Sunland Roleplay - Fantasy Drama Romance Open World RP


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This is an RP based off the lore of a small Minecraft server I go on, but this has nothing to do with Minecraft.

So everyone is created by Rob an almighty being that is the God of Creation of Sunland. Everyone first awakes on the altar in the center of the world (Which is flat)They awake with nothing but clothes. No memories nothing. They are fully grown, people do not grow in Sunland also they are immortal. When someone would die they only end up back where at safety. People make towns and many king/queens arose. The first of these was Haggard which expand and fell. After some time, you will be reborn as a different person when they die. When this happens most often the person loses all titles or passions. There are many God, most are unknown, but some also believe in Alexanderos. There are many races, basically anything you can think of from humans, elves, undead, monster, nekos, and *cough*furries*cough*

If you have any questions you may ask. Also open to changes.