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  1. RULES!



    Welcome to the Thunderdome Arcade!

    - The Arcade with the games, the food court, living area, etc is the 'safe' zone. No bloody fighting in this area, okay?


    - The Wrestling Ring is an all out brawling area. It doesn't matter what style you use, as long as you kick ass!…this is where you start the RP.


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    Kuraaku Kenka was dressed in his dark blue sleeveless jacket and pants, with a black leather belt/silver buckle, black sneakers with white trims, a Red T-shirt under the jacket, and some black terry cloth wristbands. His victorious theme song began to play as he came running into the ring like a fucking show off, waving to the crowds, toting his large can of some energy drink, or juice, and in other hand, a shinai training sword.

    As he slipped through, two dudes in cheap luchadores' costumes were having a bare knuckle brawl, until Kuraaku dashed up behind one of them, and did a suplex. Three other guys came out of the crowd, yet Kuraaku continued to roll with the punches: literally. He performed a 'Straight Blast' or rapid punch attack, keeping them at bay with a burst of punches each, before being backed into a corner, then climbing the post, and jumping off for a dropkick.

    The Luchadore next to him that he didn't suplex was sent flying into the post, Kuraaku running over and unleashing boxing punches on his ass.
  3. (A fan of beelzebub, i see. I may join up. A bit swamped now though)
  4. ((This sounds entertaining, and I've always held violence in high regards. I have one question, would you accept just a simple chain as a weapon, I know it sounds weird, but hey there are a lot of options when using a chain to beat the shit outtta them, lemme know. I'll post my actual RP intro sometime today))

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    ((Alright cool, this should be interesting because I have never actually used chains as a weapon in an RP before. Got the idea from Soul Caliber, the Ivy character uses like a chain like sword.))

    Izumi Honoka was preparing herself to enter the arena where she had just watched a young man prance in like he owned the place while some song blared through the arena speakers. Typical. Everyone here thought they were superior to the rest, hell, even Izumi thought that she was better than your average brawler, of course she had had her ass handed to her a few times in the past year, but only because she'd had a bad morning...Or so she told herself. Izumi looked at the entrance to the arena with skeptical cat like yellow eyes, trying sum up the competition and when the best time to jump into the fight would be, as to take everyone in the arena - which at the moment were all male - by surprise. She was a lot smaller than they were, but she had the advantage of speed and flexibility on her side, while they had brute force.

    When Izumi had first started battling in the arena, she had tried all sorts of weapons. From bow staffs to just plain using her fists, though, nothing seemed to quite fit her fighting style, nothing that is until she started to just use a simple chain. It's length would be at least two of her stacked on top each other, which meant she had the ability to hit anyone within a ten foot something radius, considering she was at least 5'7. It wasn't the fact that the chain caused a devastating blow that intrigued Izumi, instead she enjoyed that the chain had a talent for being able to lock around the limbs of her opponents, giving her a chance to fling them, or drag them close enough for a little hand to hand.

    Izumi tugged at the edge of her short orange/red dress, than proceeded to wrap the chain around her knuckles a few times to give her leverage, but it also made the chain a few feet shorter. She had dyed her hair a vibrant neon pink color, and now that she was preparing to go into the arena she started to regret it. Firstly, because she knew the guys would giver her crap about picking such a girly color, but more importantly because it made her an easy target to spot in the mess of the fighting. She was going to stick out like a cat at a dog park.

    Izumi bounced on her toes a couple times than darted out into the arena. She hadn't taken the time to set up some big introduction for herself like the cocky young man had, so she managed to get into the arena almost unnoticed by the other brawlers. Good. Two of the men were wearing humiliating get-ups and Izumi laughed quietly to herself. She leaned against the edge of the arena, deciding to let the men wear themselves out before she attacked, whipping the chain from side to side, just in case someone did notice her and tried to strike, the chain would already have momentum.

    Just a waiting game now She thought watching Mr. Theme song beat the crap out of one of the Luchadores, unless they noticed her. Than things were going to get a little more interesting.
  6. The merciless punching had to wait: With the end of his theme song, another person; a girl with pink hair, had snuck on in and came in to attack the more humiliating looking Luchadores. He socked the other guy with one more punch, before Kuraaku pulled a Microphone out of seemingly thin-air.

    "So, if it isn't…a new person!" He spoke as threateningly as he could, despite failing hard. "Only a fool trusts their life to a weapon!"

    To immediately be a hypocrite, he tossed the microphone like a throwing knife at Izumi, kicking the ground below him and flying forwards into Izumi with a wide right hook. Like, REALLY wide. When he got close enough, he roared loudly to try and surprise the girl, so he could unleash the punch.

  7. Izumi braced herself, placing her feet a bit father apart to keep her balance, and she almost laughed when Kuraaku tried to sound threatening to impress his fans. "Shit!" Izumi cursed when the microphone hit her square in the face, causing her nose to bleed slightly. Izumi swiped the blood away with one of the orange gloves on her hands, and glared at Kuraaku. He flung himself towards her, but he was being sloppy, most likely pumped from the effortless battle with the Luchadores, but Izumi wasn't going to go down as easy as they did.

    Izumi watched Kuraaku throw his fist her way, shouting something at her incoherently. The punch had either been drastically miscalculated, or he was afraid to hit a girl, either way Izumi was going to show this guy just how much of a threat she really was. She flung the chain forward and it latched tightly around Kuraaku's flying fist, and Izumi spun on her heel and flung him over her head towards the opposite end of the arena. The chain added great support, but he was heavier than she expected - damn muscle - so the throw didn't conjure as much power as Izumi had hoped. Izumi yanked back on the chain and it came unhooked from around his wrist in midair, though he only flew halfway across the arena.
  8. Kuraaku's head was the first to make impact, as he flew through the air, and hit the wall. Growling, he kicked at the wall he struck, and went flying back into the ring, landing on the ropes, and dropping down to start preparing to slingshot himself into the girl. When he did, he maneuvered himself so he'd go upwards, landing on the other rope, and beginning to run around the ring in some bizarre, yet acrobatic wrestling attack.

    …One he never finished, as he continued to run around the ring, trying to disorient Izuma…And he couldn't run on those ropes forever...
  9. Izumi couldn't keep her eyes on Kuraaku as he darted around the arena. He was faster than he looked. The best thing Izumi could do now was defense, swinging the chain in complete arcs around herself for when Kuraaku finally decided to stop jumping around the arena like an insane acrobat and attack. If she was lucky he would end up just tripping over his own two feet, but that was wishful thinking. If she tried to strike him with the chain, she would just end up missing and the chain would most likely latch around one of the ropes, leaving Izumi exposed to any attacks, so she stayed where she was, with narrowed yellow eyes.

    From the corner of her eye Izumi saw one of the bloodied Luchadore's push himself unsteadily to his feet. His eyes held a murderous look in them, and Izumi was surprised when the injured Luchadore managed to launch himself forward and Kuraaku, knocking him off the ropes and out of the arena, into the crowd, who proceeded to go wild with excited applause and cheering. Great, now she was going to have to take the both of them out...Wait....If she could get them to where they were lined up, she would be able to encircle them in the chain, like a snake around a mouse. Perfect.

    Izumi ran over to the edge of the arena where the two men had gone flying into the crowd and watched the Luchadore trying to gain control of the situation. She spun the chain above her head like a lasso, she just needed an opening, the perfect time to strike, and the fight would be over.
  10. Kuraaku was easily knocked down, the luchadore raining vicious blows onto the young man's face, and chest, as he looked to see Izumi coming over to try and strike the both of them. Kuraaku fired back at the man attacking him with a flurry of upward fists to the jaw, before pushing himself out of the range of the chains. He looked back and forth at the Luchadore, and Izumi, shrugging to himself, and beginning to say something.

    "Why don't we take out these Fodder Fuckers so we can have a REAL match?" He suggested. "Hold him up, I'll use my Leg Lariat!"
  11. Izumi looked at Kuraaku suspiciously. If she took the offer and he turned on her she wouldn't have a set defense, but if he actually stuck to the offer they could easily take down the Luchadore in an instant. She sent Kuraaku a malicious grin. "Alright," She agreed, "I didn't want to have to deal with him and your sorry ass at the same time anyways." She laughed. Izumi swung the chain to build up speed and power, than flung it toward the Luchadore who was trying to recover from punches, rubbing at his jaw in annoyance and in pain. The chain had perfect aim, and easily made a straitjacket of metal around the Luchadore.

    Izumi looked at Kuraaku, her grin widening, and she gestured with her hand that wasn't holding the chain at the Luchadore. "Alright do your worst."
  12. Kuraaku cracked his neck, and charged forward, and as promised, raised his leg so his shin would meet the Luchadore's throat, for the leg lariat. The Luchadore dropped to the ground, the rest of them starting to gather up to attack. Kuraaku gestured for Izumi to lower the weapon, as he moved up near her, the two standing back to back, as the Luchadores prepared a circle of men, hoping to take out the two.

    "…I get the feeling we're like the 'Faces (Good Guys)' and 'Heels (Villains)' and these here luchadores are 'jobbers.' Now, these bastards should probably go down pretty easily, but with so many of them, I get a tad worried. I mean, sure, they fall like flies, but they can still drop some decent hits."
  13. Izumi's smile fell when more of them showed up. What did they have a whole fucking army of badly dressed wimps at this place? She did as Kuraaku instructed, and let go of the chain. It was only good for one or two opponents anyways, so I guess she would have to suffice for a little hand to hand against the Luchadores. Izumi wasn't really one to worry, but with so many Luchadores she was growing a tad nervous.

    "First to fifteen K.Os on these bastards wins?" She challenged Kuraaku, standing back to back with him. Sure she was a little worried now, but no use letting him or the Luchadores see that. They encircled the two of them, some cracking their knuckles in an attempt to appear tough. Izumi scoffed, and looked at Kuraaku. "Alright you ready for this?"
  14. "Yeah, I'm Ready!" Barked Kuraaku. "I'll use my Kora Hatsu (Forward Blaster)"

    Kuraaku charged forward, rolling his arms forwards in a mechanical motion, like the pedals of a bike, as he unloaded his fists onto their faces, stomachs, chests, and backs, throwing in a couple low kicks to the side/back of the knee every now and then to throw them off.





    50 HITS!

    And Kuraaku blasted away at least 25 of the new men down with his rapid combination, the last fist striking a man. That man fell down, but Kuraaku was still in the punching position even after, holding his final strike with the pure feeling of victory going through his blood, and finally unleashing an invisible explosion from the sheer might of his knuckles. This was why he was Kuraaku 'Kenka!'

    And then, he turned to look at Izumi, waiting for her to finish off the last 100 by herself. If it really came to it, he'd help. Firstly, Kuraaku was feeling like a lazy bastard, and two, he had to gauge this girl's strength…Okay, the second part just occurred to him, he was planning to be lazy the entire time...

    "You can totes kick their asses. :O" He cheered.

  15. Izumi lifted her eyebrow at Kuraaku. "Totes?" She asked sarcastically, never actually believe a guy would say that. She laughed and shook her head than turned to the last 100 standing in front of her. Hand to hand wasn't Izumi's forte but she knew she would be able to take the guys out easily. She sprang forward at the first guy she saw take a step towards her, elbowing him in the jaw, than she proceeded to attack the others. She had speed and flexibility on her side, allowing her to easily maneuver out of anything they tried to do to her. She delivered a combination of kicks and punches to each of the Luchadores, aiming for their faces more than anything else. She took them all out quickly, and ended the attack through a strange back flip like kick, her heel digging into the jaw of the last man standing. Than she turned to Kuraaku and the crowd and raised her arms over her head like a child. "Ta-da." She chuckled, sticking her tongue out. She was actually not the childish type, but the crowd seemed to love her for it.
  16. Kuraaku clapped, and whistled. That is, until he dashed forward, and climbed back into the ring, waving for Izumi to hurry up so neither of them would get disqualified from the match, and he could get back to the Arcade and beat his high score or something. Plus, either way if he won or not, Izumi would have made a great love interest ally in combat! reassuming his fighting stance, wagging his finger at her, as he began to perform several martial arts esque movements for the crowd's enjoyment.

    "C'mon!" He exclaimed. "So I can finish you with my Rolling Savate!"
  17. Izumi watched Kuraaku preform each little martial arts move with her eyebrows raised and her arms over her chest. "You ready yet?" She asked sarcastically, smiling at him a little. Before he could respond, Izumi charged forward and kicked his legs out from underneath him. She than looked at him a moment before sending a gut wrenching kick right into his stomach, and before he could recover she jumped away from him and took up a defensive stance. It was now her turn to waggle her fingers at him, while she prepared herself for whatever he came at her with.
  18. Kuraaku fell to his knees, but caught Izumi by the ankles rather than the girl getting away, as he turned her and himself over so they'd both hit the mat. Kuraaku crawled over and tried to take the girl's arm for an armbar submission, hoping he could end the match there and then with his 'superior technique.' That is, unless Izumi also had some techniques of her own?...

    "Give it up! I've taken three heavyweights with my hilt gripper! I'm like a warrior who won't drop his sword!"
  19. Izumi struggled a moment and managed to slide sideways before Kuraaku could actually hold her in place with his legs, leaving him with just a grip on her wrist. It'd been a lucky move, and she hoped she didn't waste it. She spun around yanked, managing to get her wrist free, though it did cause some damage to her shoulder from the strain of the pull. She huffed a few times and pounced on him, hoping to catch him off guard and preform an ankle lock. "You're going to mess with my arms, than I will mess with your legs." She said, diving for his ankle.