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    While everyone is encouraged to create worlds and utilize the provided resources in Magrathea, one of the best ways to learn is by doing. We've reached a high enough member count to start on a big project that I've been planning almost since making the group. The idea is a collaborative effort to create an entire world. Certain decisions will be made by the whole group. Others will be made by whichever members are working on the aspect of world building in question. For instance, we may have one person or team that decides to work on languages while another develops the map and a third works on culture.

    One key component to this challenge is going to be communication between teams and individuals. In some ways, this is much harder than building your own world. You have to make sure things make sense based on what others have added. The language team may need to be acutely aware of geological and political boundaries established by the map team in response to the culture team's species and race ideas. While it is going to be difficult, it should be worthwhile and rewarding and help the group develop and grow.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind:

    1) You can work in as many teams as you want.

    2) You do not have to be on a team to offer advice.

    3) This is not a competition. We are all working together, the teams just keep this from devolving into twenty people arguing over the color of a stained glass window.

    4) Big decisions and final okays get made as a group.

    5) Once this world is complete, it is to be showcased and be an open resource for anyone on Iwaku to utilize for their RP. Not only is this an awesome project, it is also a gift!

    6) Please do not bring any preconceived ideas into this world. I don't want to end up making someone's half built world a reality while neglecting new ideas and a fresh start. If you have something in development, make a showcase for it separate from this project.

    I think that sums it up for now. I will add more to this post as I realize what more information must be included, so read it often. Now, on to our first task: settling on a genre!
  2. Before we can build our world, we need to decide upon a genre for it! Let's start with broad categories and then go with subcategories once we've crossed this first hurdle. Please respond in this conversation with what setting you would like to build a world in. VOTE VOTE VOTE!

    1) Earthlike Modern- This setting is a world or worlds with technology comparable to what we currently have on Earth.

    2) Science Fiction- Future stuff. Possibly but not necessarily space flight. This genre also encompasses post apoc, space opera, and cyberpunk.

    3) Primitive- Cave people, giant beasts, swamps.

    4) Fantasy- High magic, elves or dragons or similar creatures.

    5) Revisionist Sci-fi/"Historical" Sci-fi/Retrotech- Runs on steam, diesel, or something that the society would consider not as advanced as modern Earth tech.

    6) Dark Ages Tech/Low Fantasy- No real magic, no advanced technology, and possibly no running water

    7) Bizarre Alien Planet- This world may be unevolved and have mostly plants and animals or may have extremely odd species of sentients.
  3. My vote is for 3, 5, or 7.
  4. Seven all the way. My second choice is two.
  5. My votes for...2 and if not; anything except number 1.
  6. I like 2, 4, 5 and 7!
  7. Dieselpunk.....DIESELPUNK!!?!?!?!!???!?!?!
  8. I like 3, 5, 6, and 7.
  9. Should make....ALL the worlds. >.>
  10. How many votes do I get...? Oh, fine. I'll vote 4, 6, and 7. I also kinda like 2.
  11. 6 is number one for me, followed closely by 2 & 4
  12. I vote 5 or 7!
  13. 2, 4, 5, 6
  14. Oh, I guess I should vote, too. Oops. Well, I like 2 or 7.
  15. We currently have a tie! Tie breaker vote time!

    The tie is between:

    Science Fiction and Bizarre Alien Planet

    Everyone gets one vote this time, and you can only choose between these two. For those who are unsure, the main difference between the two is going to be just how alien the world is. Keep in mind that while making an utterly strange world is going to be awesome fun, it will be a bit more work on the planet itself, but that picking sci fi may mean we eventually have to deal with space flight. So LET THE VOTING BEGIN!
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