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  1. ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ʙʟᴏssᴏᴍ ᴄʜɪʟᴅʀᴇɴ

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    In Japan, Hanamono, the country is known for it's beautiful Sakura trees. Each year, a celebration known as the "Cherry Blossom Festival" is held in Hanamono. These festivals would usually run smoothly, but one day,

    a massacre occurred.

    Nearly 267 people were murdered, 191 severely injured. This became a phenomenon publicly titled the "Blood-Soaked Petals Incident".

    When the investigation began, there were no leads to start with. Witnesses claimed that "It was a blur, a furious attack that left many victims mangled and brutally slaughtered."

    The Hanatsumi Police Department were stuck.

    Soon, a series of murders began to transpire.

    It was unknown whether these recent murders and the BSP Incident were connected, but the forces of Japan had to stop what was coming to pass.

    Thus, began the creation of the C.B.C. (Cherry Blossom Children)

    The project was first coined by Dr. Fukahire Oyogite, a scientist thanked for his scientific developments.

    Named after the festival, these "children" were detectives randomly selected for the experiments, knowing little of what these experiments were.

    They were introduced to the Ward Method. With this method, each detective would receive something called a "Ward", a power of some sort that gave them enhanced senses and slight dominion over a certain object of choice.

    All of the experiments were a success. These detectives would be the first C.B.C. to combat the one(s) responsible for the BSP incident and the arising murders.

    Present Day

    It's been approximately 22 years since the first C.B.C. were sent out. There's been no information on their progress. Dr. Fukahire has been given the greenlight to create the second set of C.B.C.

    These C.B.C. would be tasked with finding the lost experiments that were first sent to stop those involved in the massacre, and potentially solve the main case at hand.

    However, when Children, called EKs (Enhanced Killers) by the government, begin to emerge, they begin to cause huge problems for the second set of C.B.C.

    A mission like this surely can't be won.


    1. The wards won't be super specific stuff if you catch my drift. A ward should be extremely unique to each C.B.C., I know you guys can do it :bouncy:

    2. Violence is allowed in this RP, however, try to refrain from super gory stuff.

    3. Only 1 ward, that's it.

    4. Make your character interesting, I plan to go all the way with this RP.




    @un coin de soleil


    @Rin Mico

    CBC (open)
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    Awayuki Tau


    Awayuki Tau was originally a detective for the Hanatsumi Police Department. A gentle spirit, she was always willing to help those who needed it [UNFINISHED]

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  2. Okay, guys! I've changed around the "Ward" concept.

    It will be called "Physis" which translates to "Nature".

    The idea is relatively the same, however, there will be a few types of Physis:

    1. Manipulation Type:

    Pretty easy to figure out. This allows a CBC or EK to manipulate a specific aspect of the world around them by infusing the environment with Bios Energy (see Projection Type below). This type of Physis can backfire if too much Bios is injected into the environment.

    2. Projection Type:

    All CBC and EKs have a type of energy called "Bios". It's origin is unknown, however, Fukahire has stated that Bios is what allows CBC and EK to use their Physis. Bios = Power Energy. No Bios, no Physis, simple. While it can eventually run out, Bios is eventually reacquired through a process known as Restoration, where the Bios previously ejected from the body is brought back to them. Bios cannot be created or destroyed.

    Anyway, the Projection Type Physis allows a CBC or EK to manifest their Bios into weapons. Swords, guns, hammers, you name it. While this is extremely useful, this type of Physis is quite taxing on their Bios reserves.

    3. Enhancement Type:

    This type of Physis allows a CBC or EK to enhance or change themselves in order to become a powerhouse; complete manipulation of the body itself.
    CBC or EK with this type of Physis rarely lose any Bios while using it, as it is only being channeled through the body and not outside sources.

    4. Rare Type: While little information has been found on this type of Physis, it gives the user an ability outside of the other 3 types. An example of the Rare Type Physis was only truly observed In Awayuki Tau's case. Awayuki had the ability to manipulate dreams and to temporarily have them exist in the physical world. It is unknown how this Physis affects one's Bios.

    While it had only been observed through Awayuki, more CBC are acquiring this unique Physis.
  3. Two questions.

    How old should our characters be, generally?

    What would a power that can 'remove' physical, inanimate objects from the world be listed under?
  4. early 20s to 30s

    Also, that would be listed under the Rare Type.
  5. I see...and how are the CBC selected the first place? Is it like...you live your life and then the government busts in and tells you to become a superhuman? Or is it more like applying for a job?
  6. It's more like volunteering.

    They made a decision to protect Hanamono, so they put their life on the line for a experiment that ended up being successful.
  7. I will have my char up tomorrow or Monday.
  8. I'd imagine they might have all sorts of different reasons though. I mean, Justice and Loyalty aren't typically strong suits for most people. Not saying that isn't some of their reasons. But getting realistic here, many of them might have alternative motives themselves. To name a few:

    • Power. Simple enough.
    • Maybe a drive to be something greater. A street kid looking for a higher purpose.
    • Ties to the previous CBC. Maybe they want to find out what happened to a previous individual from the former testing.
    • Ties to the Ole' Doc himself.
    • Maybe they were recruited peacefully. They saw the sign ups and was like, this is my chance!
    • Maybe they were recruited forcefully. There was a potential in them that Doc couldn't pass up on.
    • No other choice. Maybe bad kids in way over their heads and a door opens with their only way out.
    • Maybe working for a secret entity bent on trying to discover the Doc's secrets.
    • Maybe they were raised and bred for this purpose alone.
    I'd like to think that these and more could all be possibilities. Why pigeon-hole the experience?
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  9. Well, that pretty much spoiled everyones (well, my own actually) individual potential plots.

    Now I gotta think of something else. Lol
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  10. Milo Yumichika




    Projection Type Darts
    Milo can use his bios to manifest dart like weapons. They're small and sleek, lacking the barbed tail of the toy. He can manipulate the speed, direction, and proportions of each one. A single dart can pierce through wood or rock. If he uses a larger amount of bios he can even send one through steel. This ability can be used from extreme distances and is excellent for sniping or assassination. It lacks defensive qualities however and Milo is at a great disadvantage in close combat.

    Calm | Conscientious | Dutiful | Indulgent | Intuitive | Sensual | Thievish | Unhurried

    There are few things that can make Milo speed up his pace. He is content with taking things one step at a time, never rushing or wasting extra energy. Despite his lethargy, Milo is not lazy. Give him a task and he will complete it on schedule - it just might not be until the very last minute. With his slow lifestyle he has found pleasure in soaking up everything he sees or touches.

    Milo is morally on the side of Good, but he has some rather deviant tendencies. He is what one might call a compulsive liar and kleptomaniac. Little white lies just roll off his tongue and often become large webs of deceit. Small trinkets and everyday items like pencils or pennies find their way into his pockets and never leave. These tendencies are not something he can control and are mostly harmless, but can have repercussions.




    Born: ( 7/13/** ) | Osaka, Japan | Blood Type O

    Milo was born with profound hearing loss. He can only hear the occasional very loud noise and the buzzing sound of talking when in a large group of people. This has never stopped him from doing what normal kids do however. He learned to read lips at an astonishing rate and can speak in a very stilted manner. He uses a combination of sign language, general motions and gestures, and sporadic speech to communicate. As Milo grew older he decided he wanted to prove his worth and that the disabled can do things at the same level or even better than able-bodied people. To do this he became a detective.


    Theme Song

  11. I was rather vague, but GOOD!

    Force you to get creative. ;)
  12. I'll be spending pretty much my whole day tomorrow at the library, so that'll give me plenty of time to get a character sheet done.
  13. Well, I thought I started my CS last night. Then I realized half way through, I was writing a character for a completely different rp. Somehow, I got them mixed up.

  14. Full Name: Himura Hiraku
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Classification: Cherry Blossom Child
    Physis: Rare Type
    Hiraku’s Physis is Exile, the ability to remove from the world any physical, inanimate object, including Bios. Contact has to be made, however, in order for an object to be Exiled, and so far, at least when it comes to Exiling the effects of another person’s Physis, Hiraku must use more Bios than they did in order to remove it. As for where those objects go after being Exiled…who knows?
    A tall youth at 6 feet, Hiraku has a shallow scar underneath his left eye, and always carries cough drops with him. He exudes an aura of confidence and playfulness, and his thin frame is reminiscent of that of an ikemen.

    Miser – “75% off expired dinner bentos? Literally the dream.”
    Misanthrope – “I mean, it’s not like I hate humans. I just don’t like more than 99% of them.”
    Mischievous – “Who doesn’t appreciate a laugh? Assholes, that’s who.”
    Magnanimous – “What comes around goes around, you know? And it’s easy to separate the trash from the worse-than-trash this way!”
    Machiavellian – “Ends justify the means. As long as I bring in results, I can play around however I want~”

    Hiraku’s nothing special. He immigrated to Japan with his parents when he was five years old, and only heard of the Blood Soaked Petals Incident in passing. It didn’t have much meaning to him, and, as a kid that transitioned from daycare to being home alone, there were other things he had to learn. The value of money was learned early on, and the pleasures of independence was something that he had always treasured. By the time he was a teenager, Hiraku decided that he wanted to have a job that gave him more freedom than generic white-collared office work.

    So, naturally, when he heard about the Cherry Blossom Children, and did more research, it was crystal-clear that he had to get into that.

    Theme Song

  15. [​IMG]
    Full Name

    Jax Fury (Calls Himself King Kinetic)



    Cherry Blossom Child

    Enhancement Type-(Telekinetically Enhanced Condition)With this type of Physis, Jax can channel his mental power to new feats, enhancing his body to supernatural levels. Giving him greater strength, agility, combat skills, speed, durability and cell regeneration. It takes a lot of mental power to use this enhancement, which is why he usually meditates each and everyday to keep his mind clear and strong. If he is ever distracted while channeling his Physis than the effects on his body will not be as great as he wants them to be.

    Cocky/Brave/A Leader/Charismatic/Secretive/Kind/Daring/Cunning/Sarcastic/Flamboyant
    Jax is a very unique individual. He has always been the type to do things his own way, never wanting to follow only wanting to lead. He is a charming and sophisticated man, which is severely overlooked because of his cocky and sarcastic actions and speaking. Jax is the type that wants to tell you what to do, but also the guy that will hear out what others have to say... even if he still does things his own way. He has a very flamboyant style about him, loving to wear real fur coats and giant hats even in hot climates. He can be melodramatic a lot of the time, falling out and acting like he is hurt just to get attention, at the same time he will get annoyed with someone acting as a coward or a wimp. He hates people who can't stand up for themselves and he also hates anyone that hurts others just because they think they can.


    Jax Fury was born a rich kid in London, England. His parents were socialites and him and his siblings were like Royalty. Jax learned how to be his over-the-top self because of all the individuals he has met in his young life. He saw beautiful things and also some horrible things, being in the world of the rich and untouchable, Jax came to know of how those people became soo rich and soo untouchable. He didn't like how they acted towards less fortunate people and did whatever and however they pleased. He moved to Japan five years ago, wanting to rid himself of the sickness of the rich in England.

    While he lived in Japan he came to know about these detectives and what not, at first he didn't have any reasons to even look into joining them. After a few months of debating about C.B.C. and hearing about the Blood-Soaked Petals Incident that happened way back, Jax wanted to join in the cause. He thinks maybe he will get the purpose he has been looking for, to do something with his life, and not be some entitled stereotypical rich kid. He doesn't know how his Physis will effect him, it might make him more conceited and power hungry than any of the people he has ever met. He'll just have to wait and see.

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  16. Both accepted! I honestly did not expect such unique characters!
  17. This seems interesting. Count me in.
  18. All three, since you said both which usually means two. Just want to know lol. Jax is going to be fun to play, can't wait to get ready.
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