Starting a D&D campaign, looking for interest

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  1. So hello there, I've been inactive for a little while as I finished up my college degree, but now I've graduated and have lots of free time. I've wanted to start a D&D thread for a while and now that I have the time I can start working on that. I'd like to gather interest for a young-age RP, at least starting that way with regards to a fantasy-medieval kingdom. The thread would be ROLEPLAY-FOCUSED but use the mechanics of fighting and magic-use within D&D to keep it fair and more randomized. As i'm suggesting the idea it seems only fair that I volunteer to be the DM as well. I have a story in mind and can lead it using a tutor within the setting, while performing checks and such.

    The RP element of my idea is for the characters chosen by everyone else to start at a slightly young age (so stat's have a negative modifier) and progress them over a long period of time. The setting would be new squires, mage trainee's, and the like, under a knight errant who treats them like a small family.

    The technical part would be for the sake of determining fairness, helping randomize actions, and creating a guarantee for diversity within the group. (I don't know about anyone else, but for a while I was on a site where every other friggin' person was a half-demon, wolf, dragon, cyclops son of the devil with magic missile casting eyeballs, and it's just not fun! At least for me, it's hardly fun when such modifiers are just given and not even earned, and the great quantity of them made a regular human the rarest form on the site [which was me -.-]) I would leave it fairly open ended and try to reduce the need to check-back with the DM (me) on hits and such, I might just give the variables within the post and let you respond within your post with your score. If it became a problem that we felt someone might not be honest or was simply doing too well, I could manage the situation or just use the cruel gods' powers to smite them back into line <_<.

    Anyway, that's my idea so please let me know what you think and if anyone has any interest, questions, or concerns. I would like to state that I would like people who are fairly active, and able to post at least once a day with good detail. I would not expect us to be much more active than that but to make sure it moves along at a decent pace and others are not left waiting, this is what I would like to aim for. That being said, the detail would also be to make the most out of each individual post since this will still be a roleplay focus and there's not much to be said for 2-3 sentence posts once a day. Inner monologues also help me know how I can better shape a situation ^^.
  2. AD&D Table Top - Greatest thing ever.

    I would be interested playing a half elf Ranger...but could I give her an....odd pet. Miniature dragon?

    Now, before you say anything, hear me out. I'm talking about a tiny dragon about the size of a kitten. One able to talk to everyone, fairly young and shy, probably just hatched. Has no attack as of yet, very vulnerable. Hoping to build her up to attack status with Ranger abilities mixed with a couple Druid talents.
    I just created Neri for Table Top AD&D edition 2.5 (which is what my family plays) a couple weeks ago. Played her once...and I'm hoping to play a different, online version of her. I will change the name, re-roll stats (tho I'm very, very satisfied with what stats she has), etc, if you want.

    One more thing. How will XP and Jewels/Valuables be spread throughout the group? To keep it fair, my mom (who DMs) always gives equal XP to those who gave every fight and challenge a try, which kept levels even. For valuables, she would fill random chests with 20 or so items (for a group of 6 or 7) and allowed everyone to debate who got what, keeping it fair and not allowing anyone to take anything they don't need. Does that make sense? Of course, I'm just spitballing. I love playing, but I'm not experienced with anything but 2.5...and we're not bible we only use certain rules, most of them for just the fighting and magic usage. But you do have one interest ^^​
  3. Okay so first things first.

    What are you saying about the dragon? It sounds like you want to have a character and a pet dragon (which is highly unusual) and then get said dragon abilities and attacks as time progresses. That in itself sounds like an enormous obstacle that I'm not entirely okay with. It's different than a familiar, and frankly, just too over the top for the more normalized style I had predicted. I could deliberate on future involvements of a sort, but for the start of the RP, no dragon.

    Secondly, it's still majorly a roleplay just using some D&D mechanics. Experience will be tracked by me and awarded to group members when and how I see it fit, items otherwise can be negotiated within the group, though I don't see this being a common occurrence, referring back to the this is majorly a roleplay comment. As far as an edition goes, it was going to either be between 3.5 or 4.0, depending on what interested members wanted. 3.5 has a far greater selection of classes and the like, while 4.0 is much much more streamlined and easier for those who are unaccustomed to D&D (and would make integrating into the rp much simpler). So that depends entirely on those who are interested.

    Were there any additional concerns?
  4. I don't think you understand what I am saying. The dragon is of no use, but as a tiny character to add life to my own. She adds flare to the RP. She is not a D&D dragon, of no basic breeds, etc. She is my own, and she will not be used for anything anywhere near the beginning. When she does grow a little later on in the story, she will gain some ability, but it will begin at level 1 just as the other characters do at the very beginning of the RP. So, while everyone else is up in level, say around 8 or 9, the tiny dragon has grown to about the size of a baby raccoon and can do basic breath weapon attacks with major negative modifiers at level 1, just then able to level herself up. Always will she be significantly lower than all other characters. She will never grow past the size of a large cat with the wingspan of a hawk. If she is longer than a cat, it would be because of a long, serpentine neck, but that is all.

    Now, if you are still against it, I understand...but I may not be interested.

    As for the edition, I know not of the rules of either of those. Like I said before, I have only ever played 2.5, so it may take me a little while to adjust. If you would like, I can look up a character sheet and go ahead and give the stats for version of Neri. And I can ask a few friends if they would be interested. My boyfriend is a member on here looking for RP...I think he might be interested. That's all I can give, tho.​
  5. As far as the dragon goes: I understand what you are saying, and if I allow it, understand I have to make you weaker in some way so it counterbalances the presence of the dragon. Since you want to start out with it and it will grow over time, I have to find some way to balance it for other interests. Does that seem acceptable? If it is, I'll need a list of how it is going to grow and such.

    As for anyone else, if they would be interested then encourage them to read the thread but let them make their own decision. As for the rules, don't worry. You won't really need to learn the precise mechanics as you would for an actual game. Each round will be more generalized with a type of format that starts with me saying : "A tingling runs over <name>'s spine, feeling a flux of energy." and if they choose to detect magic, they describe it in the post and say [Got a <number], and I continue on to describe what they discovered. and because I had talked with another interested person yesterday, I was considering giving each player 3 standard actions per post so that combat does not drag on slowly.
  6. Well, of course. That only makes sense. I can give you a full background that can make the two connected in a life-force kind of way. The more the dragon grows, the weaker the half-elf becomes. The dragon is, in essence, taking the force of the elf. So, since the elf is a Ranger, we can make her accuracy with a bow (she carries a longbow, of course) have a negative 1 modifier to roll to attack at the beginning and give her a bigger modifier once the dragon is able to attack. When the dragon is harmed, she is harmed, etc. Is that big enough of a negative effect, or should I give more?

    I never push people into RPs, of course. I am willing to share, but I never push any of my interests on others. And the usage of basic mechanics sounds good. I'm game ^^ Could I, perhaps, start on the character sheet? (once I get the OK for the dragon, of course)​
  7. im highly intrested my question is can we add a picture to decribe our character?
  8. Silas- That sounds good to me, I have nothing against it, merely the issue of balance but with that I can definitely work it in. Please start, I'm going to suggest using 3.5. All WotC classes and expansions are allowed, homebrew ones are going to be severely judged by me though.

    And Kronas- Absolutely! I will make another page for posting character profiles / D&D sheets shortly once we have interest secured. I would say I'm going to limit the number of actual PC's to 4-5, so we have 2-3 spots left. As much detail as you would like.

    Also a major point: A reminder we are starting younger than adulthood, so please choose either Young or Juvenile ages to start from, which one I leave up to you.
  9. sounds good to me i cant wait
  10. Okay, so around 40 for my half-elf...that would make her around the age of 15/16 (which is significantly young, considering I only ever play 17 at the youngest). Um....I'll go looking for Char sheets and look back here for the link to post mine when I am finished. I will give you a well-thought-out, detailed background on her and the dragon, and I will give a small, basic char sheet for the dragon just so we have everything down. Thank you very much for allowing this. I will make sure to balance everything, and if something is out of place, be sure to tell me so I can fix it. ^^

    BTW - I may ask a few questions about the char's a little more than I expected...and I don't know everything that's on it.​
  11. Sounds good to me. And yeah, the racial age differences make it interesting depending on how they are played. Considering a 40 year old elf is massively young yet has seen as much life as an older human, it influences their perspective and attitudes but keeps a level on their physical differences.
  12. Hi there, Templar! Good to see you again. We already discusses part of my character concept elsewhere, but in terms of age, if we're starting at Level 1 (please, please, please) would sixteen be an acceptable age for my young knight-to-be?

    And as long as I'm asking questions, are we basically just playing Dungeons and Dragons as play-by-post or are we just using SOME of the game mechanics for our encounters? In other words, should I actually get out a character sheet and roll up a Level 1 human fighter?

    I remember you saying something about 3 standard actions per turn, but I don't know if that was confirmed or not?
  13. Hello again. And yes, we will be starting at level 1 and please do roll up a sheet, it will be handy to have. It will be post-by-post between all of us, incorporating stat checks when necessary (which will not be every post). I believe that with regards to combat, giving 3 standard actions per post per player will help move it along more quickly. Technically age 16 is considered adulthood within D&D. Would you be willing to go slightly lower to 14 or 15, or just accept you grow later on and not hit adulthood until later in the rp?
  14. Hm, I'm interested! I have a human thief that could use some action. The poor girl's going half mad with boredom... I think her age is around 15 and she is very very small...averaging around the height of a halfling.
  15. when will you be making the character sheet
  16. I do have a question. What is the currency?

    In my D&D Meetings, we use Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Copper...but I need to know that and what you will allow each player to start out with.​
  17. Vanya- that would work well, assuming you are referring to a character concept and not a previously played character (we'll be starting at level 1), otherwise I see no problem.

    As a note: I think we will go with 3.5e (to everyone)

    Kronas: When will I be making the sheet? You mean the page for the character sheets and profiles to go to?

    And Sil: Yes I will keep that standard currency. As far as the amount, it will start as nothing, for the purpose of the rp. All characters will be doing a bit of role playing initially, and then their personal "belongings" can be assigned back to them by my PC, or if they didn't have any stuff of that sort (truly starting from nothing), then a decent amount will be given to them (like a guide through an armory.) Does that sound acceptable? The idea is to have the group come together and be raised as a family task-force, under the tutelage of my character while guiding the initial events before letting the plot develop further on. This way the characters get a personal history prior to the more serious on-their-own adventures later on. (It always bothered me how group's tended to not have a real reason to be together).
  18. And on a different page: I'd really like to thank everyone interested. I've wanted to do this for a while and it's refreshing to have the desire to join ^^

    Edit: Also I won't be on until later tonight to answer more questions (Sunday)
  19. I'm interested. Give me a bit to get things in order.
  20. Only on quickly, but glad to say it looks like we have great interest. I'll close the sign ups for this then as we have 4.