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  1. Hello everyone. The Afterman here.

    I wanted to propose this idea for a large-scale Star Wars roleplay because I enjoy the world and feel like plenty of other people do as well, and so a roleplay wouldn't be a bad idea. So far, I have no overall plot to speak of, only individual plots based on the plots of such characters I have on another roleplay site, which I will be happy to expand upon if anyone wishes to know.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope we can get something off the ground.
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  2. I'm very much interested in Star Wars! It would be nice to have a change from the RP I'm used to and I'm always willing to learn more about the SWU!
  3. Awesome. Glad someone is interested. Hopefully we can get more people on board so we can brainstorm something up.
  4. I want a star wars RP very badly. Large scale as in 20+ players...probably not. Rather dislike it when things get divided and untidy.
  5. i would love to RP, but don't know any star wars past the shows and movies
  6. I am very much interested in this but i'm kind of agreeing with @WitchChild regarding the amount of players.
  7. Ohhh I like this idea.
  8. Pssssh <3 Only on SWTOR am I given that official title <3
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  9. Oh, wow. This thread had been dormant for so long I forgot about it. Alright, glad to have so many people interested.

    Well, regarding @WitchChild 's statement, a large-scale roleplay could be done, if done correctly. The key to that is having a roleplay that doesn't hinge on key characters being present, to allow it to be flexible enough that if someone leaves and hangs up a scene, those involved are able to find some way to move on without them.

    Regarding an overall plot, as I said, I don't really have anything, as I was mostly wanting this roleplay to just follow the individual plots of our characters. Although, some universal conflict (a war or insurgence, perhaps) wouldn't be unwelcome, if we would all like to brainstorm ideas on that.
  10. I have been a part of an rp where there are like 20 characters or so. The biggest problem with such a thing is that they tend to get divided easily with 3 chars over there while 5 are over there and 2 doing it way over there. It gets cluttered very fast. My favorite kind of rp, especially star wars, is to have it as 1-2 groups that are mostly together achieving a single goal each with some alterior motives. Such as each group ger a single freighter or the such and keeping the group diverse. The genuine star wars adventure feeling.

    Bug key feature i feel to be good for a good star wars rp is to limit Force users. If not, making instead all force user rp. The gunslinging smuggler is really gonna be out of place when there are 5 jedi and a converted sith.
  11. I agree, but at the same time, the best way to remedy that is to encourage people to intermingle so groups don't just pile up and stagnate the roleplay. Make people step outside of their comfort zones, if you will, by either guiding them into such a situation, or introducing one yourself (dropping a trigger-happy Mandalorian into a Jedi tea party, for instance).

    I plan for this roleplay to be a universe roleplay, with many people joining. With that said, we have to avoid the roleplay hinging on any one character's involvement, which should be easy if the roleplay gets big enough. Flexibility is key.

    As far as limiting Force users goes, yeah I can see that being necessary. It would certainly help to get people to explore other kinds of characters.

    My two biggest concerns right now, though, is generating enough interest in the idea, and developing the world in which the roleplay will be carried out.
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  12. If having people mostly in a single group is far more optimal. I loathe it when people get too far from each other and doing their own thing.

    Also, we gotta decide on timeline and what sort of canon we are going to keep faithful to and which canon we are gonna ignore and avoid.

    in timeline, I vote either during Galactic Civil War or Alternate Old Republic (Swtor to be exact) where we just dismiss everything and make our own little canon. I would be somewhat okay with the similarly treated Clone Wars though that one isn't quite my favorite timeline like Civil War is.

    My 2 cents.
    Things to ignore:

    Force Power Shatterpoint. Fuck this force power and let it rot in hell
    Mandos being the ULTIMATE Badasses with literally no equal and with superior society. Badasses with few but some equals and more warlike is my preference. Pacifist Clone Wars gets a pass for me though. In other words, ignoring Karen Traviss's works all together except for Commandos.

    Things to avoid:
    Sith power using Jedi (Fuck those)
    Uber powerful Self taught force sensitives
    Major Interaction with Canon Characters
    Ruling the Battle Force users (Though being powerful is quite alright just not One sided battle kind of OPness)
    Minimal Transport possession (Few vehicles for the group)
    Few OC species. Though I have had a good 25 page description of one OC race that I was given during a rp I was running.
  13. um i haven't seen or done any star wars past the shows and movies, if someone would explain some things to me, that would be great
  14. Y'all trying to do star wars without inviting me? I'm sad now...

    Anyway I'm down. I'm usually up for working on minor plotlines too. I always have ideas. Unfortunately, my knowledge of legit extended universe info is severely limited.
  15. I am a big reader of star wars and I do regular research on the wookieepedia. If you need something explainin I could most likely fill you in.
  16. Well what is the galactic civil war?
  17. Aight cool.

    Personally, I agree with virtually every point I've seen here. My favorite era is the Old Republic. (SWTOR FTW) Timeline wise with AU canon elements sounds good to me.

    I don't think we would need major plotlines, at least, not for a while. It'd be pretty easy to stick with a local area at first with minor plots then expand, yeah?
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  18. It's the Empire Era

    Episode 4-6
  19. I'm interested in this as well, I would enjoy a star wars rp.
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