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  1. Solitaire Signup/OOC

    *Nyle woke from his bed with a cold sweat. He was in a room completely unfamiliar to him. The walls were striped vertically with orange and Ocean blue. The tile floor was brown, the carpet above it blue with white star patterns.*
    *His head spun for a moment, He stood up and gathered his surroundings some more. there is a dresser to his right adjacent to his bed, a door on the left wall and another door on the wall in front of him. the door on the left wall has a light above it.
    The rooms light suddenly turned on. it flickered an orange-ish light that flickered like an artificial flame. Nyle walked to the door on the wall in front of him and opened it up. A peek into the room revealed a sink, a shower, a toilet, and medicine cabinet. he returned to the bedroom and noticed a pair of black sneakers by the dresser on the side he couldn't see from the bed. He walked over to the dresser and opened it. Shiny blue circus shirts and grey jumpsuit pants lie inside with some white boxers and white socks.

    Nyle Grabbed a set of clothes and went back to the bathroom. He checked the medicine cabinet for some things he could use. He grabbed The peroxide and a rubber band. He took his grey pants and rolled them carefully and wrapped them with the rubber band. he began applying peroxide to the pants and let it sit carefully then rinsed out the pants making them White and grey tie die.

    After getting his pants colored he took a shower and dried himself off, he had hung his pants to dry after ringing them out. he now put on his clothes and walked back into the bedroom. A red light flashed above the door.*
    Nyle:"OK Now I'm Intrigued... I'll Either Open the door to be mauled by a bear, or I'll walk right out into a fall net..."
    *He walked to the door and stood beside it back against the wall and threw the door open. Nothing came in.
    He peered around the corner and examined for a trapdoor. nothing was out of the ordinary besides the strange building he was in. He looked around the corner and into the hall to see a set of yellow lights across the corners of the walkway. he followed them down to a set of double doors where he entered a lecture hall-like room. A man stood in the front of the room with an inhuman grin on his face.*

    Man:"Hello, My name is Chris, Please take a seat and we will begin shortly when the others arrive."
    *Nyle decided to do just that, as now his curiosity was peaked by the lack of his death.*
  2. Sam woke up in a panick and was immediately on guard, the last thing he remembered was walking down the street with Dani, then she screamed and there was something in his neck, then suddenly the world was black. The room he was in know was simple black was with green trim, the green floor had a black rug and the color code consisted threw out the room. Sam stood slowly and crossed the room to the dresser, inside was several pair of gray pants and green shorts, he quickly slipped one of each on and opened the door. Ever since she was born Sam had been able to tell where Dani was in a building, and that's why instead of fallowing the arrows he looked both was down the hall and sprinted to the door across from the room he had woken up in. The other door opened easily and sure enough inside Dani lay sleeping. "Come on little one, it's time to wake up." The little girl in front of him rubbed her eye's sleepily and yond. Sam smiled again then looked threw her dresser and picked up some of the clothes, he helped her get dressed and kissed her head. "Sammy? I'm tired, can we go home?" Dani rubbed her eyes again and Sam chuckled before picking her up and settling her on his hip. "Sleep little one, your big brother will protect you forever and always." A sleepy "I know" was mumbled into his shoulder before Dani's breathing evened out. Looking around the room he noticed it had the same design as the first only the slack was replaced with purple and the green with pink. Sam walked back into the hallway only this time he followed the arrows. Soon he came to a classroom like area, and this time he wasn't alone. "Welcome, please have a seat." Sam narrowed his eyes and sat as far away from the grinning man, he sat Dani in his lap and did his best to shield her from the strange eyes that watched him. Every once in a while she whimpered in her sleep so Sam would run his fingers threw her hair and whispered her ear, never taking his eyes of the man up front, if he had to guess that man was the bigger threat. "I am Chris, we will begin shortly, why don't you put your sister in the chair next to you." Sam knew a order when he heard one, but that didn't mean he would fallow this one. Instead he tightened his grip on the small child in his arms and almost dared 'Chris' to do something.
  3. Darwin's eyes open slightly, adjusting to the darkness of the room. "Where am I...?" The light turned on, leaving an orange glow illuminating the wall of the room. He looked at the colors of... wherever he was. He didn't know why, but they seemed to suit him. The walls were light brown, the tile floor was black and orange, the carpet a solid orange color. He looked at the other him in bed.
    Wait a second... other him?! "AAAHHH!" He screamed. The clone woke up. "AAAHHH!" This was the clone. Both of them at the time: "AAAAAAHHHHHH!" They both fell out of the bed and onto opposite sides of the floor. "Will you two keep it down in there? I'm trying to pee!" Darwin and Other Darwin looked up.

    "AAAAAHHHHH! What the heck is going on?" The real Darwin asked in a freaked out tone. The clone from the bed disappeared in a flash of sparkly light and a *POP* sound. Darwin got a headache. "Aggghhh... WHAT IS GOING ON?!" He yelled at his other clone in the bathroom. He heard a popping noise. "I guess he's gone, too..." Darwin stood up and shook his head. "I'm seeing things..."
    He walked to the wardrobe (black with an orange outline) and opened it. Inside it lay the same half life 3 t-shirt about 5 times, some white boxers and socks, and some grey jumpsuit pants. He walked into the beautiful black and white bathroom, and put on the clothes. "Wait..." He took them back off. "Shower, yes. Brush my teeth? Myeh, I'll do it later." He got into the shower and turned on the hot water. After about ten minutes, he grabbed a towel, dried off, threw it on the floor ("I'll clean it later.") and put on the clothes.

    "Migraine medicine... peroxide... toothpaste..." He slipped the first two items into his pockets (after taking a pill, of course. That migraine was killing him [figuratively.]) Darwin walked out into the room and jumped as the red light above the door started flashing with a small alarm. He heard the lock sliding, and the alarm shut off, the red light now solid. "Oooh. Are you gonna go out there?" He heard a voice next to him. He turned and saw another freaking clone. "NO! GO AWAY!" He yelled at the clone before punching it in the face, causing it to stumble into the wall and disappear in a flash of light. Again. He got up. "Okay... I'm not seeing things anymore... These are real." He assured himself that he wasn't crazy before continuing toward the door. Darwin slowly opened the door and peeked his head out. "Hello? Helllloooooooooooooo?" He asked out into the hallway. "Anyone there?" He peeked both ways before deciding that the hallway was safe. He walked into it and saw arrows. "OOOOH ARROWS." He became mesmerized by the flashing arrows and followed them. At the end of the hallway lay a classroom-ish setting. He saw a small girl sitting in a taller boy's lap. 'Must be brother and sister,' he thought. He also saw a boy, who looked slightly angry, but also waiting for the weird guy at the front to say something. Oh, and he saw some weird guy at the front.

    "Hello," the man said. "I am Chris. We are waiting for the others to get here before I start my little lecture. You may sit where you want." Drwin sat next to the guy with his sister. "Hi, I'm Darwin." The guy said nothing.

    "Hey, what's that in your pockets?" Chris asked him. The two guys looked at the two bulges. He pulled out the migraine pills and peroxide. "Why peroxide?" Chris asked him. "I might need it." He replied matter-of-factly. Everyone looked back down at the floor.
  4. Dani slowly woke up, sleep refusing to leave her. When she finally sat up she noticed she was in a strange room, and Sammy was holding her to his chest. "Sammy, what's going on?" She asked looking up at him with big eye's. "I don't know little one, but I'm here and your big brother will protect you forever and always." Dani smiled, Sammy had said that for as long as she could remember. Then she noticed the other people in the room, the man on the fat side of the room looked mad and the teacher guy gave her the creeps. The man sitting next to them looked friendly enough. "Hi mister! I'm Dani and this is my big brother Sammy, who are you?" Sammy chuckled and rested his hand on Dani's head. Dani used both hands to grab his own, squeezing his pinky and thumb while laughing and pulling it farther down her head like a child would a hat. "Are you a good guy? You look like a good guy." She kept her eye's on the man in the next chair, a big smile on her face.
  5. Darwin gave a large smile at the small girl and replied. "I'm Darwin. I'm a good guy." He reached out his hand for Dani to shake (which she promptly did.) He looked around. His huge smile went down to a small one. "What do they want with us? I didn't do anything bad... did I?" He tried to remember something from his past. Something. Anything. He couldn't think of anything. His name was all that floated in his memories. He reached his hand up to the huge thin scar going down his left eye. He had seen that his eye was completely white. He looked at 'Sammy.' "Do you remember anything?"
  6. Sam thought, "I remember my name and being attacked, but everything else is foggy. I'm Samuel Cheveyo, and this is Danielle but please call me Sam and her Dani." Dani crossed her arms over her tiny body. "I don't like Danielle, it sounds like a princess name." Sam chuckled "I know little one." Sam stood the little girl on his lap and let her swing back and forth by his hands. "Something's not right here, I don't trust that man." Sam was barely able to grab onto Darwin's chair and keep himself as Dani threw herself at him. "It's ok Sammy, I'll protect you and Mister Darwin.!" Sam looked at Dani confused before realization flashed a cross his face. "Ok, first no, I'm the big brother and it's job to protect you, and second, you are not adopting Darwin." Dani's face fell "but I want to keep him." Sam face palmed. "She like's to jump into friendships, I'm sorry." Sam explained to Darwin as he fixed his shirt and resettled Dani on his lap where she was captivated by counting the number of chairs in the room, only to loose count and start over.
  7. Darwin chuckled and shook his head. "It's no problem." He looked around at the classroom-type setting. Had he been there before? He recognized the room very well... Suddenly, Darwin remembered the past half hour before coming here. "Hey, uhh... did anything... you know... weird... something... supernatural, happen to either of you when you woke up? I mean.. not that anything happened to me, just... you know...curious..." Darwin fidgeted. His deadeye flickered a light orange before going white. Not fast enough to be solid for a long time, but fast enough for someone to see it.
  8. Felicity woke up, startled from her sleep from what she thought was a dream. In her dream, she had been walking home from her best friends house when a big black minivan pulled up next to her. The door on the side opened and a man grabbed her and pulled her into the back. He gave her a shot to make her sleep. She sat up and looked around, expecting to see her own bedroom and little albino squirrel. Instead, she was in a small room with Lime Green walls that had black and white paint splatters of all different sizes all around the room in random places. The white tile floor had a black rug with Lime Green hearts of different sizes on it right in the middle of the room. Her bed sheets were plain white. She got up and walked over to the dresser, curious to see what was in it. Inside she found White one shouldered t-shirts with Lime Green Metallic hearts on the front and grey jumpsuit pants. It the middle drawer were white undergarments and lime green socks. Next to the dresser on the floor were black tennis shoes.
    "Dang it," she thought, "I hate tennis shoes."
    She pulled out a shirt, a pair of pants, undergarments and socks, then picked up the shoes and walked into the white bathroom. The shower curtain was lime green and so was the trim around the base of the walls.
    "Better take a shower, then find out where I am." she mumbled.
    After taking a fast shower, she quickly got dressed and brushed her teeth, then walked over to the door with the light over it. Cautiously, she opened the door a little, then a little more, and finally all the way.
    "Am I the only person in this place?" She asked, talking to no one except herself. "I guess there's nothing to do but follow the arrows."
    She quickly walked down the hall, curious as to what she would find at the end. When she got to the end of the hall, she could clearly see into a big room with chairs everywhere. In the back was a boy with a little girl sitting in his lap and another boy next to them. They looked like they were talking, but she couldn't tell from where she was standing. A man on the stage, who said his name was Chris, invited her to come in and find a seat anywhere she wanted.
    "Guess I could go sit with them. They look friendly. What am I thinking? Where are these animal like thoughts coming from?"
    She thought to herself as she walked over to them and sat a few seats down from them.

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  9. Dani shook her head along with her brother then noticed the new woman in the room. "Hi Miss.Person, I'm Dani and this is my brother Sammy. Who are you?" She asked looking at the woman with big round eyes. Then before she got an answer, jumped down from her brothers lap and ran over to the man sitting across the room. "Hey mister, do you want to come sit with me, and brother, and Mr. Darwin, and that mystery lady. You look lonely, don't be lonely, brother said that be lonely is worse than being hurt." She had tears in the corner of her eyes and Sam sank into his seat. "She's going to be the death of me." He muttered. Dani heard and gasped "brother you can't die!" She jumped onto his chest and knocked the wind out of him. "I'm...not" he gasped, doubled over and trying to catch his breath.
  10. Darwin felt sorry for Dani. He knew that this was a pretty comical scene that the she was making, but he still felt bad about it. He walked up to the mystery girl. "Would you care to sit with us? We don't know what's going on either..." He stood in silence for a long time before looking at his feet."I've been seeing things... like, really weird things... I just want to know that I'm not insane..." Before he could let her respond, he turned and walked away like nothing had happened. Darwin got to the siblings (Dani was still making a scene.) He got on his knees and reached out his hands to pick her up. He stopped right before, remembering how protective Sam had been before. He pulled his hands back. "Would you like some help with her? I figured I should ask. You seemed pretty protective over her, so I figured I needed permission."
  11. *Nyle Looked at Dani with amusement.*
    Nyle:"I think I'll be fine for now, but thank you."
    *He said with a sincere grin.*
    Nyle:"Do you want to see a card trick though?"
    *He asked as he pulled a deck of cards from his sleeve. Chris looked at him with disgusted disapproval.*

    Chris:"Where did you obtain that deck of playing cards sir?"
    *Nyle looked up as he shuffled the cards.*
    Nyle:"I grew up in the circus, It's Hard not to walk around with a deck of cards."
    *Chris's look became puzzled and unrequited mechanical joyed.*

    Chris:"I do not Understand..."
    Nyle:"Didn't think you would."
  12. Guy didn’t really know why he woke up, but he was pretty sure it was because he heard heavy breathing in his ear. Upon hearing the breathing he shot up out of his bed ready for a face down an intruder but was surprised to see that nothing was as it seemed. He could still hear the breathing but that didn’t matter to him, what mattered was he wasn't in his room. This room was much smaller and with the exception of a few red lights above a door, everything was black and white. Where in the world am I he thought and who they hell is breathing so loudly? The breathing seemed to be coming from behind the door with the red lights. Right as he turned the the handle on the door he noticed one thing, where were his clothes? He looked around the room and spotted a dresser, all while hearing the breathing. Inside the dresser there was his favorite tee-shirt, white socks, white boxers, grey pants and a pair of shoes. He put them all on to find that they were comfortable enough, but he noticed something. The breathing had stopped, and had been replaced by voices.

    It sounded like an older man, two guys his age and a young girl and it was all coming from past the door. Guy swung open the door, not really knowing what he would find and was surprised to find that there was no one but an empty hallway. He still heard the voices, they were much clearer now, and there were arrows pointing them right to them. He took off down the hall to find the source of the extremely loud voices, and as he advanced down the hall the voices grew from loud to a ear drum breaking roar. At the end of the hall there was a room with the source of his new headache. An older man went to open his mouth but before he could say anything Guy yelled “Could you all please shut the hell up.”
  13. (Just to clarify, I was talking to Sam at the end of that last one, not Nyle lol hope i didn't confuse anyone) Darwin looked at the Mr. Tough Guy at the opposite side of the room. Darwin didn't want any trouble. Haha, just kidding. "Well, aren't you so tough? You wanna go?" Darwin said. 'Wait... I didn't say that... OH GOD ANOTHER ME!!!' Darwin thought to himself. The man turned around to see *guess who* a clone tapping his shoulder. "I said, you wanna GO?!" The clone disappeared as soon as the man punched him, leaving him tumbling from punching through thin air. Darwin burst into giggles. "Wait... was that another you?" Dani asked him. "Actually, that's what I wanted to talk to you all about." Chris was finally gonna tell us. We all ran to random seats. Except Guy. He sat as far away from Darwin as possible, shooting glares in his direction every once in a while. " Is everyone here?" Chris asked.
  14. *Nyle looked back at the new person to the room.*
    Nyle:"Hey Get those aspirin out of your pocket." *He said as he flicked an ace of diamonds in front of Darwin.
    The rooms relaxed tension had halted into a full tension. The clone flash bang gone thing had flown right by him*

    OOC/(I think we have one more person almost ready to come in unless another person applies very soon.)
  15. Felicity looked at this new guy who had just walked into the room. He looked interesting. even more interesting was the guy who cloned himself. That was just freaky. "How can he do that?" she thought to herself. "Can all of us do things like that?"
  16. Dani's eyes widened at the idea of a card trick and she ran over to the mystery boy and started nodding eagerly. Sam gasped and caught his breath, "sorry about that, I don't mind you playing with her but I don't want her out of my sight." Sam watched as his little sister grew fascinated by the cards. The door opened and a man stepped threw but before anyone could say anything he yelled. Sam was on his feet in a second flat, putting himself I front of Dani, who had run over to hide behind him. "Sir, I don't know who you are but there is a small child here, I will ask you not to use that kind of language. Sam stepped forward and pushed Dani farther behind him, slipping into a defensive stance and ready to fight any second. He was surprised when thick, thorny, vines wrapped around his fists but he hid it well. "Brother, I'm scared." He didn't say anything but again shifted to where his body blocked blocked her view. Then in a second it was done and the tench ion was gone. The thorns disappeared but it left Sam lightheaded so he sat on his chair, head buried in Dani's hair, and waited.
  17. Darwin nodded. "Yeah, here ya go. " He gave Nyle two pills. Suddenly, another flash appeared. Darwin's smile went away. "A clone is right behind me, huh?" "Yep." Darwin elbowed the clone. It disappeared in a flash. Suddenly, the man started yelling and cursing. Sam grew very protective over Dani, holding his fists at the man. Darwin saw the thorns, but didn't say anything. "EVERYONE STOP!" Everyone looked at Chris before slowly sitting back down.
  18. *Nyle took the pills and got up, he walked over to guy and put the pills down in front of him.*
    Nyle:"Here is a circus trick, Aspirin and concentration. focus only on what you want to see or hear and background noise fades quickly."
    *Nyle walked back to his seat and grabbed his card, he shuffled his deck again and began a game of solitaire.*
  19. Guy didn't think things could get any weirder. He was wrong, first off he could hear everything, heart beats, breathing, even blinking and of course the voices. Then he swear he could see a bunch of the same kid, walking around the room. Suddenly one of the kids in the room stood up walked and placed aspirin in front of him. The kid yelled something about concentration but Guy ignored it taking three pills and downing them in one gulp. "On Second thought just knock me out, that will work better". He was pretty sure the older man told him to sit but he didn't care. He was going to lose the headache and then get some answers before he took orders from some stranger.
  20. Felicity was confused as to what was happening, she didn't move from her seat. She wasn't sure if the one guy had clones and the other thorns, or if she was just seeing things. "I wonder if I can do weird things like that." Felicity thought. This Chris man is supposed to be in charge, but it doesn't look as though he's doing a very good job of keeping order.
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