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On the Bullhead there was a variety of upcoming arrivals to Beacon. From across all of Remnant..and sone even further away. This included the large crouched figure covered in a tattered sand stained white cloak. Looked suspicious but was minding their own business
Mec was just crouched over his precious sunflower with the make shift bag containing his supplies (or more accurately plant care supplies) sat next to him. He was just watching it as if inspecting the condition. He has been caring for it for a long time and refused to leave it behind. He quickly looked around. Lots of new people. Interesting looking. He wondered how well they would all do

Clint discretely adjusts the volume of his hearing aids as the airship approaches Beacon, seeing as the closer they got, the louder the others got. He humors the idea of just booking it out of here once the ship lands, making tracks and setting up camp somewhere in Vale, but there was a hesitation there too. That professor had left an impression.

"You seem very set in your ways for someone your age. Your practical skills are quite impressive, but you've hit a hard limit today on where those skills alone will get you. Come to Beacon, and we'll see if you have what it takes to be a real huntsman."

"A real huntsman, huh." He murmurs softly under the din of too many teenagers packed in a tin can. Maybe he'd find some better answers here. He quietly slips out in the crowd once the ship lands, Soulstring and his quiver slung on his back and his duffel bag over his shoulder. His eyes carefully scan the school grounds as the crowd disperses a little.

Plenty of vantage points to use later, he was curious to see if there was a way up to the roof of the school's clocktower. There was the communications tower out in the town proper, too. Just in case he ever wanted to annoy anyone back in Atlas. Seemed like the bulk of people were meeting up with friends… He feels more than hears an explosion a little ways behind him, and quickly turns his hearing aids back up to their normal volume as he glances over at the commotion. Just a minor dust explosion, no one was hurt. He breathes out a sigh and forces his white knuckled grip to relax.

He needed a minute before he was going to do the whole people thing. He takes a seat on a bench and re-ties his shoes, finally spotting the big white cloaked figure crouched off to the side of the walkway. The silhouette didn't exactly seem human… or faunus. But it seemed like there was a lot of room for confusion in this world, and the person wasn't bothering anyone, so Clint wasn't going to worry too much about it just yet.

He sits back, letting out a heavy sigh and decompressing from the long flight. He'd have preferred being in the pilot's chair, but they'd laughed right in his face and shut the cockpit door when he'd asked before takeoff. His pride was hurting more than the cut on his nose and bruise on his cheek, courtesy of the Atlesian police force and a slick patch of ice, but his baby face was proving to be quite the issue.

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"Noire, are you sure we shouldn't be transformed whilst wandering around?"

Exclaimed one of two who were walking through the school grounds. Two girls of varying height walked through the courtyard, both sporting unusual attire.


"I don't see why, Uni. We're guests here, but we need to maintain our Share Energy whilst we're here. We can't just stay transformed."
"I guess you're right. We aren't exactly connected to Lastation whilst we're here.. You'd think we wouldn't be able to transform at all."
"I'm wondering if there's something else at play here. We didn't exactly come here by choice. After the Trendi-Phenomenon and fighting Arfoire, we didn't get much respite."

A fair amount of students were eyeballing Noire in particular for her regal attire. She didn't quite look like an average student, neither did Uni. They appeared very otherworldly compared to everyone else. Soon after, they spotted the two individuals who were minding their own business. One who was crouched and one who sat on a bench observing.

"You don't think they were...?"
"From here either? I was thinking the same thing, Sis."

Instead of continuing their walk, they stuck around and waited to see what would happen next.

#FFFFFF = Noire
#2C82C9 = Uni

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"you got everything? Tootbrush? Scroll? Um.. you have enough money, right? You need a scarf too. Want me to go back and get you one? I need to make a contingency plan in case your luggage gets--" The voice starting us off is one of worry and fretting. The voice of a concerned parent, a parent whose little girl is leaving home for the first real time. But that voice is cut off by a duo of higher pitched voices, both belonging to his daughters. "Dad! Stop it!" they say the very same thing at the very same, as if they have done this many times before. The father is at the wheel driving their little red economical car, Yang is riding shotgun and Ruby is in the backseat. Ruby leans up and speaks in an excited, happy tone when their father stops his worrywarting. "Oh this is so exciting! You're going to Beacon! BEACON!" A loud exclamation from the small girl causes their father, Taiyang, to lean faintly to his left. But Yang is almost face to face with her little sister, half turned in the seat. "All my friends! I'm finally gonna get a license!" A pause. Taiyang's eyes grow and he braces himself. He has seen this before. Both girls are drawing in big breaths. And then as one they let out a joined scream of joy, both of them hopping up and down in their seats.

The car pulls up to the port, an amazing variety of both air and water transports wherever you would look. Normally Ruby would be looking over all the vehicles with her unique bit of fascination. But today is different. Today her big sister and closest (almost only) friend is leaving. She had been excited. But now perhaps the reality of the situation is setting in. The little family stands at one of the terminal entrances, seeming to be in their own little world. Silence, interrupted only by the passing conversations of other travelers. And then Ruby breaks that silence, as she is often to do. She hugs Yang so tightly around the waist (Yang is a bit taller than Ruby after all) and Yang smiles widely and she hugs Ruby around the shoulders. Ruby's voice is a little shakey. "So… so you'll text me… and all… and send me pictures of weapons ya see… and…" She falls quiet now, and Yang's smile is a melancholy one. One arm releases Ruby and she ruffles the younger girl's hair, which causes Ruby to immediately pull away from her and swat at her hands with sudden frustration. "Ya know I will, Rubes. I'll keep ya up ta date, okay?" She nods to her little sister, Ruby just nodding blankly. Yang then turns to Taiyang, who has just been watching his girls with a proud and happy smile. "Okay kid, you need to scoot." He approaches Yang, and they embrace. Instinctively Yang buries her face into the crook of his neck. "Heeey hey" he says softly, soothingly. He rubs her back as he holds her close, his eyes closing a little. Yang says nothing as she continues to hug him. "Okay, little Huntress." he says in barely a whisper to his girl, his hand caressing her thick golden hair now as he holds her. "Go make us proud, okay? Go make your mom and your uncle proud. Go on and be the legend you are, kiddo." A calming breath is drawn in by Yang, and she pulls away from her dad as she nods. Her eyes are rimmed with faint tears that she refuses to allow to fall. And with a bright smile she looks between them and turns abruptly, running through the open doors as she waves back to them. Ruby leans against her father, and he puts his arm around her slim shoulders as they watch Yang move out of sight.
It takes nearly 30 minutes for the airship to get from the western shore of Vale to Beacon. Yang spent the time uncharacteristically quiet. Perhaps for her the realization of events is coming about also. While she is quiet, she still keeps a cheerful smile as she watches the passing landscape very far below her. And then they dock at Beacon…

A fast walk is her pace as she exits the airship, now her half smile drawn into a sort of giddy grin. She steps upon the grounds proper of Beacon Academy, her lilac colored eyes scanning the crowd gathered. The new and returning students. And suddenly from within that crowd someone screams….
Is Yang's response, at the top of her voice. She goes into a sudden sprint, and is met by a young girl (almost seeming to be Yang's age) with auburn hair. She wears light armor of leather, a pair of escrima sticks strapped to her thigh. The two embrace as they laugh loudly… almost maniacally? Together they hop up and down, turning in a circle as they do. Another 3 students walk up to them, all of them smiling widely.
" 'S about time, Yanggo. Thought you wasn't coming" says a very large young man, seeming to be made of nothing but muscle. Yang lets go of Janna and grins to the large man "You wish, Yokon." She shakes her fist at him as she laughs. He laughs also, holding his hand out in surrender.
"Well, we finally made it. This isn't the Patch School anymore, gang." The young man speaking stands straight and proper, his hands folded behind his back as he looks around them towards the other students. His name is Zedmere, and he is clad in leather armor similar to Janna's.
Yang sighs as she follows Zedmere's gaze "Nope. This is the big time, folks." She then looks to the others "We're gonna rule this damn place!" They all laugh merrily as one, and then Yokon motions towards a food stand. "Let's get eats." Zedmere nods, and the small group begins to move off. Janna motions for Yang to follow as she stands motionless, just watching them. She smiles as she shakes her head, motioning she'll catch up. Janna shrugs, going into a jog to catch the others.

Now Yang stands alone in the crowd, a wide smile on her lips. More than one of the passerby students take notice of her. For the most part they are all new, new to being Hunters and Huntresses. But hormones are still a thing, and… I mean look at Yang. Eesh.

Now she starts to walk, her bright eyes looking towards all those around her with curiosity. Her smile makes her seem welcoming, doing nothing to make herself seem intimidating. As she sometimes does in situations like this. Her dad said that there would be some that really stand out… and those that don't want to stand out. For example… the girls in the strange dresses. They… remind her of… a pair of young ladies she had to beat the shit out of a couple weeks ago. But that's a tale for another time. Another person seeming to want to keep themselves rather hidden from the sight of others. The cloak, its color and condition, almost reminds her of someone from Vacuo. Is that one a Faunus? Is that why they are all hidden? Yang hopes not. No one should ever have to hide themselves for fear of the reaction of others. She broke a guy's jaw once that was harassing a nice Faunus lad in a club once. Her eyes drift towards the man sitting on the bench, a cute guy with purple in his outfit. Huh… almost nearly the same shade as her own eyes.

It's strange, isn't it? The way these 5 very strange strangers find themselves in close proximity. Chance? Maybe. Planned? Well maybe partially. Maybe the powers that be, the ones that put many of them in this Academy had an idea (a hope) that a chance meeting like this would happen.
As she now stands still…. if you were to draw a straight line from Mec to Uni to Noire to Clint and back to Mec… Yang would be standing in the center of that rectangle.

She reaches into the pouch at her hip, pulling out her scroll. She rolls her eyes and starts to type on the transparent screen with her thumbs. She types out… 'Yes I made it dad. I'll call later. Love you too.' Her scroll folds up and she kind of spins it in her hand as she looks around herself. She feels good. This is going to be great.

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Mecha Sonic
Mec continued to stare at his sunflower with his single eye. His old friend E123 Sigma always said he was quite attached to it. He heard people talking nearby. Though he tried to ignore his curiosity he eventually broke his staring contest with the capsule to pick it up in his one fully built arm and turned around to look at the people nearby fully.

He could immediately see a man sitting on a bench, lots of purple, honestly looked rather interesting to the scrapnik. He also saw a pair of girls, one looked regal and the other looked..similar but smaller, though his height made it harder to tell if someone os small. He also saw in the middle of them all a blonde lady, looked friendly and was wearing a cool outfit aswell. Basically same as the the other three.
He decided after a moment to dim his eye light and approach the guy on the bench. He tried his best to not make as much noise with his wheel foot but...frankly failed. As he got near he attenpted to converse. Something he rarely did.
"Hello there, thoughts on beacon?" He got out, his words where short as they had been since he got to this planet. Without the fox's device he had to learn speech on his own.
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Clint raises an eyebrow as the big cloaked figure approached him. The footfalls were heavy, clanking armor. Thicker metal than most of the armors he'd seen in Atlas. "I think it's going to be an interesting year here." His gaze travels over the stragglers before going back to Mec. "Too bad they didn't pass out maps on the way over, this place is way bigger than I thought." He rubs the back of his neck.

He was raised under a circus tent, the smells of canvas, sawdust and greasepaint were ingrained in his mind after all these years. It was a den of tenacity and sleight of hand. But definitely not a place of more bookish learning, and he was going to be a fish out of water here. He gets up with his stuff and approaches the blonde girl that seemed to have at least some connections here. He could do it alone, but... "Hey, you wouldn't happen to know where the auditorium is, would you?" He asks with an easygoing smile. He gestures over his shoulder to Mec. "Me and my pal are a little lost. With a campus this big, you'd think they'd have signs out or something."

When in doubt, ask a local. She seemed friendly enough, here's hoping his read wasn't too far off. There weren't a lot of ways this could go too far wrong here so he was feeling halfway decent about it. "I'm Clint. And this is… uh, what's you say your name was again?" He asks Mec.

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The blond's hand moves to the back of her hips, where she tucks her folded up scroll into her back pocket. A sunny smile remains on her lips as she looks in the direction of where her friends wandered to. An immediate plan forms in her mind… meet up with her gang, get food, eat food on way to and during the welcoming ceremony. She isn't to keen on some kind of get together with all of the students… or whatever it is. But it's part of the orientation process.

The thoughts of plans in her head is interrupted when she hears a voice near her. The focus of the voice, she can tell, is herself. She turns now, her thick hair swaying with her movements. A half smile is still upon her lips as she now faces Clint… who is about the same height as she. She leans on her hips, her hands on either hip. So… newbies? Dude has some kind of outfit, purple in color (a purple nearly the equivalent hue of her eyes) that seems very light weight. Probably to ensure he can move quickly. With curiosity would she look over Clint's shoulder to Mec, the cloaked figure… but his proportions seem a little off…. she doesn't think much of it. Because there are plenty of Faunus that would be clad similarly. Sadly, discrimination is still a thing towards the Faunus. So if they are hidden, they are safe.

At least that's how Yang sees it. And in that same vein, she's even assuming Mec is a Faunus. Won't she be in for a surprise.

A little one handed wave is directed towards Mec, showing she is absolutely welcoming and friendly. Back towards Clint she looks, and she motions with her thumb over her shoulder towards one of the smaller buildings aside the main tower, a large glass domed building. A wide road leads to Beacon Tower, and a smaller path off of Main Avenue leads to the Ampitheater. "Right that way, fellas." She, like Clint and Mec, is new here. Despite that, she seems confident in her directions. She seems to know where she is going, where her friends will be, and where she has to go. While she is new… coming to Beacon Academy has been something brewing for so many years. After all.. her uncle went here… her dad… and her mom. She was given maps and given class structures, all to help ease herself into this new life of a Huntress-In-Training.

Then motioning to herself with her thumb, her voice comes forth in a chipper and confident tone. "I'm Yang. New here too." The smile is in greeting to both of them. "Good meetin ya'll." She says as Mec speaks up. The gold colored bracelets she wears shimmer a moment as they catch the day's sunlight. Looking between them again, she sighs in the back of her mind and says "Ya know what? Why don't we all get there? Orientation thing-" She pauses as the sound of a female's voice is overheard from the public address station

'All new students, please report to the Auditorium. A brief ceremony will begin in 10 minutes. All students to the Auditorium'

Yang laughs delightedly and nods as she now gestures towards the public address speaker hanging from a pillar near them "There, she took the words right outta my mouth!" She says with another light chuckle. Now the blond turns and motions them to follow her along. "C'mon gang!" She now leads them in the general direction of the Auditorium as she smiles. Her stride is a confident one, seeming to know precisely where she needs to go. Utterly happy to lead them along.
She does give thought to her friends, whom she was meant to meet up with. But these guys need a little direction, and that's enough for Yang to help.
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Mecha Sonic
Mec nodded at Clints response. It was likely to be interesting, hes heard these huntsmen can be essentric. Plus...he was here. He also agreed that he wished he had a map, the staff member didnt give him one. As he was about to ask more Clint continued and walked towards the blonde. He was likrly asking for more information so he followed his wheel foot clanking and his normal one stomping.
As he got there Clint was conversing with the blonde lady, she looked rather cool and the hair was yellow like his sunflower, which he was holding still, so he liked that. So Clint was his name. He looked towards the boy when he asked his name. Notably he was quite still in general, Mec hadnt learnt to mimic the little movements.
"I am Mec, its nice to meet" He stated calmly as his response bowing a small bit given his one hand was in use.
Mec listened to Yang as she talked. She seemed really excitable and friendly plus was helping them. However as he was about to try to agree to her idea the intercom rang out.
After it ended Yang had motioned for them to follow so he did, his clanking still around with his slight limp more noticeable.
"You seem to know stuff on Beacon, been here before?" He asked Yang trying to be more personable before looking at Clint. "Good idea Clint"​
The auditorium had quite a few students there already. Quite a few groups or spots of a couple folks where dotted around. However Cayde had decided to sit closer to the back leaning back against the chair looking into the air, his mask still on of course. How long must it have taken to build this big ol dome. Probably like...more than 3 years or something..then again he wasnt a builder.
He was just bored. He had to come to this big get together and No One hes come across so far have been fun, to chst with or mess with. Finally out of the tower, even if it took him dying, but still bored. He had decided to pull out the was it called...a seal? close enough, the thing those folks he helped gave him. He was scrolling through any rules of Beacon.
Mainly on fireworks, pranks, dancing...oh and pet owning/if a chicken would be allowed. He missed Colonel​

Clint knows when he's being sized up. He straightens up slightly from his perpetual slouch and takes note of the girl's weapons. Gauntlets, not entirely different than Nat's Widow's Bites. She was a brawler, then. He'd avoid getting too close if they ended up in combat exercises here. This was a school for huntsmen, after all. Combat was what they did in plain and simple language. Mec's build was the only guess he had as far as what the guy's fighting style would be. He imagined the guy would be closer along the lines of a slower heavy hitter. Only time would tell, but he just couldn't imagine someone in heavy armor moving fast. Fat chance of him being able to catch Clint... Or so he thought, anyways. His own weapon, a frankenstein's monster he'd put together from spare parts after he woke up outside of one of the dust mines in Mantle, was hung plain as day on his back. He was a little proud of the paint job, if he said so himself.

"Thank you, Yang." He says her name to cement it in his head. "You seem to have this place pretty well figured out for a newbie, did you grow up around here or something?" He asks curiously as they start to head off to the auditorium. "And what about you, Mec?" He asks the guy curiously. Maybe he was from Vacuo, with that cloak and all. He'd heard mixed things about that place, and he'd rather get his information straight from the source.

He tries to mask his internal cringe as they walk into the auditorium, the chatter of all the students bouncing around briefly overwhelming his hearing aids. He goes to take a seat near the back, no way in hell would he go into the thick of the horde of teenage angst. "Looks like there's some open seats over here, guys." There were a couple seats open by some guy in a mask that seemed to be mid doom scroll on his scroll. He sits back in his seat, his hands going back to cradle his head in a lounging position and discretely adjusting his hearing aids to try and prevent the headache he knew would try and pop up.

clint barton

With a proud and confident stride she leads the boys, her head turning every few moments to look towards those they pass. But when she hears Mec, she turns on her heels and now walks backwards with the same confident stride. "Mec, nice meetin ya!" Her words come with a sunny and friendly smile. Her eyes linger on Mec with his question, and Clint echoes the query. She laughs so gently as she turns once more, her thick blond hair whipping a bit to one side. "Nah, first time here. I live in Patch, waaaay to the east. It's where I went to my first classes, at Signal, My dad was a teacher there at one time. And my Uncle, too." She says presently, and her purple eyes look up along the Tower. Now of course no one asked for all of that, but it just seemed to roll naturally from her lips.

"But" she starts, now glancing over her shoulder towards them. "Mom and dad were Huntswoman and Huntsman, respectively. And they were the best." She looks back towards the Tower… her mind lingering on dark thoughts she wants no part of. So she pushes them away, she locks them up in her mind as she continues. "They attended this place… So they had this map brochure thing hanging in the living room for a bit. So guess it just kinda seeped into my brain."

And into the auditorium they enter together, Yang's smile seeming to increase just a little more as she is surrounded by even more people. Clearly she is the extrovert of the family. Her eyes wander the crowd, then towards the stage, and then towards Clint as she makes out his voice amongst the din. "Scuse me. Watch ya feet. Comin on through. Hot chick here, folks give 'er room." She says as she slides passed some of the students already sitting in that row. She kind of hops into the seat next to Clint, and then looks to Mec and pats the seat next to her. "Saved ya a space, Mec!" Which just happen to be empty anyways.

Leaning back in her seat, she now notices motion on the stage in front of the crowd. But it's not enough to keep her attention, as she looks back towards the new students at her left and right. The woman now on the stage, she is clad in form fitting white and black with an intricate purple half cape. Her arms are crossed over her chest as she scans the crowd with a very serious look upon her features. And in her left hand… what looks like a riding crop. Her long platinum blond tresses lay atop her slim shoulders. She says nothing as she watches, she seems to merely be observing. Well… observing and probably judging every single one of them in her mind.
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"A school where the student body comes packing heat? That's pretty fucked up. I can get behind that," Lady muttered to herself as she looked over brochures, her eyes occasionally flickering up to see other new arrivals with gun bags. Secured to her back with a sling was an enormous weapon of some kind, wrapped in cloth. One end was definitely pointed. While she still wasn't thrilled with the situation—being stranded in some other world that reeks of demon trickery—she accepted the invitation to apply at Beacon Academy following her dazzling fireworks display that left one hulking creature dead.

The announcement for some short ceremony reached her ears. Lady cringed. She hated that word—ceremony. For her, it usually involved a dagger being plunged into someone's chest and a portal to the Underworld opening, ushering in something objectively evil.

Keeping her guard up, the devil hunter peeked into the auditorium. These students seemed normal enough—no blank expressions, no unnatural mannerisms, no overall creepy vibes. The utter lack of malevolence seemed so strange to her. She entered and scanned for a good seat. The perky blonde squeezing through the aisle made the more serious and grumpy Lady roll her eyes. The seats were filling up quickly. At this rate, she was about to he forced to sit with them, so she swooped in before it was too late.

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Mecha Sonic
Mec tilted his head as Yang walked backwards, she seemed energetic. He looked at Clint again processing how to answer the question. "I lived in a small village in a place called Menagirie, stick to private cave, was asked to attend by someone" he answers in the same tone as usual.
The Scrapnik looked at Yang as she talked again. So her dad was a teacher and family learned her aswell. He felt that was a good thing to have coming here, helps she seemed really nice.
As they entered the auditorium Mec looked around calmly, the building looked nice and there was a good amount of people. He hoped he could hide his features still even with a lot of people around. He turned his head when Yang began to go past people. Might aswell mimic if thats how it worked.
"Excuse please, apologies, rust coming through" he said in his deep voice. He looked at the seat Yang offered to him and nodded in thanks as he sat down, his wheel leg creaking. He placed his sunflower on his lap as he watched the crowd, one woman had a large spiked object with her, looked cool.​
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Cayde hadnt seen anything on not allowing chicken pets soo he knew where he was heading asap. He put, the...scroll that was it, in his pocket and looked around when more people entered, a group of folks sat next to him. A blonde lad, a blonde lady and a large cloaked guy. Interesting bunch for sure, good style aswell.
He leant over to the group slightly with a chuckle. Might aswell introduce himself to these cool folks. Better to make some pals here than just being a loner.
"Nice to meet ya folks, names Cayde, taje it ta here for the combat training stuff" he joked offering his hand to Clint but adressing the group as a whole. Hed try stretching over to the oothers when he sees if theyre friendly or not. "Ya know killing these grimm guys and all while saving the day" he added with almost a audible grin.​

Clint listens curiously as he gets some decent background information to work with. Patch was a small island, only one major port. She had his respect for following in her parent's footsteps. As for Mec... Menagerie was the homeland of the faunus, or so he'd heard. That explained a good deal about the not so expressive guy, from his angle at least. But he didn't mention other familial connections like Yang, maybe something happened to them? He doesn't go too far in his guessing since he was still lacking information. He's distracted from his thoughts when the guy he sat next to spoke up.

Clint shakes the guy's hand firmly. "I'm Clint, nice to meet you." He flashes a grin of his own at what laid ahead of them. "You know it, man. Time to hone the craft." His gaze drifts back to the stage when the lighting shifts, his eyes narrowing when he spots the familiar face now on the stage. The chatter dies out and he sits up a little straighter.

Professor Ozpin. Even if he technically saved Clint's ass and got him off that frozen continent, the guy gave him some weird vibes.

"I'll...keep this brief. You have traveled here today in search of knowledge--to hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy, in need of purpose – direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step."

Ozpin makes his exit from the stage, but Clint has a hard time seeing where the guy slunk off to. He lets out a little sigh. Fuck that guy, don't let him get under your skin, Barton.

"You will gather in the ballroom tonight; tomorrow, your initiation begins. Be ready. You are dismissed." And with that lovely ominous warning from Ozpin's right hand woman, the small army of teenagers had marching orders.

"... Anyone else get a warm and fuzzy feeling with that welcome speech?" He asks with a humerus note to his voice. "Cuz I sure didn't." He seems content to let the room empty out a bit before he makes his next move.

clint barton


Lady had seated herself with the wrapped-up weapon leaning against her shoulder. She furrowed her brow in confusion at the weird man waving to her. Who the hell was that, and why didn't he look like a human being? Come to think of it, he sat near someone who seemed even less human. They both couldn't have been from this world; was she not the only one who fell through a mysterious portal?

As the 'good professor' gave his heartwarming speech, the devil hunter wrinkled her scarred nose in disdain. It seemed he had a massive chip on his shoulder. What a lovely way to welcome one's possible successors. The fact he couldn't even make the announcement regarding tomorrow's initiation himself told her Ozpin had everything better to do than bother with the new students.

Her eyes rolled over to Clint, who spoke with an appropriately sarcastic edge. "No kidding. Who lodged the stick up his ass?" she retorted in a hushed tone while rising and slinging the behemoth of a weapon onto her back.

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Yang leans forward a little in her chair as Cayde now speaks to them, as he introduces himself to the row. With a wide toothy grin she waves to him. Then leaning back a little to let Mec be seen. "Hey Cayde. Welcome ta Beacon. This's Mec" she says as she motions to Mec with her thumb, and then motions to Clint "That's Clint" Her head tilts up a little and motions to herself with her thumb "And I'm Yang." She then looks in the direction of the dark haired woman as she joins them. She continues to grin and gives her a little peace sign.

And when the crowd starts to go silent, she blinks and looks towards the stage. "Oh" she says in surprise and once more leans back into her seat. The first part of his speech, she kind of pumps her fist in front of her at. Clearly she likes the idea of living a life of protecting others. Perhaps that came naturally to her. Given her familial history, that certainly makes sense. And then a confused look brushes across her lovely features as Ozpin goes on. To her left she glances (to Mec) and then her right (to Clint, Cayde and the good Lady). Then back towards Ozpin when he falls silent and moves off of the stage. "Huh" she says absently. She hears Clint's query as to the nature of Ozpin's speech, and Yang shrugs "I dunno. He seemed kinda distracted." She knows through family members that he is Professor Ozpin, the Headmaster of this Academy. But the impression she got of him… well that wasn't it. Weird. The others make comment on Ozpin, and Yang suddenly reaches into one of her pant pockets and pulls out her scroll. She grins once more and rolls her eyes as she sees who it is. She types on the translucent screen with her thumb, typing with very practiced speed and efficiency.

Abruptly she half turns in her seat and now leans back more towards Mec. She holds her phone up, and gives a peace sign with her other hand. "Smile Mec!" He wouldn't have time to react before her scroll takes a selfie of them together. His features would remain mostly hidden, as Yang is carefully not to disrupt such to much. He's wearing his cloak like that for a reason, and it's none of her business until he says it is. Then she turns again so her back is to Clint now. She leans back further, her upper back pressing agasint his shoulder as she holds the phone up. "Big teethy smiles, people! Say hi ta my lil sis!" She calls out, her other hand now held down in a 'rock and roll!' formation. She smiles brightly, getting Cayde and Lady into the picture also.

Without another word she sits up proper in her seat and now continues to type, her tongue sticking half out the side of her mouth as she focuses on typing. One final tap and her scroll folds up, and she tucks it into the pocket at the side of her outfit.

She is about to speak to them, but her thoughts are interrupted by Glynda once more speaking, having stepped up after Ozpin dissapeared. Her amplified voice comes over the public address system. "Thank you , Headmaster Ozpin." She clears her throat, her hands folding behind her back as she continues. "All of you will next go and stow your gear into your assigned lockers. On the way out you will be texted a locker number and lock code. Also included will be your class schedule. You have free time until sun down, and then you will return to the Ballroom and there you will bunk tonight." Another deep breath, her tone getting a little more serious. "Tomorrow will indeed be a big deal. You will get your classmates assigned. But for tonight, just relax. Get to know your potential classmates." A pause and she smiles to them now "And you are dismissed." She turns on her heel and strides in a faintly hastened pace in the direction Ozpin went.

Now Yang stretches her arms over her head and lets out a low groan as she does. "Welp" she says as her arms come down, and she looks left to right as she smiles "Guess we get some food? I'm gonna find some food."

And as they leave, they will receive their locker assignments and a class schedule:
· 7:30 am - Breakfast
· 8 am - Class
· 9:45 am - Class
· 11:15 am - Class
· 12:30 pm - Lunch
· 1:30 pm - Class
· 2:15 pm - Class
· 4 pm - Class
· 5 pm - Self-Directed Sparring
· 6 pm - Dinner
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Mecha Sonic
Mec wasnt sure how to respond to Cayde so instead just gave him a thumbs up. Hes seen others do it. He turned his head when he heard a microphone projects a mans voice. As he listened to the speech his eye light slightly became brighter, his mind wandered due to the wording. It reminded him of some...unpleasant thoughts of his past. His opinion of this man definitely lowered due to it.

As Ozpin finished he let out a grunt as his eye dimmed. "depressing and cold" he stated to Clints question before tilting his head at Yangs request and quick photo take. "cheese?" he responded curiously. He watched her take photos with the others before turning his head to the stage again with his usual robotic movement. The older woman seemed to get right to the business. He wasnt sure what hed store in the locker...probably his gardening gear

He got up using his hand to push himself up..he didnt sit normally often afterall. He looked at Yang and nodded at her idea, while he didnt eat but it would be nice to know the others here more. Plus he could water the sunflower he was now carrying. "lets get food Yang" he said as nicely as he could sound.​
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Cayde laughed at Clints response. He liked that headspace for sure, he seemed cool. As the blonde Yang introduced the rest of the group he gave each finger guns and a hi. He was very energetic obviously. Honestly he was just excited to be in a place he could have fun in. "its lovely to meet all you lovely lads and ladies, even you quiet gal over there" he joked aiming the last half at Lady with a thumbs up. He however turned and sat right back down when Ozpin began to talk.

Honestly he was blanking out during the whole speech. It felt quite bleak and frankly put a slight downer on some students moods. Zavala could be dull...tho he did admittedly miss his speeches or well him in general. He decided to instead to people watch for the speech, luckily his mask helped hide his gazes. When the speech ended he chuckled. "eh my friend has done better or worse, not thst depressing though" he joked before Yang came over for a photo giving a small salute to the camera.

As Glynda talked he internally let out a sigh. He didnt like not having Ace always with him but hed have to get used to it. He looked at Yang when she talked and nodded. "im dowm for some grub, wonder if theres noodles nearby"​

Lady seemed slightly taken aback when Yang started taking photos, but perked up to at least put on a good face for this chick's sister. "Who's your sister?" she questioned after they were finished. Might as well start getting to know these people if they were planning to spend extended periods of time together.

"Name's Lady. Let's not give me another new name," the dark-haired girl retorted to Cayde cryptically, a smirk tugging at her lips. Strange as he was with that mask, the guy vaguely reminded her of Dante—carefree, a touch saucy, and letting his stomach lead the way, at least in-between jobs. "Oh, thank God... I was gonna have to kill you if you said pizza. Noodles sound good." Obviously, she was being facetious on the former part, as her expression turned a tad wry.

Taking her schedule and locker info, Lady waited for the others to receive theirs. Once there, she heaved a sigh of relief; the lockers were somewhat spacious. She started to disarm, taking a ton of ammo from the pouches on her skirt. All in all, she had two foreign-looking pistols, about a dozen magazines, micro missile packs, a couple of 89mm rockets, and what was presumably the launcher itself, wrapped in its shroud.

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