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Kazuma Kiryu
Kiryu listened to Velvets words still, her mother sounded absolutely lovely and he understood the feeling of seeing someone you care for finding their own path forward. Its all he cpuld wish for the Morning Glory kids. "finding your own way is a lovely experience if difficult, for both parent and child, youll do well i feel though" he stated chuckling. At the talk of friends and the nearby group he looked to the group she gestured too. They looked interesting, varying sizes and builds but seemed rather friendly but from the glance he could tell some had seen a lot of fighting, their postures and such. "yeah they look it, interesting lot though"

When Velvets eyes widened the dragon chuckled lightly, when the explanation started he was paying a lot of attention. Hearing someone passionate about their hobby. From what he saw and could tell it was a lot of weapons but taken expertly. He was very impressed. "its fine theyre lovely". He looked at the schoolmate photos she had taken, she seemed so happy it was sweet. "they all look rather nice, good people im guessing to be your friend"

"i like your photos, i had tried photography before but i was never the best despite it interesting me, ive had a lot of hobbies"​

Though Cereza seemed rather nonchalant about the whole encounter with Ozpin thus far, his mentioning of her unique circumstances stopped her mid-eye roll. Cereza sat up straight, peering over her glasses at the school headmaster. He was taking custody of her? These humans and... 'faunus'... were mere babies compared to the 500-year-old witch! "And what—pray tell—do you know of my circumstances, Mr. Ozpin?" she questioned once Victor voiced his concerns. The man hardly had any information on her. "I doubt there is much you could do for me besides provide lodging for the night and directions out of this little... circus? Menagerie? Whatever..."
Ozpin's sharp eyes shift between the two of them. Well they are being more straightforward than most he has confronted in this manner. That is something he could admire. Victor is straight to the point. Cereza seems indignant. Appropriate responses. His statement was subtly loaded to gauge reactions. And he has his answers.

"Normally I prefer to play things close to the chest. But since you wish to know more… please indulge me. First allow me to make some general statements." He leans back in his chair, his fingers steepled against each other on the table. "You have not always been Faunus. Rather… while it's a possibility you were born Faunus… you were not born Faunus on this world. In fact, you were not born at all in this dimension." He looks down to the table as he continues. "Ms. Cereza… you were… are… no doubt a bounty hunter, perhaps mercenary. But a good person." He now looks to her "I believe your goal wasn't a bounty on that rooftop, you didn't really know who that was or why he was being pursued… but you wanted to help young Ms. Rose. The way you move, your confidence.. it screams in favor of combat training. And experience." His eyes then fall to his hands as he falls silent, then he looks to Victor
"Mr. Zeyan. You applied to one of the academies. And if memory serves… your scores were extraordinary. Save for combat. Politely, you performed dismally. I think you knew what you were signing up for.. to be a Huntsman, perhaps? That's the reason to apply, after all." He now looks down a little as he continues, a small smile on his lips. "You two have presented me with a very unique situation… and so I must do things differently this time." Another pause. "I don't know if either of you is a 'good person'. But I do know you have the urge to do what is right at the end of the day. That is why, before, I called you 'Strangers'. Capitol 's' on that. And not Enders." Now he looks between them as he continues "You were kidnapped to my dimension by a force I know not. And you have no way home. Both of you were drawn, even if subconsciously, to that spot tonight. To where Miss Rose was acting on her instinct to want to help. I don't think this was an accident. I think this was fate's way of bringing us 3 together…"
Victor's gaze briefly flicks to the door as the professor comes right out with the pair of them not being from this dimension. He grips his arms a little tighter, grounding himself against a harsh memory that threatened to come to the forefront. His tail was once again bristled out, but the fear was carefully kept from his face. He forces his focus on Ozpin's following words. His expression sours at the mention of his test scores, having his words thrown back at him added insult to injury, but he earned that one. "That was one of my intentions, yes." He concedes. "So you've encountered others. How did you know?" He questions, needing to know if there was some sort of identifying marker for them... He needed to know how to protect himself. He could just hear Gavin's snark now, he'd only had a handful of self defense lessons with him before the whole world turned sideways.

His gaze flicks briefly to Cereza to gauge how she was handling the subject. "Fate is a child's cold comfort. This wasn't in the cards for me, and I am no longer able to see all the pieces involved. Even when I was actually this young, I had an innate understanding of my ability." He says with a small frown, icy in the face of uncertainty but also recognizing this as the first time he'd be able to talk shop with individuals that might have ideas on all of this. "There's something about this world that is causing interference. Time doesn't seem to flow the same here, it almost feels stagnant."

Victor Zeyan
The Blur
A train transporting some experimental devices from Atlas was going along peacefully. The guards where in their positions, some knights ready as backup alongside an experimental larger model. They are ready for any threat...or so they thought. First they heard a few distant booming noises, this wasnt as big of a concern untul some realised that it was followed by a loud approaching whirring. Then well it went to hell.

Some saw a blur, one that flickered from gold to blue, zoom over their heads then slam down into the front of the train. This made the whole train crash to a halt, luckily staying mostly on track. Before anyone could react the same blur rocketed through the train cars destroying objects...and people in its way. The remains would later seem sawed through. The blur seemed to unfurl as it became blue for longer. it shot an appendage through a nearby guard then at high speeds hurled them into others. It grabbed a knight nearby and did..something to it. Whatever it did caused it to detonate when the pile of guards got hit by it.

The remaining tried to retreat to a better condition but in the blink of an eye the blur had caught up to them. The larger knight luckily briefly stopped it but this only got the things attention. As it flickered between gold and blue again.

Later on the footage recovered would show rhe aftermath, the entity seemed to remain blue mich to its anger. It proceeded to tear into the protypes, removing the power sources and flew off. It seemed desperate for the power within
Now if Yang had been more of an inquisitive mind at this moment she may pick up on the hesitations in Stephen's voice. Or the little hints that Lady has picked up in regards to the origin of Mec's being. But she has no reason to be on the lookout for such things. To her, there isn't anything fishy going on. No interdimensional beings, robots or people that can make doggies out of balloons at parties. That's what magicians do, right?

"Ah, you guys'll do great. I mean there IS always at least one person who ends up with broken legs every year… but that prolly won't happen with you guys." She says with a wide smile.

Now the lights of the vast room begin to dim, an indication that it's about time for things to settle down for the night. Yang glances upwards, and then looks to the others. "It'll be cool if we all can get in the same testing group." She once more lays on her side, half pulling on a light blanket over her legs. Her head rests on her upturned hand "We should get some rest. Biggest day ever tomorrow!"
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Velvet nods to his words as now she draws the camera back to herself, eyes lingering on the screen. "Yuh, good friends." She gives a little nod, and then the camera folds itself back up. She tucks it into the wooden box, gently closing it then with a gentle 'click'.
"Oh, it's not for everyone that's for sure. Many don' have patience for it." She looks back up to him now, just as the lights were starting to dim. "An 'm not saying you don't have patience. Jus' in general is all." she shrugs a little, drawing her knees up to her chest. "So what kinda hobbies do ya like? I mean… ya look like ya could be a lumberer." She says with a gentle laugh.
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Kazuma Kiryu
Kiryu watched as Velvet put the camera away, she seemed to miss her friends. Made sense as it was...hard to be away from those dear to you. He hoped she would be able to see them again. He chuckled lightly at the patience comment as he leant back a bit casually. "i understand, ive met people who dont have any patience" he joked before putting a hand to his chin in thought.

"well ive done wrestling, diving, golf, bowling and more but my favourite was this toy car racing contest, pocket circuit, i found it surprisingly fun, making the car to deal with diffrent issues was interesting...sorry that was random heh" he responded to her question smiling slightly as he realised he was starting a ramble. The lights started to dim causing him to look up briefly. "guess its time to rest huh, good luck tomorrow Velvet" he said kindly offering a fist to bump​

Clint breaths out a small sigh of annoyance as the lights begin to dim, the new and growing shadows making it harder for him to read lips by. He takes it as a sign that he should call it for the night. Today had been a long, somewhat overwhelming day for him. It had been a long time since things were this unfamiliar and he'd given it all his best shot. Seemed like things were going to hold up for now. "G'night, everyone." His gaze sweeps over their surroundings in a small check before he lays back on his duffle bag, no frills or creature comforts.

It looks like he's asleep fairly quick, but he was still acutely tuned into his surroundings, that part of his brain still hardwired for squeezing in rest in questionable areas. Even if the biggest threat was just teenage angst and tomfoolery at the moment, Clint wasn't exactly an easy target. Hopefully he'd get some meaningful rest once they were settled in the dorms.

Clint Barton


Cereza rubbed the bridge of her nose over her pushed-down glasses. "Here I go again," she murmured, prior to piping up. "Time, space, fate... Whatever the case, I can tell something is interfering." Even her perception of and ability to travel through Purgatorio was gone—core elements of her power, among others. She was worlds apart from her patrons, and there was going to be hell to pay if she didn't take down the source of her troubles for this offense. "This does put me in a most precarious position, Ozpin. I do hope you understand whatever is responsible for this is going to get more than a simple lecture or a spanking. First, though... I need access to everything you know about this place's magic."
Ozpin's head is tilted down while he sits leaning back in his stiff chair. His hands still folded before him, elbows resting on the table. His head tilted down, only his eyes move to watch Victor, pupils partially concealed behind his small round glasses. He allows the young man to finish, and then allows for a pause. His eyes move to Cereza when she would mention the same 'interference'. His gaze moves to more in front of himself… seeming to just stare out into space for a few moments. It's an almost… awkward length of time really.

He suddenly speaks, almost blurting out (as if he just realized he had been spacing) "People much much smarter than I" now he sits up a bit and looks towards Victor as he continues "Found something unusual in the Auras of those from other dimensions. It is otherwise undetectable, save for this particular test. Please, do not ask more than that. It is a very complicated science, and above my knowledge." He chuckles softly "I know it works, however. And is able to detect those not native to this world."

Now Cereza asks (ask is a far kinder term for her tone) to know of this world's magic. "No." is his simple answer to he query. Another pause, and now he looks to her, his hands folding to rest on the tabletop. "I have no doubt whatsoever you have formidable knowledge of magics, of the arcane and paranormal. But you will not be performing any investigations, experiments or other task to attempt to manipulate what balance there is in this sensitive world. This isn't your world. You are not the main characters of this story. It is my world that is thrown into danger by beings such as yourselves randomly appearing. Some with noble intentions.. others… not. Past pain and tragedy force my hand to caution."

Now he slowly pushes himself to his feet, his hands folding behind his back as he looks between them "Here is the options I would like to offer you. The first.. you join young Ms. Rose and come to my school." His eyes rest on Victor a moment "I can offer you both special grants for entry. Your curriculum would also be specialized. Join my Academy, and perhaps I can help you find a way back to your home. Or.." He motions to the door "You can leave. You will not be restrained or stopped. You can go on your way. However…" Now he slightly pushes up his glasses on his nose as he looks back to them "know you WILL be monitored. And that will be easier if you simply join my Academy. If you choose to leave… you will never have a singular moment of privacy. I will know your every act. I will be watching you, rest assured. And I will not be lenient should you step out of the lines of decency we have on this world." Now he smiles pleasantly, his head tilting up a little "As I said when I first entered this room.. I would like to offer some free advice. Please… join me at my Academy. And join young Ms. Rose. You can be of use to us, and we will be of use to you."

His mind, as he speaks, does linger on Victor's words of fate…
Mecha Sonic
" dont fly often but is fun to do so" he respinded before the scrapnik saw the lights begin to dim briefly making his eye glow more obvious so he tried to dim it quickly. He stood up slowly to not wake anyone already asleep. "need some air, ill try to be back quietly" he stated as he walked towards a nearby door. As soon as he exited the hall he adjusted his robe allowing his chest to open up exposing the core allowing for the heat to be vented. He was glad he managed to do so, he needed his systems cool if its needed for the upcoming task.

He eventually reset it as best he could as he quickly but quietly wheeled himself back to his spot, he sat down and put his systems on standby. His eye light fully dying down as he sat there with his head pointing down.​
"Im definitely down for that, i bet i can pull it off my evil twin" Cayde jokingly responded to Lady as he saw the lights begin to dim. He made an annoyed sigh, fun times over now he has to try to sleep.
He laid down with his hands behind his head and looked at the ceiling. "night you lovely folks, hopefully we survive tomorrow" he joked as he tried to sleep. He had trouble with this often after arriving in this world. Hed hear the bang, see the young wolf trying to help him...the memories made him uncomfortable.
He ended up pretending to sleep as he watched Mec leave and enter, someone was restle...wait no he was asleep sat up.​

The young witch, who previously had a relaxed posture, sat up straight in surprise. One could tell she was not used to being told 'no', and that she was normally in a position of power. The propositions nearly made the veins stand up in her lovely face and neck. With an exasperated sigh, she slumped back in her chair. "Intriguing," she retorted dryly, sounding utterly defeated. "Become a super-powered, militant schoolgirl or be stalked for the rest of my long, long, long life." Her hand wagged back and forth with each iteration of 'long'. To her, neither was favorable—it was just a matter of picking the less unfavorable option.

After a drawn-out and probably irritatingly sarcastic "Hmmmm," she gave her answer. "Fine. If it means I don't have to deal with the added creep factor, Ozpin, I shall enroll in your little school. I'd like that contract ASAP; our terms will be written in stone."
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Victor watches Ozpin's body language very carefully as he finally shares what he can regarding their ways to tell. He could already feel his stomach twisting with the uncertainties at hand, wanting to ask more on the process but he relents... One small mercy to Ozpin. There's a ghost of a smirk on his face at Cereza's reaction to her question getting shut down, but it disappears quickly. Clearly, the professor had a lot weighing on his mind... The way he was zoning out and his choice of words, perhaps he'd been dealing with the fallout of those Strangers with not so noble intentions.

There was a clear hesitance in his decision making, his steely gray eyes scanning over Ozpin for any sign of something more at play. It wasn't every day that something he wanted was handed out freely, and he wanted to see what would shake out in this contract. "I'll join your school, but I would also like to know the terms and conditions." He decides with a small nod, not fully trusting the professor but willing to take the chance.

Victor Zeyan
Ozpin's gaze would casually shift between the 2 inter-dimensional beings before him. As they seem to deliberate to themselves, his expression is statuesque. Unchanging. A wonderful poker player in another life, perhaps. Nor does his expression change when they seem to accept their..
He whispers.

He wants to respond to what she says of militant children, indeed he does take offense to such accusations. In Renmant, in his world, the Academies are entities of shared knowledge and wisdom for the benefit and safety of humanity.

But then one person's Marxist society is another man's paradise.

"Contracts? Terms?" He smiles a little. "You are to be enrolled into my Academy, not a mercenary guild. The only terms might be…" Now he sits up and reaches into his coat pocket. "You both be the best students you can be." From his pocket he now pulls 2 scrolls. Each about the size of a slim smartphone. "As it is.. I happen to have 2 spare scrolls with me." He sets one down in front of each of them. Alot of weird 'coincidences' tonight, eh? "They have a vast number of functions. Written and verbal communication. Navigation. A camera. Well… many functions. You will both need them. When you power them on, navigation to the Academy and further instructions will populate. As well as my personal scroll number,"
Slowly now he pushes himself to his feet. "Make your way there, it isn't far from here. Dorm arrangements will be discussed tomorrow."
He now opens the door of the room, standing next to the doorframe. "If you head there now, you will have room and board for the night. I look forward to seeing you both tomorrow."
A pause… and he now seems to stare off into space. And after the moment he speaks once more, even his voice seeming subtly different. Distant.

"Fate is my one hard ally. Faithful and patient." He looks towards Victor out of the corner of his eyes. "Having faith in fate is the only I've been able to continue." Another pause, and then he walks out the door. "Good evening, students." He turns, and without another word strides down the corridor away from them.
Stephen Strange

As the night settled in, Strange, too, retired not long after, settling himself onto his makeshift bed, arms folded across his chest as he gazed into the depths of his thoughts. Recalling everything that happened so far, he was somewhat pleased that everything seemed to be going well so far. Yet, wary of tempting fate, he acknowledged the lingering possibility of trouble, for the Eye had detected a sinister presence looming in the cosmos, surpassing even his own magnitude.

Shifting onto his side, he closed his eyes, allowing himself to unwind, and for the first time he would sleep in a long while. Something he was grateful as he wasn't being targeted by some nightmare demon this time, he would literally sleep like a baby now.

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