Stockholm Syndrome

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"Do werewolves exist?" a boy of five asked, looking up from the branch he played with and sent a questioning glance to his brother, squinting his chinky eyes from the shining sunlight that escaped the visor of his cap. It was a warm sunny day, the fields were green, the air was humid and the sounds of birds chirping echoed throughout their estate.

"Maybe." the brother replied plainly, shrugging as he watched the grass he stepped on as he walked, digging his hands deeply in the pockets of his baggy brown pants.

"Do vampires exist too?"

The brother stopped in his tracks, looking at the boy with a helpless smile. "Nǐ wèn tài duō wèntí. (You ask too many questions)" he told him in fluent chinese, placing a hand on the top of the boy's head and pushed it down playfully. The boy hissed at this, frowning while his brother laughed quietly.

"Isn't that what people do?" the boy grumbled, fixing his hat on his head and picked up the tree branch he dropped, poking his older brother with it.

"But, I'd rather you ask me about real things. Myths are myths."

"Are they?"

The brother fell silent, as if in deep thought as he held the other end of the tree branch to prevent the boy from attacking him with it further. "Usually." he replied quietly. Then suddenly, growls were heard from behind him and he turned to see a pack of animals. No, they were wolves --- big wolves. With a built that is somewhere between a human and wolf, with eyes that glared at them viciously.

"Run, Ling! Run!"

2011. Present.

"Adrian, wake up!" a voice exclaimed at his ear, awakening him almost immediately -- cutting off the visions that came flowing in his mind. His eyes opened quickly, as if awaken from a very long slumber.

It was that dream again.

A memory he swore to never forget.

His eyes travelled to the person who woke him, frowning at the sight of the teenager's face. It was a boy of around 17, caucasian, with brownish hair and dark brown eyes that were wide open in concern as it stared at his. "Get out off my face, Jesse." he demanded darkly, showing the boy off the bed with a sweep of his hand while the other massaged his aching forehead, "The sight of you, stresses me."

"Rude." the boy named Jesse retorted, rising from the floor he found himself on after the man named Adrian pushed him. He stood up, dusting himself off of any possible dirt that could've collected in his clothes, "I'm just concerned, here."

"I don't need it." Adrian replied flatly, sitting up on his bed and proceeded off it as he stood up and walked away from him and towards the bathroom, "Get out of my room." he barked, shutting the bathroom door behind him and went over the sink to open the tap.

As he watched the water flow down the drain, and looked up to observe his reflection. He was a half-chinese, half-american man. Pale skin, distinguishable chinese eyes that were slightly chinky and small, a masculine facial structure and strong build. Since he was half and half, he had the chinese eyes and the caucasian build -- making him quite an attractive man.

"Everyday, I still look for him Ling. Everyday, for 99 years now." he spoke to himself softly, watching his fangs grow as he spoke. "Everyday, my thirst to kill him grows. And soon I will avenge you."

(Sorry it took a while ^--^")
(Its okay... and im sorry if this takes a while... and if its long LOL hard introducing 2 players and shortening it up )



"I asked you a simple question... to look out for her... not turn her

and make her into your own.." Pilate growled trying to keep himself together so not to turn

despite the full moon

"I leave you for a second... and youve gone and fallen for the women I love...

and the whore takes you??" He continues, making the woman behind the man shudder in fear.

The vampire had almost forgotten he was protecting her but when he heard the whimper behind him, he turned to her

"Go.. NOW" he said, voice now raising the women ran off into the night with a bundle in her arms.

A child.

"You were gone a second? Pilate... you were gone 2 years!! to go find land by destroying human villages..

you couldn't have just one village you had to keep going... gain more power... like the dog you are not knowing when

to stop EVEN WHEN ITS CLEAR THAT YOUVE HAD ENOUGH!" the vampire seethed, fangs now on full alarm blaze.

"Your no friend of mine... you will regret this day... your children will regret this day!"


present day.



It was a discreet club.

Only for men with the means to pay could enter.

Like a new world.

If you weren't on the list, you had no entry.

Many wealthy upper class men came to this club to escape the worlds problems

Like running businesses, cooperates, or even just to escape their lives at home.

Only the most beautiful of women worked here, and most lived double lives.

The club was designed to be discreet like that. The men who ran it also had other lives as well.

If men is what you would call them. Werewolves, but one would never know that outside those who ran,

supported, and worked for the club.

Not even the main attraction -the women didnt know.

The Werewolves presented themselves as young, handsome entrepreneurs that came from wealthy families.

It wasn't just a leisure place however, it was also a place of business. Keeping up with the enemy.

Knowing their every move.

The CEO's son Eric came inside his fathers office quickly, closing the door behind him

"Hows your mother?" Pilate asked coldly. For a reason unknown to Eric, his father believed all women were whores

and thats mainly why he built the club in the first place... to exploit them.

"Shes Alive.. have you seen Lisette?"



Damn this class.

Lisette thought to herself twirling her pencil away

She was sitting at her university... her teacher as always had gone over time

He loved culture. That was for sure.

"And you Lisette... Im sure you could tell us much about how things are ran in your house...

Italian and Sri Lankan wow that sounds amazing..."

He said with wide eyes looking at her smiling too big.

Lisette rolled her eyes and looked down at her papers

"I wish I could... but my family is totally Americanized" She lied.

She was sure anyone with ears could tell she was lying... her accent gave her away

but never mind that... she was sure by her haste the teacher knew she was in a rush..

A rush to make money.

She ran her fingers through her silky black hair and sighed looking at him with pleading eyes

he stood there for a second before looking at the clock

"Yes... very well then... all dismissed."
(K MAN, Eric's hot. *drool*. Ahem, well.... Behold, here is Adrian. Since I like this guy, I have a stack of pics of him so you'll see this face often xD)


"Mr. Wu, the engineers in the Research & Design Department have proposal for funding a research they want to make regarding the fire power efficiency of the sniper rifles we have in the market. They want to see if they could--"

"Talk less, put it in my desk." Adrian replied firmly, raising a hand to stop his secretary from speaking as she walked right along side him, holding a brown file folder that was presumably the proposal. The secretary silenced, bowing as she left him be and ran towards the elevators as fast as her heels could carry her.

As his secretary went west, he went east where the conference room awaited his arrival. It was nothing, but another busy day running a company who sold well-built firearms to the military. Human stuff. In a sense, he was a Lord of War -- he promoted the violence, gave them tools to kill each other and wreck chaos. Other than the generous pay, war wasn't entirely his fault, it was still always up to the person who buys it. Everything else, was strictly business. Nothing more, nothing less.

A company he built on his own, a company that he wished someday -- it's firearms would kill him, the man who killed Ling. That required a silver bullet, something he already had.

As he entered the conference room, his vice president, major stockholders and other investors rose at his sight -- bowing at him, the CEO. The board was a mix of asian and caucasian people, but of course, the majority were chinese or half. For he knew that chinese businessmen for partners were a good investment, for they knew how to handle and manage money, just like him --- who was not full, but still chinese. "Zǎoshang hǎo, President Wu. (Good Morning, President Wu.)" his chinese partners said, bowing slightly as courtesy.

"Good morning, President." his English partners said, mimicking the same gesture.

Adrian eyed them all before settling down on his chair, opening the file folder on his table "Alright, let's start this meeting."
(So is adrian !!!! :D )


Lisette approached the stage slowly as the music began.

It was a good day.

The men silently watched her taking turns bidding for her

by pressing a silent button. Competing.

She had no problem with this.

The highest bidder took her to the back and watched her dance privately

They couldnt touch her...

Unless she gave permission

And she never gave permission... Eric was her boyfriend... and he would never allow it.

As she twirled away around the pole all she could think about was her exam tommorow

This was just money and a favor fort her boyfriend

Her parents who lived not far from her college knew nothing of her double life and if they did

because of her strict cultures she was divided amoungst, they would have a heart attack

Eric stared from a glass window invisible to those outside it while sipping his wine,

his other hand in his pocket

"The highest paid .... is that why you seek her?" Pilate asked coldly

"I dont seek her. I have her" Eric said without looking back at his father.

"Eventually... she will turn on you... just like those blood suckers" Pilate retorted taking his keys to retire for the day.

Eric knew better then to talk back to his father, instead he continued watching..

waiting for the highest bid... waiting to take their money




six figures.
"With the release of the remote-controlled battle tank, our sales have increased." one of the stockholder said, pointing his laser pointer towards the bar graph in his slideshow that the projector projected at the white screen across from where Adrian sat, "This means that more profit is flowing in the company -- LingWu Industries is seeing the highest peak of it's sales ever."

Not only did he build the company for his brother, but named it after him too: Ling Wu. Everytime good fortune came, he always wished that his brother was here to share it with him. No, probably he would still be mortal then. Die normal like a mortal, and not live forever like now.

"Good." he said reflexively, a one short autonomous reply he says in every meeting. There is nothing else to say, he always knew it his company would be successful and get the money. He wasn't an overly expressive man with things, and never will be. He was brief with only a few words, because he believed that he getting to the point was priority, and more words often sidetracked things. He rose from his seat and left the conference room with his fellows to head to their respective offices, it was time to work till five -- then head home just like every other day.

It's not like this day, things would be different... Right?
"You were late today" Eric said comming into Lisette's private dressing room without

knocking. Lisette had just gotten out of her shower and had on a robe...

She sat at the make up mirror looking at herself as she began to apply her foundation slowly

"As long as I do what I am supposed to do I dont see the problem"

She was right. But it wasnt about the money.. it was more about the fact that he always kept tabs on her

Werewolves werent the only immortals running through town... He had been sensing vampires

more and more.... and they loved beautiful women...

Almost as much as he did.

"Late is Late and On time is on time" he said quietly as she finished up and took her outfit to the back to change

He was always so paranoid.


As they made their way to the parking lot he noticed she hadn't taken a cab... she took her car.

"Why did you take your car you dont want to go for dinner?" He asked her confused

They always did dinner.

"No... I am meeting some friends actually..." She lied... the truth

was she needed time to herself and she was going to get it.

He stared at her a while.... it made her nervous but he finally sighed looking down

"Fine... call when your done" He said looking around and kissing her, opening her car door.

She slowly got in... almost feeling bad... but not bad enough to go out.


Traffic was heavy tonight and she knew it would be a while on the interstate..

she sat back in her car, arms crossed rolling her eyes

This was going to be a long drive.
So it was.

"Wait, slow down." Adrian instructed his driver as his eyes travelled towards the street, where he could see a bar's parking lot from a distance. There he spotted a man and a girl talking together beside a car. He squinted his eyes, as if trying to see the man's face and as soon as he turned, his chill ran into his spine, a chill of anger. It was him, the man who had killed Ling. He knew that face anywhere, anywhere at all. As soon as he kissed her girl, he immediately knew that the girl was special to him, special enough.

His aura grew dark as he leaned back on his seat, and watched the girl's car depart from the parking lot and towards the traffic. Adrian didn't bother to even check her out, because as soon as he saw that face, his real agenda surfaced: Revenge.

He eyed his driver throught the rear view mirror from the back, and his driver stared back from the driver's seat, looking up. "Follow her." he said coldly, a sharp glare escaped his eyes that made even the driver flinch at the sight of it as he obeyed him and followed the girl's car from a distance.

There is was -- he was close to getting to his goal. Close enough.
A car beeped its horn at her as she whipped a sharp

Left around it "Yea?? Well learn how to drive!" She screamed

Zooming off the interstate to the nearest exit and with the acception

Of a few red lights she made it to her condo pretty quickly

"Really???" Asked outloud noticing

Someone had taken her parking space which means she would have to walk

From the car garage.

She.paid hardly any attention to her surroundings

She just wanted to get inside where a bath was waiting

She hastily put one heel after the other out on the concrete

And closed her car door, pressing the lock button ln her

Keys as she began the lengthy walk to her condo
It was dusk, and it was perfect.

Adrian's gaze followed her as she silently walked in front of him, her hips moving from side to side and her curly hair bounced up and down. From the way she walked, she seemed anxious, anxious to get home he guessed. From walking behind her at distance, he found himself inching closer and closer till he could smell her strong human scent. Her blood pounding through her veins, and the hunger he held inside grew as his eyes darkened.

It was indeed mealtime.

His eyes glowed against the dim lights, and his fangs grew as he neared her. Without any hesitation, he tackled her from behind and pushed her to the nearest wall to prevent her from turning to face him. He dug his fangs into her neck relentlessly, brutally, drinking her blood like it was the best he had tasted, savoured it like it was his favourite dish. Was this what victory tasted like?

But it was short lived.

For an old truck that was posessed by an old man began to enter the scene, forcing Adrian to flee with her body, taking her keys from her bag and keyed the door open to prevent the old man from seeing the situation. As footsteps and other noises came, he knew that he had little time to finish her off and might as well -- take her home and leave her be. With the way he bit her, and the way she was losing blood, it certainly looked like she wan't going to last. So why not make the perfect crime scene? Dead in her own bed.

What an incredible stunt, better than his first plan. Now it was an eye for an eye.

After a few moments, he found himself in her bedroom. After searching her bag for her address from her I.D cards, he found which unit she lived it, settling her unconscious body on her bed, where her blood bled through the sheets, spreading the thick crimson on the matress. Adrian looked at her for a moment, admiring his victory before licking his bloodstained mouth with his tongue -- turning away to depart from the unit and head home.

In his car, he thought about the body. He was so sure he had killed her, with that blood she bled so excessively. She should be dead.

She should.
Pain. Excruciating pain...

It all happened too fast for her to grasp it...

Is this what death felt like? Was she in hell?

Lisettes body twittched as she slowly awoke from her

Unconscious slumber

Her eyes were blurry and a horrible ripping feeling

Was happening from the inside

She whimpered trying not to move...when she moved

Everything felt worst

Something was terribly wrong here...

Her body was cold.

She felt hollow...

As much as she didn't want to..she slowly sat up making

Her way to the mirror and them leaning on the counter

For support before looking up at herself

She looked...the same... a little pale..but..

The same

But she knew something was wrong ...

She had been attacked ..that she remembered..

Maybe an animal? How did she end up in her own bed?

Suddenly she felt the sharp pain in her stomach once more

And she noticed her eye color change as the pain deepened

Was this hunger..? No..something was terribly wrong

No wound...just 2 bite marks...

She couldn't call the police..and tell them what? She had been

Assaulted, bitten , and put in her bed? She turned on her shower

And hesitantly got inside ..sitting on the floor of it..letting the water rain down on her

Washing the dried blood away
"Uh, why did you just go home now?" Jesse asked, as he eyed Adrian who came in the house with his bloodied dress shirt. Covered with dried blood, a hand held his coat, while the other began unbuttoning his dirty clothing. His eyes were dark, mischevious and malicious. Truth be told, it frightened Jesse. The man looked like it was going to kill him too, considering how he was human -- it was certainly possible, "And what happened to you?"

Adrian rolled his eyes, sighing as he took off his dress shirt and bundled it with his coat, and hung it on his shoulder. "As far as I know, you are not my mother... And what I do is none of your business." he told Jesse frankly, and coolly as he disappeared towards the room where the washing machine was, tossing the clothing in it along with soap and bleach before shutting the washer to a close and activated it. He appeared back at it's doorway, looking at Jesse before turning away to go to his bed. "Now don't disturb me, I'm busy."

Luckily it was the weekend, and so even though he still had work -- it was nothing too stressful. And he could take at least a few hours to rest, and now that he was even with that werewolf, he felt content, it was enough. The wolf killed, and he did the same. Now they were even, perfectly even.

Finally, he could rest without those dreams -- and his Ling's soul could rest. He never felt happier, he wouldn't say it outloud, but he felt it inside -- stirring inside of him. A secret joy.
Lisette checked her messaged and found that Eric had called

Her 3 timrs. He was worried. And had good reason

Even though he knee nothing. She wouldn't call him back

She couldn't... not in the state she was in

Her body was slowly being engulfed into something

She couldn't imagine in her wildest dreams

She ran her fingers through her long wet hair

As the hot water continued to pour

She dug her nails slowly into her skull shaking as she did so

"Ahhh" she cried out as her canines grew just slightly larger

And her greenish-teal eyes darkened

Her shivering body shivering now

She could feel everything around with her elements

Her senses so strong, she felt each drop of water slide down each curve in her body

On to the shower floor

Her heart beat which had been pounding comming to a hault

She was diying inside

Yet she had awakened.
"So you tell me, to get Goth girls to show up at my doorstep I just have to put my address at some vampire site, claiming that my house was a coven hideout? Awesome." Jesse grinned, as he tapped expertly around the small flat screen of his iPad and began typing words and things at the white boxes of a vampire site he had found. He was relaxing on the couch with the TV turned on, and his bluetooth headset on his ear as he conversed with a friend, "You, sleeping with two goth chicks last night? Get out of town you asshat." he laughed as he typed their house address.

He was into goth girls, which was extremely off character due to his appearance. He looked like one of those happy-go-lucky teenage boys, like the type who would fool around class when the teacher wasn't looking. Yeah, he was that kid. What he did, was completely ironic --- claiming to be a vampire coven when a vampire lived in here with him: Adrian.

Adrian, was someone he always claimed as his uncle -- the legal guardian who watched over him, WHICH Adrian did do. It was his duty, after Jesse's parents went to the European Coven to attend business there a few years back, they entrusted him to Adrian who coincidentally moved to this part of America. His parents often told him that Adrian was his great great great great great grandfather through Adrian's sister's family in which where the bloodline continued. After Ling's death, Adrian refused to marry --- and obsessed with his brother's death for the rest of his immortal life. Since Adrian's sister was human, so was all her descendants, including him.

A youthful looking man for a grandfather? Not awkward at all.

Hopefully he'll let him off the hook for what he was about to do, he was going to claim that this house inhabited vampires. He lied by telling the truth. Hopefully Adrian won't mind --- Jesse was too into goth girls. "Here goes nothing." he muttered, pressing the enter button of his iPad's virtual keyboard, sending the data online.


Meanwhile, the clueless Adrian lay on his bed, trying his hardest to rest. Something prevented him so, a weird feeling, a small tingling sensation. He heard the elders say that you feel it whenever a new vampire was being born, which made him think of the girl he had killed today. Did she die? He was sure she was --- she should be. She should be.

But why does he feel restless, and anxious?
(Ah... one step ahead of me always Haha ;-) )

This was crazy... it had to be a just had to.

As soon as the shower stopped the painful feelings went away

Though she still felt hollow...

Lisette rapped the towel around her firmly and looked at herself

In the the mirror... everything was intact... but she knew..

She let her tongue glide across her teeth and the thought

Wouldn't escape her

The impossible thought. A vampire? Those that do not exist.

Only in movies? So she was Dracula?

She didn't know what to think..

She paced the room a minute before her eyes shifted to her

Labtop... she slowly went over to it and sat down and began typing

Her symptoms.

If course. Vampires were everywhere on the screen.

She kept scrolling letting her eyes wander until they settled on

Something interesting.

"Vampire...coven?' She clicked the site and sure enough..

"You have got to be fucking ...kidding me.." she continued as she

Looked at the adress. There was one not too far.. a 20 minute she wana willing

To take for the answers she seeked.

Lisette quickly dresses...a short pink Sundress with matching heels

Though she hardly felt like being cute, she would never go out of the house

Looking anything short of stunning

Her hair was still in wet curls but she didn't Care she needed answers

And she needed them now

She grabbed her keys and sped off into the was almost light now

She could feel it..

It scared her that she could...

No more worries ..these ... 'people's should have the answers she seeked.


She arrived at the homey looking house rather quickly

But hesitated as she maid her way slowly to the door.. her heels clicking

Under each stone..

Shetook a deep breath and knocked softly...

Adjusting the white lace scarf that looked like just

Another accessory around her neck to hide the bite mark
(LOL. Can't help it :P Behold, Jesse.)


"Shit man, you're actually right. There's someone knocking right now! Call you back later." Jesse said, pressing the button on his headset and settled the iPad down on the coffee table and jogged towards the doorway. Before he opened it, he looked at the stairs -- Adrian was upstairs, but it looked like the knock didn't made him rise to go down. He probably presumed that Jesse would get it, and the thought of it made him grumble a curse under her breath.

What is he now, a doorman? Well, this knock, he'll let off --- for he was so sure it was a goth girl.

"Please be a goth girl please be a goth girl please be a goth girl please be---" he spoke as he swung the door open, only to be greeted by a totally different face."You're no goth." he pouted. She was girl though, but not goth. A normal, preppy-type. She was pretty, really pretty --- inhumanly pretty. Her face was paling at a high rate, and if he were any other person, he would think she was falling sick. By looking at her, he was having assumptioins, assumptions of what she was.

He reached out his hand towards her scarf and slid it off her neck smoothly and swiftly, only to see his answer: bitemarks. This is so not fair, not turning his great great great great great grandchild a vampire and turning some unknown stranger into one, again? Jesse was amazed.

"And so, he did it again." he muttered under his breath, swinging the door further open to let her in, "Come in."


The living room was modern chinese themed, with colour tones and coordination -- it was obvious that they did some Feng Shui for everything seemed perfectly balanced yet decently styled at the same time. A certain zen could felt everytime, Jesse lived in for years and yet that feeling never escaped him. It was elegantly, darkly, serene.

He motioned towards the stairs, placing one foot on the first step and called outloud "Adrian! You gotta see this!"

"I'm busy, I'm sure it's something stupid -- what you're trying to show me." a faint reply was heard from his door, and a giggling sound that Jesse was sure belonged to a woman's. He sighed, then again... He sneaks a woman into the house through his bedroom. In a normal eating manner, he plays with his food before he kills them, just like what he was doing now. Sometimes if he likes them, he'll let them last around three days before eating them and go downstairs with bloodied bedsheets. It was gross at first, but Jesse got used to it.

"You. Have. To. See. This."

Adrian's room silenced, luckily it looked like he got the cue to actually see the situation. And he was right, not moment too long -- Adrian apppeared outside his doorway on his pants, his dress shirt crumpled and halfway open (just like in his pic in my other post); his hair messed horribly yet stylishly. A devious, hungry glare escaped his eyes. "What?"

Jesse pointed at the girl, which Adrian's eyes slowly travelled to. There, he froze.

It was her.
Lisette stood there a second

Was this Elaine waste of time? And had this boy just put his hands on her?

She cleared her throat a little fixing her scarf and looked up

At the boy who had just walked in, then shifted attention

To the other boy

"I seen you online. Im not here to ask questions I just want answers

You seen it so fix it." She half demanded

She didn't have time to mess around she had to be to work soon

And she felt weaker and weaker as tune past..hungry but not for

Anything in reach.
Adrian looked at Jesse with probably the most deadliest glare he had ever received from him, "Shǎguā, wèishéme nǐ yāoqǐng tā ma? (Fool, why did you invite her in?)" he snapped at the boy, jerking his head towards where Lisette stood. Now that she was invited in the house, she had the liberty to barge in and annoy them at will. The barrier that prevented vampires from entering houses broke whenever they were invited in the house by the one who received the door, otherwise they had no choice but to stay outside and unable to enter.

But his fool of a grandson, invited her in. Seeing how she was still alive, paling, no doubt she was under the process of changing. Which meant she was more vicious and unstable.

Jesse frowned, "English please." he pleaded his grandfather blandly, even though he perfectly understood what his grandfather said. Living with Adrian for years, forced him to learn and speak chinese. It wasn't his favourite nor ideal language to speak, it was cool in a sense -- but he never got the point of learning it, he wasn't in China, nor did he live in China --- even Adrian himself never been to China his whole exsitence, and yet he insisted with speaking, learning, and writing Chinese, "Nǐ jùjuéle tā, bùshì ma? (You turned her, didn't you?)" he said after a moment, stuttering as he spoke Chinese, his american accent got in the way of it's fluency.

"Tā de mùdì bùshì wèile. (It was not intended)" Adrian said flatly, averting his gaze towards the girl watching as hunger consumed her. She had not been feeding, it was evident in her face and knowing how Jesse was the only human in this room besides the girl he had on his bed -- his grandson was in danger, "Upstairs, Jesse."

"Oh, fine." Jesse retorted with attitude, stomping his way upstairs with a disgruntled look on his face.

Adrian eyed the girl carefully, up and down he did. She was indeed changing, but he needed answers. How did she find him? And what is this online talk and seeing Jesse's picture? "What answers do you seek? And what of my nephew, did you see online?" he asked quietly, leaning against the counter, and took his gaze away from her -- avoiding eye contact. In public, Jesse was his nephew. For calling the boy his grear great great great grandson is too odd, realistically.

His mind was in a rattle, how can he silence a vampire in it's changing phase? When it's unstable, uncontrollable?
Something was wrong.

As soon as she saw the boy began to walk away she had the sudden

erge to go after him

and she heard her heart beating faster and then fading away

as he turned the corner

that couldnt be right..

It was his heart beat she heard.

Lisette leaned against the wall trying to keep herself together

She bit her lip and looked down eyes closed

trying to fight whatever erges were comming

thirst. She was thristy... blood thirsty..

it only made sense...

"Help me...dont just stand there!" she begged him as her eye color deepend and glazed

she wouldnt be able to hold herself much longer
"What if I don't?" he said, sitting up on the counter, using his arms as leverage. What in the world did Jesse do that dragged the girl to his territory in the most coincidental manner, and even at his house. At his house. How did she even find him? What did Jesse do online? How did it happen that he crossed paths with this woman, who doesn't know she's asking for help to the man who made her what she's about to be.

Does she really think he would help her? He doesn't help people.

"What are you going to do? What do you even need help with, Miss? You come to my house, without any explanation. If you can't explain yourself --- then you are wasting my time, no, my nephew is wasting my time."

As long as she didn't hold anyhthing against him, she had nothing. And so, he was clean. Or so he thought.
She had had enough

Lisette had never taking this kind of treatment alive

And even in death she wouldn't

"Your nefew posted a site saying their was some kind

If fucking vampire coven here if that's not true then tell me

So you can stop wasting my God damned time and I'll stop

Wasting yours!!" She screamed, her eyes darkening with

Every second that passed

Why was he toying with her?

She didn't need a lecture

She didn't need questions

She needed results. Now.
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