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    Swarovski Academy, located in England, is one of the major Academy’s that teaches and trains magical soldiers. Everyone is born with a symbol which is directly linked to what type of power they have. This symbol can be an item or object like a flower or gemstone or even be an emblem that symbolizes a concept that connects to the person’s abilities. However, while this can be good, it can also be dangerous. People who are overcome by excruciating sadness and despair lose control of their soul and their magical essence turns them into monsters that are no longer human. These monsters usually take a form that relates to what they went through in their life and their sadness. These monsters are powerful and a threat to society thus it can be dangerous to simply try to live. But, there are the magical soldiers to fight and destroy these monsters because not everyone is capable of fighting and standing against a monster that is easily feared. Not to mention that many of these monsters have destroyed quite a bit of towns and cities already.

    These monsters can also make contracts with other magical human beings though it is a trick and they will simply devour the beings soul in order to become more powerful. The human, however, does not know this and believes that they are the one who will get the power. That is not the case and they are used as energy for the monster to gain strength. Though, if the monster is killed within a certain amount of time after the contract, the person can be reborn as themselves again with no change to who they are physically or mentally unless they are simply shocked on their own because of what happened.

    Contracts can also be made between a human, which makes their bond stronger and in turn making their power stronger. They are able to work better together and combine their powers to make much stronger attacks then when they fight together without the bond. Usually, a contract is made only one person to another without any more contracts though there have been rare occurrences where there are more.

    Because it is easier to protect the remaining places that people live at, there are academies to train the soldiers that are floating in the air. They are there because it is easier to see what is going on and they have a beacon that creates a magical barrier around it and the towns that make it harder for the monsters to come inside though it isn’t impossible for them to break through. The barrier can weaken but it continues its strength by spent magical power of the students that live at the academies. Although the soldiers don’t want to lose too much magic or else it could kill them. They need to regenerate magic though that can happen simply by resting or to be faster there are special elixirs that can bring their power level back.

    There are two sections of the school. The first second is for children ages 7-12. The second section is for students in the ages of 13-17. Once they are 18 it is usually expected that they will become an official soldier or a teacher at the school to help train the students. However, the students are able to go on missions as well, missions that are to kill the monsters. There are some missions where a student can choose on their own to go on as long as it matches their rank, but there are also the missions given to them personally that they can choose to accept or not.

    Students live at the school in dorm rooms though they are much bigger and comfortable than classic dorm rooms. Each room holds two people. The school is very large in order to house all the students, have food places for them such as a cafeteria and small cafes. They have classrooms, clubrooms (since it is still also a regular school in the process of training them), and training facilities such as outdoor training grounds and indoor ones as well.

    Usually, a student enters the school at a young age but that is not the requirement and it is okay for a student to leave the school as well if it is something that they decide they do not want. The military wants members who are willing and strong enough to handle being in it.
    The school also doesn’t have very many rules that are too strict on students. After all, many are there for most of their lives. When not in classes or training, they are free to mostly do whatever they want as long as they aren’t destroying everything around them and causing too many problems. There are places to go at the school to enjoy leisure time such as play rooms for young kids and other rooms for the teenage students. Any kind of relationships are allowed and the students are able to leave the school as long as they are given permission. This is usually only so the school knows where the student is in case something happens or they need the student for a mission.

    There are ranks at this school given to each student that reflects their ability and number of years they have trained. These ranks do not apply outside of school as there is a different system for the military itself. Teachers are still in the military as well and can take on missions. The age of the child affects their ranking as well. A young child, no matter how good, will not be a Hero.

    SS-Class: Hero. These are students who are already in the magic army but still need to finish school. They have some exceptions to the age rule for students 13 and up.

    S-Class: Master. Age range: 15-17

    A-Class: Expert. Age range: 13-15

    B-Class: Apprentice. Age range: 10-13

    C-Class: Novice. Age range: 9-10

    D-Class: Beginners. These just entered the school as a child. Age range: 7-9


    Vivaldi Black

    Symbol: Butterfly

    Power: Resurrection (spiritual side of Butterflies), Mimic abilities associated with butterflies such as supernatural beauty and powder generation.

    Character Sheet






    Door room Number:











    Theme Song:




    Eye color:

    Hair Color:


    -This rp is about the students at this Academy and using their powers to protect the people.

    -You can have as many characters as you want (that you can handle).
    -Be as creative as you like.

    -Romance, rivalries, etc. is allowed, supported and preferred.

    -Do not simply leave the Rp, tell me you cannot rp anymore somehow whether through the thread or PM me if you want it to be private.

    -Two general powers max for your characters (See other characters for examples if needed)

    -Please be respectful and kind to others rping, I don’t want anyone fighting each other in the OOC thread. I want us all to become friends and enjoy the rp.

    -There will be no posting schedule, however, keep in mind when was the last time you posted. Be smart about it, wait a few posts until you post again but try not to post too slow either compared to the others unless there is a reason (Told to the GM at least).

    -If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    Cast list

    Lilith Black
    Raychyl Vulvix
    Takashi Noburu
    Rolar Maxin
    Rino Fujiwara
    Isra Enfield
    Yoko Tatsumi
    Colvino Lineans
    Arthur Chamerlain
    Siegfried Weidenmann
    Haruhi Nakamura
    Lieselotte Orouto
    Kamiko Minori
    Vár Krasniy



    Height: 5’5’’ | Weight: 115lbs. | Eye color: Blue | Hair Color: Black and White
    Name: Lilith Black

    The Untouchable: Given to her by school and military because she refuses to be touched at all
    Ice Princess: Given by students who aren’t close to her, because of her personality and power
    Lil: Given by friends

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Rank: SS-Rank

    Dorm Room Number: 13

    Personality: Lilith fits her power very well. She is quiet most of the time and is very serious. She can be cold at times though she does care about protecting everyone whether it seems like it or not. She is strict on herself and everything, sometimes even cynical. On the inside, she struggles with constant pressure from herself and family as well as haunted by her past. Really, she is vulnerable and can be easily afraid which is shown through her fear of being touched linked to her past as well.

    -Ice cream

    -Loud Noises
    -People touching her

    Bio: Lilith is the daughter of Vivaldi Black, the headmistress of the Academy. Her father is a general in the army military so from the beginning she was expected to be born a soldier. From a very young age she started training way before school started. They expected her to become strong and she grew the fear of disappointing her parents who were hard on her during her training. While she was a young girl she was kidnapped because of her parents being well known, she was beaten badly during that kidnapping which lead to her fear of being touched by anyone ever since. She was found and saved by her parents; however, it has stuck in her head ever since where she tends to have nightmares about it. It was because of all this that Lilith almost lost control of her magical essence and became a monster but somehow she was able to stop it and stay herself (Although no one but her parents know this because this is a very strange occurrence). She went on to school and worked constantly, always trying to make her parents proud. Because of her extreme work and training she recently became an SS-rank though a lot of that is because she was trained by her parents before she entered the school not because she is naturally better than most people although it appears that way.

    Relationships: (TBD)

    Symbol: Blue quartz crystal

    Power(s): Water and Ice

    -Long range combat
    -Short range combat unless hand-to-hand

    -Cannot stand being touched by anyone
    -Hand-to-Hand combat
    -Team Work

    Voice: Brina Palencia (Holo from spice and wolf)

    Theme Song: Invincible by Adelitas Way

    -She has a soft spot for animals.
    -She looks more life her father although she still has some of her mother’s beauty.
    -She wasn’t always born with two colored hair, the white appeared when she almost lost control of her magical essence and stayed there even after she fought it off.

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  2. Is incredibly jealous of your skill with making CS's visibly pleasing
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  3. [​IMG]

    Height: 5'3 | Weight: 117 | Hair Color: Blonde | Eye Color: Gold

    Trickster | Kitsune | Ray




    Dorm Room Number

    Raychyl rarely speaks for herself. Or as herself for that matter. She won't usually hang out with other people, herself, but loves pulling pranks on others. After she succeeds in her pranking, or if she's caught, she will change into her true form, and run off giggling. She never speaks in her own voice. So few people have heard her speak that many wonder if she has a voice of her own. But she does. It is light and soft, not at all the way that she appears in combat. Once standing with a blade in her hand, her silence becomes more menacing than anything. Her pranks become a deadly weapon, and her uncanny ability to mimic someone? A powerful psychological attack. It would like like the two are different people entirely. Though the mask changes a lot.

    Books | Pranks | Impressions | Singing

    Speaking as herself | Social interaction | Addressing a crowd

    Children should be seen, not heard. Seen not heard. Seen, not heard.

    Never to speak her voice. She was a child. She didn't know better. So her parents always told her. People of high class, raising their daughter in the way that would gain the approval of others in their circle of acquaintances. Not allowed to speak as herself. What she had to say was not important. She held her tongue. And was praised by everyone. Was this right? everyone said she was such a good girl Was she? They convinced her it was so. To impress the people of the world, one must be silent. No one cares what you have to think. Her voice did not matter... But others did. They could speak so they knew what they were talking about obviously. I can not use my voice... But maybe theirs...

    It was strange. She was not allowed to speak in her voice. Nor was she allowed to speak in theirs. Why? She was punished for it, but it didn't make sense. Maybe it was her? Not just her voice. She needed to be a different person with a different voice. To her surprise... she could be a different person. Did that mean she could talk?...

    Months went by, until she was discovered. Her parents were furious, and screamed at her. She never used her own voice before... Until then...

    I'm sorry momma! I'm sorry papa! I'll never speak like myself again! I didn't want this to happen! If I didn't say anything maybe it wouldn't have turned out like this... I promise... I'll be a good girl from now on... I'll do as I'm told...

    Now she never wishes to use it. She found herself at the school for a home, and a place to learn to use her magic powers. But not to speak for herself... no, that was not to happen again...

    Currently N/A

    Kitsune Mask

    Shapeshifting | Illusions

    Infiltration | Deception | Melee Combat Situations

    Having her Cover Blown | Speaking for or as herself

    Megan Harvey as "Violet from Rune Factory Tides of Destiny"

    Theme Song
    General Theme

    Combat Theme

    Her fox ears and tail are not actually a part of her body, but rather her shapeshifting magic at work. She always keeps them when she is herself for whatever reason. It's likely just comforting to her.

    While training or in combat, her mask that she wears, and lack of responses gives her a very intimidating presence, although as soon as the mask is removed, her soft spoken nature proves more adorable than intimidating.

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  4. She's accepted. :D
  5. I'll be making a guy soon too. It will be up this weekend probably
  6. Looks interesting, question though, are the ranks basied on age or skill? Can characters be over\under tge age limit due to their skills to fight or other reasons?
  7. Okay, great!

    The ranks are based on age and skill. There is a range of age for each rank on the overview. However, there are exceptions for ages 13 and up. However, it can't be an extreme exception. Maybe just a level up. This is to not have some little child who is majorly overpowered because obviously they wouldn't be with not as much training since they are younger and have less years of experience.
  8. Is a one year exception okay? I'm actrally planning to make a pair of siblings with the younger one above and older one below the rank age limits.
  9. A one year exception is okay. The age ranges have overlapping ages as well just to let you know. It is on the overview.
  10. I saw that, just making sure :P
    Also, I lack the skills to make my CSs look nice.
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  11. There's no need to make the CS look nice. I just like to do that, so you can keep it simple as long as you have all the information I ask for.
  12. I'm somewhat interested, had a few questions however.

    One is this going to play out more like a school, or like a military unit, or some place inbetween like a few of the anime from this year? In terms of setting that is, can we expect slice of life or combat more often? Something in the middle? I mostly ask this as I'm "meh" with pure school like settings.

    On the voice, is something Japanese fine? Just to get an idea of the tone and sound.

    Instructors, will they be all npc, or some player role? I'm curious on making one but am fine with being a student. I tend to make multiple bios.

    I know this is magic based, but what is the technology and weaponry like?

    I think I have a general idea, but I don't want to end up making, say someone that uses a huge cannon or a handgun, that uses magic projectiles, or some sword that looks waay futuristic, or show up in plate armor. I just don't want to make something that causes problems. A show example or a detailed answer would be good enough, or if its anything goes with in reason I'll just wait for more approved examples to show.

    And, hmm thats all I think.

    I really like how your bio is made, looks very nice.
  13. 1. It's a mixture of the two

    2. Japanese is completely fine. Any language is fine. It's only for the tone and sound like you say.

    3. I asked in my interest check and most believed that it would be easier to have teachers just be NPC's (though people could still play them just not as their main character(s)) So, I would have to say to keep with students.

    4. Oh boy, this question. I'm seeing it as all technology from now and in the past (Real world) and then a few years into the future. It is magic based so I am considering that some magic might be able to make futuristic pieces. It's hard to answer this question because most technology changes thanks to magic because the magic is what controls and causes things instead of actual technology. For instance, the school floats because of magic not technology. So, magic guns are fine. I would say something that just doesn't look like it has a whole bunch of buttons that do a whole bunch of things in one. However, it's also more modern so they will most likely not do armor that's outdated like the plate armor. Honestly, it's easier to just have a person say what they want and I tell them if it's okay. Like, the swords in mine and the other CS's pictures are fine.

    Thank you. I hope I answered some stuff. I'm very tired right now and kind of can't think really well.
  14. I will be creating a character soon. :)
  15. Ah thank you for the reply.

    I'm going to talk to a few people I know, attempt to get them into this.

    I have a general idea of the setting you want, and hmm thats fine on weapons and teachers. I'll take a look see what I can make.
  16. I'm just looking for another picture for my Character. Want to give him a casual appearance
  17. I'll be making a couple characters and putting them up when they're done.
  18. So. I have to ask myself. Do want my character to focus on destructive nature of fire, or the Light bringing nature
  19. Fujin Noburu

    Height: 5’7” -- Weight: 156 lbs -- Eye color: Silver -- Hair Color: Black


    Noburu Takashi

    Fujin Noburu




    Door room Number:

    Personality: An individual with enough arrogance to fit his class. Noburu believes himself to be of the elite class and, as such, finds it difficult to socialize with others--or rather, people find it difficult to put up with him. He’ll readily place himself above those around him and proclaim superiority without a second thought, not only to his allies, but his enemies and opponents as well. Takashi possesses an extremely cocky attitude in battle, constantly belittling and mocking whomever his target may be while boosting his own ego. When not boasting, he can often be seen as very silent, stoic and professional when given an assignment personally by the school.

    Unfortunately, Takashi does seem to have somewhat of a screw loose. This is particularly only seen in battle when he comes across an opponent of equal or higher power. As a man with such pride, it’s obvious he doesn’t particularly enjoy losing or coming short of his expectations. In such situations, he appears to take on a more sadistic and bloodthirsty nature as well as somewhat of a tunnel vision towards whoever pushed him to such a point.

    Thus far, Noburu has yet to be seen to particularly care for anything or anyone; aside from his ego, of course. Though, he will stick his neck out to protect or fight for someone should he come across them and they be in trouble. However, he often justifies this behavior by the logic that allowing a rookie to die on his watch would besmirch his name and skills.

    - Suffering of his opponents -
    - Defeating others -
    - Being praised -
    - Money -

    - Failure -
    - Arrogance (Other than his own) -
    - Being equaled -
    - Being tricked or deceived -

    Bio: Once, shinobi were called upon to act as agents of subterfuge, assassination and sometimes even open warfare. Then, the war-riddled country of Japan grew peaceful and their services were needed no longer. Centuries after that, and once again peace has been disrupted, opening a position for these assassins to arise again.

    Born into one of the few still-existing Shinobi clans, Noburu was raised and trained by his family long after children typically enter the school. There, he spent most of his time learning the art of elimination rather than behaving like a normal kid. The regimen in his home was much harsher than at the school he trains at now. There, if you wanted to eat, you needed to succeed. If you wanted money, you needed to beat out the competition. Those that succeeded earned praise, bragging rights and a life primarily filled with comfort. Those that didn’t, or maybe just weren’t at the same level as some of the other children, suffered and scraped by.

    It is for this childhood that much of Noburu’s attitude is what it is. He had always succeeded and been taught that, if you succeed, it’s fine if you look down others. You’re better than them, after all. And if you fail--don’t. Period.


    2 Purple Crescents. One under each eye.


    - Speed and Agility -
    - Melee Combat -
    - Stealth -

    - Arrogant -
    - Teamwork -
    - Stubborn -

    Voice: Yuki Kaji (Sonic; One Punch Man)

    Theme Song:





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  20. So...bout that two character thing...I draw my own characters appearances and it's taking awhile, school and other stuff are a thing too. The message here is that I might only be having one character *winnkwink*
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