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Hey there, my name is Teresa and I was basically looking for a male to roleplay with from any of these stories but if you have an idea too im willing to participate here are some ideas ive had in mind for quite some time now.

Plot # 1: Myths (MxF)

Legend has it that two entities will take on human forms: There is the God/Goddess of Thunder one who has the ability to wield the sacred shield created by the very Gods themselves and the God/Goddess of lightning, one where super speed and the mighty electrical sword are unmatched! Together they are unstoppable and inseperable...but what happens when after the entities temples (human bodies they rest in so the humans can use their powers) die and decay? Well, thats where the Celebration Of The Legends began where theres a huge ceremony dedicated to these entities once they awaken and choose their new forms! Which human will possess these awesome powers?

Plot # 2: The Arena (MxF)

Welcome to The Arena, where a nasty race of aliens have taken over your planet and have forced your people to either fight to the death with other competetors or become slaves to the king of this horrible place (which is a rocket powered giant rock) and as you figure out a way to get out you meet unlikely friends in the face of hardships and all try to escape together!

Plot # 3: The Sirens Calling (MxF)

Your a mischievous young pirate who has stolen enough money for your very own ship! You're finally able to get the crew you've always wanted! The enemies you've always wanted to capture and even countless women and as you climb that ladder at the age of 15, you've realized the ripe young age of 24 that you need something...something more, your the best pirate...all the men want to be on your ship and all the women want you, until you see a mermaid and fall in love. With a betrayer who finds out that your love is a sea creature men everywhere set off to kill or capture these creatures in order to sell them...dead or alive and wanting to keep your love safe an all out war breaks out in the seas.

Plot # 4: The Wedding (MxM)

Your set to have a grand wedding with The Lady Of Avalor, Princess Diane,who has a wealthy kingdom with the biggest army of The Planet Terra in the year 31,600 but instead your heart yearns for her brother Prince Justin Of Avalor...since being homosexual is banned in any way, you must sneak around and find a way to reunite this family without putting them on the brink of war.

If you have any other plots you can message me i'm always looking!