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  1. Yamamoto Middle School. It might appear to be a regular place. However, it is more than that.

    Like any school, it has its fair share of delinquents, bancho, regular students and all that.

    There is a recent transfer student among them. Is it a he? Is it a she? No one knows, but it is said that this student is so frightening, many delinquents, bullies and others have claimed to be frightened of it.

    This being takes the form of an androgynous young... young child. It holds secrets within it, but what kind of secrets? What kind of secrets are within this child? Can anything good come out of an attempt to befriend it?



    Basically, the main cast centralized around the title character go around having some fun slice of life hijinks and kicking ass of potential crazy antagonists or delinquents around the school. And perhaps something more...

    It's simple really.

    Try not to turn this too dark and edgy.



    Maximum 3 characters per person
    This is semi-sandbox
    For simplicity sake, all first years will be in the same class and so on.
    As much as you can go crazy, don't control other people's characters.
    Have fun.



    (Insert Picture here)

    Age: This is a middle school. 12 is for pre-birthday first year, 15 is for post-birthday third year. If you age slow, boost that age.
    Grade: First year, second year, third year?
    Species: I would REALLY prefer it if there was at least one human, but please, feel free to go craycray. Try to aim for variety.
    Appearance: Add on to the picture with words.
    Skills and Abilities: What can you do? How will you fight?
    Known Weaponry: Careful big guy! We're on school grounds! Personally, I'd prefer you to use simpler weapons as opposed to heavy machine guns or buster swords.
    History: Don't be too dark please.
    Others: Anything else that doesn't fit up there?​
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  6. [​IMG]
    "From now on, you are one of my brethren, my comrade. You and I are equals. I lack a name, thus until I acquire one, you may call me Cambion."




    Second year

    Cambion. Based on records, Cambion are said to be the result of an incubus impregnating a human female. This described action is actually the last step of succubus reproduction. In other words, a Cambion is a premature version of a succubus. Cambion do not have a known gender, and will gain a couple upon maturation. While Cambion usually sprout into succubi by the age of seven, this particular Cambion still has not, and seems to be a late bloomer.

    Cambion is about 1.4 metres tall and has a slender figure. Cambion is so youthful and petite, no one really knows its gender, but he will be referred to as 'he' for now. He has a few markings around his belly and some near his collarbones. He can easily hide his demonic traits, except for his markings and eyes. He is rarely seen wearing a school uniform, and wears a navy blue track suit.

    Skills and Abilities:
    Cambion is actually rather crafty and smart, being able to improvise his environment rather well to his advantage. From pencils, forks to even steel beams, Cambion knows how to use many things as weapons while in close combat.
    As a premature succubus, Cambion is capable of revealing and hiding his demonic traits - wings, tails, horns and whatnot. His little wings can glide or perform double-jumps, but not fly, that is, unless he reduces his density further.
    Cambion can manipulate his density to become heavier or lighter, perhaps heavy enough to deal heavy punches and blows. He often uses this ability to hurl heavy objects, or pin others to the ground.
    While mature succubi lure, Cambion... is pretty much the opposite. By putting on a mechanised 'noh mask' and unveiling it from the middle, he can reveal a face so frightening, even the bravest of warriors would begin to feel fear, and even vomitting or heart attacks. Such is the potential of this last-resort attack which he uses for 'special occasions'. If you bother to blindfold yourself, you're safe from it. This is the reason why people fear him.
    Cambion does not breathe, and his heart does not beat, for such systems are not developed yet, and thus can survive in the vacuum of space. How he processes sustenance that enters his mouth is, in turn, unknown.
    Cambion is immune to attraction-based indirect attacks, and could probably gulp a Love Potion down without feeling any different.
    Should he mature into a succubus, he will lose a great deal of these abilities while gaining new ones, as well as his physiology going through some serious metamorphosis.

    Known Weaponry:
    Cambion doesn't use wooden katanas or clubs, but he will improvise them if he sees them. He does bring along a lot of other stuff.
    First on his list is a bag of marbles. First he utilises the marbles, then he uses the bag... Replenishes after the end of the day.
    Second on his list is a water pistol of the super soaker variety. Alternatively, he can use water balloons.
    Third on his list, wires connected to a battery.
    Fourth on his list, a few smoke bombs.
    He improvises many other items as weapons, items from the environment.

    Cambion is an individual who does not wish to be looked down upon. In other words - a superiority complex. He sees true friends and allies as equals, not inferior or superior. Whenever he hears about some delinquent who wishes to be the strongest, he will wish to meet and battle them. This superiority complex is to make him feel less inferior about himself, as he is still not a succubus after such a long time. He believes that becoming the strongest will allow him to germinate into a full-fledged succubus, or if all hope for that is lost, prove that he can be the greatest without growing into his race's adult stage.
    As an extension of this personality, he is pretty ruthless and tenacious on the outside, and when he starts a fight, he refuses to stop even after it is time to stop, truly a demon. He does have a sweet side for those close to him, acting feminine and all.

    Cambion grew up in a tribe of succubi that live in a certain pocket dimension, known as the Succubus Realm. They keep humans as livestock, then use them to feed on their lust, life energy and ultimately use them for reproductive purposes. Cambion should have bloomed into a succubus by now, but he didn't. No matter how much he was looked down upon or mocked, he refused to accept that he would stay a Cambion for the rest of his life - a weak one at least. He wanted to prove his strength, his force, his authority.
    When he began to attend school at Yukinoshita middle school, it only ended up in chaos due to whatever delinquents it had. I know deliquents are unavoidable in middle school, but putting Cambion in an environment with the slightest bit of fighting was not the best idea.
    His tribe's higher ups don't really seem to care, maybe they do in a different way, different enough to allow him to go ahead and beat the crap out of everything.

    Cambion's tribe does not allow its members to have names until they have evolved into succubi. Thus, Cambion is simply called Cambion. It's even in his fabrificated ID.
    Cambion's body is cold on cold nights and hot on heated days.​
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  7. [​IMG]

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Grade: Third Year

    Species: Human/ Esper

    Appearance: Is average in height, well-built young man. Has blue eyes and dark colored hair that frames his face. Ordinarily, he wears black square rimmed glasses however when practicing he wears contacts. Is always neat and tidy in appearance. He most often wears his school uniform, if not, then it is traditional japanese clothing such as a kimono and hakama and tabi socks. He is one for tradition.

    Skills and Abilities:

    -Telepathy- Can read minds and mentally project his 'voice' to others.

    -Dreamscape- Can enter a sleeping person's dreams and influence them.


    - Aikido (合気道) a Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba as a synthesis of his martial studies, philosophy, and religious beliefs. Ueshiba's goal was to create an art that practitioners could use to defend themselves while also protecting their attacker from injury. Aikido techniques consist of entering and turning movements that redirect the momentum of an opponent's attack, and a throw or joint lock that terminates the technique

    - Jujutsu (柔術) A Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon.

    -Karate (空手) A martial art developed on the Ryukyu Islands in what is now Okinawa, Japan. predominantly a striking art using punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open hand techniques such as knife-hands, spear-hands, and palm-heel strikes. Historically and in some modern styles grappling, throws, joint locks, restraints, and vital point strikes are also taught.

    -Kyudo (弓道) Is the modern Japanese martial art (gendai budō) of archery.

    -Battōjutsu (抜刀術) Generally, battōjutsu is practiced as a part of a classical ryū and is closely integrated with the tradition of kenjutsu and is practice with the live-blade, katana, often as simply the sole, kata.

    -Iaijutsu (居合術) A combative quick-draw sword technique. This art of drawing the Japanese sword, katana, is one of the Japanese koryū martial art disciplines in the education of the classical warrior (bushi).

    -Kendō (剣道) A modern Japanese martial art, which descended from swordsmanship (kenjutsu) and uses bamboo swords (shinai) and protective armour (bōgu).

    Known Weaponry: Uses an ancient looking Katana but can be just as dangerous with a bokken.


    Makoto, like his father is very stern. He is uncompromising in his values which leads most to think he's stuck up or know it all. But he's really not. In actuality, he's a kind, considerate person who has everyone's interests at heart. A dedicated worker, he values the opinions of others and vehemently opposes those who disregard the rules or bully others.



    -Student Body Council President

    -Is called Mako-kun only by Megumi.

    - Father's name is Ryouichi written as 良 (ryou) "good" and (ichi) "one"

    -Mother is dead.
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  8. Name:
    Fukui, Megumi



    Second Year

    Human - Miko (in training)

    Megumi stands just above average for a girl her age, this sometimes makes her look a little older than she actually is. Her hair falls down just below her bum and is most often kept back in a loose, relaxed braid. She has a scar on her left calf from an accident when she was seven. There's also a scar on her right index finger from where she was bit by a lesser youkai when she was nine.

    Skills and Abilities:​
    • Archery​
    She's practiced archery and has been in the archery club ever since she learned of it's existence from Mako-kun.​
    • Divination:​
    She dosen't seem to have much control of this ability and can't see past an hour into the future most of the time.​
    • Ofuda/Paper Talisman​
    While it takes her a very long time to prepare her own, she's pretty good at filling them out and using them for her age.​
    • Purify:​
    Burns anything "evil" humans or supernatural forces that she touches with her hand (if she's focusing on it). With enough training, she'll eventually be able to control her pure energy better and use it as a raw force of power. But she's not that good yet. The less evil, the less it burns. Her touch works less on beigns with higher "levels" of power than Megumi. (She can't purify a 500 year old demon. she'd just get eaten for trying.) At the same time this can purify a wound of poison or demonic miasma. Can also completely heal minor wounds.

    Known Weaponry:
    • Bow and Arrow​
    • Paper Talismans​
    • Mako-kun (not that she'd admit to it)

    Megumi tries to be the perfect example of a priestess, modest, serene, graceful, and good in all that she does. She fails miserably most of the time. The girl, although polite and as non violent as sh can make herself be, has a tamper on her. She hate's being looked down on and she can be extremely competitive. When she does something, however, she throws her all into it. All the way or no way. Megumi, while trying to stay composed most of the time, can be quite easily flustered over simple things. The girl is usually quite sweet and good natured unless she's suspicious of someone or she decides that she doesn't like them.

    Megumi grew up on the Fukui Inari Shrine. Her family has lived there for generations, caring for the grounds and preforming the sacred acts required of the position. Her lineage does include those with holy power, but noone that was famous enough to have their name recorded in history. Megumi grew up with her parents, her older sister, and her grandfather. The young girl would spend hours exploring the old shrine's ground and finding, or inventing new things as she did. One day when she was five, a boy, two or so years older than her, began to visit on a periodic basis. He would stay for hours, fighting the air and practicing with his sword. Megumi would watch from behind a great maple tree as he went through the motions. It entranced her, gave her something else to do besides explore. However, the more she watched, the more she wanted to do what the boy did.

    Two years later, Megumi snuck one of the old antique swords from the storehouse. As she watched the boy practice the next day, she tried to mimic his movements. But the blade was too heavy for the seven year old, and soon the action turned into a disaster. While trying to swing the blade down just a little bit, gravity took hold and the blade went down all the way, pulling the girl off balance. this ended with Megumi falling into the blade and her left leg getting cut through to the bone. Terrified and hurting, the seven year old began to scream and cry. The bext thing she knew she was being lifted into the air by the very boy she had been watching for two years. Megumi dosen't remember much after that except pain, tears, and the feel of the boys hand wrapped around her own.

    After that, the boy began to talk to her, sometime lingering a little after he was done with his practices to play. or sometime he would try to teach the young girl how to do a particular move in something....which usually resulted in Megumi hurting herself. But she loved the feel of trying. Eventually during these demonstrations, the boy brought with him a bow. As soon as her small hand wrapped around the wood, the girl was in love with the feel of it in her hand. Out of all the things the boy had tried to teach her, this one stuck the best. Soon, the girl was begging her parents for her own bow. She began to take professional lessons along with what the boy taught her.

    Megumi had her first real encounter with the supernatural when she turned nine. She'd been on her way home from school and had stopped in the park. The barrier hadn't kept her out and she didn't know what it was at the time, not taking the time to connect with the stories her grandfather told her. While she was in the park she happened upon what she thought was a hurt dog. However this soon turned out to be a mistake. The dog wound up being a youkai and there wasn't just one of them. This was the day she was finally able to use the power nestled inside of her. This was also the day that Makoto saved her. again.

    As the dogs began to attack, the one that she had reached out to help, bit into her finger hard and deep. for his trouble, he was purified at the touch of her blood. However, there was still a good sized group and the nine year old had no idea how to use the power she just unleashed. She had picked up a stick and was trying to fight them off but it was becoming apparent that she wouldn't last long. Then, poof, all of a sudden there was Mako-kun, coming to her rescue again. Instead of his normal wooden blade, this time when he swung there was the glint of metal.

    After the fiasco was over, Megumi learned what else she could do when her hands glowed a pale soft pink. When she touched the bleeding hand to Mako-kuns wounds the bruises and scrapes healed on contact while the more serious wounds at least looked better and not dark. After the older boy took her home, they explained to her grandfather what had happened. The next day the old man was digging out old texts and journals and a training plan was decided on by the family and put into action the following week. Megumi has been training since.

    When she entered middle school, she was elated t find out that she was in the same school as Makoto. She joined the archery club, and even though there were a bunch of bullies, gang activity, and just plain weird happenings, she was happy. In the past year, Megumi has began to feel weird things, fluttery things in her chest or stomach whenever she's around Makoto. Fueled by her sister's teasing she's now convinced the boy who saved her is after her "purity".....whatever that is. But according to her sister, would take away her powers! However, she can't make herself stay away from her savior, friend, and teacher.

    Lives at an Inari Shrine in the caretaker's home with the rest of her family.

    If her powers don't find an outlet, the buildup makes Megumi sick. However on the flip side of that, if she uses too much of said power, she still winds up sick.

    She dosen't like dogs and she's terrified of them if there's a group of them.

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  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Shenhino Kouta

    Gender: Male

    Age: Appears 13

    Grade: Second year

    Species: Xanino: Xaninos are the children of Xanas. Always female, Xanas are beautiful golden-haired creatures that inhabit rivers, waterfalls, and other areas of pure water. They are unable raise their children, so they will steal a human baby and replace it with their Xanino (similar in the way fairies replace human children with their own sickly changelings). The parents will unknowingly raise the Xanino, but it becomes apparent that their child isn't human when it grows into adolescence within a few months. Kouta is no exception, and is actually just over six months old. However, he has reached the second stage of the aging process, during which he will age like a normal human. Once he hits a certain point in his early 20's, he will be a mature Xanino and his aging will virtually stop.

    Appearance: Kouta's eyes are gold and his hair is reddish gold, both features no doubt inherited from his Xanas mother. He seems to have an anime protagonist hairstyle going on with his straight bangs in the front and the permanent bedhead in the back. Kouta is 165 cm (5' 5'') tall and while he is athletic, he is still rather gawky in build. He's always in his school uniform when at school, but more often than not lacks the proper jacket and tie that goes with it. He's usually wearing a sweatshirt of some sort.

    Skills and Abilities: As a Xanino, Kouta can use a limited assortment of spells by singing them. The affects of these spells can be lessened with earplugs, but only magic can completely block their influence. There are three basic spells that Xaninos can perform.

    Offensive Spell-- The one he favors the most and therefore the most developed of the three is a song that afflicts those seeking to hurt him or get in his way. Whether or not he knows of their intentions, as long as they can hear it, they will be affected. With practice, a mature Xanino can make an enemy feel as if they are dying and drive them insane with this spell. Kouta can only force a feeling of extreme discomfort onto his foe, to the point where their head pounds and they feel like they're going to vomit.

    Soothing Spell-- This is the spell Kouta has the least interest in improving, mainly because he can't see himself having to use it all that often. This song fills the minds of its target(s) with peace. Once mastered, a Xanino can sing multiple beings to a deep sleep in just a matter of minutes. Unlike the offensive spell, the soothing spell affects only those creatures the Xanino wants it to affect. The only people Kouta has used it on are his parents. Kouta's weak spell can be implemented on just one person at a time and is not strong enough to eliminate all of a person's worries, only lessen their distress.

    Enchanting-- The last and most difficult spell is one that grants the singer temporary control over a being's actions. Kouta wants to become better at enchanting people, but as of current the most he can do enchant weak-willed humans to perform short tasks. Xaninos that are adept at this spell can enchant a person to commit suicide or hurt others. At his present skill level, attempting this would break Kouta's enchantment immediately.​

    A few other abilities Kouta inherited as a Xanino is his ability to slip through small openings, from an impossibly narrow gap in a chained gate to a catflap. He can also transform himself into an animal if he concentrates, but if his concentration wavers then he will revert back to his human form.

    Known Weaponry: His voice, mainly. He also keeps a jack-knife on his person most of the time and has a habit of pocketing choice throwing rocks when he comes across them.

    Personality: Kouta isn't the kind of person who talks just to hear his own voice. He keeps to himself most of the time as he doesn't need others to entertain him. He has a pessimistic outlook on life and will often expect the worst of others. This doesn't mean Kouta doesn't want to make friends, he just doesn't need them as much as other people do. Kouta is laid-back about most matters, and he is much more likely to take something in stride and move on than he is to mope. It takes quite a bit to really get him worked up, but he won't hesitate to do what has to be done. Kouta is independent, but he's still more of a follower than a leader.

    History: Even though their precious child was stolen away, even though what they were given in return was not human, Kouta's human parents decided to keep him. He's not sure why, but he's grateful. He tries to stay out of trouble for their sake, he does what they tell him to, and he plays along when they tell their neighbors that their poor baby son Kato didn't make it, but here is their nephew Kouta, and his parents were unfortunately killed in a car crash, so now they've taken him in as their own, and isn't he a handsome boy? This is the story the Sagisu's have been using ever since "Kato" started growing abnormally quickly.


    Name: Nirakoya Yumi

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14

    Grade: Third year

    Species: Human

    Appearance: Yumi has long black hair that falls just past her chest as well as uneven bangs. Her eyes are big, round, and as dark as her hair. She's pretty short at 155 cm (5' 1'') tall and curvy for a girl her age. She's always appropriately dressed in her school uniform. Still, Yumi has a permanent aura of dishevelment, like she got ready in a hurry that morning. Despite her skirt being on the short side of school standards, she likes to wear loose sweaters and knee socks with her uniform. Her hair is either left down or gathered into a low ponytail.

    Skills and Abilities: As a human, Yumi has no supernatural abilities. However, she does have some important skills.

    Gymnast-- Yumi has been an amateur gymnast since she was five. Her years spent practicing has made her flexible and nimble. She can scale most trees in less than a minute, and acrobatic stunts come to her naturally.

    Actress-- She may not look it, but she's adept at deceiving those around her and just straight up lying. It's probably due to her capacity for thinking outside of the box. Trying to look past her poker face is like trying to look past a brick wall.

    Spirit-- This is less of a skill and more of an asset. Yumi is absolutely ruthless when she's cornered. She's resourceful, and her fighting spirit is hard to stamp out. This girl will use anything at her disposal as a weapon or a distraction, and she most definitely is not above playing dirty.​

    Known Weaponry: As mentioned previously, Yumi will use anything and everything as a self-defense weapon. She's addicted to fruit juice and always keeps a few cans in her bag. She knows that twisting an empty can in half would give her a wickedly sharp piece of metal that can easily draw blood. She also has a long blade hidden in a hair comb that she bought online. If those fail, she plans on gauging out her attacker's eyes with her long nails.

    Personality: It's not uncommon to find Yumi staring off at who-knows-what and twirling a lock of hair around her fingers absent-mindedly. It's true that she has a tendency to daydream, and many of her peers and teachers interpret her detached expression for ditziness. Yes, Yumi can be impulsive and a little scatterbrained. But she can also go from blushy and bashful one moment to sharp-tongued the next. Yumi is quite sarcastic and has a dry, mocking sense of humor when she feels like it won't be held against her. Still, her heart's in the right place... for the most part.

    History: Yumi comes from an average middle-class family. She has two older sisters and a younger brother. Both of her sisters have moved out of the house. The oldest is well on her way to becoming a surgeon. The second oldest is, well... let's just say she's not a model citizen. Yumi is a good student and hardly ever causes any trouble, but she feels like she has to prove to her parents that she's not going to end up like that sister. That's why she joined the student council and worked her way up to the position of vice president.
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  13. [​IMG]

    Name: Hiroshi Miyamoto
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Grade: Third year
    Species: Half-Demon
    Appearance: Of course he have red eyes and a black hair but he lack the tail, the horns and he looks more like an human than his brothers and sisters have, but he have something that no one of his family have, an Demon Form. In his Demon Form, he have black bat wings, claws and a glowing black tail, his skin became reddish and his eyes become totally black.
    Skills and Abilities: He can use his Demonic Powers but that would make a battle much more easy to him, boosting his strength and copying the movements of his enemies to not fall on their tricks, but he don't use those, he just use his Powers to boost his agility and stamina that is the only thing that he lack. On his Demon Form he can fly but for a short time, he can use his claws as weapons and his tail as a sword, he still lack the stamina in this form making the prolongation of his Demon Form be lesser than the normal than it had to be.
    Known Weaponry: He would like to bring his Great-Sword to the school but he can't, he don't like rules like that so he only brings it dismantled inside a little suitcase made of steel. On his Demon Form, if he is holding his sword, it will become an second tail.
    Personality: He's different from his brothers and sisters, they are all more like demons, all of them wanting to fight and going to 'adults places', but he don't like of those things, he would only fight if he needed to and he's friendly. In his Demon Form his only objective is to survive any battle he would be into, lacking any emotion.
    History: He is the son of a demon woman and a human man, they still live on earth having an nice home alone from civilization on a island, he need to fly to his home everyday tiring him and making his body feel weak to do anything after school.
    Others: He don't like to use any of his powers at all.
    His brothers call him 'Tainted' because of his appearance.
    None of his sisters and brothers are studying in Yamamoto Middle School.
    He have an strange desire for being alone, passing almost all his free time above school's roof.

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    RafaDark, you might want to change your character's name to something more... reasonable. I've been noticing this for quite a while, in RPs we've both been in. You might need to work a little more on grammar and such. But at least your character is now more proportionately powered as everyone else's.
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  17. "Oh, you've been masturbating recently?"
    Name: Yuuki Kimura
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13, almost 14
    Grade: First Year
    Species: Normal Plebian Human…NOT.
    Appearance: For Yuuki, puberty hit with the force of a train going at the speed of a plane. Just last summer, he had grown one and a half feet, bringing his current height to an extremely impressive (by relative standards) 5'7. There are few boys his age that are his height, and he contributes this to him eating his vegetables when his mom told him to. His hair is black with a few brown streaks, kept at the same length as his elementary school years just so that anyone from his past could still recognize him. Though his body has elongated, his face has yet to angle and thin out, creating the impression of a young person's head stuck on the body of a high school athlete. His blue eyes are of a similar disposition, perceived to be full of curiousity and naivety even after he has reached the doorsteps of middle school. With a stringy, lanky build due to his explosive growth and the clumsiness that follows such change, Yuuki holds himself in a relatively solid posture, just to make sure he doesn't fall over or something dumb like that.

    Skills and Abilities: Yuuki Kimura can’t exactly fight. Well, it’s more like he dislikes fighting the first place, because he believes in the power of Love and Peace. However, if one was to refer to his physical abilities alone...

    • Yuuki’s been playing since he was 6 years old, and has become reasonably skilled with it. He’s light on his feet, has decent reaction speeds, and can probably outpace the majority of angry delinquent people.
    • He likes taking pictures, and…yeah. His hands are relatively stable, and he’s good at making people look good. Also, his photoshopping skills are god-like. Yuuki can literally take a picture of a person, and turn them into a piece of shit.
    • Yuuki isn’t exactly sure how he obtained such a power, or even how it works, but he sees numbers over the heads of other people. Those numbers correlate with the sexual desire of the person below it, and, put bluntly, reveal how horny another is. An awkward ability? Perhaps, but at least it’s funny!

    Known Weaponry: He’s at school. Why would he carry weapons with him? Sure, Yuuki can use his badminton racket as one, but it’s expensive as shit. No way in hell he'd waste it on the head of some fatass.
    Personality: Yuuki Kimura is a cool dude. He can tolerate a lot of weirdness without batting an eye, though that’s generally related to how he’s a little weird as well. Always full of smiles and optimism, he likes to hang out with a variety of people, and cares little for their background or their status at school. As long as they don’t try to chokeslam him through a wall, it’s fine! He’s thick-skinned enough that most insults simply wash over him, and he’s plain enough that most bullies don’t even notice him. In a way, it’s almost like he’s intentionally trying not to stand out, safe in the position of a ‘background character’.

    Odd, isn’t it?
    History: Yuuki’s life is full of darkness and edginess. Born in a normal family, he lived a normal life, got involved in badminton early, made a bunch of friends in elementary school, grew to becoming one of the tallest first years in middle school, and plans on becoming the ace of the badminton team.

    Seriously, did that not make you cry? 10/10 bloody tears have been shed.
    Others: Despite the fact that so many weird things happen around him, none of it ever effected Yuuki directly. Must be because he’s a mob character.
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