Soul Collision - Destined Encounters

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  1. Some things are fate, some things are chance coincidence, and sometimes, all logic is absolutely thrown out the window. This story is the beginning of a group of incredible encounters and insane adventures. So put on your gear, grab all your companions, and throw all niave concepts out the window. It's time for some Soul Collisions!
  2. ~Details

    Setting One: Planet Veons, Aka: New Mar'tallia
    Location: Outside of The Eternal Tower
    Time: Midnight

    The Eternal Tower. An endless black spire reaching high above the atmosphere, covered in the ancient markings and language of the ancient Mar'tallian's, with beautiful windows more vibrant and colorful than any cathedral, filled with dioramas and figures of many different kinds, depicting all of the collective being's soul energy the tower's ruler has claimed. That ruler, being none other than the legendary Mar'tallian, Racutio Envarius. Few often approach the Eternal Tower to lay claim to it's precious insides, or to even attempt to break into the legendary tower. This is one such occasion, where one foolish being however, attempted such...

    Setting Two: Planet Veons, Aka: New Mar'tallia
    Location: Taizo City, The City of Brawls
    Time: Midnight

    Another night in Taizo means yet another night filled with a full-scale city riot, and several thousand cage fights going on in the city. The sound of explosions, carnage, blades clashing, and gunshots ringing out. The massive moon high in the sky being the biggest source of light over the incredibly large metropolis. The dim street lights barely being a solace within the shadows of midnight over the city. Like all things dragged into the bowels of Taizo, one such being was about to make an appearance, even midst all the chaos. Would this being decide upon fight, flight, or another approach all together? Let us find out...

  3. Setting one:

    As The Masked Mage approached the huge gates of the unending tower he gave an unshowing smirk he cast invisibility and then teleported inside, he saw a boy but something was off about him he looked quite bored and had slightly pointed ears,he had encountered the other beings on this planet they were bizarre and terrible he decided to stick to the shadows...
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  4. Setting Choice: Setting Two; Taizo City; Midnight

    -Ten minutes before the strike of midnight, Earth, Tokyo, Japan-

    The city was bustling with the usual activity of nightowls, partygoers, businessmen and ordinary people alike, city lights illuminating the land, vehicles and voices filling the air. One particular area was no exception to this, except the squealing of tires and the distant ratatat of gunfire. Shouts echo off apartment buildings and alleyways are lit up from the gunfire, shadows slipping past to and fro. It opens up with a lithe, cloaked figure manuevering a corner as gunfire batter into a garbage can. Boots clapping hard on the concrete floor, shouts trailing behind the figure as they look to be running from a group. Glasses shimmer off a faint light of the figure as they look back, giving off a "tch" as they turn another corner, the voice finding to be feminine, "Persistant for typical gangsters.. For yakuza, I'd assume they'd use blades more.. I'd have more fun if it were that." An open alleyway leads to the streets with a bustle of people walking through, a grin appearing on the woman's face as she finds a path. As she approaches, the squeal of tires comes from the exit as a car swerves in to block, civilians scattering away in surprise and the woman stopping in her tracks, "Shit.." Her crimson eyes dart back behind her and gives off a "hmph.. Don't want civies involved but this is no fun.." She looks to her right and finds an alleyway with a fence blocking the front and a deadend afterwards, grinning as she sees it, "Might work if I can scare 'em.." The shouts grow louder as a group of people begin to appear, three figures leaving the car to enter the alleyway as well, the woman leaps effortlessly over the fence, the cloak shifting over as it reveals a case she carries, possibly something they want that she had obtained. The alleyway dark, she looks back to where they'll see her, her glasses glimmering again with a smile. Her free hand slides down to her hip, reaching for a hilt to a katana hitched to her belt. The men getting closer as they shout to eachother in Japanese, she'd see their shadows approach and lets her thumb push the blade an inch out to prepare, but before much could be unveiled to what would be the climax, a portal rips open from underneath her, catching the woman off guard and surprised, falling through as it would then close up as soon as it had opened, the men catching a glimpse of it all. Climbing over the fence, one of the men would sneer and take a hold of his hat, tossing it down to the ground and cursing ferverously.

    -Midnight, Taizo City-
    New city, similar atmosphere besides the lust for battle. Three figures hanging by a dumpster, two of them brawling as the other drinks and laughs. A few yards away, several more above, a rift opens and a woman falls through, half uncontrolled, half aware, she acts quick to catch herself, pushing her feet against a wall as soon as an opportunity arrived to land as safe as she could, "Fu-UCK~.." She tumbles forward on the landing with the briefcase held against her chest and her sheathed blade held in the other, jabbed towards the ground as a crutch to stop her roll. Her cloak rolling off her head and a sigh escaping her, she picks herself up and glances around, blinking, "Where the hell...? This isn't a typical city in the 21st century as far as I know..." Her jetblack hair loose and ragged but still composed, a similarly-crimson shine against her hair like a pearlescent shade to other materials, her eyes meet towards the three figures across from her, ~Wonder if they're friendly... And if not, what they'll do and what they're capable of...~​
  5. ~Midnight, The Eternal Tower~
    The scent of metal would quickly become heavy on the air for Maluk, as he sniffs deeply. Once to recall the scent, and a second sniff to verify where it is and what it is. Maluk would look in the figure's direction, with a blank child-like stare, only to speak with a goblin-like accet. Not gutteral, just vague enough to still be there, yet remain proper and mannered when he speaks. Refined even, compared to a goblin. He'd look right at the dark figure with his nocturnal goblin eyes. "I can see you, you know...It does you no good to hide from me. I'm here for a reason...State your business in Envarius Tower, or be dealt with accordingly..." Maluk with say all of this with a coldness to his voice, and with no hesitation to boot. It's clear there is no fear in him, even before this random figure, no matter how menacing, to Maluk, Racutio was true fear... "Hurry up! I don't have all night..." The little goblin manservant would merely fold his arms over his chest and tap his right foot against the long carpet set before them down the massive soul lantern-lit hallways impatiently.
    ~Midnight, Taizo City~
    No sooner had the dark haired vixen entered the realm, the men stopped their rabble-rousing nearby next to the dumpster, only to look right at her. The drinker would merely taking a long swig of his liquor before blinking twice to make sure it was a girl. The drunk would smirk and point at her. "Yo assholes, look'it there, we got a set o' twins! And she has a box under 'er tits..." The larger of the two men who were fighting would smack the the guy in front of him over to the ground and direct his attention to the girl. The man is a large, tattoo-covered, mo-hawked, muscle-bound mercenary by the looks of it, with a large caliber pistol and a combat knife on his belt. Possibly a K-bar, though, that cannot be determined as it stands now. "You're seeing double you drunk retard...It's just one chick, and she has a briefcase, not a box...What's with this town being filled with damned morons and no women, anyways?" The third, a lanky man, with long ragged hair and ragged clothes, with obvious signs of being an ex-user with drugs, would merely grin and scratch the back of his neck nervously while rubbing his pained head. "Whoever she is, she made the mistake of coming to Taizo not knowing about it. Just like all of us. Hey Olly, it looks like she's got a sword on her too and a set of glasses that might sell for a good sum too. Glasses are hard to come by in Taizo, after all..." Very soon, they'd be whispering to one another, and edging closer to her slowly, to make sure she can't unsheathe on them quick enough, while keeping their distance. he mercenary known as Olly(Short for Oliver Tempest) would quickly unholster his gun, making clear it's a gun not of this world. A high-tech high-caliber revolver with a fluid seething through it on the side through a tube. Purple colored to be exact. He'd train it on her quickly to keep her in place. "Make this easy for us lovely and hand over your shit...Now. You don't want these morons to be the ones to deal with you rather than me. I'm nicer than these two morons..." The look in his orange eyes would say he's very serious, with no hesitation, his finger putting pressure on the trigger lightly...
    Out of nowhere, the whole alley would go completely black, with the sound of two loud, ear-splitting cracks, and a loud blaring gunshot, with a flash of purple shooting through the darkness, and a set of glowing red orbs moving like a set of high-speed strobe lights moving through the air like a set of red colored wisps. They'd soon disappear, and all that can be heard in the pitch black darkness is a gurgling sound, and nothing else. The darkness would begin to fade, and the moon would begin to reappear, but not before a set of glowing red eyes turns and looks right at her. As the light clears up, the scene before her is absolutely gruesome. The drunk of the group having his bottle smashed through his esophagus, thus explaining the gurgling sound, with his body impaled against the edge of the fence. Meanwhile, the druggy has literally no head at all now, with nothing more than a headless body laying on the ground with blood pooling out from the throat-hole. Last but not least, poor Oliver is holding with his only free-hand, as his gun-hand is now twisted, broken, and mangled to have the gun pointing at himself unnaturally so, with a bullet hole in his throat that's threatening to eat away his very neck due to the type of ammo he was using...Dark matter. The figure responsible for this carnage standing right above her in her defense, standing at a height of six foot tall, with tan skin, red eyes, and blue hair. Clearly not human whatsoever. The man would be wearing a set of black stonewashed jeans worn to look gray with metal plates segmented on the knees and shins for protection. He'd be wearing a simple black hooded vest with no sleeves, as they've been torn off from overuse of the garment on such a large man. On his left arm are several demonic glowing markings, all in a demented and maddening demonic language. Just looking at the markings inspires the want for bloodshed. On his right wrist are several bracelets and charms. A total of eight different ones to be exact all on the same wrist, each serving a purpose. He'd look back at her out of the corner of his right eye, as his back is turned to her, but that would change as swiftly as re-positioning his foot and turning himself around. Upon closer inspection, he is also wearing subtly modified black skate shoes with golden tassles where the laces should be. He is also armed with a single weapon at the moment by the looks of it. A gun of his own holstered at his right hip. It looks to be a platinum Desert Eagle .50 with a glowing blue intricate flourish running through it's very barrel. It's fairly obvious it's not a regular gun whatsoever, due to the glow on it. Racutio would smile to her and hold out his right hand to help her up properly. "Sorry about those assholes. Alot of Taizo's citizens tent to get...Well, let's just say they're very deprived of the common things for good reason. Don't worry, you can at least trust me not to ogle you like some sorta prize like these guys. Unlike them, I have morality and sense..." Racutio would chuckle at his own sarcasm as he continues to hold his hand out for her...
  6. The Masked maestro of magic realized he had been spotted "how could he have spotted me? he couldn't see me I'm invisible,he couldn't sense me for I was furled in my cloak...wait,wait... Smell" as he came to that realization he uncloaked,banished his invisibility with the snap of his finger and stood 7'3" high towering over the small figure "I seek fortune through these halls may I ask you what is your place here young one?"
  7. Despite what had happened, her own crimson eyes would witness clearly of all that happened, shifting to stand herself up as she looks towards her self-proclaimed savior, at first with a faintly raised brow, and then another with a grimace, her eyes wandering from his blue hair, down to his get up and back to his face. She closes her eyes and adjusts her glasses, a faint sigh escaping her as she'd mutter, "Five years.. Five god damn years and of course nothing has changed.." Her eyes shifts back to his own, hand holding the blade moving it back into place by its hold. She huffs out through her nose and moves to open the briefcase towards herself, glancing over what's inside and reaches in to take a few things that seems to be vials of some sort, rifling them into her own belongings before shutting it. Another thing that would be noticeable about her is a particularly large instrument case strapped around her back, intricately designed with black and silver, shaped like a small coffin. She speaks up more this time and looks directly at the man, "Five damn long years, you damned treasure-mongering jackass.. Five years since you stranded me back in that century, on an Earth that was not even mine or the correct era. That hindered my true nature, my abilities!.. All because -you- lost -my- 'payment' to you." As the woman would seem to get agitated, black, fox-like ears with red, runic-like markings would line the fur, as well as a tail, her being oblivious to them at first. "And now I'm suddenly somewhere else, Envarius? What the hell, are you trying to antagonize me further by trying to make me a damsel in distress as well? Like I need your humility."
  8. Racutio would lower his hand and recoiling it from helping her. He'd rub his chin spike in thought with his left hand with a puzzled look, as if he's trying to recollect who she is. "Five years? Hmm..." He'd murmur to himself, his eyes still glowing with his hand still placed on his facial hair in thought out of habit. "...What'd I do five years ago..." Then it'd hit him, and he'd hold his left index finger up in recollection, then he'd point right at her. "Five years ago means the Kingdom of Leon. You'll have to forgive my forgetfulness, Ms. Kuranai. Being ageless does me no service on memory. And if memory serves, it was your inaction that lead to me not getting paid, and not dragging you along with me back to your realm. As it stands, I'm not the one who dragged you there to begin with, and if you forgot already, I gave you a pendant to contact me to boot..." Racutio would sigh upon looking at the empty space around her neck where it should be...He'd just stare in annoyance at that empty space on her neck. "Why not be grateful that I did anything at all, even though I'm not getting paid? As it stands, I knew you were armed, but didn't notice who you were." Racutio would turn around and shrug before he'd start pacing slowing in the direction he's facing. He'd merely look back at her. "As for humility, you did a good enough job humiliating yourself by coming into MY dimension, on MY planet. The hole you fell through wasn't my doing...It was the cities...The Shadows of the Alleys hold no prejudice on who they swallow up or when, or even why...So before you try to blame me for your problem, how about you settle down for a second and speak rationally, as you clearly know who you're talking to..." Racutio would turn his head slightly again, giving her a glance out of the corner of his eyes again. Those glowing, soul-reading, calculating eyes, that can see within, beyond the eyes of mortals... His look said it all. He was not amused with the way she was talking to him, even after five years. "Any other comments or complaints you want to make, Kallen...? If so, do get them out of the way so I can deal with this all swiftly and accordingly. As it stands, I've traced where you came from, and a lot of soul energy is there...I'm guessing you pissed somebody off, and that's why you're so agitated...Would I be wrong in presuming such?" He'd say all of this to the letter, as if he's read her situation. "If I'm right, you and I both know I can help, and in this case, to deal with you're justified irritation, I'll help you for nothing, as it's the least I can do. Oh, but I forget, you can handle yourself, can't you...Heheheh..." Racutio would make his last sarcastic comment sink in deep, going all out to make his point to her that he never did this for her, but for himself. "You aren't a damsel. Rather, just somebody who was in the path of my rounds through Taizo during Midnight, which, everyone knows is Riot Hour...Everyone except you. Just saying..." He'd shrug, then keep pacing in the direction of main street. "So, I guess you have a choice here...So make it..." He'd say as he keeps pacing forward, placing his hands in his vest pockets in front of him.
  9. Shaking her head as a brow twitches, her free hand moving to take her glasses off, folding them away, "You really haven't changed at all, even if you are ageless." Her lips reveal a sharp fang as she snarls, looking at him again as she'd bark lightly, "And I -would- still have that pendant if you didn't snatch it back with you as you left. And yeah, I did piss people off, because I scammed them, thinking they could scam me. Yakuza can be idiots, no matter the era.. Now that I think of it, maybe there was a reason it dragged me here, because chance be have it, this case is what you let get stolen. And the money I already cashed in on from this is pointless being here and I have no intention of returning there to deal with the twit who had these 'collected' in the first place." Her ears would flicker and she blinks, recognizing it as she'd raise her hand up and touches them, then glancing behind herself to her tail, "Huh... Taizo, right? Well, these are back now.. Of course I always had a choice to have these appear, until back there with the five year crap you had me deal with." She sighs gently and the ears and tail would vanish away, her eyes turning calmer, but still stern towards him, "Back then I didn't have these glasses, nor the black hair.. But the glasses have a purpose for me. And again, because of the time period, I learned plenty of more tricks... Still pissed, and here's your damn payment.." She'd lightly toss the case over to Racutio, her hand shifting back to her glasses to put them back on. "Generations of scattered and honored families all placed in that collection of heirloom rings, all with rare materials and crafted with specific expertise, and I find them on the black market, bought by some firm in Tokyo that I tracked down.."
  10. ~The Eternal Tower, Main Hallway~
    Maluk would not be amused by this beings response, and his want for power. He'd merely stare at the masked being, then sigh before speaking finally. "You stand in the main hall of the tower I keep. My Lord will be entertained by the factor you merely came for wealth, as anyone that knows my Lord knows that he is not short of treasures, as he collects them from all over the billions of dimensions that exist beyond this precipice." Maluk would merely look at his claws on his fingers for a moment before looking back to his intruding guest, and back to hosting. "My purpose here, is as the ruler of this world's manservant and eternal companion...As it stands, my Lord is not here right now, so if you seek audience with him, you will have to wait here in the main hall, or outside the tower if you would prefer...The choice is yours."
    ~Taizo City, Back Alley outside of Main Street~
    Racutio would sigh at Kallen's usual short-sighted attitude, holding his right hand out behind him to catch the case she hurled at him."You're calling the kettle black, Kallen. I've changed, but my personality has not. Not by much anyways. As for the pendant, I never took it back. I left it in your care for a reason so that you woulodn't be stranded. I wouldn't have snatched it for no reason. Perhaps you may have done something to anger me and take it, but I doubt that..." Racutio would turn around and merely look down at her for a moment. He'd look at the case, then back at her. "As for my payment, why go to the trouble of stealing rings and trinkets when you know I no longer need them. If I left Leon five years ago, it means I was done there for the time being. And as it stands, if it hurts you so much that you pissed away five years there, how about I go back in time and fix it all so that it never happened to begin with? And as I said, my primary goal was to find Ash Bringer, aka: the Hellion Blade, and claim it. I found it's location in the end, but never claimed it, so in the end, I focused on making another set of swords to surpass even the legendary weapons sealed away deep within the Lands of Leon. Not that any of this would matter to you..." Racutio would shrug and throw the case over his shoulder leisurely, before speaking again. "However, you went to the trouble to get these, so I cannot turn them down. These more than pay for your payment, so my next question is, what else do you want...?" He'd say this with a raised eyebrow, stating just by his comment that the items she's gather have more than paid for his contract, and in turn, means she's contracted him again unintentionally. "If it's all well and good, and you have nothing for me, I can take it into my own accord to wipe the Yakuza leader out in that realm so perhaps you could own over them instead. PErhaps they wouldn't be so stupid or poorly trained shots if they had an INTELLIGENT leader instead. Hahaha."
  11. She waves her hand haphazardly as her gaze turns away, as in thought, "Doing that would be taking the easy way and you know I dislike that, my dear Racutio. And I'd rather not forget this. The kingdom of Leon was an entertaining place when you first brought me there, and I may have liked staying there.. Never got the chance to clash blades one last time with that damnable witch.. She threw you for a few turns herself, despite them not being all too effective, but nonetheless after that, we then headed off to that 'modern-timed' Earth to deal with another contract of yours then all that happened." She shrugs her arm holding the strap to the case behind her, moving to place it down and open it up, revealing a violin neatly placed inside. Her hand grazing the interior on the top cover, she would reveal a compartment that'd open up, looking to be a place to fit her blade within, rather close to the edge of the case, hinting at a possibility of other compartments within, "As for being a leader, I've no interest in gangs, nor the underworld business unless it specifically can benefit me with the least amount of involvement. They just so happened to have some things I desired, among the payment. Some things they should not have acquired in their time, so to speak." She closes the case and moves to strap it back around her, she ditches the ragged cloak draped around her and reveals her full attire: A short, black jacket, a tight-fitting, grey t-shirt with a custom logo on the front. Black jeans with golden details, along with a belt similarly so and sleek, slightly thick boots with a heel to them. "Their fashion styles weren't too bad for that year but I rather miss my more.. Rugged attire back then. This night air is fitting to what I like.. If you knew it was me, I'm sure I'd have handled those three alright, but I admit, I didn't see anything like a glowing sidearm before, besides yours." A fanged grin appears on her lips as her eyes would glimmer with a purple shade over the crimson, "I wonder if I'll find any suitable.. Patrons, here.. Five years being pent up, I gotta get back in track and this city feels perfect to find one."
  12. "Well young one may,I will wait for your master here and I hope my magic will not disturb you but I do not wish to be bored to tears" He went to the bench and opened a rift with pictures of many universes inside,he slightly looked in his creatures direction "By the way my names Teakkyoaen,whats yours?" Taekkyoaen looked back into his incantation still listening though...
  13. ~The Eternal Tower, Main Hall~
    Maluk would merely shrug, keeping his bright green eyes focused on Teakkyoaen. "Just do not cause any trouble...I won't let my Lord even get the chance to talk to you if you cause even a hint of trouble..." He'd speak with a warning guttural growl at the end to warn him before going back to adjusting all of the lanterns in the halls to be fixated properly, but not without constantly checking on him with those cold, goblin eyes glowing in the darkness.
    ~Taizo City~
    Racutio would make his way back to Oliver, who's holding his throat still, gritting his teeth as he stares at Racutio. He'd lean down, looking him in the eyes, and pry his gun from his broken fingers, making him groan in pain slightly. He'd spin the pistol on his finger for a second before putting it in his vest pocket after putting the safety on. Olly would only submit at that point, lowering his head away from his ruler's gaze. "How many examples must I make before I make myself clear with all of you in Taizo...If you see a woman, do not approach them like a wild animal, or you're gonna get treated like one...Now go get your damn wound treated, Oliver. And tell you're men to stop fucking setting the dumpsters on fire! I'm tired of people being thrown in them and the whole city smelling like burnt dead body all over the place..." With that, both men would stand up, exchange looks, then they'd both turn opposite directions, with Oliver running towards main street, and Racutio walking past Kallen, opening a rift in front of himself, he'd hold his hand out towards the rift to beckon her through. The other side has a clear visual through the rift of his tower's main throne room near the very top, with it's single black Eternitite metal throne at the massive circular room's center. "Let's talk more on this at my tower. I don't need every motherfucker in Taizo knowing my business..."
    ~The Eternal Tower, Throne Room, only seconds later...~
    With that, Racutio would step through the rift, appearing on the other side instantaneously. He'd gently pace over to his throne, turning around and plopping down into it leisurely with his right leg thrown over the right arm rest, and his other foot tapping gently against the ground. He'd swiftly throw open another tiny rift about eight inches wide, and pass his hand through it, pulling out his black satchel. The rift would then close as he begins rummaging through the bag with his tongue stuck out to the right side as he sifts through it, before he gets a grin from finally finding what he was looking for. One of his personally made, personally grown, Dragonweed blunts. He'd then place it between his lips, and hold his index finger out, causing a small jet of fire the size of a small torch to burn from concentrating his anger and utilizing his aura, causing the end of the blunt to light. He'd take a single drag from it before tapping the ash he made off of it gently. It's smell would smell like the soothing smell of a female dragon's gentle smoke that she uses to calm her young. A smell he used to enjoy in his childhood inside the Mar'tallian Empire's Beast Nursery. He'd sigh, and relax from his all day patrol in Taizo. Racutio would take the gun from his vest pocket, and place it on the arm rest that he's not occupying on his left, then he'd lower his hood with his left hand, letting his wild blue hair free, and revealing his face, that has not changed a bit, due to his ageless body. The only noticeable change, is the factor that Racutio literally gives off no power now due to how suppressed he can keep it now. To anybody who can sense power, he would give off nothing, as if he doesn't even exist. Though, anyone who knows Racutio knows that that means he's only so much closer to his goal of actually bringing his dimension back, and that the power he'd give off if it wasn't suppressed would force most people to the ground, of even kill them instantly if they have a weak body or soul, due to the amount of actual pressure his power puts on a world alone, let alone a single person or being. He'd look down through the floor, his eyes glowing, looking right at his tower's guest several hundred miles down. He would resonate his soul with his manservant, telling him it's okay to send him up.
    ~The Eternal Tower, Main Hall~
    Maluk would turn back to Teakkyoaen just as a rift the exact size of Teakkyoaen opens up a few feet behind Maluk. Maluk would hold out his hand like a manservant should towards the rift. "My Lord Envarius will see you now. Please behave yourself, as he has company other than yourself. Enjoy your stay at the Eternal Tower, Vagrant Teakkyoaen..."
  14. Kallen's eyes shift back to Racutio as he opens the rift and nods lightly, "Sure.. Now that we're here I do have plenty to talk about.. And you'll have to bring me back here later and let me deal with some issues.. I can get my fill through that I'm sure.." She brushes a hand across her hair, following Racutio into the portal.

    A distance away, by the edge of a rooftop, another figure would sit there idly as the moonlight shines down revealing a silvery-white haired woman with violet eyes. Looking down upon the event with a curious and composed glare, her voice mature yet young, "How interesting. So that is the man I've heard about yet neither of us have met in any dimension but now.. This should be.. Interesting with what's to come, I feel another rift about to open with another guest to.. -His- world. I wonder what will unfold as we watch time roll forward." A quiet laugh rolls on her lips as she then shifts off the edge, floating before she'd simply vanish without a presence.

    ~Back at Envarius Tower~

    As Kallen enters the tower following Racutio, her shoulders relax a little as her eyes glance about, "Hasn't been too long since last I was in here.. So I guess we should get down to business or are you wanting to converse freely still, hm?" She stands in place and moves to stretch her arms, her ears and tail reappearing as she'd let herself get reaccustomed to her old self, a blue flame forming over her palm and then extinguishing, "Any longer and I feel I'd have had myself sealed and turned completely human back there. But I suppose it wouldn't be too much of a problem if it had.. Not the first time.."
  15. ((Out of Character: Vis, we aren't going on without you. We're merely progressing our part of the story until you wake up tomorrow and start roleplaying with us so we can continue as a whole.))

    Racutio would scratch the back of his head in thought absentmindedly with his right hand, keeping track of foreign souls in his realm while talking with Kallen. "No, I'm done talking leisurely. All pleasantries aside, there's a lot to go over from the past five years regarding the contract and a few other things..." Racutio would take another drag from his blunt in the left edge of his mouth. His speech being very clearly unhindered by it. "As for being sealed, you and I both know I've been sealed to this tower before. To this very spot, as a matter of fact. It just takes somebody unsealing you. No matter the seal, any seal can be dispelled. That's why I keep company such as yourself and so many others...Gotta have contingency plans in play. In this case, it's friends and family to back me up." Racutio would pick up the gun he collected not moments ago, looking it over in his hand in great detail. Though, for Racutio, he can see the gun's innards and how it works from the inside. Racutio would smirk at the craftsmanship to the gun. "Not bad...Almost looks like a Slag Maliwan pistol from Pandora...Except the guy was using fairly stable dark matter as a catalyst. Still not very bright, but whatever. A gun is a gun I suppose, even if it can possibly backfire and atomize it's wielder. I'll have to fix it and modify it later to be an Envarius Industries model instead of this hunk of crap..." He'd open a small rift the size of the gun to his workshop just above his armory, and he'd toss it through, closing the rift after just as swiftly. "Now, on to business....You have the floor, Kallen."
  16. Nodding lightly, she looks around haphazardly as her voice trails to him, "Well, whatever the payment may be this time, I ask of you to allow me to handle a contract myself for once if you'd let me. I want to know more, see what I can do against unfamiliar grounds, gain value of knowledge and all that.. But one request I have regarding this planet are two things. I'd like to visit one of your libraries to do some research. Second, I'd like it if you could assist me with modifications to a few of my.. possessions. You did indeed help heal my home world, but I am still not welcome there, nor do I really desire to return yet.. So I ask of you if not a favor, but as a type of contract."

    ~Back at Taizo City~

    Once again in another part of the city, a rift would open with two beings tossed out before it closes, both men by the looks of it. Picking themselves up from their knelt state, one man would be wearing a rather large, blood-red jacket, belted around the abdomen, a headband wrapped around his spiked hair. One eye grey, the other red, he looks around the area with a questioning stare, "Where the hell were we taken?.. All I remember is a rift popping open and sucking us in during the heat of battle.. This isn't Blue Moon Village.. Not at all. Kendrix, you alright?" The other man regains himself as he'd look back to the other, nodding, his voice more gruff and wolf ears present, "Yeah, I'm just fine. Whatever the hell happened, it wasn't natural of our world. Not Demonic nor a technique.. Question is if we can return and if the others are alright without us. Your sis sure would be pissed, Kurai."

    A woman's voice would echo off the walls and catches their attention, "If you seek answers, perhaps you can come with me. I bid you no harm my friends, atleast you are aware you're no longer where you should be. But maybe you are where you should be.. No? Hnhn.." Kurai looks up to see the white-haired woman above them, smiling down at them, "And we should trust you why?" "Because like you, I too am a visitor seeking answers. And I have an idea where we can seek that out, unless you want to try your luck in this violent city with technology beyond your world's time." Kendrix looks between Kurai and the woman then back, shaking his head before sighing, "We don't have much choice since we don't know what we could be up against. I already don't feel right about this place." "Fine then.. We'll go." The woman smiles, her hand outstretched to them, "Good, follow me now." Her eyes shimmer and the three would fade away, a wind blowing through the now silent alley.
  17. Racutio would laugh, and wave his right hand dismissively with a smile. "Sure, I can have you handle a contract on your own. And as for the library, you welcome to use my own library here in the tower. Though, the locked section is for me and my family alone, so if I catch you setting foot near it, I'll just give you a friendly warning. Hahaha!" Racutio would hold his hand out to her for the possession she speaks of. "As for your possessions, I will modify them free of charge to your specifications due to a job well done. Just hand whatever you need modified and I can get to work right away in my workshop, or from right here, depending on what I decide. Whatever the case, I will handle the modifications personally for you. Mind if I ask why though if I'm not intruding on the subject? I'm referring to your home, and why they won't let you back, even after the work I did...It just doesn't make much sense in my mind as to why, being as how you are responsible for their salvation through me, after all...It just seems odd, is all..." He's say with a puzzled frown, which Racutio rarely ever has.
  18. Her gaze shifts away with slight deterrence, quietly exhaling, "It's true, you helped me save my world, but it doesn't hide the fact of what I once was to them, what I still am. Of course I'm not human, but I'm no monster neither. But they see me and my kind as such.. Atleast.. If my kind still were to remain to this day. I'm alone after all. Half human, half.. Whatever they call me as it always differs.. I have fox-like traits and I gain power through blood. I control magics and hold reflexes far beyond an average human of most worlds, of course I'd still be seen as an outcast, but that doesn't bother me anymore since I've ventured through different worlds." She slides the case off her shoulder once more and offers it towards him, along with her free hand whisking out the vials she had hidden earlier, "You'll find my blade, a high-caliber sniper and two handguns within. These vials were something I had great interest in as they were compound structures on the atomic level of materials not belonging to that specific Earth. One is Orichalcum, whether it's useful to me or not with what we normally face, I do not know. The other is like a plasmid from what I gathered, reacting to my own energy. Perhaps with your finesse, I could find a way to harness that, and no longer need the use of ordinary ammunition perhaps.. Though I can already gather the give and takes of the situation, such as if I could do so with energy, it would deplete my own and eventually exhaust me. With the blade, whether the metal can help or not, I could use an adjustment to the sheath itself, to use it as a weapon too, whether it remains blunt or not. As for the research.. Well, maybe something that could give me a clue to my origins as my own history back home was long destroyed."
  19. Racutio would take all of her words in, nodding as she hands the case over once more. He'd then re-position himself in his cvhair and stand up, giving his body a quick stretch, he'd sigh in relief. "As it stands, you're alot like the kitsune race. Well, half, anyways. Your human half is invaluble, so remember that always. It's what gives you your will and drive, so never, ever forget that...Without your human half, your motivations and goals as a human being will be lost with it." Racutio would then take the vials from her, holding them in his left hand, as his right has the case in it's clutches. Well, if all is well and good, I'll go get started. If you need knowledge on your people, I explored your realm several years back...Ages in your case. I've had Frostarion keep tabs on your world though to keep my achive up to date. You should try Floor Eighty-seven. It's library should be invaluable for your research. Oh, and as it stands, you should look up a bit more on the far reaches of my own planet if you plan on staying here for awhile. I don't want you getting in over your head after all and end up getting overwhelmed by a monster twenty-times your size that you have no inkling on what it could even be. God forbid, don't even try to trek north without warning me, please...Don't need another repeat of the Frie'zan Wastes Incident where I got my arm cut off by that damn demon..." Racutio would throw open a rift to the library floor he mentioned in front of her, and then one to his workshop in front of himself. "So, here's where we both separate for a little while. I'll come to you in the library when I'm done modifying these for you, or I'll call you up with a rift back here. Anyways, I'm gonna go get to work so I don't get sidetracked. All these visitors to my dimension are catching my attention big time. Just noticed a soul like your own with a split in it, as well as a more tense, violent soul, and a colder, more intense soul. A total of three, not counting yourself, have entered so far just sense we left Taizo...A thought that has me curious though is why they're moving this way...Eh, more people with business for me I bet. Haha! People just can't stay away today it seems. Heheh..." With that, Racutio would step through his rift, and it would close behind him...
  20. Nodding once more, she would step into the library to begin her personal research, ~Like me?... Is he certain of that? Surely they couldn't be from my world.. I was the only one to remain and perish.. If it weren't for him that is...~ Her eyes soften and close for a moment, opening as she continues to move forward to start her research within the library. "Wonder what he meant by several visitors.. I wonder if this means anything with these rifts or if it's really as constant as he lets on.."

    ~Outside the Eternal Tower~

    Along the bridge leading to the tower's doors, the white-haired woman appears infront of them, her feet floating down to the floor as the other two would appear behind her, blinking as they're wary and curious, "This is the place from what I've gathered.. I'm sure he's aware of us since you.. 'Two' arrived through the rift. A common saying is that everything happens for a reason.. So perhaps you can learn what that reason is, yes?" Kendrix looks to the woman with a quirked brow, rolling his shoulder, "What do you mean just us? Do you already know?" She smiles, looking back to the two, saying rather bluntly, "Nope. I just like to watch as everything unveils the next turn of events."
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