Summon: The War

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  1. The sky was perfect; blue, not too much clouds, but just enough. The sun was shining down on the land, helping the water glimmer like a diamond. Yui Haruno had left his home due to the fact that his parents were fighting once more. He stopped on the dirt path, the grass around him up to his knees. He dropped his back pack off of his shoulders and pulled out a book about Norse Mythology, then put his bag back on his back.
    After plenty of years of reading and walking, he had learnt to not walk into objects or people. He opened his book to the book marked page, the first page to the chapter about the Midgard Serpent. He walked up to the river bank, but his attention left the book when he felt his toes being kissed by the water. He never wore sandals often, but he wanted to feel different for once.
    He shut the book on his index fingers and enjoyed the shining water. It was like crystals. He had some feeling to look beside him, so he did. He saw rocks amidst the sand. He saw a sparkle, a twinkle. He squatted down and pushed the sand and rocks away, and found what looked like a shining white stone in the shape of an amber. He saw his own reflection in it. With a small smile he took the rock in his hand. It was the size of his palm. He slipped it into his jean pocket and stood back up.
    There was a loud splashing noise, and Yui found himself on the ground, drenched in water. He dropped his book beside him. His backpack dug into his spine, causing him to shout out in pain. Yui noticed he had his eyes closed, so he opened them as he felt something slimy wrap itself around his shin. His eyes widened. It was a slimy, black tentacle. He saw six others sticking out of the water. He wanted to let out a loud scream, but nothing came out.
    A shadow covered Yui. Two plated, steel boots landed beside him on the sand. The boots were fire red. The entire body of this figure was fire red. The figure looked like a knight, but red. It had a sword as big as he was, and the handle to the sword was the size of Yui's arm. The knight like figure rested the sword on his shoulder. He grasped its handle with both hands, then cocked his elbows to the side. He swung his weapon and severed the tentacles sticking out, the four inches still sticking out of the water withdrew. He raised his weapon over his head, and brought it down upon the tentacle that had a grasp on Yui's leg. the sand became stained with purple goo. Yui blinked, and the knight was gone.

    'What was that?' Yui thought to himself as he sat down in bed and placed the stone beside him on his night stand.
  2. Warmth. All around me was this blanket of heat that nestled me snuggly. All I saw were vibrant visions of reds, burgundies, orange, all cradling me within them. I had no concept of time or place. I was simply being and my tiny shred of consciousness reveled in it with pleasure. So when I finally felt a small wave of disruption in my Utopia I felt my being protest, the first conflict I'd feel. Something was ever so slowly pulling me out of my warm embryotic cradle and I had no power to stop it.
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  3. Something was wrong. As Yui reached over to turn the lap off that was resting on his night stand, the stone started to do something odd. It was glowing. Soon it had crumbled into sand, but then he saw the most beautiful figure he had ever seen. It was a woman.
    "W-what.." He muttered to himself.
  4. My eyes snapped open for the first time and I could see nothing. Just the light of the room blinding me as my mouth opened in a hard gasp, my lungs begging for oxygen, the tendons in my neck strained as I take it all in. I'm laying strewn on the floor, a brown scratchy robe covering my torso as its ridden up to my hips. My pale body begins to shake as I've been snatched from my home of warmth onto this cold floor.
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  5. Yui's mouth opened wide as he looked this girl up and down with his eyes. He jumped up off of his bed and got on his knees beside the girl. Yui lifted his left hand and placed it on the girl's cheek. She was stone cold, as if in the middle of winter. He shook his head and took his blanket, then draped it over her.
    "W-who are you..?" He asked, shakily.
  6. My eyes widen as I feel something touch my cheek, the same feeling of warmth I'd felt in my old home. I scramble forward, unable to walk, crawling into this source of heat's lap, curling into a ball as best I could but these limbs weren't very cooperative. I press my head under it's neck and continue to shake violently.
  7. Yui couldn't smile or anything. He was too shocked at this. He pulled the blanket up onto the girl who had crawled onto his lap. He wrapped his hands around her chest and held her close. He could feel how cold she was. He felt the need to help her get warm.
  8. I felt the familiar cradling of the warmth and for a second I thought maybe I was going back home. But no I couldn't be. Home was perfect, this was only a fraction of what home felt like. The realization brought the unfamiliar sensation of tears to my eyes and eventually, from the environmental shock and body temperature, I pass out all together.
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  9. This dramatic action completely shocked Yui. He wiped away her tears and cradled her in a picking up stance. He placed her on his bed and placed his blanket over her and sighed. He locked the bedroom door and switched out of his shorts and into sweat pants. He pulled on a thick hoody, then piled some clothes against his dresser.
  10. My subconscious is bombarded with visions of red, burgundies, and orange. The only memories I had prior to this, but the colors bring me no comfort now. They simply remind me of all I lost. When I finally open my eyes, light is pouring in through glass in the wall, flooding the room.
  11. yui had gotten no sleep that night. He was worried about the girl in his room. He saw her as she opened her eyes. "Good morning.." He pushed out, standing up. He rolled his neck around, feeling a kink in there from his laundry pillow. "Are you hungry?"
  12. I looked up at this strange creature and then around the room. He made some kind of unfamiliar noises and looked at me expectantly. I looked down at myself and found myself engrossed in my hand. Not sure how, I lifted it up and examined it wiggling my fingers. Looking at the strange creature in the room I saw he had the same part. Maybe he wasn't a strange creature after all. We were the same.
  13. "Hungry? You know, food?" Yui raised his voice slightly. He shook his head and placed his hand on her cheek. "Well, you've become room temperature atleast."
  14. I grab his hand with both of mine and turn it over examining it. I rub the back of his hand on my face but there is no huge warmth as the night before. We were the same temperature now. I turn his hand over and press my hand against his.
  15. He places the back of his hand to her forehead. "Alright, you don't seem sick or anything." He nods. "Can you speak english?". He got an idea. Letting the girl have his hand, he reached under his bed and pulled out his laptop. Yui opened it and typed in "White Ambers" on google images. He couldn't find the same rock.
  16. I looked over your hand I was examining and onto the bright screen, eyes wide as I lean in my gaze trailing over it, completely blocking your view.
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  17. "Well if you want a turn you will just need to wait a second." Yui groaned. Sitting on the window outside of the room, a green goblin, invisible to the eye thanks to its special powers, ir watched over the scene, plotting.
  18. I look down at the button you just clicked and start pressing a bunch, smiling at the sounds of their clicking. Navigating your screen all over the place.
  19. With a sigh, Yui plaved the laptop on the girls lap. "Alright, go nuts." He rolled his eyes, but enjoyed her pretty smile.
  20. My mouth opens as I smiles, a small noise leaving my throat an inhuman delicate sound of pleasure, resembling chimes or something you might hear under water. I jab at the keys in enjoyment, particularly enjoying the space bar.
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