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  1. After 10 hours of working on shit, I give up! D:< Most of the time was rebuilding our style from default, because I was a dumb lazy admin who didn't set up the style tree the RIGHT way.

    In fact, that alone took almost 8 hours. ;_; Setting up our 4 default monochrome styles (now named Bright Light, Grey Mist, Thunder Grey, Black Night).

    You REWARD for being so patient, is three color styles under Black Night. 8D Sienna Hamster, Teal Owl, and Violet Queen. Now that I actually did the style tree RIGHT. We will be able to add more color options in all four of our monochrome styles. O_O YAY.

    OTHER UPDATE you'll notice is the roleplay genres being back on the index page again and not in subcategories. As tidy as it made the front page look, it made it harder to get to the important stuff, especially on non-compy devices.

    OTHER UPDATES INCLUDE random bug fixes and THINGS I CAN'T REMEMBER NOW BECAUSE SLEEPY. In fact, I am technically not done with updates, but everything else can be done without shutting off the forums.


    The roleplay ads script had a big error. O_O One bad enough that I could not leave it running until it gets fixed. As soon as it is, the ads will be back AND WITH SOME COOL NEW TOOLS. (as in, you'll get to upload 3 banners at once for a single rp ad!)

    The Roleplay Index & Tabbing is not ready yet, if only because of organization issues. We're plotting it out.

    No news on the next Beta version of our new groups system yet. ;___; We're all hoping and praying that comes in sometime this century.

    And of course, we can't open up UNIVERSE roleplay spots to member applications until we get the groups system worked out. c__c So.


    If you try to report those bugs in ANY other way, they'll get LOST.
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  2. Whoa, our roleplay resumes are on constant display now under our pictures on the threads!
    That's actually pretty convenient..
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  3. Thanks for all of the hard work. <3 Now go to sleep!
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  4. I was getting really annoyed at how long the forums were down. Then they came back up, looking awesome and I saw this. Now I know I am a douchebag.

    Diana's an NONdouchebag! :D <3
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  5. Oooo, I love how the resumes are right there now! :o Thank you for all your hard work!
  6. Uhm...

    Do ya reckon you could put the old style as a selectable style. The new styles feel too sharp, the text too large and... I want to use the word 'crisp'....

    If I really have to I could probably force myself to adapt to it. But I actually really liked the old style.
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  7. Ah, everything looks so pretty. But I will miss the old logo. Hm, I think the resumes should come down from a user with something like a spoili and not always present because it creates a giant black void under the sig ; ;

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  8. And what about the GMs who've put so much work in making awesome looking first-posts and character sheets? Do we edit the whole thing, or do you plan on making them look better/the way it was before?
  9. I'm in agreement with Kadeux, I'm not a fan of this style change at all. The way Iwaku looked before stood to gain a few improvements, sure, but this is like taking one step forward and two steps back.

    As a friend of mine worded it:

    Sorry for the pessimistic post, but I'm sure you guys would enjoy hearing criticism as much as you would compliments, so there you go!
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  10. In regards to the new update, it all looks good for the most part, but I'm curious to see how many other people agree with me on this, because I am not a fan of having my resume displayed under my avatar

    It feels pretty unnecessary, redundant, and it just feels like it clutters things up, take it out...please

    EDIT: I realize it's a very childish, petty complaint, I do honestly
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  11. I like the new look overall. The one bit that annoys me is the resume display under the avatar rather than having a spoiler or pop up thing (like it used to be), but I can live with it.
  12. idontlikechange.jpg
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  13. The change looks good, don't get me wrong. But where I'm on mobile everything looks bigger and to be able to see if I have any new alerts or conversation replies, I have to turn my phone every time to be able to see it as with the old style I was able to see everything without having to do that.

    So just some feedback for someone who uses mobile most of the time.
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  14. Meh, if there's one thing I don't like then it's the default text size. It's a bit too chunky; sure it can be made smaller, but eh. I'll probably get used to it eventually, it's just excessively big for my eyes for the moment.

    I both like and dislike the roleplay resume thing. I like it because (obviously) it helps you know about who you're RP'ing with conviniently, but if you're just one-word posting in an OOC or something the Roleplay Resume can take up a lot of space. Perhaps it should be like... a drop-down bar below the name or something? Eh. I dunno.

    Also... yeah... mobile users. Not gonna lie, but the previous style was way more friendly when you're on a mobile. From the computer I'm posting on now, it looks nice, but on the mobile everything has been redirected and it's somewhat awkward to navigate stuff.

    The things I do like though? Well, the profile pic, name, and the sexy centering of the title looks nicer and neater. Everything in general just looks... neater... and perhaps more user-friendly. Alerts looks nicer as well. I'll probably find some more good things as I explore the new style more. EDIT: Such as now, I fucking LOVE the violet queen style and I love you for adding it in. The look of it counteracts most of the negatives, hence purple is my most preferred colour ever.

    Once I've got used to this style, it'll be fine I'm sure, but yeah. Don't mean to bitch, but I massively preferred the old style. This is still good though, so well done for working on that. I r8 8/8
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  15. I like what you've done with the place because I'm not ungrateful. *eyes everyone else*
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  16. .
    Don't be silly. You like it because it's in the job requirement.

  17. It really isn't.
  18. To be grateful I would have to appreciate the changes.
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  19. Hence why you're UNgrateful. That's how it works.
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  20. I'm not sure how to feel about the Roleplay Resumes being on display underneath our avatars. Doesn't that make the screens just a bit ... cluttered?

    But only just a bit, though.

    I miss the beige-brown colors. Not as bright as the 'white' background, but not a dark screen, either. I'm hoping that color scheme will be back.
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