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Mecha Sonic
Mec chuckled at Yangs joking punch to the shoulder. Seemed like a lovely gesture. He watched Clint leave the table curiously. He wondered where he was going, looked like he spotted someone. Probably someone he recognised. He turned back to Yang with a thumbs up. "yes more for the rest of us ha ha" he said trying to laugh...badly.

As he went to check his scroll for something he heard Lady say about not being used to all this. He could agree, even on the island he wasnt too..sociable. Often just helped Sigma with his tasks. "same here Lady, dont often talk to others personally, first time hanging out" he stated scractching his cheek/where one would be.

If he cpuld raise his eyebrow...or have eyebrows theyd have raised at Yangs explanation. "so they send students into a forest to find ruins...sounds fun" he stated after thinking for a second. It would let him move around more naturally to himself, he couldn't use his wheels and jet booster while in his disguise but could when alone. Hopefully he doesnt get spotted when he does. Wasnt sure how people would this group was nice, didnt want to seem like he was hiding it maliciously

Mec looked as Clint reentered alongside a new person. He looked rather interesting. "Fine with that, nice to meet you Stephen, hopefully you enjoy your time"​
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Cayde watched Clint leave with a joking wave. Mustve seen something cool..or a pal, heck maybe he realised he had an appointment. "i mean im having his noodles if he doesnt come back" he joked leaning back on his chair still. He was curious but he decided to stick to focusing on thr group...and the upcoming noodles.

He noticed Lady's quietness and was honestly a small bit concerned. He wasnt a fan of folks being uncomfortable, made him feel bad. "im used to my own thing aswell, i just do whatever i feel, go with the flow though this thing is quite nice" he said casually giving her a small salute "ya doing well so far"

He let out a laugh at Yangs explanation. They launched the students to get them to form their teams. Man he wanted to meet who thought that up. Felt like a Hunters mindset. "Man i cant wait to try that, feels like my kinda style" he said already planning out some fun ideas for this launch. He just needed some grenades, a grappling hook and a skateboard...cus he never used one before.

Cayde waved casually to Clint and the new guy. Cool outfit and hair admittedly. He gestured for the pair to join them at the table happily. "The more the merrier, especially since we're amassing more cool styles, one more cant hurt" he joked, he did so far like the styles he saw in the group​
Wow… a bunch of loners. By choice? Of this she isn't so sure. She has seen socially awkward enough to be able to recognize it. After all, she grew up observing as such. So maybe that's why they were all wandering alone, really. Not because they were new and lost (okay that's part of it), but because they sucked at being around people in social situations. She's noticed little hints of this. But really, Clint seems the most outgoing of them. But even that might be pushing it.

Whatever it is.. it doesn't make Yang like them any less.

Yang parrots Lady as she takes in some noodles. She slurps them up loudly, and then chews before she speaks "They keep pert hush hush about what is the objective, really. All I know… get to some ruins." She shrugs her strong shoulders as she continues "I just wanna go now! Sposed to be tons of Grimm in there!" her tone turning a bit excited as she grins widely.
Speaking of, Clint wanders back in with his new pal. Mouthful of noodles, Yang eyes the newcomer. When her name is introduced, she gives a little 2 finger wave as she grins. She then holds up a single finger, a 'hold on hold on' gesture and quickly chews the noodles before she speaks. "Hey, man! Nice meetin ya! I knew Clint hadda have friends somewhere." She grins and winks to Clint, and then motions to the table to the two of them. "No no I already got the bill for now. Already called it!" She motions to Stephen "Aaaand that means you'll owe me too! Or.. well Clint can pay me back twice." She makes a joking dismissive motion to them "You boys work it out." She then laughs lightly.
And one more to their little group means less chance she'll be on a team with them, she thinks. She isn't sure how exactly teams are picked, how classes are organized, but she does know it's pretty random at the end of the day. "So you in Beacon too, Stephen?"
Stephen Strange

Taking Clint's cautionary words into consideration, Strange acknowledged the validity of his concerns. The inhabitants of this world would likely struggle to comprehend their unique circumstances. The unfamiliar often instills fear, and fear can breed the desire to eliminate or eradicate what is not understood. Maintaining a low profile became their best course of action, and Clint seemed to have already acclimated to this new environment. Stephen held high expectations for Clint, recognizing his prowess not only as an archer but also as a skilled strategist, tactician, and field commander. These qualities set Clint apart from the Avengers' other members, including gods, mutates, magic users, and superhumans.

Mindful of Clint's guidance, Stephen reentered the noodle restaurant, contemplating Clint's cryptic mention of there being more to the school than mere classes. Stephen speculated that the school's intentions were to shape its students into accomplished "hunters," piquing his curiosity about the targets or training involved. The amalgamation of magic, technology, and medieval elements in this universe opened up endless possibilities of the kinds of dangers it holds.

While being stranded in this realm posed its own challenges, being suspected of their foreign origins would only compound their troubles. Strange hoped that Clint possessed a clear understanding of their situation. Stephen's mystical abilities were not as potent as they once were, limiting his ability to perform reality-altering spells. He's forced to adapt to the mystical forces remaining at his disposal, which are not many. However, if Clint and Strange were not the only outsiders in this world, then Clint's arrival could not be mere happenstance. It was highly probable that a sinister power was at play. Whoever plucked Clint from his reality did not anticipate the Sorcerer Supreme successfully traversing other realities. However, Strange is stubborn, and impossible is not a word he's familiar with.

As Clint devised a fabricated story to align with his new persona, Strange made a mental note to stay vigilant, searching for any clues or insights that could aid his comprehension of this unfamiliar world and assist him in blending in.

Following Clint to the table where he sat, Strange observed the assembled group and silently agreed with Clint's assessment of their interesting nature. The first to speak was the mechanical individual, and Strange regarded them with a slight tilt of his head, responding with a smile, "Thank you, and I hope so too." His attention then shifted to Clint, conveying a hint of forewarning. The mechanical being intrigued Strange as they possessed both a physical form made of metal and a discernible soul, despite the absence of magical energy surrounding them.

The subsequent individual to greet Strange was another sophisticated robot, yet unlike the previous one, they possessed a genuine consciousness akin to that of a human being. Aware of his limited understanding of scientific matters, Strange decided not to dwell on the intricacies of their existence. Stephen chuckled in response to the clever remark made by this robot, acknowledging the peculiarity of his attire in this new world.

Lastly, a girl introduced herself, appearing perfectly ordinary compared to the previous individuals. Stephen chuckled again, playfully responding to Yang's teasing comment, "Oh, he does have friends, quite a lot of them. You could say we form a closed-knitted group." Strange subtly inserted cryptic hints about their true identities, leaving room for speculation without revealing too much. With a smirk, he assured them, "Money won't be a problem, trust me." It was no secret that Strange possessed considerable wealth, but he surmised that this world operated on its own currency and economic systems, so he chose not to dwell on it.

Finally taking a seat next to Clint, Strange noticed a subtle unease emanating from him as their conversation continued. Stephen affirmed Yang's question, "Yes, I am joining as well, just like Clint. I'm eager to witness what this school has to offer, the dangers it presents, and the wonders it holds."
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A new face had joined their little gathering at the dinner table. This time, it was that man wandering outside. Clint knew him? The guy seemed... older than he appeared, somehow, and it wasn't the streaks of gray. Rather, it was his mannerisms, the vocabulary he used, and that all-too-familiar edge to his tone that suggested he knew more than he admitted. Lady's heterochromatic eyes lingered on him for a second—likely a second too long—before she broke her knowing stare. Who would Clint bring to this party next? A femme fatale in black leather?

The devil hunter smiled at Cayde as he described his style of doing things alone. He seemed chaotic, but clearly knew what he was doing. "You so remind me of my old friend," she insisted with a chuckle. Still, she didn't elaborate.

Yang admitted she knew little of the actual exam, other than the rendezvous at the ruins. Lady respected that, but the fact this girl was so psyched to hunt Grimm piqued her interest. "You really seem eager to get out there and hunt, Yang. Of course, I'm one to talk... So you said your parents were teachers at Beacon, right? I'm guessing they were also hunters before that?" At that moment, her hypothesis was that Yang felt she had something to prove, likely to her parents.

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Mecha Sonic
Mec watched the newcomer sit down. His systems going through possible ways to deal with the group scenario..while keeping his cover as well as he could. He picked up the utensil and began to slowly 'eat' the noodles. He in reality has made his mouth piece lower to do so, the hood hid this, this would allow it to travel to the internal combustion area for some extra fuel. "nice to hear Stephen, good to have more interesting folks at Beacon". He was interested to see what he cpuld do, same with the rest of the group.

He thought about the potential goal of the ruins mission. A elimination target, a artifact retrieval, a race. He wasnt sure, hed need more information before he cpuld come to a conclusion. No matter the objective...he wouldnt let himself fail. Both to not dissapoint this group..and to prove hes not trash.

He looked at Yang chuckling at her excitement. A love for battle for sure, something hes been told by Sigma hes shown hints of. At least it seems Yang is just excited and not...well bloodthirsty. "im excited to fight some grimm, need to see how i do" he stated calmly giving a thumbs up.​
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Cayde raised his eyebrow under his mask at Ladys comment. Reminds her of a old rriend huh. Must be a rather fun person then. Wonder if hed get to meet them. "ill take that as a compliment Lady, you do remind me of a few pals aswell, cool folks, good at their things" he joked with a finger gun. He felt rather chilled out here, might not have known them for long but just the vibes really help.

He listened to Yangs excitement at potentially fighting the grimm and laughed happily. He liked the energy. Plus he was excited to fight em too. Though he needs to still get those ingredients for a wonderful outing. "hopefully enough grimm for me to have some spectacular fun, i feel i need to grab some...extra things though before tomorrow then" he joked leaning on one arm against the table.

He looked at his noodles for a bit. On one hand noodles, on the other questions on his face or mostly mouth. Mask was segmented to allow him to remove enough to eat easily. Noodles. Secret. Noodles. Secret....noodles it was. he clicked off part of his mask exposing his blue mechanical jaw. He quickly lifyed the noodle bowl to eat it, it was so damn good. Worth it.​

Clint can’t help the eye roll that comes when Strange says money isn’t an issue. The guy’s confidence tended to lead to trouble. “Last time you said that we got thrown out of a club.” He complains, a semi-fabricated story. There was talk of hunting Grimm, and honestly fighting creatures that didn't leave a body wasn't something that he was thrilled by. It just creeped him out. The fact that no one knew where these creatures actually came from certainly didn't give him a warm and fuzzy feeling.

The look that Lady gave Strange was worrying. They had each other in check at least. The subtle look that Strange shares when it comes to Mec and Cayde seemed to be a bit of a stretch, but the guy's whole job was dealing with interdimensional abnormalities and hocus pocus, so he had to put a little faith in his teammate. His eyebrows raise when Cayde removes the lower part of his mask and he chokes on his mouthful of noodles. He coughs sharply, internally cringing at the not so subtle reaction. "Sorry, first day with my new lungs." He croaks out before continuing. "... That ain't Atlesian tech, man." His voice had gone quieter, not wanting to draw attention to their table.

His sharp blue eyes flick between each person at the table, gauging their reactions as well now that he wasn't, y'know, dying. "... What are you, Cayde? And where are you from, really?" He questions with a certain calmness to him that would probably be a red flag but honestly he was pretty sure Yang was the only normal person here at this point. Damn if he didn't hit the odds with these guys.

clint barton

Still slurping loudly (and not very ladylike) on noodles, Yang listens to the small group of new friends go on about their conversations. She is leaning over her bowl, finishing the last of her noodles when Lady gets her attention. To the first observation, Yang would surely agree. In fact it could be seen as an understatement. The fact she is eager and all to get to fight Grimm. But Lady's statement goes into questioning whether or not they were Huntsman and teachers. She laughs lightly, chalking Lady's lack of information to being new. Apparently very new? Did none of them read any pamphlets about Beacon before they got on the boat?

"Well yeah they were Huntsman b'fore. Since all the teachers at the Academies are Huntsman." She looks up as if to think, holding up a finger with each person she remarks on. "M'mom and dad… m' uncle.. and a fourth, they were all part of the same team." She then looks to Lady as she smiles "That's how dad met them all. They were super badass, too. Team STRQ." Pronounced STARK. Yang exclaims their team name proudly. "Buuuuut whatever team I end up on will be waaay more badass." she says with an affirmative nod.

She looks to Mec with a smile, giving him the thumbs up too. "You'll do great, buddy. Grimm ain't so tough." She speaks with a nonchalant tone. And then out of the corner of her eye she sees Cayde finally digging into his noodles. Which isn't enough to be of any consequence. However, Yang's earlier curiosities are enough to draw in her attention. Her thin brows furrow a little when she sees the jaw under the mask, but her attention is then drawn to Clint trying to cough up some internal organs or something. She grins a little, noticing he just stuffed his mouth to full of food. Been there.

But when he speaks to Cayde, her eyes widen. Her palms hit the table in front of her, hard enough to make the bowls and utensils tremble a moment. "Hey!" She exclaims, then pointing a finger at Clint. "I don't know how they do things in upper goodygood muckity muck Atlas, but you don't ask questions like that in that tone around here." She narrows her eyes in warning at Clint "And especially around me. You got it or do I need to convince you a lil more?"

Now perhaps, dear reader, you wonder why Yang reacts as such and so strongly. Clint's observations are accurate, his question legit. But… Yang is of the opinion that Mec and Cayde are keeping themselves under cover for a reason. And the most reasonable reason, in her opinion, is that they are Faunus. And therefore would be subjected to prejudice from some. Even here at Beacon. And one of the earliest lessons from her uncle was… you have no right to look down on anyone. Ever.

Now, did Yang perhaps over react? Well… hell yes she did. But a Yang is gonna Yang.

Ah... So now it was all becoming too obvious to ignore. The angular, metallic lower face, the strange light emanating from under the mask... Cayde clearly wasn't human or faunus. Clint's guise still held up pretty well, but he spoke like some kind of agent or detective when confronting and interrogating the masked man. This wasn't good...

Before Lady knew it, the entire table jolted. The plates rattled and all the liquids rippled. Her eyes trailed over to Yang, whose cheerful attitude had turned on a dime. If the genuine outrage on the girl's face and in her voice wasn't evident, Lady would've suspected she had some agenda, too. If she did, it was obviously nothing diabolical... just a firm stance against bigotry.

From the info Lady had gleaned about this world, she knew there were two sapient races—humans and faunus. She saw the "no faunus" signs on some doors and heard about their civil rights movement. Therefore, she gathered Yang was pro-faunus and seriously thought Cayde was one of them. "Okay... Let's keep her thinking that," the devil hunter thought before responding accordingly.

"Will you keep your goddamned voice down?" Lady sternly hissed to Yang. "Look, I get you've got good intentions, but drawing attention like that is no good for anyone here." With her eyes, she motioned to the other patrons now staring at the six of them. It went without saying that people tended to be less nosy if they didn't have reason to be nosy.

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Stephen Strange

As the conversation took an unexpected turn, Dr. Strange observed the interactions with a mix of curiosity and amusement. Clint's eye roll didn't escape his notice, and he couldn't help but smile at the reference to their previous escapade. He knew his confidence could sometimes lead to trouble, but he also knew that his abilities often helped them out of tight spots. Nevertheless, he appreciated Clint's down-to-earth demeanor and practicality, which served as a good counterbalance to his own eccentricities.

When Yang began speaking proudly about her family and the legendary Team STRQ, Strange found himself intrigued by the idea of this formidable group of Huntsmen. He listened attentively as she talked about her desire to join an even more badass team, finding her enthusiasm infectious.

But it was when Clint turned his attention to Cayde and started asking pointed questions that Strange's interest piqued even more. He sensed the tension rising in the air and noticed Lady's worried expression, adding another layer of intrigue to the situation. As a master of the mystic arts, Strange had encountered various beings from different dimensions, so the idea of Cayde being something more than human or faunus didn't faze him.

While Yang's outburst surprised some, Strange kept his calm, leaning back in his chair as an observer. He respected her strong sense of justice and saw her actions as a testament to her character. Although he knew Clint's question might have been a bit tactless, Strange also understood the need for honesty and openness among friends, even if it led to uncomfortable conversations.

As Lady intervened to quell the rising tension, Strange admired her diplomacy and level-headedness. He could see that she had a knack for diffusing potentially explosive situations, and he silently applauded her efforts to maintain a low profile in an unfamiliar world.

Doctor Strange, recognizing the tension in the air and wanting to defuse the situation, responds to Yang in a calm and measured manner. He raises his hands slightly in a non-threatening gesture and speaks with a composed demeanor:

"Yang, I understand that you feel protective of Cayde and are concerned about potential prejudice. I assure you, Clint didn't mean any harm by his question. We're all just a bit curious about each other here. However, it's important for us to respect each other's boundaries and sensitivities. Let's try to keep the atmosphere friendly and inclusive. We're all strangers here, and it would be beneficial for us to support one another rather than resort to confrontations."

Listening to his own words, he couldn't help but notice that he sounded like a typical father figure. Dr. Strange could sense the simmering anger emanating from Yang, and it was a familiar emotion to him. In his own world, he had been a supporter and ally of mutants, understanding the hardships and discrimination they faced. Thus, he empathized with Yang's reaction, knowing well the pain and struggles that might lie beneath her strong response.

Strange recognized that misunderstandings could arise in such an eclectic group, but he believed that their shared purpose and mutual respect would ultimately overcome any differences. As the conversation continued, he looked forward to learning more about his new companions and the adventures they would undertake together.
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Mecha Sonic
Mec looked up from his food at the sudden...well tension at the table. His hand paused mid movement as she looked at the wholething worried. Caydes metal mouth, blue aswell, concerned him but Clints suspision put him on edge aswell due to hiding something similar. Yangs anger was interesting.

He put his utensils down, his metal hand shaking slightly. To others might look nervous around arguing but internally he was trying to calm his systems, defensive ones trying to activate which he didnt want, wpuld blow his cover and be too much. Dealing with negative emotions was still much for him.

He raised his hand in a attempt to smooth out the situation. Looking around at the watchers from other tables. Honestly he knew a couple was looking due to some of their odd outfits and his..well height. "please everyone calm, sure Cayde can explain, please no fighting"​
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Cayde had focused on eating his food until he heard Clint cough. Something on new lungs. He was about to go back to eating until the blonde guy asked about him. Welp guy caught on fast, wonder how he cpuld phrase it. However before he could answer Yang got mad af Clint, seemed like she...well respected his decision to be private. Rather sweet. Lady and Strange tried to calm the situation. Even big quiet and blunt got involved

He sighed as he shook his head while rasing his hands in a calming gesture. "Its fine Yang, all good, Clints just curious". He placed his bowl and chopsticks down and turned his head towards Clint. "that is correct there Clint, from what ive seen all their stuff is a boring white" he joked shrugging before removing the upper chunk of his mask revealing his full mechanical face.

He chuckled, glad his hood and position hid his face from view of most people other than the folks at the table. "Names Cayde as i said, from far away and im like this due to..lets say an accident, brain or mind put into this handsome mug" he joked with a wink, his words mostly true but vague. "otherwise im just a guy, just metal face...oh and with a lovely horn" he daid casually continuing to eat his noodles briefly.​
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Clint’s brows furrow when he gets called out by Yang, about to civilly argue when he catches the angle that she was working with. And that got his blood boiling. His chin angles up in challenge and there’s a fire in his icy blue eyes. “I didn’t mean it like that, c’mon. I don’t have a class card to play so don’t go assuming I inherited some well groomed bigotry because I didn’t. Ok?” He corrects her with a sharp anger to his voice, not willing to take that hit to his character. He’d played dumb plenty of times when it came to his covers, but he still had some pretty firm lines that he didn’t cross even when he was working under some kind of guise.

Stephen’s always managed to be a halfway decent voice of reason for him, and he’s surprised by Lady’s attempt at simmering down Yang, and Clint forces that veil of calm over himself as he puts his words together with a bit more effort. “No, what I got is a problem with getting bullshitted with and the life experience to spot it a mile away. He hasn’t given a straight up answer since we met and it’s rubbing me the wrong way.” He reasons it out in a quieter voice with some clear frustration. He logs Mec’s nervous behavior, briefly feeling bad about stressing the poor guy out.

He breathes out a slow, settling breath. His sharp blue eyes flick back to Cayde, focus renewed now that he’d gotten that off his chest. He’d been expecting the guy to deny or be evasive about it, but his legitimate answer actually eases Clint’s temper. ”I’m sorry if I crossed a line, but thanks for sharing.” He says with a more relaxed posture.

He pulls out some lien to hopefully cover for him and Strange. “I don’t know what kind of long game you’re playing with that owe you one scheme Yang, but I’m not too interested in finding out.” He’d figure out something to make more money, he always did. He already adds covering for Stephen to his expenses list, but the doctor was surprisingly low maintenance most of the time so he wasn’t too worried. Letting him put his focus into getting them out of this mess would be the best use of his time.

clint barton

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As the hostilities between Clint and Yang escalated, Lady could sense their cover slipping. The sleek design of Cayde's faceplate was interesting—that is, it didn't look like any of the other prosthetics designs she had seen in this world. Though Cayde was a good sport about being called out, the devil hunter wasn't pleased with holding her tongue. "Straight answers are in short supply here," she remarked poignantly, giving a sideways glance at Clint.

Lady grimaced as Clint snapped back, accusing Yang of some long play. Yang merely seemed like a bubbly but tough girl with a strong moral code—no gimmicks, no games. Worse, it was a ballsy move for someone with no money to offend the person covering him. With nothing else to say, Lady looked to Yang and gestured with her eyes to Clint, leaving the instigator to his own devices as she sat back in her chair with her meal.

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c1a77efb389baff65345c7996118572b.jpgDuring her formative years, Yang trained a lot with her uncle Qrow. While her fighting style more closely reflects her father, she can not deny the invaluable mentor-ship provided by her uncle. And as he trained Yang (and Ruby), uncle Qrow called her by the nickname he had chosen for her.
He would call her 'Firecracker'.

And the exact event we observe presently gives credence to the nickname. Fiery… explosive… and goes off without warning.
She still is on her feet, palms pressed to the top of the table as her wide eyes stare down at Clint. She is solely focused on him after the initial outburst, and slowly her mind catches up with the rest of the world around her. Lady's words do well to draw her back into the present, but she doesn't heed them. She only hears Lady, but she isn't listening. The same would be said for Stephen and Mec's words, for their calls to calm the situation created solely by Yang Xia Long.

But when Cayde speaks, she does focus on his words moreso than the others. But her focus, her eyes, stay locked on Clint's eyes. And it's then that something surprising happens. Clint doesn't back down, at all. Normally at this point someone she has directed this fiery rhetoric towards have a least flinched. But Clint… he did the opposite. He stares right back at her. And this informs Yang of a few big things in regard to Clint. That simple gesture of not backing away at all has told Yang much about him.

He's confident to think he can hold his own in any fight. He isn't afraid to express himself, or stand up for what he is or says. And he doesn't take any bull from anyone.
Yang admires that.

Unfortunately, Clint walked into Yang's seeming trap. Suddenly she grins a little, and leans towards Clint a little as she speaks in a lower tone (Lady did say to keep her voice down) "Oh, don't like it when someone says something ignorant about ya? Then don't say ignorant things about people."
Now Clint, being of keen observer, would have seen something in the few moments of Yang's anger. As her eyes watched his eyes, her own would seem to flicker from a more gentle lavender purple color to a crimson and blood red. Her eyes didn't flash (as many stereotypical tough guys like to do), they just slipped from one color to another and then back again. Perhaps it was to fast for others to notice, but given how Clint now has his focus on her, perhaps he did. But then, it's also super possible he couldn't care less about such a thing.

Clint continues to speak, and once more she silently appreciates his words and feelings. Because she would probably have said something similar. Yang's form noticeably calms, now longer is she trying to press her hands through the tabletop. Now she would lean up to her full height, a small scowl drawn across her face. Reaching back, she grasps the chair she had almost thrown across the room from getting up so quickly and pulls it closer to herself. Kind of just dropping into a sitting position in the chair, she FINALLY tears her eyes from Clint to look towards Cayde. A small nod and smile are offered him, seeming she is agreeing silently with Clint's appreciation of him sharing.

"Hey" she says abruptly, a sharp tone in her voice. She looks back towards Clint as she speaks "I don't have a long game, dude. And it ain't a scheme. It's called being a cool pal." Her words are genuine… but there is something else there. She sounds… faintly insulted by what Clint is insinuating? Yes most definitely. Of all the truths concerning our favorite Firecracker, it's that she is wholly honest. "And if I had some long game or whatever… how the hell would buying you noodles bring me closer to wining? That's just a bad plan, man."

She pauses and glances down, scooping up her chopsticks once more as she speaks, keeping her eyes down. "Okay, I'm sorry too. Shouldn't have popped off like that."

For Yang to suddenly apologize as such.. may seem a bit out of character for her. But when she acts to harshly, she is woman enough to admit it. And since Clint said he was sorry... so does Yang. Can't have him one upping her and all, amiright?

Now for your indulgence, an added narrative for this story of Strangers on Remnant. A small glimpse towards another Stranger…
The continent of Solitas, specifically towards the eastern edge. On this piece of the world, one would find the amazing floating city of Atlas. And the less amazing and non-floating city of Mantle. Now Solitas is, frankly, cold. Most all of Solitas is covered by cold and ice. Atlas is on the western edge of the continent, and acts as a beacon of light for the rest of the world. But the farther you go east along the continent… the less hospitable it gets. There was once a military base in western Solitas, but over time it was just to difficult to keep it running. Or more specifically, keep it hospitable enough for life to exist. Despite that fact, there is life here. Let us look towards the mountains along the eastern rim of Solitas. While there is life, there isn't much. But where we will focus is not on the mountains… but below them.

Unbeknowst to most all of Remnant, save for literally a handful of people, there is a network of vast tunnels under the mountains. Some of the tunnels are just below the surface… while others descend miles down into Remnant. This isn't something born of the Atlas military, it is something else. Something far more sinister. These tunnels have been here for ages, and yet never once has someone accidentally come across them. Not in all these centuries. As there is no visible entrance to the caves and tunnels from the surface. It is all self contained, save for some hidden vents along the mountain range. The only way into the tunnels is by permission of the tunnel's master, through a means none other of this world possesses.

Deep within the tunnels, darkness reigns. But tube like light fixtures along the tunnel walls begin to slowly come to life to illuminate the darkness. And after a moment, one of the tunnel walls abruptly begins to form a green energy. The energy swirls and lights up the tunnels for almost half a mile. The energy expands, looking almost like a tunnel itself with a 30 foot diameter. In the middle of that energy, something black forms. A shadow? A shadow obscured by light. The shadow begins to gain form, and it is seen as a human. A calmed and sassy stride. The shadow now begins to form details as the human comes to the end of the portal, and with the click of heels she walks along the cold ground of the tunnels. Each step accompanied by a 'clack clack clack clack' sound.

She is clad in red, black and gold. Her form bundled under a form fitting jacket, her hands tucked into pockets. Her long hair sways as she proceeds down the tunnel, seeming to know precisely where she is going. Along the walls there are various panels and controls and holographic readout. Any scientist from Atlas would be like a kid in a candy shop here.

After walking for almost 5 minutes, she comes into what is the main cavern of this tunnel system. It is dark in here, but enough light to make out things. Glowing panels and display have been constructed on nearly every piece of real estate of the cavern. And the master of this tunnel system, he sits in his chair staring at a holographic screen. On the screen, analytical statistics of 4 different kinds of Grimm. He doens't look away from the screen as the woman stops, staring at him expectantly through amber color eyes. A voice finally from the one observing the Grimm
"CinderFall. I am pleased to be graced with your presence." His tone is… even. His dark visage looks towards her, and he stands slowly. "How may I be of assistance?" The same tone. Cinder smiles sweetly and looks up to him now, not moving from her spot. "You seem well, this pleases me." She looks him over, and then her eyes avert towards some of the technology they are surrounded by as she speaks "Your efforts to get home have had… unfortunate consequences." She then looks back to him "New pieces are being brought to the board." Eliciting the image of a chess board. He then speaks "As I had expected, and warned you of. This is a necessary side effect of my efforts." She seems… displeased.. by his words.
"I'm not really concerned with hearing your justifications, my purple friend. That isn't why I've come here." She pauses, and the other says nothing. And after another moment… "We are moving up the timeline. We don't want things to get out of hand before we begin the operation at Beacon." He nods and looks away from her "I shall make arrangements immediately. I will travel to Atlas and proceed with Phase 3." Now Cinder smiles a little, a fiendish smile "Ah, that's what I love to hear. Thank you, friend. Your work there will spur Atlas to action, and by the time of the festival… well…" She shrugs "I'll have what I want… and you'll" she now motions to him with a single perfectly manicured finger "Will have what you need." He says nothing as he stares, and then nods. "Of course. Consider Phase 3 commenced."

She nods again, apparently happy. She turns then "I can show myself out. … oh, by the way…" her voice is smooth, almost caring and soothing. In a 'Don't mind my fangs I'm a nice gal' kind of way. She stops at one of the terminals, motioning to 2 floating crystals, seeming held up by nothing. She doesn't touch them, of course. "You never told me what these are. And why you hold them in such high regard. Are they just pretty baubles?" She says in a smooth tone, looking over a smile shoulder to him. He doesn't respond immediately, but then speaks in an even tone. "They are called Infinity Gems. In my world, each of the 6 gems allow one mastery over aspects of the universe." Cinder nods with an 'ah ha' motion, looking back towards the gems. "But?" "But they are ineffective here. Something blocks them from being functional. I have abandoned trying to find why. I have moved on from them. Now.. they serve as little more than mementos of the world I try to get back to." Cinder leans a little closer, thinking about how she would love to incorporate the purple and orange little crystals into her wardrobe somehow. They are very pretty. She stands now, and turns more towards him. "I know how much you miss being in your own world. But we'll get you back there. You help me get the Maiden's power… and I'll use that power to assist you to get home. I promise." He doesn't respond, save for a small nod. He then turns, and without another word goes back to his work. Cinder turns slowly, keeping her eyes on him as she does. She strides down the tunnel she came in through, each step accompanied by a 'clack clack clack clack' sound.

And as she disappears into the swirling green energies, she mutters "Fool."
And once she is gone from his tunnels, he continues his work, muttering "Fool."
Stephen Strange

Dr. Strange observed the tension at the table with a mix of concern and curiosity. He could sense the underlying emotions and the potential for the situation to escalate further. Noticing the slight trembling in Mecha's hand, Strange acknowledged the inner conflict the person was grappling with. Yet, unlike those who might attribute it to mere anxiety, Strange's perception hinted at a more profound underlying issue. He raised his hand in an attempt to diffuse the situation, understanding the need for calm and unity. Looking around at the onlookers from other tables, he spoke up, his voice calm and soothing. "Please, everyone, let's calm down. I'm sure Cayde can explain, and there's no need for fighting."

When Cayde revealed his mechanical face, Strange couldn't help but be intrigued. He appreciated the humor in Cayde's response, recognizing the attempt to lighten the mood. Strange admired Cayde's ability to embrace his unique appearance and make light of it. He chuckled softly, appreciating the witty remark about being just a guy with a metal face and a horn. Strange found himself drawn to Cayde's nonchalant attitude, finding it refreshing amidst the tension.

As Clint and Yang engaged in a heated exchange, Strange observed and as expected, Clint's fiery determination and refusal to be misunderstood. He knew too well Clint's strong sense of integrity and his unwillingness to compromise his principles. Strange respected Clint's honesty and his ability to stand up for himself, its a trait that hept him alive in the superhuman world. When Clint expressed his frustration with Cayde's evasiveness, Strange understood the source of his irritation. He could see the genuine relief in Clint's demeanor when Cayde provided a straightforward answer. Strange admired Clint's ability to express his concerns while also acknowledging Cayde's willingness to share.

Lady's poignantly remark caught Strange's attention, and he couldn't help but agree. He recognized the importance of transparency and straightforwardness in their current situation. Strange appreciated Lady's ability to read the room and make astute observations. He respected her decision to distance herself from the escalating conflict, understanding the need to maintain a level-headed approach.

Yang's fiery temperament intrigued Strange, and he found himself captivated by her unwavering determination. He also appreciated her honesty and her willingness to call out Clint's ignorant remarks. Strange found himself nodding in agreement with Yang's words, recognizing her genuine intentions and her loyalty to her friends. He admired her ability to apologize when she realized she had overreacted, seeing it as a sign of maturity and self-awareness.

With a soft chuckle, Stephen's icy and gray gaze swept across the group, bearing a hint of wisdom within. He ran his fingers through his slightly disheveled short hair and clasped his bag tightly, safeguarding the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation. Strangely, the Eye of Agamotto emitted a faint, mystical warmth from within the bag, a sensation known only to Strange. He was aware that the Eye displayed such a glow during moments of unease or imminent danger, leaving him to ponder the nature of the forthcoming trials. An astute observer would detect a sudden shift in Strange's demeanor as he tightly clutched his bag, hinting at his altered state of mind.
Take the risk or lose the chance

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Mecha Sonic
Mec shrank away slightly at Clint and Yangs argument got a bit more aggressive. He hated this sort of thing. Funny, a combat robot hates arguing. Shows how far hes gotten. He honestly didnt know what to do so he had shrank back a bit and his eye focused on hus food.

He did look towards Cayde however and raised his arm slowly. He might not have to be as scared of revealing himself given how Cayde had been perceived. "...we match". He had attenpted and to joke. To most of the group ot might seem like he meant the robotic parts but to a few there was a hidden meaning there. Some shared nature.

Luckily Cayde chuckled at the joke so it eased him a bit. He moved his arm back towards his food while looking at the others. It seemed to have calmed a bit. Hopefully. He looked at Lady and pointed at her food. "enjoying food?". He was simply trying to break the ice and chill out the tension.​
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Cayde looked up from his food as the argument continued briefly. He shook his head slightly. He knew it was better they settle things but it felt...bad he kinda caused it. Before he could interject he saw the rusty metal arm of Mec in his face. The hunter laughed softly at his joke, guess they did match somewhat. Tempted to paint it a lovely blue aswell. "metal team for the win bud" he joked back as he leant backwards.

When things calmed for the moment he scratched his chin with a chuckle. "Now how about we get past my dashing looks, i gotta know strange who made your outfit, its eyecatching in the best way...heck same to all of ya, got some good fashion taste here" he joked able to give a joking look finally without his mask.

He was quite at ease with these folks. This made him frankly excited to see if any would be on his team. Hopefully. Especially with them knowing the metal face and all. He looked at his scroll for the time. "by the way are there any gear shops nearby, need to grab a few things"​
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Was this kid’s semblance a Hulk-out? That cautionary thought briefly filters through the archer’s mind as he notices the flickering eye colors. He wasn’t scared per-say, just keenly aware of exits. He’d gotten pretty good at taunting and dodging the pissed off smasher and doubted that Yang would top that threat level. She’s still practically a kid. Clint looks a little guilty for assuming the worst as Yang explains herself, but the apology gets them back to a reasonable standing ground and he was fine to let the incident roll off his shoulders.

Clint looks down at his beat up jeans and faded purple tshirt as Cayde comments on everyone’s fashion sense, clearly in doubt on that one. ”I thought I saw a dust shop a couple blocks up, past that I’m not too sure. There’s the big forge at the school for maintaining your weapons and making your ammo as long as you have the dust for them.” He’d gotten that much out of the tricky professor before he’d agreed to come to Beacon. “I wouldn’t mind tagging along with you, I need to stock up a little bit for my trick arrows.”

“It’s just one big sleepover in the ballroom tonight, right?” Clint asks, a worry creeping up on him. He needed to charge his hearing aids tonight since he didn’t get the chance to do so in the lockup in Atlas. He felt a little leery about taking them off with such a volatile crowd. “Seems like a bit of a hassle, why not just hop off the airship or whatever into initiation? It’s not like you’ll get a breather out in the field.” He asks instead of going into his actual worries. His hearing aids weren’t the most discrete with their flashy purple coloring, but compared to how flashy the rest of the group was they weren’t likely to draw attention. He finishes his food and glances over everyone at the table to see where they were at, and notices Strange with that little bit of edge to his posture that hadn’t been there a second ago. “Everything okay?” He asks quietly. He’d learned pretty quickly to brace for impact if the wizard picked up on something big.

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