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Once finished, Lady rested an elbow on the table, letting her meal digest as the confrontation worked itself out—surprisingly punch-free, too. It seemed her last remark didn't crack any facades, or it simply went unnoticed in the heat of the moment. Had the pot been stirred any further, some answers may have been in order. In fact, she'd have welcomed some, given Stephen's sudden tense appearance. What was on his mind, she wondered.

The next thing she knew, a fresh topic warranted her full interest. "I'll have to make stops at both," she noted aloud, referring to the dust shop and the forge. "We might be in for a fight tomorrow, right? A girl can't go unprepared." It almost seemed rich, coming from her. All the ammo she offloaded at her locker... yet it was pointless, given how many times she had to shoot one Grimm just to kill it the other day. Her hollow points and high-explosive missiles were better for demons, so she may as well save it for when she returned home and use more local goods.

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With an impish smile, Yang would presently look between Cayde and Mec. And somewhere in the back of her (mostly empty) mind, a debate goes on. If anyone she has ever encountered in her dozen and a half (nearly) years on Remnant, those two are the ones she could see being from another planet. The rest of her new crew seem to be lost as babes that fell out of a cradle, but nothing extraordinary.
And, sadly for them, they now seem to be part of Yang's crew.

Yellow (14).pngAs the need for supplies is mentioned, the young blond reaches into her back pocket and pulls her scroll out. It is standard white, but the back of it has her emblem painted on it. She opens the scroll, holding one end of it, the other side extended and the 2 halves connected by a translucent screen. Her right hand moves to the screen and she types rapidly with a smile. She then points in a seeming random direction… then lets out a barely audible "nnnnope." and points in the opposite direction, now speaking loud enough to be heard. "Shnee shop thattaway 2 blocks… smaller Dust shop about a block passed that." Now when Clint mentions not knowing the point of the sleepover… it does make her wonder. When entering a new Academy (at this level, that is), it's kind of a custom to have an open dorm for the first night. And that train of thought leads her to another interesting observation… for people that wanted to come to the Academy and train to be Huntsmen… they sure don't seem to know a lot about the actual process. Or the layout. Is it so rare to have such information before the first day? Did Yang take that for granted? These aren't riddles enough to make her think twice… just interesting little things. And since her mind wandered, she doesn't notice Stephen's concerned look, or Clint's followup. She surely would have inquired, but her mind is now away from them for the moment.

And now witness… the oodles of noodles being eaten, and the tummies of all concerned satisfied. Yang is the one that takes care of the bill, and she then takes the lead of the little gang. "Okay, gang! Dust shop here we come!" And she proceeds to lead the group out of the noodle shop. The walk to the Shnee shop doesn't take long at all… and the more observant of the group may notice how Yang's gaze discretely move to watch the 'prettier' people they would pass along the way.

She might be able to hand about any Grimm it's lunch, but she's still a young girl in love with love.

The group is in that shop for close to an hour. It being a Shnee owned store, it has practically everything a Hunts(wo)man would need for their profession. Dusts in all forms, a good supply of all of the differing kinds of Dust, spare parts and assemblies for gear, etc etc. And a pleasant surprise.. once they are able to provide their student identification for Beacon, they are allowed a stipend to get the necessities from the store. It won't buy them the moon or anything, but they can load up on Dust and parts for their gear. Yang gets some Fire Dust in the form of capsules for her gauntlets, those capsules closely resembling shotgun shells strung together. But perhaps also they would note the way Yang has been taking pictures with her scroll, pictures of the different examples of weapons and gear. After a few pictures she would seem to be typing something. In reality, she is sending those pics to Ruby, along with a little commentary. She knows how much her little sister loves places like this. Her intention isn't to make Ruby jealous… that's just a pleasant side effect!

99ae64e155e09874399318f63ba76eda.jpgAnd the time passes, and all of the students are gathered in the Ballroom, but not before they all had a chance to change into their night clothes. And yes they had to have night clothes of some kind… skivvies, pajamas, shorts, whatever. For one, public nudity is something the Academy would like to avoid. Although, a moderate amount of modesty might make someone WANT to wear pajamas or the like… given how they are being housed for this night with dozens of others about their own age. Many of the students had broken into their own little groups, and Yang's group isn't so different. Nearby, her friends from her arrival here are. Occasionally speaking over to Yang, and Yang happily conversating with them. But most of her attention is on her new little group. She is sitting with her legs crossed lotus style, her yellow and black sleeping bag and changed into her night clothes. Black shorts with an orange tank top, showing her bare midriff. Her emblem in red on the front of the tank top. She is all smiles as she sits there, her hands atop her knees.
Al of the students would have already been assigned lockers, where they were told to stow their weapons and gear for the night.
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Stephen Strange

As the tension subsided, Strange's watchful gaze shifted to each individual around the table, taking in their interactions and responses. The robotic arm of Mec, a detail he hadn't fully noticed before, led to a lighthearted exchange with Cayde. The doctor appreciated the momentary humor, understanding how such moments could ease the atmosphere. He found himself nodding approvingly at their camaraderie, acknowledging the connection that was forming even among those who were seemingly dissimilar.

Cayde's question about his outfit drew a chuckle from Strange. "Thank you, I made it myself." He allowed a hint of amusement to color his tone, appreciating the fact he transmutated his robe into the clothes he wears now.

Clint's remark about gear shops and the forge caught Strange's attention. He knew the others would need them more than he does, recognizing the importance of being prepared, especially in the world they found themselves in. "Indeed, having access to necessary supplies and maintenance is crucial," Strange commented, agreeing with Clint's assessment. As the archer mentioned needing trick arrows, Strange's eyebrows rose in curiosity and recognition. "You always had them on you, if you need help getting some I can get them for you." And he emphasized on get, and hoped Clint knew he meant by using magic to create and enchant them.

However, Clint's inquiry about the initiation process prompted a thoughtful expression from Strange. "Initiation is not just about testing one's abilities, but also about fostering unity and teamwork," he explained. "The challenges presented might not solely be physical, but could also require cooperation and strategic thinking. Additionally, the initiation process might help acclimate newcomers to the environment and its challenges." He spoke with the air of someone who had experience with various trials and tests of their own.

The quiet question from Clint drew Strange's attention, and he cast a brief but subtle glance at his bag containing the Eye of Agamotto. "Its acting weird, it seems to sense something I cant, i dont know what but its not a good thing. Its warning me. Something isnt right in this world and I've been feeling it since i came here." he uttered to Clint in a low tone.

Everyone continued to enjoy their meals as Strange and everyone else momentarily stepped out of the noodle store, with Yang leading the way. Seizing this opportunity, Strange observed his surroundings, making mental notes while walking with the group.

His thoughts soon drifted to the earlier incident with the Eye, and he couldn't help but feel uneasy about the potential lurking danger. It should have raised more alarms, but this entire situation was riddled with warning signs. Clint's sudden arrival in this universe and the possibility of other beings from foreign realities being present added to the intrigue.

Whoever or whatever was behind this seemed to be well aware of the existence of other universes and multiverses beyond their own cosmology. They possessed enough power to exploit this knowledge for their own purposes. It was evident that they had no interest in seeking help or ensuring our well-being. If they did, they would have revealed themselves, and we would understand their intentions.

As the group entered another store, Strange noticed a vast array of advanced technological equipment and accessories. However, being confident in his magic, he saw no need to stock up on equipment. If he ever required something specific, he knew Clint would have it covered.

Night was approaching, and they were headed to a place called the Ballroom, where it appeared they would be having a massive sleepover with everyone. While changing, Strange's Cloak emerged from his bag and gracefully enveloped him. He transformed the Cloak to resemble a blanket, matching its pattern and color scheme. He securely stashed the Eye of Agamotto in his locker before rejoining the group.

Dr. Strange silently joined the others, dressed in his red long-sleeve shirt adorned with the Seal of the Vishanti and white sweatpants, ready for the night ahead.
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Clint shakes his head no at the offer of hocus pocusing up some new arrows. "Appreciated, but not necessary at the moment. I got a little collection going, nothing quite like before but it's enough to get me through. It never hurts to have something extra up your sleeve if you get in a pinch." He shuts down the offer. These people were familiar with dust, auras, and semblances… These things almost seemed like magic, but they weren't and the archer wasn't too comfortable with the idea of opening that concept up to this world. There's a little shrug that comes with Strange's explanation for the whole initiation process. He still didn't see how one night would make a world of difference, but he lets it be. He keeps a fairly decent poker face with Stephen's answer to his little question. Aw, world, no…. The degree of stuff that Strange frequently handled wasn't typically on Clint's to-do list, barring their trip down to New Orleans which he'd been a glorified taxi driver for.

When it comes time to pack off to the dust shop, Clint's practical knowledge comes into play. He didn't have school experience, but he did get some work in at the dust mine and weapons were a lot easier for him to learn than people and their social customs. He subtly steers Cayde and Lady in the right direction as far as making sure their weapons were up to snuff for handling the dust infused rounds. He doesn't spend a lot, having been made aware of the student discount prior to his arrival in Beacon. He was more focused on the practical survival stuff, not the social stuff. Strange's warning still lingered in the back of his mind, but he had a decent amount of trick arrows to use if things got like, bad bad.

Once they returned to the school grounds for the night, Clint had put on his pajamas - a purple tshirt and a pair of purple pajama bottoms that had pink arrows and hearts on them, scrounged from a clothing donation bin in Mantle - and settled in a spot where he had a good view of the rest of the room, laying on top of his beat up sleeping bag and using his duffel as pillow. He hesitates a little, the little light on the table he was sitting by just barely giving him enough light to read lips by, but it wasn't perfect. He'd have to deal with it for a night. He takes out his aides and puts them in their charging case. He keeps a watchful eye over their group, trying to keep track of the conversation but struggling due to Mec's hidden face and Cayde's… lack of lips?

An odd out of place feeling creeps over him and he finds himself withdrawing a bit. He still had his scars, a few seen on his arms. But it was really weird, because a lot of these kids didn't have any that would go along with a reckless youth that seemed to be drawn to this kind of work. Did that have something to do with their auras? He'd seen the Atlesian officer he'd punched in the face recover at a high rate, was it the same for everyone training up to be a huntsman?

clint barton


There were rumors, there always were. The CEO of LFG was a heartless businessman, a cunning and ruthless monopolizer. LFG was only nine years old, but had risen to the top spot at a rate unlike any other. The private investigator he kept on the payroll had warned him of a terrorist group of Evolvers that sought to eliminate humanity, and that the Evolver Task Force responsible for keeping the presence of the EVOL gene hidden from the public was actually killing any Evolvers taken into protective custody. Then the Task Force's list of known Evolvers was leaked to the public, and just like that the castle crumbled.

Victor reminisces on the out of control downward spiral that had led him to this point, uncertain if there had been something he could have done differently. The cool night air was helpful in getting his thoughts in order. He had gotten himself into a halfway decent position since he arrived in this world, having sold his watch at a high price and further increased his profits in a number of gambling dens across Mistral. It wasn't technically cheating, he just saw things unfold a few seconds ahead of time. Some scoundrels didn't take too kindly to that. So between his hunkering down in libraries in an attempt to learn about the world he found himself in and just what he'd turned into, he was dodging the underworld of a kingdom that didn't really take too kindly to what he was. He'd gotten himself a nice armored long coat and a nice hat to hide his newly found feline features and decided to venture to the kingdom of Vale in order to escape future attempts to settle scores.

The streets were oddly empty and he felt that little twitch in his gut that tended to keep him from wandering down dark streets after dusk. He'd changed that little rule of his a little bit with his increased night sight, however he was starting to question that little bit of daring. His semblance cranks to life as he hears the shop window next to him shatter, and he watches as a man comes crashing through the window in slow motion. He calmly takes a step back to avoid getting clipped by the guy and ignores the mrow of complaint from his bag. He looks back into the dust shop, brow raised in a little polite WTF manner. "... I suppose it was too quiet of a night after all."

Victor Zeyan
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Mecha Sonic
Mec looked up at the mention of a forge. Honestly he was curious to modify his systems for dust use. It might even be able to replicate... no, no, not risking that reawkening old programming. However being able to modify his gun and maybe fuel cells to handle dust could be helpful in the long run. He would probably have to do that secretly. While Caydes look was accepted, he was humanoid...unlike his rusty scrap body, a body that couldnt even accomplish its new objec...

He shook those thoughts off and focused on replying to the conversation. "like to go aswell, need to stock up" he said simply as his thoughts where still bouncing around his head. "though i likely need to go take care of my flower instead" he added remembering the plant he usually kept by his side nowdays. He was hoping there was somewhere to put it safely.

He got up to follow Yang calmly, trying to silence the clanking of his wheel foot. It got annoying sometimes but he only noticed it since arriving in this world. Harder to hear when surrounded by othet scrapniks and their noise. He was confusef wht Yang seemed to look towards some people, recognition maybe....he really needed to learn more about organic behaviours. When they got to the store he had found a few parts he could modify for dust usage in his arm. He got them and some yellow dust, had a charge in them according to his sensors.

When the students had been gathered into the ballroom for the sleepover the scrapnik had immediately found a place to sit down, his sunflower capsule sat in front of him. Currently he was watering it as his speaker emitted a small tune. He was humming. No intention to ignore his group but his focus was easily taken by caring for the flower. it was difficult to hide his other arm or more accurately claw but he managed. A newer looking and softer feeling white cloak helped as it didnt have as much wear and tear, even had a longer hood to hide his head better.​
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Cayde nodded at all the talk of where to find one of these dust shops. This dust stuff was likely to be helpful as heck. Likely required for grimm given how while Ace managed to tear into the grimm it still took more shots than usual. "ooo i wonder if theyll have things thatd go boom, grenade cases, mine things, those sort of things" he joked as he finished his noodles. Tasty as hell. "always love a good boom in a fight, taking out grimm in style" he added shrugging. His over the top nature showing.

He shot up to follow the group out. Hands in his pockets and mask back on. Looked suspicious to some sure but if asked its due to a medical condition. Only half true. He did look at some folks, people who stared or looked cool, and gave them jokey salutes. He might aswell relax while here so joking around was perfect. He absolutely loved the look of the dust shop. So many things to use for his amazing plans and tricks. Though hed need to be more careful. Cant just keep dying anymore...Uldren and the Scorn made sure of it. He shook his head as he bought himself various types of dust and some cylinders. He knew some ways to make these useful. Hopefully dust worked a bit like gunpowder.

At the sleepover the former vanguard made himself comfortable. He was currently sat with his legs bent a bit and his hands holding him up. He was wearing a simple hoodie and tracksuit trousers, gloves and loafers. He was still wearing his mask due to the other people around but had removed the bottom half to talk better. "gotta say, this is damn exciting"​

Lady smirked as Cayde insisted on keeping the fight stylish. "Of course. What are we without style?" she stated in agreement. Once her food had a moment to digest, she rose from her chair. "Well, no use sitting on our asses. Let's get to the fun parts."

Dust shopping was... an experience. For the most part, the devil hunter feigned understanding and spoke well enough to sound the part. She spent her allowance on red dust, since fiery bursts most closely aligned with her usual methods of blowing up her quarry. It wasn't until she stood in the workshop that her head felt completely empty. Engineering and gunsmithing weren't her forté, but she made do as instructors and students further along in their schooling gave her some advice so she could mod the Kalina Ann and create a healthy supply of red dust missiles and enough bullets to fill her pistols.

Lady was a late arrival at the sleepover, thanks to her workshop escapades. After freshening up in her room, she headed into the ballroom. "I dunno. I'll be sleeping with one eye open," she retorted to Cayde dubiously after trying to sneak up on the others. Though she had ditched the combat schoolgirl look in favor of a white linen outfit with short shorts and subtle frills, she still bore a certain alertness that never dulled... perhaps a mechanism for survival, hardwired into her brain.

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The dark suited man seems to be thrown through the store's front window display. He lands upon the sidewalk in a skid and a grunt, followed by a groan as he just lays there. He wonders to himself… what the hell just happened?

Ruo003 (103).jpgBut even before he hits the ground, Victor would see a swirling ribbon of crimson come also through the now broken store front. It touches down in the middle of the street, rose petals filling the air around it. Though they quickly fade into nothing. And where the crimson 'ribbon' touched down there is a person. A petite figure obviously crouching down, her form concealed under a crimson colored cloak and hood. At nearly the same time, 2 large men emerge from the store's front door. They, along with the other hooligans (save 1) within the store are clad in black business suits, hats and red glasses. They all carry various forms of swords. One of the men that exited shouts as he lifts his sword. "You little shit!" his companion starts to stride towards the red clad crouching figure as he hefts his own sword "Just who the fu--" he stops in mid-stride and mid-dirty wood as the figure starts to push herself to her feet. But what made the men seem to freeze is the fact the figure now holds a weapon that unfolds as she stands.

It is a red hued scythe, very large in size. The scythe is easily nearly a foot taller than the young girl holding it. She now looks over her shoulder towards the men, her hood falling away. Pure silver eyes stare at them, a small smirk on her lips. The scythe seems like it weighs half a ton, but she easily handles it. She starts to turn towards them, hefting the scythe so it rests on her shoulder. As she turned, her eyes catch Victor's. As if to only make sure he knows that she knows he is there. From inside the store a man's voice is heard. "Weeeell?" a pause as now more men start to come out from the broken store front. "Get. Her." his tone is an impatient one.

1540229854160621898.pngThe two men that had first come out the door starts toward the girl, raising their red bladed swords. Victor would perhaps sense the girl is about to make her move, but the thugs don't. They can't even comprehend the fact she had moved, moved so quickly. Their hats fly off their heads from the pressure wave of wind from the swipe of her scythe. Before the thugs took 3 steps, Ruby had closed the distance between them… sliced her scythe forward…. and then moved into a defensive stance. She skids to a stop, and the sound of the thugs' severed swords clanking against the sidewalk is heard. Her scythe had sliced cleanly through their blades. And they just stand there astonished, their hats finally hitting the sidewalk next to them. More men start to move around the red clad girl, but she keeps that smirk on her lips. And then through the door… a man clad in white casually strolls out, a cane at his side. He shrugs a little as he sighs, and starts to walk off. It's obvious Ruby is about to go after him… but she is stopped as one of the thugs blocks her path. She steps back, looking around herself slowly and hefting her scythe back, preparing herself…
The… very odd… little group that had been together this whole time even seemed to keep within proximity of one another in the ballroom. Now she's not sure why, but Yang felt that was a good thing. They weren't all sitting in the same space exactly, but pretty close. Again, why does that give her a bit of comfort? Her pals (the ones she had initially greeted) have been texting her to join them where they were camping out. One of the corners of the hall… which they had dubbed 'The Corner of Pain'.
Her friends were dumb. And awesome.

But she kept saying she would, but she found she had not. And after a bit, she had forgotten about it. And they had stopped texting. They weren't mad, at all. The group had… grown accustomed… to Yang bopping between people and groups. She had always been the most extraverted of the gang.

Once all the new newbies had settled, Yang hopped right to her feet and moved closer to them. Being a master of strategy she plops down to where she is almost in the middle of the gathered bunch. But still a little off… so she looks over her shoulder as she sits there and reaches back as she leans on her elbow. "Ohhhhhh Meeeeec" she calls in a playfully higher pitch (still softly though) and she grabs the shoulder of his cloak and pulls him closer to the group "You'n yer sunshiney pal c'mere closer." She is talking about his flower. Now despite his weight, she seems to be able to pull him closer. Perhaps a sign of her raw strength… and the fact the cloak against the floor makes it easier to slide. She does let out a huff and a grunt as she does, her feet lifting up a little for balance. And once he is closer, she shakes her head as she grins. "There, now ya'll are close enough that ya won't get lost goin to the potty." She laughs at her own dumb joke, and then lays on her side. Her head is propped up on her upturned hand as she looks along them all, now able to see all their faces. "I ain't gonna be able to sleep! I can't wait for the landing test." she then gets an uncomfortable look on her face and rolls forward a little and reaches into one of the pockets of her bottoms. She pulls out her scroll and kind of tosses it onto the floor in front of herself, and then returns to her reclining position. She then gets a quizzical look and speaks again "I bet some of ya newbs don't know what that is exactly… well I ain't gonna give up that info. Not without a fight." She then looks to Stephen and playfully wiggles her eyebrows as her tone goes into a joking one "Wanna wrestle to get the info outta me? Or any info? I'll tie a hand b'hind my back!" She laughs lightly and holds her right hand behind her back (as she is laying on her left side).
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Stephen Strange

Strange would approach Clint while holding the Cloak of Levitation in a blanket form, who seemed lost in thought. Casually, he'd take a seat beside him, fully aware that Clint had likely noticed his approach. "What's on your mind, Clint?" Strange recognized that this world, unlike the diverse realities and dimensions he was accustomed to, operated on entirely distinct principles, particularly in the realm of magic, or what he doubted could even be termed as such here. This aspect troubled him deeply.

As for Clint's contemplations, Strange could only speculate that they revolved around some aspect of his physical appearance or personal challenges, which Strange, too, could empathize with. Currently, Strange concealed the scars on his hands with a pair of red gloves, serving as a constant reminder of his own past.

Stephen was on the verge of speaking when Yang inquired if he wanted to coax an answer from her, vaguely remembering her mention of a landing test. He didn't quite grasp what it entailed, but he felt a spark of curiosity. If it could excite someone as hyperactive as Yang, it must be action-packed. As for wrestling Yang, that wasn't even a consideration; he acknowledged the stark contrast in their physical abilities. While he was quite impressive for a human, Yang was on a whole different level. "No worries, Yang. I'm content remaining in the dark about that one, and besides, we'll discover it tomorrow morning; there's no rush," Stephen chuckled nervously, subtly shifting closer to Clint, attempting to conceal himself. He was acutely aware of Yang's superior strength and had no desire to wake up sore from a thorough beating the next morning.
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Mecha Sonic
Mec looked up from his flower in surprise as he felt his body getting dragged, he saw Yang moving him, with some effort. He nodded in thanks while chuckling at the strange accent she put on. "i apologise, i get kind of..distracted easily" He admitted retracting his hand from the sunflower and resting it on his robe covered knee. He knew he wouldnt get lost at least...more because he can just sit there for ages. " assume landing test involves a height, last one hurt...i think?" he stated calmly. He had gotten comfortable enough that just slipped out. His memories from his early development where spotty.

Mec looked at Lady with a small chuckle. She mentioned sleeping with an eye open. A skeeping method, he needs to learn it better. "your eye might dry out Lady, might be better to sleep normally" He said with a small chuckle. His sunflower's container opened as to let it breath a bit, its odd petals more obvious. He always excused it was a odd variant he found.​
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Cayde turned his head as Lady entered, he was visibly relaxed but turned to noise quick, alert under his chill demeanour. "bout time you joined us Lady, i was thinking you went biking...though i admit thatd be fun, nice get up by the way" He responded both jokingly and genuinely nicely. He patted a spot near the group jokingly. "sit sit, we even dragged mr gardener there over literally" he joked watching Yang move the tall guy over. Guy was odd, his footfalls and stillness showed that. However he felt he'd tell when comfortable.

He laughed at Yangs offer to wrestle and raised his hands in mock surrender. He might be a cocky bastard but she looked way stronger than he he didnt want to use cheap shots on a nice buddy. "Yang i wanna be able to walk tomorrow, so i sadly have to say no to the wrestling pardner" he joked trying to mimic her earlier accent. Very badly. "Strange has the right idea, and as always with this gang so far a cool outfit" he joked laying down more noticing no one could see him easily other than the group. So he removed his remaining mask part to enote better.​
Victor was still and silent as the scene began to unfold in front of him, already taking another step back to avoid getting involved in what looked like a dust store robbery gone wrong. But the young girl looked his way, silver eyes meeting grey, and some of his well kept indifference withered. The cards were stacked against this kid, and it wasn't exactly right to just turn heel and leave her. Especially after she noted his presence and leveled the playing field. He draws his pistol, quickly turning it in his hand and pistol whipping the guy that got in her way with a brutal swing, knocking his hat clean off. He wouldn't be getting back up for a while. "Go get him. I've got things handled here." He assures her, knowing her speed would be more crucial in capturing him.

And if Roman Torchwick happened to get arrested tonight and shipped back to Mistral for his crimes... It would keep a number of people busy enough to potentially forget about the gambling faunus that soundly beat them. And that would be plenty of payoff for this inconvenience. Already he was peering a few seconds ahead, moving to engage the first thug moving to take a crack at him. He recalls Gavin's rather painful lessons, ready to evade and outlast as opposed to leaving himself too open.

Victor Zeyan

Clint isn't too surprised to see Strange coming to sit by him. He shakes his head subtly at the question, certainly not getting into his whole host of issues. Besides, Yang was offering up precious intel and Strange using him as a human shield wasn't exactly the brightest idea for the doctor. You see, Clint is what would be classically defined as an asshole. And throwing Stephen into a little friendly wrestling match to escape any personal talk? He slips an arm around Strange's shoulders and gives him a helpful little push. "Oh come on, you got this! Nothing ventured, nothing gained." He grins with his 'encouragement'.

This is probably one of many reasons Clint didn't get too close with many people... The deflection is strong with this one. But he wasn't going to be giving up that habit anytime soon. Best not to bring down the mood of the night anyways. Yang was in high spirits, Cayde was going along with it. Lady was a little out of her element but the upbeat mood would help ease that with time. He wasn't so sure about Mec, failing miserably at getting a read on the guy without his hearing aides in.

clint barton

Victor surprises the thugs when he unceremoniously takes one of them down just like that. Ruby is surprised also. Ruby isn't sure what to make of the dark clad gentleman, and this could be a setup to get her to lower her defenses. But she doesn't think that's it at all. The gang seems confused now, made worse by the fact their boss seems to have just wandered off.
Well not their boss 'boss'. Their actual Boss, Junior, ordered them to help out this dope in white. Everyone thought it was an easy gig. And they were wrong.

Ruby stares at the man as she brandishes her scythe. And in Ruby Logic… he is clearly on her side. How does she surmise such a thing? His act of hitting one of the baddies? The suave and cool aura he seems to radiate? His eyes? His dashing hair?
Nope. He isn't dressed like the rest of them. So he isn't one of them. She's seen enough anime to know that's how it works.

With a nod her scythe folds up and she hooks it to her belt on her back and starts to move. One of the thugs start to move to stop her. But her form slips into a different shape altogether. The man expected to catch her, but instead he can only stare as a red ribbon seems to zoom passed him with a trail of rose petals. She reforms across the street and well out of their range and sprints after the dude in white.

The thugs look at each other, and then towards Victor. None of them.. seem to eager to fight. One of them relaxes his weapon stance and mutters "I don't care how much this' payin.. I ain't come here ta fight a couple Huntsmen.." one of the others nod in agreement. "But he did hit Louie pert hard!" One of them says. Another leans forward and says "Oh man.. that's gonna hurt in the morning. We're gonna have ta put some ice on it when we get back." He stands tall now and points his mechete like weapon at Victor "Hey why'd ya hit 'im like that? This ain't even got nothin to do with ya!"

Thug Life isn't all it's cracked up to be, boys and girls.

Meanwhile… down the street…
The man in white hums as he walks across the rooftop he had climbed to, sighing to himself. "Well that bunch turned out to be a buncha busts. I ain't payin for that mess." "Hey!" He hears a cry from behind him. With a curious gaze he looks over his shoulder, and then smiles widely as he turns to face Ruby as she gets to the rooftop. "Lil' Red! Lookit you! I hope ya didn't hurt those guys to bad. Health insurance is sooo pricey these days, ya know." Ruby angrily moves into a fighting stance, her scythe extending in her hands. "Shut it! You're comin with me! I'm arresting you!" He stares at her… and then starts to laugh, his head tilting back. "YOU'RE…. arrestING…. me?!" He laughs again and twirls his cane in his hand "Honey… You're clearly NOT a Huntsman… Huntswoman? Huntsgirl?" He glances up as he pauses to think, and then shrugs "You know what I mean. Ya got no authority to arrest me, since you're not a licensed Huntsperson. Huntsperson, there is it." He says with a snap of his fingers. He turns once more and starts to stride across the rooftop once more, his other hand reaching into his jacket pocket. Ruby's eyes widen and she dashes towards him, drawing her scythe back. But she is suddenly stumbling and falling onto her butt as an AIRCRAFT lifts up along the side of the building. Well that she didn't expect. The man now turns and smiles to Ruby as she stares dumbfounded. "See ya 'round, kiddo. Here, catch! A gift from lil 'ol me!" He throws a small red crystal at her, and as it sails through the air he raises his can and fires at the shimmering crystal. Ruby gasps and curls up, unable to think of how to avoid getting blown to bits. She knows that's a fire Dust crystal… and he shot at it. It explodes spectacularly… but Ruby is still in one piece. One eye opens to peek… and she sees a woman standing in front of her. Her hand is raised, and a large purple ornate circle glows in front of her. A shield to absorb the blast….
Velv001.jpgFor most, starting at a prestigious academy like Beacon would be something of a dream come true. For some others, it is the fulfillment of obligations. And still others come here to study out of pressure from others. But for some, it becomes more of a place to hide themselves. To perhaps blend in, not be noticed while still being able to study and learn the ways of Huntsmen.

The lights had been dimmed faintly in the Ballroom, many of the students seeming to settle into small groups here and there. Many, but not all. Not terribly far from the group that are the center of this story, sits a lone girl. A Faunus, to be more precise. She sits with her legs folded under her, and she is wearing a light brown and loose fitting pajama outfit. It's pretty plain, really. Save for the emblem of a heart stitched into the upper arm of one of the sleeves. A heart that looks like it had been stitched together. Her long auburn hair is draped down along her shoulders and back, straight hair. But of course her most prominent feature… the rabbit ears protruding from the top of her head. Those long ears seem to flinch and twitch with a loud sound from anywhere in the Ballroom. Of course it seems louder to her than to most others. Perhaps her posture sitting there is of note, also. In her hands she holds what looks like an older style camera, and she is looking at pictures on the display on the back of the camera. Her shoulders are slumped upwards, her arms drawn in as she sits on her legs. The young Faunus keeps her eyes down, focusing on the digital pictures she scrolls through.

But as a few boys pass her, a group of 3 of them, she looks up lifting her eyes only. One of the boys smirks at her, and the other 2 laugh softly to themselves. When she makes eye contact with one of them, her long ears slump forward a little and she quickly looks away, returning her eyes to the pictures on her camera. The boys continue along, all of them seating themselves at the far end of the hall.
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Kazuma Kiryu
This ballroom was frankly awkward to try to rest in, so many people talking, some odd people and frankly some potential scumbags. Just entering the ballroom was a tall guy, his grey suit misding the blazer leading to the rolled up sleeves of his shirt exposing his scale covered forearms. His gazs steely but underneath he was rather calm and relaxed, hopefully there wouldn't be much trouble here. He adjusted his grip on the sleeping bag bundled under his arm. He remained in his usual outfit mostly despite being here to sleep, hes gotten used to it.

He scanned the area spotting a group of folks of different sizes, some odd looking people there, too many people gor him to decide to join them. He saw a rabbit eared girl near them. A faunus if he remembered correctly much like how he is now. He saw some boys walk by her, the girls ears dropped down and they chuckled. Faunus werent always liked so they mighg cause trouble...he couldn't allow that. He moved closer to her calmly.

He placed his bundle down nearby carefully, he had something to distract himself in there he didnt want to damage. He turned to her trying to seem non threatening. "good to see another faunus here miss, hope you dont mind me sitting nearby" he stated politely sitting crossed legged. His eyes scanned the area just in case as he tried to relax a bit. "Im Kiryu by the way"​

"Oh, this? It's just something I pulled outta the closet," Lady half-joked, striking a contrapposto pose with a hand on her hip. She seized up for a moment, stifling a laugh at what she thought was a joke from Mec. "Good one... Looks like I came at a great time. Should've brought the bell for this smackdown." After casting aside her belongings, she glanced expectantly at Stephen. That guy versus Yang? He wasn't scrawny, but she knew he wasn't the wrestling type... and perhaps that was exactly what she needed.

"Well? All those calories aren't gonna work themselves off," she goaded before sitting next to Clint with her legs folded. Silently, she considered giving Yang a run for her money after the blonde was done warming up.


Night had fallen over the city. While most returned to their homes, Cereza seized the opportunity to roam freely and see the sights. Perhaps she would find a nice hotel... With a jacuzzi, and a mini bar. "Ugh, no alcohol for me," she sighed to herself, opening her makeup compact to view her youthful face—well, more youthful than usual. Come to think of it, was her money even good in this city? Just where the hell was she, anyway? The signs said 'Vale', but she couldn't place that on any map she knew.

Her thoughts were cut short as she heard a commotion from just around the corner. "Oh, dear, what have we here?" he muttered as she approached the street corner. The situation was quickly apparent: a boy and a girl, engaged in battle with some lowly thugs... and winning! Her new tail swished in delight. The girl's outfit and custom weapon caught the fashionista witch's eye. "How stylish..."

The two vigilantes gave chase as the suave ringleader fled. Cereza followed some distance behind the procession. "Coming through, boys," she declared, drawing two large pistols from seemingly nowhere. Judging by their overall disorganized and battered state, they were no threat for the foreseeable future. In fact, they appeared too busy to care, rethinking their career choices. Cereza's eyes were on the prize: when she looked at the smooth criminal, all she saw were money signs.

As Cereza approached the building with the rising airship beside it, she brought her leg up as though she were about to simply walk up the wall, but stumbled. Confusion turned to frustration; she rolled her eyes, stowed her guns, and started to climb like everyone else had done.

Once near the top, Cereza peered up over the edge, but shielded her face as an explosion ravaged the rooftop. As the smoke cleared, she saw another stranger—clearly a true girl-boss—shielding the stylish scythe wielder and her handsome friend with some form of magic. Vaulting onto the roof, Cereza pulled not two, but four guns from behind her back, just under her thick, black braids. With a quick flourish, she attached two of them to her high heels and fired a shot past the criminal mastermind's head. "Is that any way to treat a lady?" she scolded him, aiming down the sight at him.
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A look of somewhat melancholy draws across the features of the young Faunus, a small and sad smile while scrolling through the pictures on her camera's display. While the pictures bring happy memories, they also serve as reminder that these pictures represent a past time she may never be able to embrace again. But then, that's how life is. A gentle sigh escapes her lips, her eyes looking up from her camera.

A tall man is meandering near her. He seems… lost. No, not lost. Just not sure where he'll end up. Her brown eyes follow the man, her long bunny ears perked up. And as he lowers himself to sit, she looks down and slips her camera into a small wooden box set next to her. When he speaks, she looks back to him smiling widely. Now as she speaks, any within earshot would note her unusual accent. If she were born on Earth, it would definitely be reminiscent of an Australian accent.

"Oh, I don't mind atall of course." A slim hand reaches up and tucks a few strands of long brown hair behind an ear. She looks around with his words… of course she noticed how few Faunus there were. "Well.." she says in a quieter tone, leaning towards him as she speaks. "This land's a far ways away from Menagerie'n all. So it's not terribly surprising that it's mostly Humans. But that's fine, really." She seems to dismiss it all together. Perhaps in an effort to minimize how much it seems to actually bother her.
And as Kiryu dutifully takes in his surroundings looking for possible troubles, she extends a hand out to him with that wide smile still on her lips. "Well ello, Kiryu. 'm Velvet. A genuine pleasure ta make your acquaintance."
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A delighted snicker is elicited from the blond bombshell, and now she sits up properly. Her legs are folded in front of her, and she sets her scroll on the floor in front of her. So she can keep tabs on the seeming constant stream of texts she's getting. Her hands resting on her knees, she smiles a cocky smile as she speaks. "Come on, ya'll. It's something we've all done before. I mean it goes by different names at different schools. Ya know…" Now she holds both hands up in front of her, her palms down. "They start us at Point A" she wiggles her forefinger "And then they LAUNCH" her other hand suddenly shoots upwards as she makes a whistling noise. Her hand is above her head, and then starts to drop in front of her once more. As her hand comes down, her forefinger and middle finger wiggling to simulate kicking legs "and we come down and hafta land. Simple." She says as she claps her hands together, looking at them all. "And that's prolly how the test starts. Where we land in the forest is where we start."
Yang is, of course, under the assumption they all went to one of the regional smaller academies before coming to Beacon. As that is how it usually works. And in those schools, such maneuvers are practiced.
Sometimes Victor wonders if he's gotten too good at bluffing over the years. Because apparently he looked like he did not need help at the moment, seeing as another fight-happy girl breezed right on through. His eyebrow twitches in irritation as the thugs start complaining about his treatment of their friend. "You are wasting my time." He says with his usual bored tone, the tip of his bristled tail slowly flicking. "How about we make a deal? I let you take your friend home and get him iced up, and you tell me who loaned you guys out to Roman. You never know when you need some muscle and I prefer keeping avenues open." He proposed, before twirling his gun in his grip with a little bit of flourish. His head tilts slightly to the side, a cold smirk on his face. "Or we can settle this the old fashioned way. Your choice, of course."

Hopefully the options would buy him some time, these guys didn't seem like a very united front and he was counting on some debate here. How long was the response time for the police or whoever here? The clerk in the dust shop should have called someone by now. His tail slowly flicks as he eyes over the thugs.

Victor Zeyan