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    The Kishin fell around 15 years ago. Order and balancehas been restored, for the most part. Shinigama City has been rebuilt, with Death the Kid now ruling. The Academy is accepting new students and it's your time to shine!
  2. "Yes Sister Anne, it's really a very nice place." Her voice was soft and flowing, a gentle lull reserved for babysitters and teachers, she stood by the window in the small living room of the apartment she and her partner Arnaud were to be sharing. She didn't have much to move in of her own, just a couple of cardboard boxes that she had packed and picked up form the Orphanage earlier that day. Their window looked out over Death city with the Academy the shining jewel framed in the center. Turning from the window she pinned the phone to her ear and lifted one of her boxes from the floor, the place was sparsely furnished, the floors were polished wood and one lone sofa that sat two, three at a pinch took up the majority of one of the walls. Off to the side was a kitchenette, plainly tiled with a kettle, rice cooker, stove and toaster, it had two bar stools to eat at and dark granite counters. With the box in hand she carefully carried it back through the aperture in the room that acted as a doorway, a simple plain arch that lead to a narrow hallway. Straight in front of her was the heavy front door, a small, skinny side table was placed just inside for mail and keys. To her left was the master bedroom which she had let Arnaud claim and to the right was the door to the bathroom, followed by the door to her smaller bedroom.

    She struggled with the door a moment before managing to get inside, there was a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling, no cover for it yet. A single bed with simple duvet and pillows, a small single person study desk that, by the looks of it, had been used by at least three prior students, a waste paper basket and chair neatly pushed beneath, a narrow three drawer chest of drawers and a small book case which seemed to double as a shelf. Everything had been dusted and given a quick polish but the room still looked rather dark and grim, it had only one small window that looked out onto the next building which blocked a goodly portion of the natural light. Still, it was home now and that is all that mattered, "Of course you can tell the kids I will be over tomorrow. I was thinking I might try and pick up some pastries from work and we could celebrate me moving out." there was a muffled sound on the line and Yumi smiled softly, "Oh don't be like that, it was going to happen eventually I couldn't stay with you forever."

    Putting the box onto her bed she carefully opened the flaps and took out a soft, well worn teddy bear, it had bald patches and one of it's eyes were missing but this pink fluffy creature still bought her comfort when she needed it. Placing it on her pillow she took out her sparse belongings including a purple, flower patterned fleece throw which she folded at the end of her bed, a few of her favourite books, all dog eared and well read, put neatly onto her shelves, her spare clothes, including her work uniform, which were folded and put away and her alarm clock which she placed on her desk. Carefully collapsing the box she slipped from her room back into the hallway, once again holding the phone rather than trapping it in place.

    "Sister Anne!" She exclaimed, a blush creeping up her cheeks and warming them a subtle pink, she took a quick glance around to make sure Arnaud could not over hear her and then dropped her voice a little anyway, "He is not that kind of person, I honestly don't think he feels that way about anyone, least of all me!" She sighed faintly and reached for the other box, this was much lighter as it had only a scant amount in it and she could tuck it against her hip on her way back to her room. "Honestly, I don't think he likes me much at all. You should have seen his face when the Sensei said we should live together, he looked like he'd been punched in the stomach." For a moment she felt a little sorry for herself then her guardians voice cut in and she was forced to smile. "He is no such thing Sister." She couldn't help but giggle and like that the dark cloud had passed and she slipped easily back into her room.

    The second box was placed on her bed and carefully from it she pulled a, very clearly new, potted plant, complete with pink ribbon and gift card. It was a beautiful thing With small white flowers and big green leaves, it had a subtle but pleasant fragrance and she spent a long time finding the best place for it before settling on the desk. Brushing her fingers over the tag and remembering the message upon it 'From humble beginnings grow the most beautiful things. Don't forget where you came from. We'll always be here from you, Love always from your family at the Tsubaki Orphanage.' They had presented her with the plant when she announced her moving, saying that everyone agreed she needed a moving present, the children too had agreed and while she spoke about classes, students and teachers with her Sister she affixed the various drawings and home made cards from the children on the wall around her desk. Once both boxes were empty she apologised for cutting it short and promised to stop by the next day, hanging up after a few goodbyes and starting to fold the boxes up for recycling. Wandering back out into the hallway with them once they were flat.

    "Arnaud?" She called timidly, wondering just where her partner might be.
  3. A knock on the flat's door resonated outwards. Gil stood tall, dressed in a suit so as to 'give the right impression' as Death the Kid had instructed him. This had resulted in his all-black, perfectly symmetrical attire. He had been sent to get the new students moving into this flat. He had no clue what this would entail, he just hoped they weren't too crazy. He stood and waited, glancing at his pocket watch.
  4. Before Arnaud had a chance to reply there was a knock at the door, Yumi wasn't sure who it would be, her list of friends was rather short and she hadn't really told anyone about moving. Though she realised she would need to give her boss her new address eventually. "I'll get it." She called, hoping to save Arnaud a wasted trip down the hall for what was more than likely just a neighbor who'd seen them moving in or another delivery guy. How much stuff did Arnaud have to come anyway? She hadn't really seen much of his things arrive, she hoped that this shared accommodation would make them better friends. She always felt a little conceited to call him her friend, she knew so little about him really but she was sure deep down that he was nice.

    Crossing the short distance to the door she peered through the peephole at a boy who looked around her age, she didn't recognize him from a glance and leaned away from the door a moment, glancing down the hall again. Should she get Arnaud after all? It could have been one of his friends, or someone neither of them knew, the man seemed to be scowling which made her slightly nervous. In the end her desire not to bother her room mate over wrote her confusion and she slid the chain from the door and pulled it opena crack.

    Without the distorted glass of the peep hole she could see the man was a good bit taller than her, not that that was hard really. He had an intense stare as well, it made her uncomfortable to try and meet his gaze so she settled for looking at his chin instead, "Good afternoon. I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met. I'm Mayumi, Mayumi Shura. Can you?" She was sure there was something she was missing, he looked well dressed, it almost looked like a uniform. Which would mean he was probably from the academy but what was he doing here?
  5. "Ah good afternoon to you too" He replied cordially, slightly bowing in her general direction with a smile. "My name is Gil Forsain, and I've been sent to answer any queries you may have at the moment" He continued, looking back at her, yet also looking through her. She was uncomfortable, her soul letting out small regular judders. It was clear she was a meister from the rather large size of her soul, though it seemed to have a somewhat strange form. He frowned a little as he looked a little more closely. There seemed to be a small part of it that was jagged, like a bond had been torn away. Gil decided to keep this to himself. He awaited her questions, perhaps a little tentatively.

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  6. "Yes Mother... I understand... yes I will inform you of when my partner arrives." She said as she was unpacking her boxes in the so called master bedroom which really was not all the much bigger than the other room. Finally after what seemed like an eternity her mother finally decided to let her go. The red haired girl sighed as she finished unpacking her things and then headed into the kitchen with another box and unpacked all the kitchen things her mother and father had gifted to her for the apartment. She put things away where she logically thought they would go in the kitchenette. She was humming a small song to herself trying not to think of the pressure she was under to keep her parents happy.
  7. Arnaud kneel in his new room, praying to his god. He chanted softly in his native tongue, a religious symbol dangling from his hands as he prayed. His robe-like attire draped on the floor around him, encircling him. The prayer was more like a song, comparable to other religions' hymns. He heard his new roommate and partner, Mayumi, calling him, but he ignored her, wanting to finish his prayer instead.

    When he ended the prayer, he stood up. His long clothing draped down as he stood from his kneeling position. He put the religious necklace back on and slipped it under his robing. Looking around, his room was how he left it. Barren. He hadn't put anything up yet. He didn't even bring much with him on his move to the flat. Less work. He sighed and exited his room, a frown on his face. "What the hell do you want, Mayumi?," he asked, walking to where she was, pissed off as always. He'd known Mayumi for most of his life, but never did like her. The only reason they were partnered up and roommates was that their souls were compatible and a teacher told him to. He wasn't about to get all chummy with her, though.

    As Arnaud approached her, ready to rant at her, he noticed the boy in the doorway. Obviously a student, like them. "Who're you? What do you want?," he asked bluntly and angrily. There was nothing but an unwelcoming scowl on his pale face. He raised his arms, part of the robed clothing raised with him, like a mozzetta in Catholic Christianity. "Well? Talk, pretty boy!"
  8. Yumi was rather surprised at how formal the person before her was, Gil Forsain, she hadn't met very many people who acted in such a way. It seemed though he was the official representative of the school and it made some sense to her that such a highly prolific person would of course have to look and act formal, he was representing the school after all. His smile was not wholly unpleasant but there was something about it that left her uneasy, or perhaps it was the way he looked at her, through her even, to her very soul. She did all she could to suppress a shudder at the thought. She did of course have questions, most could have waited until she could ask a lecturer but since Gil was here it seemed a better idea to ask him.

    "A pleasure to meet you Mister Forsain, I do have some questions about the school if it isn't too much trouble for you? Where are my manners though, please come in, it can't be comfortable standing out there." She opened the door further and stepped aside, it was then that Arnaud made his appearance, she flinched faintly as he yelled at her though her eyes showed little sign of insult or hurt. When her reluctant partner whirled on their guest though she looked utterly mortified. Glancing between the two she bit her lip faintly before returning her attention to Gil. "I am so sorry Mister Forsain, this is my fault, Mister Yuri isn't very good with strangers." She hesitated a moment to offer Gil entrance again and took a breath to calm her own jangled nerves.

    Turning to Arnaud, who she dare not look into the face of, not even the chin! She spoke softly, "A-Arnaud, this is Mister Gil Forsain...from the Academy, he's come to answer any questions we might would be okay to let him come in and have some tea...right?" She briefly dared a glance up into his angry eyes, it was not out of fear of his temper she acted so meekly but respect for him. He'd always been prickly at school and it had left him very much alone and without friends, she'd always tried to be friendly with him and she always got the same result, his anger.
  9. Lucifer trudged down the corridor lazily. Unlike Gil, his partner, he was not dress smartly. He was wearing a T-shirt and some jeans. Very causal clothing. As he walked down the corridor he bumped into two adults, giving nothing but a glare. He had a menacing presence about him, witch caused a lot of people to back off. He guessed that they were parents of a new arrival. But didn't care, he just kept walking.

    "why the Hell do I have to greet the knew kids" he mumbled to himself. Taking a vicious bite out the rosy red apple in his right hand. Soon he came to the door that he was told to visit, after giving a few swift knocks he leaned his body against the opposite wall and waited for a response. He really hated talking to people.
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  10. Charley woke up in the plane his was in to get to death city. Charley looked outside and say his new home town I'm finally here Charley said to himself. Shortly after Charley said that the plane landed. Charley looked around him and saw passengers starting to get up out of their seats Time to go. Charley said to himself. He and lined up behind the people waiting to get off the plane. A few minutes later Charley was out of the plane. When he got out of the plane the first thing he did was stretch I hate flying he said to himself. Charley reached in his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper that had his and his partner's address I guess I head here. Charley went outside the airport and held for a cab. Where to? the cab driver asked him Um do you know where this is at? Charley asked as he showed the man the piece of paper from his pocket. the cab driver looked at the paper that Charley had shown him Oh yeah I know where that is. It's about a 15 minute drive. said the cab driver as he started to drive towards Charley's new home. 15 minutes pass by and Charley arrives at his new home. Charley got out of the cab and paid the man who drove him here Thank you sir. No problem Said the man as he drove off. Charley went up to the door of his new house. He takes a deep breath and walks in. When he walks in Charley sees his new partner. Hello are you Catarina Myles?
  11. Gil wasn't really taken aback by the aggressive confrontation. He had felt the boy's anger before he had made it to the hallway. "Thank you for introducing me Madam, I would love to come in" he said to her before turning to the boy. "I wouldn't be that aggressive to people who you are yet to assess. My meister would've had a much more... heated response to that" he said with a small cold smile, as he walked in to the apartment
  12. As if to break the tension her phone rang, apologising to both parties she answered the phone, "Good afternoon Cristoff, how can I help? I sort of have...oh well I see, in that case I guess it can't be helped can it. I'll be there in ten minutes... Oh stop I am not, okay. Bye." After she hung up she looked rather sheepishly, mainly at Gil. "I am so sorry, something has come up and I have to leave. I wouldn't unless it was important. I hope I can catch up with you later to ask some of those questions?" She looked to Arnaud and mentally she cringed, leaving him alone with a stranger didn't feel the safest thing to do. However both were adults and Gil seemed to be very calm and collected, he could probably handle Arnaud. Turning back to Gil she offered a warm cheery smile, "It really was a pleasure to meet you Gil, even if this was brief. I promise next time I won't run away so quickly. Please excuse me." Glancing back to Arnaud, "I'll be back later, if you need me to pick something up while I'm can text me if you want."

    With that she gave both a bow and turned, only briefly dropping by her room to grab her uniform, which she hid under her coat as she made her way out into the afternoon air, hurrying down the path to find her way to the cafe.
  13. "Shut up," Arnaud told Mayumi when she told Gil that he wasn't good with strangers. "It's none of your damn business who I am or am not good with, Mayumi." When Mayumi said Gil was a representative of the DWMA, and he stepped in, Arnaud lowered his head and arms, grunting. He hadn't known Gil was his superior. After that knowledge, he was silent. Obedient. He was like a mean dog, really. Aggressive to most people, but to his superiors, he was obedient whether he liked it or not. It was always his habit. His fists clenched, audibly, but he took no action otherwise, holding his tongue. When Gil made his way into his and Mayumi's apartment, he asked, "I'll ask again, what do you want?" His tone had changed to a more obedient one, but still very aggressive. There was a low growl behind it.

    When Mayumi got a call and said she had to leave, he rolled his eyes. When she told Arnaud to text her if he needed anything, he bluntly responded, "Whatever. I can handle myself." He crossed his arms, hearing her leave. His attention went to Gil again, the only other one in the apartment.
  14. Gil laughed, though it was a little hollow. "Your resonance rate will be shockingly poor with that sort of attitude" he noted, looking into Arnaud rather than at him. "Your soul aren't that compatible to begin with. Is there some particular reason you two are partners?" He enquired, now curious.

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  15. The red head perked up when she heard someone walk into the apartment, he caught her in the middle of cooking dinner for herself and her new partner she wiped her hands off on the apron she was wearing, "I am Catarina Myles and you must be Charlie Gibbs. Its nice to meet you." She said formally extending her hand to him as a greeting. "I was just making dinner for the two of us when you came in I hope you are hungry."
  16. Charley looked at Catarina and simply smiled at her. Yep that's me Charley Gibbs. OH! I almost forgot. Charley opened up his suit case and pulled out a new cooking pot. I thought we could use this. I'm a bit of a cooking wiz myself. Charley said with a smile. Charley walked over to the kitchen and placed the cooking pot in a bottom cabinet. Charley then walked over to the table and sat down. So you're my Meister huh?
  17. "Yup both of my parents are meisters. So I am going to be one. I have a really powerful soul, or so say my parents anyway." She said with a smile. She nodded to him as she pulled out two white dishes and scooped up a portion of rice onto both of the plates and she did the same with her famous pumpkin curry with chicken and celery. (not as bad as one might think by the way) She sat the plate in front of him and then sat her plate on the table and then retrieved the silverware. "Maybe we can switch off on who does the cooking."
  18. Yeah that sound fine. Charley looked at the food It looks good Charley picked up his fork and got some food. he moved the fork towards his mouth and stops before he can put the food in his mouth Where are my manners? Thank you for the food Catarina. Charley then put the food in his mouth. When Charley put the food in his mouth his eye's opened wide Oh my god this is really good Catarina. He said after he swallowed his food So when we're done eating did you want to see my weapon form so you know what you'll be fighting with? Charley said as he put more food in his mouth.
  19. "Oh call me Cat, and its called pumpkin curry." She ate some of her food and swallowed, "I would love to see your weapon form." She said with a nod as she continued to eat. She hoped that they would get along really well. She could tell that they could mesh well and that this would be a good working relationship between the two of them. She just hoped she wouldn't fall for her weapon like a few meisters she knew of in the past. She smiled up at him and soon finished her food taking the plates to the kitchen cleaning her dishes.
  20. "No idea," Arnaud answered Gil, more respectful than how he talked to him a few minutes ago. And it was all thanks to his overwhelming sense of obedience to his superiors. His religion told to respect your uppers, but Arnaud was like this before he was introduced to his culture's theism. Cold, unwelcoming, and mean to others, but obedient to his seniors. "One of the teachers paired us with each other, ask him. I think his name was Sid...something. Sid Garrett? Barrett? Whatever, the zombie looking guy." Arnaud used his fingers to brush through his hair, his verdant eyes finally coming to Gil's auburn ones. "Frankly, I'm not concerned with our 'resonance rates' right now."
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