "There is no age limit it seems, when it comes to your enemies... Either way, Layth, Mrs. Black called for you; most likely a mission. You should get going." Layth gave a light nod, eyes moving towards the girl's face. "I will once I drop her off with the nurse."
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  17. Jiiiiii~

    Glaring at the two. Well glaring at one, gazing at the other. Why is she there. She is so scary, and she's talking to Nobu-er, her target! Let's just listen in and see what happens...




    So he took Yoko's comic! Raychyl was more pleased with her deduction skills than anything. Seems like she makes a pretty good espionage unit after all!


    That is unless she's up against the Maid herself. What makes matters worse, she's ALREADY spotted her. It's alright... It's alright... She's not going to do anything. Hopefully... She shrunk behind her cover. Not fair. She's so mean! She tries to make her talk, and that always scares her so much. She's so mean... Raychyl can't talk at all. If she does, bad things happen.

    Then... She disappeared. She was gone. But now, Raychyl wasn't so sure if she wanted to prank Noburu. It might not be good. And now she was scared. Not fair...

    A tiny cube perched upon her scarf. She hadn't noticed that before! How long has it been there? Colvino! She's there for Raychyl! Yay! Alright! Now she had the drive she needed to do this thing! Now who to be... The mysterious lack of obscenities seemed to give her the answer


    "Ora! Hey Jackass, how 'bout you hand that back over."

    Rino walked out from behind the cover that the Kitsune was once hiding behind. A quick scan of her surrounding for more ideas. Tea stuff was still left out. And a cup was full... That could be a lot of fun!

    "What the fuck are ya tryin' ta pull? You gotta know that she's bound to explode and burn the whole place to the ground if ya keep that up!"

    Rino's hand started flaming, as she raised it up, and the cup of tea on the kart began to boil alongside it

    "And frankly, so could I. Gah, you really piss me off sometimes."

    Raychyl made sure to speak loudly enough so that her accomplice could hear her, hoping she was nearby to notice. Though that cube gave no reason for her to doubt.

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  18. [​IMG]

    Hearing her harsh words, he held his heart, and feigned a pain expression.

    "Ouch! I extend a hand of friendship and I get burned, pun absolutely intended.

    Actually, a lot of the things she said irritated him, in spite of his jests. But he kept his temper under wraps. It was a shame that the fire users were so often stereotyped into angry . What, you think I just play around all day? Geez, what does your mom say about me?

    Rank. Rank meant nothing at all. and as he continued his speech, he could feel himself get more and more irritated. It's not her fault. But, God if that didn't just make him pissed. He tried to be friendly. He wanted to be, but Ice and Fire just don't mix.

    Rank just mean's you're more faithful than the rest of the students. Can't say I blame you though. After all, your mom is the Headmaster her. You kinda have to keep up a certain air of respect for her. You know, 'Honor thy mother and thy father' I get it. But me? Well, I'll tell you what's a waste of skill. Waiting for them to tell us what to do, when we know what needs to be done plain and simple. Kill monsters. That's all I am looking for, and let me tell you, nobody wants these things dead more than me, and if the way I do it isn't to the Military, or the School's liking, then they aren't doing all they can.

    He had to blow off some steam now, this whole thing just got him riled up.

    "Go ahead. I won't bug you for a while now. I've had my fun here. Guess we really are opposites aren't we? I'm heading to train."

    Damn! Every time he talks her it always turns out like this. They were just so drastically different that it seemed the two could never get along. One of these days, he was just going to leave and start actually killing monsters. But for now, it seemed he was on lockdown. To clear his head he walked into to the training room dubbed the "The Arena" due to the large amount of sparring matches taking place here at one time. The Lion and The Shade as Rolar liked to call her were present at the time. He decided to approach Vanessa for a sparring challenge. Another person with powers the complete opposite of his own. Shadow and Light. But this time it was different, but there was a balance here unlike Fire and Water. Those were just forces which destroyed one another. Light and Shadow on the hand were two sides of the same coin. Yin and Yang. For this reason alone Rolar seemed perfectly capable of not going off on her like he does with Lilith.

    "Vanessa. How about someone closer to your power eh?"

  19. Every seat at the table in the enormous cafeteria was empty. Except for one, in which a certain seat was occupied by almost always one person, with that person being none other than Officer Kanon.
    He silently sipped on his tea and occasionally took a bite out of a type of food that couldn't generally be found where this school was placed: good old Berlin. But that's not important.

    So far, today had been an average Wednesday. There were no parties on Wednesdays, even if classes had ended. Kanon didn't know why; he just felt tea parties shouldn't be thrown in the middle of the week. "Fridays are much better." What? No one else was in the cafeteria. Talking to yourself is perfectly fine as long as you don't have company. "Oh, yes, company. How is it that classes are over and yet I'm the only one smart enough to grab myself something to eat...? After all, you can't kill... them, on an empty stomach!" Kanon swung his arm as though he were in a cartoon and then lifted it into the air. Not even a second after, a hole was already put in the ceiling, and a gunshot rang through the cafeteria. Hopefully, it didn't escape...

    "... Whoopsy daisy." The gun vanished and the officer returned to eating as though nothing had happened.
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  20. Noburu Takashi

    "Yes, yes... You go do that. Go clean up the mess that shouldn't have been allowed to fester in the first place, maid... And how many times must I tell you that I would not hang on to this worthless piece of trash if-" Pausing a moments as Takashi took the comic back by the cover, allowing the rest of it to fall open and spotting something of—interest. Likely, the maid spotted this as well and returned it after seeing it. Noburu as well didn't seem impressed—but disappointed as he adopted a disgusted face as he looked at the page in question. "...What is this crap..." Apparently, what he at first thought was but a simple romance manga was actually the same, but catered to more mature audiences; this specific volume luckily happened to be rather docile, except for the flashback printed onto the page he was currently staring at with a deadpan.

    "...That perverse little..." Scoffing at it, Noburu picked up one of the aforementioned biscuits and taking a bite out of it, the young shinobi was then interrupted by—the roommate of the flame-user he took the manga from? They stopped fighting long enough to track him down? Still, it didn't make any sense for why she would approach him over the book. Were they closer than he thought? Perhaps she just wanted what he did as well; peace and quiet from the obnoxious delinquent.

    Sighing, Noburu swallowed the bite he took from the biscuit before closing the comic and turning his gaze over to the angered flame mage. "I always took you for street smart... Are you sure you should be taking that tone up with me?" Narrowing his eyes at the girl, soon after, he sighed and fanned the book in front of him while holding it out in her direction. "Whatever... I'll excuse your behavior on the account that you typically are aware of your place and likely just want to shut the perverted girl up. Take it and give it back to her next time you see her... and make sure she's aware that I've seen what's in it."

    Yoko Tatsumi

    "OW! What tha' fuck!?" Yoko questioned, now rubbing her red forehead in pain instead of anger. Opening her mouth to release a hailstorm of vulgarities, she was silenced when her elder pretty much dragged her off and away from the forming crowd and summed up the events past. Nodding a bit at her summary, Yoko finally spoke up. "It was some fuck with purple shit under'is eyes. Pretty face 'n slim... 'n fuckin' fast. Bastard swiped my goddamn comic 'n then zipped off! Now I can't fucking find him!" Explaining a bit in detail it seemed as though the girl didn't even realize who she had fucked with.

    "You know who this fuc-" Unfortunately, Yoko was once again interrupted; this time, Rino's "friends" from before appeared. "Oi! You faggots! Fuck off! I'm already pummelin' someone today an' I'll fuckin' pummel you cunts if I gotta' too!"

    They didn't take too kindly to that threat. Of course, being delinquents and allowing a "little girl" to speak to them in such a way didn't coincide well. Add on to that that Rino as well began to argue Yoko about her language issues, causing the two women to begin ignoring the gang of hoodlums; this would only result in one ending. As the gang's leader began trying to outyell the two girls in order to get either one's attention, he grew closer, and closer as well as louder the closer he got. Eventually, he got within' arm-length and leaned down before shouting right into the duo's ears. This didn't go over very well with either of the girls as Yoko's fist, accompanied by Rino's, planted itself in the man's face with a synchronized "SHUT THA' FUCK UP!"
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