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  1. So would anyone be interested in a small pokemon group rp with like maybe 4-6 people
  2. I am Interested.
  3. I am interested
  4. I am interested.
  5. How would it be set up? Will we be a group of friends with the same goal of becoming league champions? Casual Pokemon trainers just looking to travel around the world? Something unique?
  6. Kind of like the anime to where it's a group of friends travelling together who each have their own goals, who occasionally get in some trouble with a group similar to team rocket.
  7. I am interested
    Count me in!
  8. Will this rp take place in a familiar or new region? And will the entire pokemon roster be available? Will we be able to capture legendary pokemon like in the games or no?
  9. not an entire new roster, I meant if the current canon roster will be available, all 700 and something pokemon.
  10. I was think a brand new region to explore, but we could always do one of the older ones. Most likely. And probably not due to there only being one of each, but maybe we can work something out later.
    and holy cow you type fast, I misread what you said and deleted like jesus christ. Got them mad typing skillz.
  11. lol, my phone gets an email notification when you reply so I refreshed the page super quick and replied. So, we just need one more person then, or is 5 good?
  12. I said 4-6 so we can keep that last spot open just in case someone else would like to join. So would anyone prefer an an old region if so which one? Or would you prefer a Canadian based region?
  13. Hm... You know, it would be interesting to explore a region, composed of 5-6 big islands, and hundreds of small, medium islands. Kinda like Oceania.
  14. I think we should start in a new region (If you are alright with region building).
  15. I'm chill with that, seems like my canada idea was bleh :p, anyways, would you prefer to discuss this in a pm chat or in a google doc?
  16. I don't mind any region idea really.
  17. Please don't advertise your Rp here, Thanks.
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  18. Wasn't trying to in the least. Some players don't always realize some rp's are already in creation. Good luck on your own creation.
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  19. Good Luck as well
  20. Here (open)
    Maybe something similar to this but on a smaller scale.
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