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  1. If you had any super power ever known to man, what would you claim as yours? Personally, I would want to be able to control time. So whenever I want a few more hours of sleep or time to relax before work, I can just freeze time and do whatever for however long I want and then when I feel ready to continue with my day I can unfreeze time and go on with it! So, what would you want as a super power?
  2. Can I just choose the power to have any power?
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  3. Peter Petrelli's power.

    I'll meet all you peeps, and gain all of your powers.
  4. Well, sure. So Soulless, would you just think of the power and than have it or..?

    I'm not sure who that is, Gwazi. But I assume they can take other people's powers?
  5. Yes, because I'm a dirty cheater that doesn't like fun.

    Seriously though I've always thought mind control would be great. Imagine how easy it world be to get a dream job!
  6. Being able to control metal like Magneto is what I'd want. Mostly because I can be creative with it.
  7. Ability to regenerate/immortality because I'm a baby with a paralyzing fear of death
  8. What is your dream job, Soulless?
    Cpt, what would you make with your metal?
    I definitely agree with you Fauna I would love to have regeneration or immortality. Especially if my significant other was immortal too~!
  9. The power to summon kitties. That feel in you chest? You have a kitten in you lounges
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  10. Danger Sense
  11. If you develop this superpower pls give me your number so I can call you during emergencies. Thank you.
  12. Not necessarily 'take'. He just needs to be within another persons presence for long enough and he develops the power himself, with the original still having their power fine as well.
  13. Probably something that earns a silly amount of money with a tiny amount of work.
  14. All of these superpowers are great! Now all we need to do is make a machine to give you these powers...
  15. My power (If you could call it one) Would be the ability to pull out the exact amount of money needed to pay for something.

    So...buying stuff online...yeah >.>
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  16. [​IMG]

    Batman has an answer for everything. :)
  17. The power to fill anything with whatever substance I imagine.
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  18. These are all so great. I definitely like the money one. You would never need to worry about money again!
    That's interesting Beets! I know how I'd use that. ;D
  19. Anything to warp reality on a whim would be nice.
  20. Teleportation. The ability to appear anywhere on a whim would be excellent for travel purposes.
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