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  1. A new marriage. Charlotte liked the idea. Well, she liked the idea of having a sibling, and a dad. Her mum hasn't stopped talking about this new man she had met. They wanted to get married, and Charlotte had met the guy a few times. He seemed nice, and she hoped her new stepsibling would be too.

    "Charlie! Come downstairs! They'll be here in a minute!" her mum shouted, "Now, be nice, even if they aren't. Wow, thirteen years since there was a man in my life, and look at what he gave me!" Charlotte twirled in the white, angelic outfit: white jeans and a white shirt-sleeved top, and white converse. It was safe to say, white was Charlotte's favourite colour.

    She was excited, almost excited enough to jump up and down.

    Then the doorbell rang.
  2. Krystal sat in the passenger seat with her arms crossed. Her parents got divorced three years ago and he was already into another women... and deciding to marry her.
    Krystal was now fifteen, her father says she should be understanding by now.
    Today Krystal chose to wear a red and black zip-up hoodie, dark jeans, and black high top converse.
    "Cheer up Krys, I promise it won't be that bad. It will just be like meeting a new friend." Her dad said, trying to lighten the mood.
    "I don't need a new friend." Krystal said stubbornly.
    Her dad only sighed as they pulled up to the drive way. "Please behave Krystal," he said one last time before they got out the car and went up to the door to knock.
  3. "Coming!" Charlotte's mum shouted, literally running to the door. She smiled and opened the door. "Hi, love. Hi, you must be Krystal. I'm happy to meet you," though Charlotte could see the worry. Krystal seemed older, or at least, she was taller. "This is Charlotte. Do you want a cup of tea?" Charlotte noticed she looked nervous. Really, really nervous. "Umm...I'll make it!" Charlotte suggested, dashing into the kitchen to avoid the awkwardness of this conversation.

    Charlotte and her mum both knew she didn't know how to use the kettle, so she Googled it. "C'mon Charlie, you're thirteen years old..."
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  4. Krystal's father smiled as door was opened. Krystal said nothing so he answered for her, "Yes this Krystal. Please accuse her... attitude, she's going through tough things," he said.
    Krystal gave him a dirty look, as though she didn't like what he said. Yes it was true, she has been depressed, but she has been getting better.
  5. Charlotte's mum had nodded. "It's taking Charlotte a while. I guess I should've gone." Then she shook her head as words processed, "Oh, that phase." She grinned, "So, Krystal, I love those shoes of yours," trying to start a conversation.

    Charlotte stood at the door at that moment with two cups of tea. She chuckled slightly because she knew her mother hated the colour black. "Mmmmuuuummmm..." she complained. "Can I go upstairs..." Her mother got the message perfectly, "You and Krystal go upstairs to your room. Us adults need to talk."
  6. Krystal nodded as she got a compliment on her shoes. She didn't see anything special about them so she guessed it was her way of starting a conversation.
    "Yeah, why don't you two go upstairs," her dad said, agreeing. "I want you to behave yourself, no yelling, no fighting, no being rude, no nothing," he then said more to his daughter.
    "Whatever," Krystal mumbled before following Charlotte to her room.
  7. "She's lovely," Charlotte's mum smiled, "But have you told her about us getting a house together?" She dropped to a low whisper.

    "I had to save you from that embarrassment," Charlotte laughed, walking into her room.

    The room was quite plain, it had a bed, which was white, a white wardrobe, and white shelves full of books next to a white desk and chair. If Krystal looked closely at the books, she'd notice that the books are all non-fiction. "There isn't much stuff. She sat on the edge of her bed, and crossed her legs, offering Krystal the chair, "I guess they'd want us to get to know each other. This is going to be so much fun! I can't wait for us to be sisters and live together!"
  8. "I tried to tell her... but every time I bring up even just us being together she tends to tune me out," Krystal dad sighed.

    Krystal sat in the chair and only nodded as Charlotte spoke. "Why is everything white? It's a boring color..." Krystal stated, not realizing how rude she sounded. She looked around the room. It was a lot different than how her room looked, which was a mess with graffiti on the walls, courtesy of her and friends.
  9. "Exactly why. It's not...bright to look at. It's plain and stuff so you can do anything with it. Every colour goes with white." Charlotte didn't understand the problem. She didn't feel ready to tell Krystal the real reason. "Why, what colour is your room?"

    "Charlotte already knows. Let me talk to her."
  10. "My room has many different colors. Me and some friends got some spray paint and drew in the walls... freedom of expression. We wanted to show we can still be lively and we didn't care for the problems in life." Krystal explained. She didn't know why she added the explanation... she just felt like it was needed.

    Krystal's father nodded.
  11. "Krystal! Charlie! Will you come down a minute!"

    "That's cool," Charlotte nodded, before sighing and heading down the stairs.
  12. Krystal put her hands in her jacket pockets as she stood up to follow Charlotte.
    Once they got down stairs her dad was the one that spoke first, "We have something to tell you... Charlotte may already know.. and I know you probably won't like it Krystal.."
    Krystal rose an eyebrow, waiting to hear what needs to be said.
  13. "Your dad, and I, since we are, like, getting married..." Charlotte's mum began, before smiling in a way that made Charlotte squirm it was so lovesick, "We want to live together, so we bought a house..."

    "YAY!" Charlotte smiled excitedly.
  14. Krystal gave the both of them a look as though to say 'are you serious?'
    "Trust me Krystal you're going to love it!" her father quickly said.
    The girl shook her head and backed up. "I think I need to go outside for a second..." she said before heading out.
  15. Charlotte's smile quickly faded, "I thought she'd be happy. We can live in the White House! Paint it all white!"
    "No we can't because it's not just our house. Your bedroom can be all white." Charlotte's mum quicky glanced over at Krystal's dad. "Are you not going to talk to your daughter?"
  16. "Give her some time..." he said looking in his daughter's direction. He knew whenever she got upset she just needed time alone outside.
    Krystal went outside and went on her phone to talk to a friend... hopefully they could help her out.
    "Have a smoke." one of them suggested.
    "Runaway." another suggested.
    "Deal with it, you have no other choice." another suggestion which seemed to be more reasonable.

    It's been twenty minutes and Krystal's father decided to go outside now.
    "I know you're still upset about her real mother... I'm sorry she doesn't want... to see either of us." Krystal looked away. She loved her real mother... but she didn't know why she didn't want to see her.
    "We can have a new start Krys," her dad continued. "You and your friends can redecorate your walls... remember you had fun with that?"
    Krystal only nodded before agreeing to go back in the house.
  17. "Was it something I said?" Charlotte's mum was upset. "No, mum, you did it really well. She's just surprised."
    "But you were so happy..."
    "I'm different."
  18. "Back.." Krystal mumbled. She put a hood over her head and put her hands in her pockets.
    Her father only sighed, he always had trouble trying to reason with his daughter.
  19. "Hi Krystal. We were thinking, would you guys like to see the house?" Charlotte's mum smiled. Charlotte glanced at the people all in the room.
  20. "Sure I guess," Krystal shrugged.
    "That's a good idea!" her father said with a smile.
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