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  1. IC

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

    The Saga Reborn.

    Episode I:

    Weapons of the Force

    Shortly before the Galactic Republic was reborn as the First Galactic Empire, CHANCELLOR PALPATINE declared the Jedi Order were a threat to peace and democracy. In secret, he commanded the Republic's Clone Army to initiate a secret military act known as "Order 66". Order 66 forced the Clone Troopers to eliminate all Jedi across the galaxy. Many of the Jedi perished during Order 66, but some managed to escape the Emperor's wrath.

    Fleeing across the galaxy, the Jedi took to hiding in the shadows while the newly formed Empire began to seek them out. Under the command of the Sith Lord DARTH VADER, an elite group of clones known as the 501st Legion, who performed many of the Jedi Executions and raided the Jedi Temple when the purge started, went in search of the remaining Jedi throughout the galaxy. Issued to track down the remaining Jedi during the construction of the Emperor's ultimate weapon, DARTH VADER aboard his SUPER STAR DESTROYER, took the 501st Legion around the galaxy, eliminating any remaining members of the Jedi Order.

    However, something much more sinister then the purge of the Jedi is in the works. Kept secret from even his apprentice, EMPEROR PALPATINE has sent out a special group of Stormtroopers to seek out planets with strong Force energies. Only time will tell what he has planned...



    Read'em (open)
    1. No God Modding. We don't want any Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues. Force Wielders and Weapons Masters, lookin' at you here!
    2. Maximum of 3 Active Characters per person. Any more needs approval by a GM
    3. Characters can and WILL die, but please ASK somebody before you attempt to kill their character rather then just say "Your guy is dead."
    4. Keep it PG-13!! Romance and Lovey-Dovey stuff is fine, as well as the occasional innuendo, but take smut scenes to PM, please. Also, violence is allowed, but please don't rip out a guys entrails and hold them above his head while he slowly dies. We're not monsters, although some of us are a bit "Sith" in the head (:3)
    5. Some scenes will be time skipped if they drag on too long/get too boring, but most of the time we will RP things through.
    6. Try to keep things relatively original. Feel free to pay homage to the original Star Wars films, but this is a new story. We'll have characters from the old films, but try not to copy things word-for-word. That being said, similar events, I won't be as strict against. After all, I'll need to have them as well.
    7. Your character cannot have any GM abilities. Each power (Force included) MUST have a weakness. That being said, our powers are pretty limited to whoever can use the Force, but its a broad rule to cover all characters.
    8. Post at least 2 paragraph's (10 sentences in both) each time (more is fantastic though)
    9. GM posts will be announced (these include plot movers, special events or even the death/introduction of a new character)
    10. If you got this far, here's a cookie *hands cookie* Also, include your favourite Star Wars quote at the end of your character sheet.
    11. Please make PvP combat fair. It really sucks when somebody unleashes their ultimate power and uses the Force to tear somebody in half, or pulls out a rocket launcher and insta-splodes the other person. In addition, Force Powers CAN be blocked in PvP combat (although this rule mostly applies to Force Weilders, non Force-Weilders must also abide by this).
    12. Enjoy the RP to the best of your ability!!

    Character Sheet (open)
    Description/Appearance: Pic and Description
    Skills and Abilities:
    Force Abilities: (none if not force-sensitive or untrained. Those with Force powers, try to limit yourself to 6).
    Possessions: (Anything that isn't weapons or you keep on one's person)


    Character Roster (open)

    We'll be accepting up to eight players. You may may have up to three characters (if you can handle it, that is). You are allowed to play either a Hero, or Villain

    We may be allowing more people to join later on, but 8 is our starting cut-off number.

    1.) Mar Zhet - Sora1297

    2.) Therus Geth - WitchChild

    3.) "Malady" - EraSonata

    4.) Syeron Hunwess - Some_Bloke

    5.) Anakin Skywalker a.k.a. "Darth Vader" / To-be-announced - Sapphiric





    My Character (open)


    Stands at 5'6, with long and messy chestnut brown hair. He has dark brown eyes and thin eyebrows. Being a young man, Mar is quite thin. Most of his body weight is just muscle he's accumulated from the intense training his Sith masters put him through.

    When he isn't wearing his Sith robes (second image), Mar is found wearing a black imperial uniform so he can blend in with the agents around him. He's also been known to disguise himself as a Stormtrooper on occasion.


    Mar Zhet

    (has not been given a "Darth" title by his Sith masters, but operates covertly in the Empire under the alias of "Jan Oorden")








    Technically, Nar Shaddaa (conceived on the planet, born on the Imperial Super Star Destroyer)


    Sith Apprentice (to become Jedi)

    Skills and Abilities:

    • He is an adept pilot, very skilled at flying pretty much all types of fighters. Specifically, he's had training with TIE's, but the knowledge can be applied to other vehicles. He's also had some training with Pod Racers, Swoop Bikes, and even a few confiscated Rebellion Ships such as the X-Wing or the Y-Wing.

    • Being a member of the Empire and apprentice to Darth Vader, Mar has been taught many of the primary languages in the Galaxy. Primarily though, he knows Ryl, Huttese, Bocchi, and most codes used by Droids.

    • Without his Force powers, Mar is a very persuasive person. He can very easily get people to to his bidding.

    Force Abilities:

    - Neutral -

    Breath Control

    Detoxify Poison

    - Light Side -

    Force Stun

    Jedi Mind Trick


    - Dark Side -

    Dun Möch

    Force Scream

    Force Lightning


    • Correllien Flight Suit (first image)

    His Lightsaber (open)
    (the parts were taken from an ancient Sith Trooper base. Quite surprising that it still works, considering they were made during the Old Republic)


    DC-15 Side Arm (open)
    You can never be too careful, especially if you're going undercover.



    Droids (open)
    To be announced...

    Personal Ship (open)
    Prototype TIE-38, Stealth Class Single Fighter with quadruple laser system and Proton torpedoes.



    Somewhat of a loner, Mar very rarely cooperates well with others. He prefers doing things himself rather then let his "friends" assist him. Whenever somebody else manages to do something better then him, Mar does not acknowledge it at all. In fact, he dismisses it entirely and continues with whatever it is he's doing.

    Having embraced the Dark Side at an early age, anger flows through him quite consistently. His masters taught him how to control it and use it as a means to grow stronger, but he doubts this at times. In fact, Mar uses all his willpower to represses his anger until it is required, such as when he's called in battle.

    Despite being a Sith, Mar actually has a kindness to his actions. On occasion, but very rarely, he's taken bribes or just let whoever he was targeting escape. Even a few Jedi who he's discovered have no inclination to teach their ways, or even use their powers, he's only asked for their lightsaber and allowed them to go free. Keeping these acts hidden from his masters, especially the Emperor, has been extremely difficult. However, Mar has succeeded in his endeavour thus far into his life.

    Mar also a mean spirited guy, but its all he's known. Occasionally, he finds himself acting in a manner that would be more appropriate for a Jedi, which shocks him. Its true he's been given training in both sides of the Force, primarily the Dark, as the Emperor despises any of the Light side. Vader, however, has much more good in him then bad hidden deep down, so Mar feels that Vader still embraces both sides, but chooses to use the Dark. Despite his occasional good-natured feelings and acts, Mar is an overall cool and collected person and tends to be more snide and cynical then anything else.

    Ever since his mother was murdered, Mar absolutely despises anything to do with the Rebellion. He will even go out of his way to brutally kill anyone even closely affiliated with the Rebels (if he gets a chance, that is).


    Son of the Jedi Consular, Jan Zhet, Mar was a surprise to both the Jedi and his wife, Corrida. Having renounced the Jedi way in order to live a normal life within the Empire, Jan and Corrida fled for the planet of Nar Shaddaa. The strong dark side energies emanating from the planet provided a useful cover for the Force aura surrounding Jan. However, they had not planned on having a child before they arrived on the planet, having travelled as refugees and found a small isolated home in the slums. Mar's conception was a shock to the couple, but a blessing nonetheless. As the months passed and their son grew larger, Jan found himself having to use the Force in small doses in order to survive by stealing food and clean water. Nobody was willing to hire the former Jedi because of his refugee status, but also because he had been arrested four times for theft.

    At nine months in her pregnancy, Corrida heard that a massive Jedi Purge was still going on, with the Emperor tracking down the remaining Jedi throughout the galaxy, despite Order 66 having been ended years before. Horrified that the Empire might find Jan, Corrida arranged for them to be moved to another planet, continuing to run until they could be far beyond the Emperor's reach. She managed to earn enough money in the following weeks as a barmaid and part-time dancer at a cantina to buy two tickets on a transport headed for Naboo, when they finally arrived. Having attacked during her absence, Darth Vader and an elite group of 501st Legion Stormtroopers landed in the city and sought out Jan, ending in a climactic duel between the Sith Lord and the Jedi Consular. In the end, Jan won and forced Darth on his knees, ready to finish him and take down his Stormtroopers. Then, one of the troopers found Corrida, who had rushed back home during the battle in hopes to warn Jan before it was too late. Demanding that Vader call off his troopers, Jan was killed by the Dark Lord when he accidentally let his guard down.

    Tossing the body aside and grabbing the deceased man's lightsaber, Vader looked upon Corrida and hesitated. Normally, he would've killed her, but never before had he encountered a child born from a Jedi. Taking a moment to contact the Emperor, Palpatine was astonished that Jedi were now breeding. The Emperor decided that since the child would know how to wield the Force and could become a powerful ally, decided that Corrida be taken into custody until she gave birth. Palpatine knew that neither he nor his apprentice would live forever, but the teachings of the Sith needed to survive. Eventually Vader would become the Emperor and take on an apprentice of his own, but Palpatine desired that they begin training now. Since Anakin's children had been destroyed with Padmé on Mustafar, any hope of the potentially powerful offspring being trained by the Sith were nonexistent. They needed a young, fresh mind, and Mar was just right for the job.

    After Mar's birth, Corrida was kept locked up along with her newborn. Every day, droids came by and made sure she received the proper nutrients and vitamins to stay alive and keep the baby healthy. After she had properly taken care of Mar and once he was able to properly act on his own, Stormtroopers would arrive and take the boy away to continue his training. Vader would then lead him to an isolated chamber where Mar would spend the next 8 hours learning all about the Empire, how to use a Lightsaber and a blaster, how to fly a starship, and most importantly, the inner workings of the Force. After a month or two of training, Vader would present the boy to the Emperor and let Mar demonstrate his new skills. If the Emperor was pleased at his progress, Mar would be given special advice and lessons from Palpatine. If he was not pleased, however, Vader would be forced to have a droid discipline the boy until his skills improved. This cycle continued for years until finally, at the age of 14, Mar became so enraged at the droid that he completely destroyed it, then broke out from his discipline cell and tore apart the backups. The Emperor was extremely pleased with Mar when this happened, knowing that finally he had allowed his anger to make him strong. At this point, Mar was deemed to have completed his training and was allowed to build his own lightsaber.

    As Mar entered the rankings of the Sith, Palpatine ordered that his mother be killed, knowing that his emotions for her were holding him back. Unbeknownst to even Vader, the Emperor commissioned a special crop of Clone troopers from the cloners on Kamino. They were instructed that they worked for the Rebellion and that they were to attack the Imperial Super Star Destroyer and kill Corrida, who was a traitor to the Rebellion. Boarding the ship and attacking the Empire, the "Rebel" clones found and murdered Corrida. In his distraught rage, Mar slaughtered the remaining clones along with his master. After giving her a proper funeral, Mar vowed that he would never forget what the Rebels did to him. He would hunt down every last Rebel scum until their puny Rebellion was nothing but a distant memory.

    In recent years, Mar has been allowed to go off on missions alone and without Vader's supervision. Most of the missions involve him ending disputes amongst the planetary systems for the Empire (with or without the Galactic Senate's approval). Occasionally, he finds himself hunting down a long lost Jedi, or searching for the Rebellion's hidden bases scattered through the galaxy. These are the missions he really feels at home with, but both Vader and Palpatine seemingly refuse to let him pursue them. Mar figured it was because they thought he wasn't strong enough to handle something like a Jedi Master on his own, which is why they always provide him with an intense back-up when he faces off against a Jedi.


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  2. I'll do something when I get around to digging through the characters that are in the interest thread so nothing redundant happens.
  3. Lord Vader (open)

    Armor-less Vader (open)

    Battle-Armor Vader (open)

    Vader stands just over six and a half feet.


    Anakin Skywalker // Darth Vader










    Former Jedi Knight, temporary Master. Sith Master.

    Skills and Abilities:

    • As a child, yound Anakin Skywalker was the pilot of a dangerous vehicle known as a Pod Racer. This skill only evolved as he became a Jedi, and he became a masterful starship pilot.

    • Darth Vader has a full set of prosthetic limbs- this allows these limbs to move faster then that of a human's. It also makes them impervious, even to a moderate lightsaber slice. Of course, a strong, well-landed strike from a lightsaber could remove one of these limbs.

    • Vader is ruthless-- he often feigns understanding and empathy to get what he wants only to turn on a person once he's obtained what he needs. Some might not call this a skill. I am not one of them.

    •Vader is very versatile. While not wearing his armor, he is moves with incredible speed and uses a double-sided lightsaber. Paired with his adept use of Telekinesis Force, this style of fighting is often makes him considered a small army, by the Rebels. However, he is not limited to this. Adding to his armorless arsenal, his double lightsaber is able to split into two separate lightsabers.

    With his armor, Vader is no less deadly. Although, the heavy armor makes him much slower, he makes up for it with raw power. While in his armor, he usually fights with a single saber. This is due to the confidence of his power. His tough armor is a direct nod towards his past defeats-- all to a lightsaber. The burn-resistant materials can shrug off most shots from a blaster, but it's intended use is stopping a lightsaber. Of course, it can be cut, but it's the most advanced protection against the weapon.

    His armor is also equip with a helmet, that shows anyone in his direct visions heart rate and body heat.

    Force Abilities:

    - Neutral -
    • Force Pull/Push (lifeforms)​
    • Saber Throw​
    • Affect Mind​
    • Force Jump​
    • Contact (To see dead masters and discover whereabouts of lifeforms)​
    • Leap​
    • Force Sense​
    • Force Suppression​
    • Telekinesis​

    - Light Side -

    • Force Aura​
    • Stun Droid​

    - Dark Side -
    • Force Choke​
    • Drain Life​
    • Fear​
    • Midi-chlorian Manipulation (A 'in-training' custom-esque use of the force; unused since Darth Plagueis)​

    • Vader Battle-Suit/ Helmet​
    • Split-able, Double-Sided Lightsaber​
    • Jedi-Knight Lightsaber (Blue)​
    • Padme's Pendant (Holds his cloak around his neck)​

    • Personalized Tie-Fighter

    Darth Vader is a ruthless, traitorous Sith-turned Jedi. He is infamous for feigning things such as empathy, understanding and compassion- the first example of this was scene during his March on the Jedi Temple. He would act as his former Jedi self and lead leagues of Jedi into confined, isolated areas supposedly leading them away from the Clone Troopers, only to corner them and turn on them.

    Using his ability to suppress his Force-sensitive nature, he has relative ease invading an enemy strong-hold. After this, he reclaims his former persona of Anakin Skywalker; a headstrong, compassionate albeit a bit selfish. This has lead to the end of many Rebel bases.

    To his Master, Vader is a loyal, respectful student and to his allies, Vader can most often be a voice of stern, harsh wisdom. To kill an ally is only a result a second failure. He always give his opinion or thoughts on a battle plan or event to anyone who asks, and after a first failure he makes a point to give advice- harsh advice. Advice, however that was given depending on how they failed and was given in hopes that it would not happen again.

    In battle, Vader is not honorable or respectful. He is not willing to take any chances for the Empire. If he has a chance to kill an unaware enemy- he will. A wounded enemy? Dead. A civilian who might be an enemy trying to run? Dead.

    This does not leave him without a sense of humor, however, it is reserved for situations in which he is in complete control. Sarcasm, situational humor and an occasional jab are not above him.


    Before Life (open)

    Before Life (open)

    "Is this—is this happening now, or in the future?"

    Thousands of years before his birth, Anakin Skywalker appeared as Darth Vader, the Sith Lord he would eventually become, to the Jedi Master Q'Anilia in a Force vision. The vision also included the Jedi Zayne Carrick, Skywalker's son Luke, and his descendant Cade; all four of them would be affected by the Sith artifact known as the Muur Talisman. Similarly, at an unknown period of time, Skywalker was also foretold by the Heinsnake Cult to overthrow both the Jedi Order and the Empire, and leave the galaxy in eternal chaos.

    Around 42 BBY, the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis and his Sith apprentice Darth Sidious were able to shift the Forceand tip it towards the dark side after months of intense meditation. Plagueis sought to manipulate the midi-chlorians—microscopic lifeforms which lived symbiotically within all living things and allowed those with sufficient numbers of midi-chlorians to touch the Force—and use them to gain power over life and death. He was able to resurrect the Bith Darth Venamis (whom he had been using as a test subject for years) using only the power of the Force. Using his newfound power to heal his own body, Plagueis decided to take his powers further and reached out to the midi-chlorians across the galaxy in order to gain dominance over them, but the Force resisted his efforts and refused. In response, the midi-chlorians acted of their own accord and conceived a child within the Human slave Shmi Skywalker.

    Early Life (open)

    Early Life (open)

    "There was no father. I carried him, I gave birth, I raised him. I can't explain what happened."
    ―Shmi Skywalker

    The Human male Anakin Skywalker was born to Shmi Skywalker in 42 BBY (7:4 BrS). In 38 BBY, when he was around three years old, Anakin and Shmi were sold to the Hutt Gardula Besadii on the desert planet of Tatooine, and the two were brought to the planet by a freighter—though they were not permitted to know their destination, and the ship's single refresherbacked up during the flight, making the crowded ship's passengers extremely uncomfortable. During the flight, Anakin had premonitions ofpodracing, and he saw a vision of himself as an older man, racing across the flats of Tatooine. He was awoken from his dream by his mother, who carried him out of the ship when they landed, and they were lined up before Gardulla and her aides.

    However, when a shot rang out in a nearby alleyway, Skywalker did not duck for cover like the others in the area and instead watched as an Arcona slave rushed through the area to escape his pursuers. The Arcona's slave transmitter exploded moments later, killing the slave and showing Skywalker what would happen should he ever try to escape. Shortly afterward, Skywalker was implanted with his own transmitter. In the city of Mos Espa, the Skywalkers were forced to share quarters with six other slaves while they were owned by Gardulla, but the fact that he was coupled with his mother allowed Skywalker to endure slavery with relative good humor. Though Anakin was not altogether fond of Tatooine, he set about learning as much about the desert world as possible. He listened to traveling spacers and Gardulla's attendants, learning about the history and function of the planet in the galaxy. He heard of the Tusken Raiders, apparently bloodthirsty savages that roamed the wastelands, Jawas, krayt dragons, but the element that interested the boy the most was Podracing, descriptions of which matched his premonition. He tired quickly of Tatooine, however, and one day hoped to visit Coruscant, the galactic capital.

    End of battle with Obi-wan Kenobi (open)

    Physically crippled, Vader tried to claw his way up the talus using only his remaining prosthetic limb, but succeeded only in sliding closer to the lava river. As he did this, Kenobi and Vader exchanged their parting words, Vader screaming his undying hatred for Kenobi, while Kenobi, close to tears, expressed his regret and disappointment that Anakin, the man he had loved like a brother, had so spectacularly failed in his destiny to bring balance to the Force.

    Kenobi left Vader at the whim of the Force, tossing his students lightsaber down on the hot rocks before him. Vader shouted after Kenobi as he left, until a burst of the volcanic river below him spurted to the rocks near Vader's face. Whilst left only with slight burn damage to his face, he associated the scar, pain, and memory to the 'betrayal' of his mentor, friend and brother. He'd renounced his apprenticeship from Kenobi, and calling Qui-Gon Jinn his only Jedi Master.

    Sideous felt the life his Master had created had been put in mortal danger, and rushed to the scene. He had been able to save Vader in time to save him from further injury; either from bleeding-out or the molten river. Sideous transported Vader to what would one day be Vader's Super Star-destroyer, and had the dismembered Vader equip with all-new, enhanced, prosthetic limbs.

    ***- Source.
    ****- taken from source, but last few paragraphs are written by me.

    "You were my BROTHER, Anakin! I loved you!"
    "I have altered the deal; pray, I do not alter it further."
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  6. Therus Geth (open)
    (Screenshot taken from Defiance)
    Therus Geth (open)

    Name: Captain Therus Geth

    Species: Human

    Homeworld: Coruscant

    Age: 25

    Force-Sensitivity: Yes; No Force Power training but has potential.

    Profession: Smuggler with a dash of piracy and bounty hunting when convenient or nothing else is around.
    Skills and Abilities: Excellent Military and Piloting expertise and repair. He knows battlefield first aid. He has moderate skills at slicing though he ain't no master hacker and has usually gotten someone better than him like a droid. He is fluent in Basic, Bocce, Huttese, Hapan and Twi'leki and broken Mando'a. He understands a bit of Droidspeak, Jawaese and understands somewhat of Shyriiwook but tends to misunderstand. He also has vast smuggler and stormtrooper knowledge and various contacts he may or may not owe money.

    His used with a blaster is astonishing, able to draw his blaster and let off a couple of shot so fast that some might not even catch what has happened before it is too late.
    Personality: Therus is rather a reckloose and tends to take big risk if the reward is just as big or even bigger, preferably. He also tends to look after number one which is him and then then his crew if he has known them fairly well. Whether he likes them though is a whole different matter.
    Weaponry (open)
    Therus Geth's main weapon of choice is a heavily modified DL-44 he got off a bounty hunter that decided his head was worth the effort. He proved him wrong. He also possesses a scout hold out blaster, a modified DL-18 and a pair of old republic models (http://mynocksden.com/_Media/20140114_164033_med.jpeg). Other than the DL-18 the others are highly illegal in the possession of a civilian so he tends to keep them around his ship and even the 44 is illegally modified. On his person he wears a single wrist device with a detachable comlink and a hidden blaster in case things get dirty. When he goes into a situation where he can have something bigger he carries around his blaster carbine with a sniper scope attached.

    Apparel (open)

    Therus's armor is made of high grade plastoid reinforced with lightweight durasteel for extra protection. Although it being illegal for a civillian to wear a Storm Commando armor he wears a closed brown jacket over it as well as his DL-18 and leaves the helmet in his ship. Around his waist he has a utility belt which he has his creds, rappel cable, bite sized rations, a bit of bacta and some spare comlinks. Holstered at his hip is his DL-44.


    Other Notable Possessions: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Maka-Eekai_L4000_transport that he calls "The Storm Dancer" where he has a few Buzzdroids that are re purposed to do repairs instead of dismantling. In his private quarters in a false wall is a small armory. Frag Grenades, a WESTAR-M5 Blaster Rifle, A spare Stormtrooper armor which was his own, two E-11 Blaster Carbines, Incendiary Grenades and Thermal Detonators, Czerka ZX wrist Flameprojector, Dur-42 wrist blasters and two sthokli sticks.

    Bio: Therus Geth was born to a couple of middle class citizens in the Empire's capital of Coruscant. Although he had a pretty good life compared to others he was a troublemaker at heart. He was a troublemaker in school and caused some damage to the teacher refresher which was quite a smelly situation. Due to his undisciplined behavior his parents decided to take the drastic choice by sending him straight to the Imperial Academy at the age of 15. There he was whipped into shape right away though was still a bit insubortinate which forced him to do more pushups, pullups, sprints or whatever excersize that they were doing at the time. He got in peak human shape in no time because of that and he excelled at marksmanship, linguistics and solo strategy but was capable squad leader as well. Despite his faults they sent him to the Stormtrooper program and that was even harder. The irregular drills and trials were hard on some and even almost got to Therus at times but he did not give up. His drill seargant was not his friend at all and occasion he even tried to sabotage things for the trainee but Therus overcame his obstacles and he was later recruited as a Stormtrooper cadet at the age of 19 and was on the watchlist for Storm Commandos or even Nova troopers.

    He served with the Imperial Navy for 2 years, deciding that military life might just be his thing and he did not let up on that either and volunteered for dangerous missions almost left and right. He was mostly at the frontlines or behind enemy lines with his squadmates and never did the routine just stand among civilian population and ask for identification. He was a warrior i the sense he saw combat more than he saw shore leave. It was however when, in a battle against the rebels he saw that the Imperial Navy was not going to work.

    On a distant agricultural planet where a rebel cell was hiding, Therus and his squadmate along with a single Storm Commando there to evaluate them were sent to neutralize a possible hideout, a farmstead owned by a middle aged man and his family. They had scouted ahead before approaching the farm and all seemed normal until the Commando demanded answers, resorting to beat the farmer despite his pleas of ignorance. Geth watched as the storm commando got the rest of the squadmates to interrogate the rest of the farmstead.

    The farmer broke after his face did, admitting his acts of aiding the rebels and feeding them. The Commando, happy with his work, ordered the squadmates to leave but not before setting the farm a blaze with the family inside. Therus refused to do it and instead another one did it himself. The trip on the way was in silence, Therus sitting in the speeder with the commando beside him. Therus made a decision that day and he sneakily pulled out a thermal detonator, letting it drop to the floor while he suddenly grabbed the commando, pushed him off the speeder with himself and rolled on the grass as the speeder went ahead and erupted in a loud explosion a few moments after.

    Although Therus had the upperhand, the Commando regained his composure suprisingly quickly and they traded blows, managing to disarm eachother and ended up with Therus's fists and the commando's combat knife. The two fought each other, both a match but the commando was slightly older and Therus was too determined to die. He won by letting a stab go by his head and he tackled the commando. They struggled with the knife, their helmets off from the scuffle and they used all their strength to try and drive the blade into each other. Therus was stronger though and had much better leverage and pushed the blade slowly into the commando's eye. He pushed even harder and jammed the vibroblade into the man's brain, killing him.

    After taking a breather he dragged the corpse towards the wreckage and stripped him off the armor and gear, salvaging what he could from the wreckage and headed back towards the flaming farm. He had noticed the garage a bit a ways from the farm itself and found a swoop there along with some work clothes. He hid the armors and weapons in a dufflebag he managed to scrounge from the farm and used the swoop to head to the nearest major settlement where he used the rest of his credits to go the the haven of outlaws, Nar Shaddaa.

    Almost 3 months past after he got to Nar Shaddaa before he managed to get himself on an old clone war smuggler vessel which the Twi'lek captain had called the Rutting Schutta of all things. He was the muscle of the group of four among a Trandroshian bigger muscles, a Zabrak slicer and the Twi'lek captain. They had good connections and showed Therus the ropes and his previous training gave him quick knowledge on how to fly the ship.

    The Schutta smuggled very high priced goods and very illegal so Therus's cut was rather good and he managed ambushes and pirates well enough. However he again saw how much scum the galaxy had to offer as the captain began to transport flesh, slaves. Therus was disgusted as he was never a part of any slaver missions like that on Kashyyk with the wookiees. Therus did the same as he had done with his stormtrooper comrades, killing the captain and stunned the trandroshian before leaving him and the corpse on a distant desert field on tattooine. The Zabrak was however a different story as he was a capable slicer and really didn't care as long as he got out alive. Therus had let him live and had become his contact when it came to getting jobs as he took over the Schutta. The first order of business after getting the vessel he repainted it crimson and renamed it The Storm Dancer, taking on smuggling jobs that did NOT involve slavery.
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  7. Its "Altered the Deal." :3
  8. Also, Create Life / midichlorian manipulation is NOT a light side power.
  9. Lo and behold, God said upon Adam:

    Hang on a second, gotta get George Lucas to add Evolution sub context into his space opera... Wait, what the fuck are Medichlorians?


  10. Also, one meow thing about Vader's sheet.

    Obi-Wan took Anakin's Blue Lightsaber after their battle on Mustafar. Just saying, its not something I'm too picky about.

    How do I remember this? Because I just saw it 2 minutes ago xD

    Yay for another Star Wars Marathon!
  11. And his cybernetics actually made him slower. Stronger but slower.
  12. That was already listed.
  13. Also, screw it. R2 and C3PO are gonna be Mar's droids.

    Unless anybody has an objection to this?
  14. Nooooooooooo. Read again

    Darth Vader has a full set of prosthetic limbs- this allows these limbs to move faster then that of a human's.

    that is not true. Infact, Vader had shitton of trouble getting accustomed to them and he lost his previous speed but gained strength instead

    Wouldn't Little Ani also notice his droids being possessed by someone else?
  15. Oh. I thought you were referring to the "limbs make him slow but strong" part, not that.

    I wouldn't nitpick somebody's sheet normally, but I'm trying to help out ^^

    Please don't take this as me being rude or being an asshole GM, I'm only working to help you out.
  16. The droids made it into the rebellion pretty early in canon too. Well, they made it to the people who would make the centerpiece of it, anyway.
  17. There are a lot of droids in the Galaxy. But they wouldn't be introduced until a little later because lets face it: Captain Antilles owns them right now. We have to destroy/board the Tantive IV before we can meet the droids.
  18. i was mostly talking about wouldn't Ani notice if his old droids, droids he has a deep history with and even have the same names and everything, being owned by a Sith he would be sure to know he owns? Sith consider eachother enemies as much as allies and tend to keep a close eye on eachother as they are naturally distrustful of anyone.
  19. True. Hence why the Droids will be part of the Rebellion part and will act as NPC's, compelling the story for a little until we're all drawn together.

    After all, somebody needs to land on Nar Shaddaa in order for future members of the group to travel there (Mar on Sith business to try and recover something the droids have with them, while the others go for their own reasons)
  20. Aaaaaaaaaaand done with CS
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