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  1. Reia lightly sang to herself as she walked through the water, enjoying the feeling of the water passing through her feet. Her reflection staring up at her each time she looked down, and each time she couldn't help but play with her breasts or playfully touches herself and enjoy the sight of her privates.
    Reia is one hundred and four years old, but for the first hundred of those she was a black fox. During that time she had various kits, most birthed by another some birthed by her and nearly all were dead, hunted.
    When she turned one hundred years old she became a demon fox, on her path to becoming a Kitsune, and eventually she could even become an Inari. Though she has been in her current 'form' for four years already Reia still isn't used to, and still gets excited when she sees, her unique appearance.

    Reia is a black fox, this much is clear, so much of her fur is black in color. She has human hands with nimble and slender fingers, but a foxes foot and thus has paw pads. She also has a foxlike face with a slender snout which can perfectly fit into a woman's vagina, something she enjoys doing. Her tail is long and bushy, and she has a fetish where she quite enjoys sliding her fluffy tail inside of her lover, infact her lover licking or suckling on her tail is a quick way to get her horny.
    Her breasts are lower C cups, so they are nicely sized and quite soft. She has a toned stomach and an over all athletic figure. The unique thing about her however is that her fur is covered in cyan stripes making her look like a foxy tiger. These stripes are very visible on her legs and her back, they curl around toward her stomach, go over her breasts and are even seen on her face connecting to her whiskers. Her tail however has only one cyan part and thats the tip of the tail.
    However her unique body doesn't end with cyan tiger stripes, her nipples, inside her ears, her eyes, her lips and inside her mouth, her paw pads, her vaginal walls and in her vagina itself, and her member are all cyan. Member? Yes Reia has a fox member which reaches eight inches, followed by an inch and a half knot for nine and a half inches total.

    Now Reia is naked, she doesn't wear any cloths thus one can easily see not only her unique body but also her member which when flaccid still pokes out a good three inches.

    Reia stopped and fell silent, her ears perking up, she could hear singing…such a heavenly tune. Turning Reia started to walk toward the song, she was throwing caution to the wind ignoring her brain telling her to sneak. She wanted to see what was singing, and she didn't really care about being stealthy about it either.
  2. Selena resided near a small pond deep in the woods. Her home was in the woods, which magically formed a canopy that let in light but kept out rain. Not typically the place for a Siren, who's song could drive men mad with longing, but it has provided her with many mates in the past. Each man she outlived, and she quickly grew bored with them. She tried women, but even they couldn't satisfy her. Perhaps something in between. Something exotic and enticing...

    For a temptress her figure was perfect. D-cup breasts swung perfectly free on her lovely form. Raven black hair hung in a straight curtain down her back. Her eyes were literally hypnotic, able to put people into a trance. She had large black wings she hadn't used in ages and her luscious, though pale, legs gave way to talons at her feet.

    At the sound of splashing she followed it to the edge of her wood. Peering through the branches she saw a creature that instantly set her lower lips dripping. A beautiful black fox with cyan stripes. Her figure was divine, her breasts supple, her fur beautiful - her member! Bigger than most of the men she had been with. She had to have her. She took a deep breath and started to sing, her intoxicating voice drawing the demon fox towards her.
  3. Reia followed the voice until she came upon what she could only describe as an angel. A light yip came from the foxes lips as she wrapped one of her hands around her member which was currently fully erect with her knot, her other hand found her dripping lower lips which she near instantly slid a finger into. Drool came from Reia's lips as her tongue came out, her eyes roaming up and down the angels body. Lust filled her eyes as she masturbated to the woman, her body releasing her pheromones letting her angel know her desire to mate. Then with a light howl Reia came, her vaginal juices running down her legs, matting her fur, her seed shooting out and hitting the ground as she released three strong bursts.
    "What a lovely voice~" Reia cooed as she fell to her knees looking up toward her angel. "What beautiful eyes~" She licked the air as she imagined enjoying this womans body, "What perfect breasts and tight vagina~"
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  4. Selena sang and sang as the fox drew nearer. Her song didn't have any words, but the sweetest, most beautiful notes ever imagined. Her voice promised unending bliss, heartbreaking beauty, and bounty and love without a single word. The Siren nearly faltered as the fox wrapped her hand around her member. As the creature's fingers joined her, Selena's voice renewed its strength. She sang through Reia's orgasm, eyes widening as she saw all the seed and juice she produced.

    It wasn't until Reia dropped to her knees, as if she were in prayer to the powerful Siren, that Selena approached. Her song began to take an air of hypnotic seduction, weaving through the fox's very soul. Selena reached out with her hands, beckoning the fox to come closer, to crawl to her.

    "You have nothing to fear from me," came the message in the Siren's song. The fox didn't hear the words but their meaning filled her completely. "You are now mine. You will stay here with me and live out your days in joy and lust. Know now unending bliss. Know the heaven of being my pet."

    Her song finished just as Selena leaned forward and kissed Reia on the muzzle.
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  5. Reia crawled on all fours, something she hadn't done since she gained her new body, she crawled over toward her angel. She would sit by the angel's feet, body erect and a smile on her lips as she listened to the womans song. When the song ended and she received her kiss Reia gave a yip before pushing forward in an attempt to add her tongue to the kiss. The song gave her the feeling she was to become the angels pet, there was a part of her that was against it, but it was trapped locked down by the enthralled section of the girls mind.
    "My names Reia~" Reia lightly cooed as the kiss broke, her tongue flicking out in an attempt to lick and taste her angels lips once more. Though Selena would probably note that once she was moved enough for Reia to look the girls attention started to roam downwards, enjoying the sight of her angels body once more. "Your an angel, my angel...yes my angel~"
  6. "Yes. I'm your angel," Selena replied. Even without song her voice had a powerful melody to it. It was musical and heavenly and sounded like a voice you could just trust. No one could lie with a voice that beautiful. "And you'll be staying here with me. Would you like that? I can tell you would."

    The Siren followed Reia's gaze downwards and smirked. Seeing the fox masturbate herself had made her wet. Selena spread her wings, and her legs, and lowered herself down. The wings kept her partly aloft, so she was sitting without a chair, her vagina on display for her new pet.

    "I bet you would like some of this as well," she said. "Come. Taste the sweet song of my juice."
  7. "Yes~" Reia yipped, "I'd like that very much." She was starting to get antsy, dancing in place as she struggled to stop herself from pouncing her angel. This became harder when her angel spread her legs, "Lovely wings..." Reia stated attempting to take her mind off the dripping moist folds. However her angel told her she could taste, and that was all it took.
    Reia wasted no time getting her snout between her angels legs, she started to lick, her fox tongue covering a good amount of the womans lower lips, her teeth teasingly playing with the womans clitoris. And the instant that her angel had an orgasm Reia pushed her snout in, pushing it deeper and deeper while thrusting her tongue out of her mouth to taste the inside of her angels vagina.
    Reia's eyes closed as she slid deeper and deeper, tasting more and more, she briefly opened her eyes when she felt her nose bump into her angels cervix. She glanced up toward her angels face before closing her eyes again and licking, turning her head every fifth lick so her muzzle turned inside. She breathed slowly through the corners of her mouth which wasnt inside, though the exhale and inhale of air did stimulate also. However probably the most stimulating was her whiskers whcih was also inside, the long hairs slowly moving each time her muzzle did.

    Her angel would be eaten out alright, but Reia wouldn't stop until either her angel told her to, or until one of them couldnt stay awake.

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  8. Selena threw her head back and allowed her new pet to enjoy her flavor. Her juices were like her song. They were powerful, almost hypnotic, except they were in flavor rather than sound. Reia was very skilled; she had the Siren cumming in minutes. Even her moans were musical as she continued to bask in the feelings her new pet gave her.

    She let Reia eat her out through three more orgasms before beating her wings so that she rose out of her reach. Reia understood and didn't pursue her as she touched back down in front of her.

    "My name is Selena and you are my pet," she said. She took a step towards Reia. "You will discover how wonderful it is to be my pet, and the pleasure that comes when you obey me. Lay on your back, dear fox Reia."
  9. Reia whined when Selena flew out of her reach, she however didn't move and instead sat there licking her lips enjoying the taste. Her angel's juices were wonderful, something that she was quickly becoming addicted to. When told that she was a pet Reia nodded, "Yes, pet." She stated before obeying and laying on her back. Her tail between her legs attempting to continue wagging, her vagina dripping, member erect. It was easy to tell that Reia was horny as she near instantly decided to start playing with her breasts, lightly squeezing and pinching her nipples.

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  10. Selena had wanted to tease her new pet, to play with her. Maybe make her do dog tricks like roll over and beg. But seeing that big hard member sticking up in front of her changed her mind. The Siren spread her wings and used them to float over Reia's body, lowering herself down over her member. She reached out a hand to guide it and soon the hot cyan length was buried inside her wet opening. Selena's hands took the place of Reia's as she handled the fox's breasts.

    "I think you know what to do now my pet," she cooed and started slowly moving her hips. She began to sing again, a new song that would heighten Reia's arousal with each passing note, and secure her completely as the Siren's pet.

    ((It's alright.))
  11. Reia watched as her angel flew over her, gave a yip of pleasure as she felt moisture over her member, squealing out as Selena slid down her. Her hands moved to Selena's hips when Selena took over on her breasts, and when told that she knew what to do Reia started to thrust, guiding Selena's hips up and down with her hands. "Ahhh~ Oh your voice, your song~ More!" She curled, her hips thrusting harder and harder, right until she knotted with Selena. Once knotted Reia opened her mouth and gave a loud moan before pushing forward, sitting up, then pressing her snout against Selena's lips. She held Selena, enjoying the kiss, however Selena would feel inside her that Reia had actually stopped to prevent herself from attaining orgasm, the kiss was more than likely to stop Selena from singing until that point.

    "Your pets going to make our first time magical." Reia stated as she broke the kiss, "I'm going to make this my longest fuck ever."
    Reia started to rock her hips, then started to guide Selena in bouncing up and down, the knot keeping them locked together but allowing a surprising amount of motion. This amount becoming more clear when Reia suddenly rolled over so she was on top where she started to thrust her hips. She licked Selena's face weakly begging her, "Sing louder, fill me with your song, please make your pet go crazy with pleasure."

    Reia's thrusts were slow, strong, each push in Reia would shift so her member pressed the upper part of Selena's insides. When she couldn't move inwards anymore she would wriggle her hips actually causing her part to stimulate Selena's g-spot. Then she would slide out until her knot was threatening to pop free, at which point she would move her hips in a fairly large circle actually aiming to rub her member against every point in Selena's pussy. The over all motions were only about an inch or so but Reia made sure that Selena could feel every centimeter of it.

    After half an hour of thrusting Reia felt herself nearing orgasm and Selena could feel the girls knot pulse, followed by her shaft, Reia pushed all the way in, licking Selena's face as she released, cumming inside her angel for nearly three minutes. Then without missing a beat she returned to fucking, however this time she was standing up, arms around Selena, leaning her back so that each of Reia's thrusts felt like they went deeper. The fox finding something to prop Selena up against as she went, fucking her angel in this position for another half hour with a five minute orgasm.
    Selena would find herself taken again in the water, then taken on the shore of the pond, each go lasting longer but only being about half an hour. The end of each go was an orgasm lasting longer and longer.

    The fifth and final go Reia was back on her back with Selena on top much like how they started out. Selena being guided by Reia's hands on her hips, Reia still thrusting, somehow the girl still able to keep the same motions as before. By this point Selena's vagina was stuffed full, but yet Reia's knot refused to let even a single drop free even with all her thrusting and motions. Reia's tongue hung out, slowly and playfully licking the air, she was lost in the bliss of sex with her angel, so she was actually surprised when she suddenly climaxed.
    Reia's eyes went wide and she gave a light yip followed by pushing forward and giving a loud bestial roar, at which point Selena would feel a powerful release as Reia attained climax, Selena would be filled up with ten long minutes of powerful bursts from Reia's release.

    Reia held Selena as she finished, however when she felt her knot deflated she wasted no time, Selena was adjusted, finding herself facing down toward Reia's lower body. Selena would see that Reia's member was flaccid though covered in a mixture of her seed and Selena's juices. Reia's tail was still attempting to wag between her legs and it was absolutely soaking in her vaginal juices which was coming out in a steady stream. Meanwhile Reia's muzzle found its way straight into Selena's vagina in an attempt to prevent any of her seed from escaping, thus she would actually eat what dared to try.
  12. Selena sighed, feeling her pet already so close to her first orgasm. When she stopped and said she wanted to last as long as possible for the Siren, Selena smiled and began to sing once more. Her song drove the fox higher as she fucked. She sang through her own orgasms, turning them into a part of her song to drive Reia even higher.

    Each time her pet emptied into her triggered a new powerful orgasm. She was full toburst after the first orgasm alone, but it all stayed inside her as Reia went from one position to another. Selena's song was mingled with her cries of ecstasy as she was taken again and again. She was fucked against a tree, then fucked in her pond (which had the bones and sexual energy of all the Siren's past victims resting within it), and then on the edge of the pond. Each cum-dumping lasted longer and by the time it was done Reia was insane from fucking and from Selena's song and Selena was so packed with cum she looked like she had full-term quintuplets.

    Reia wasted no time in burying herself against Selena's vagina. She intended to keep it all inside the Siren, but Selena had other plans. She pressed on the massive bulge of her stomach and forced her semen to flow out and directly into Reia's mouth. The sensation of all that seed flowing out of her body triggered another orgasm as cum poured into Reia's mouth. It couldn't possibly all head down her throat and soon Reia's black and cyan fur was matted white with her own seed. Selena then dropped her head onto Reia's member, sucking while still singing, drawing her last fifteen minute long orgasm out of her body.

    "Wonderful, my pet," she cooed and licked her lips. "There will be much of that in the future. You live to serve me now, and now I am tired. You will let me lay on your soft fur and play with your flacid member if I wish. If you desire to take me again when you feel well rested you will not ask, but you will beg for me."

    She then kissed her new pet, her lyrical tongue dancing around inside Reia's mouth and over her snout, licking up all her excess juices.
  13. [[Okay so I got my schedule, for the entirety of next week I work morning shifts so I wont be on until the night (with the exception of tuesday to thursday of next week where I'm off) After next week it looks like I'm on night shift so I'll be on in the morning XD]]

    Reia was enjoying relaxing with her snout inside her angels vagina, and she expected her seed to slowly try and escape only to be devoured by her. However she was not expecting for her angel to decide to start forcing the semen out. Reia struggled to eat it all but soon had to free her snout and give a light cough as the rest found its way onto her body. She also wasn't expecting for Selena to start suckling her member and sing drawing her softening member to come to life and give Selena a long taste.

    As Selena adjusted herself and started to make out with her, requesting she live here, and let Selena sleep on her, Reia curled some and snuggled against Selena. "Okay, do you have a place you live? Like a cave or a nest or something?" She asked as she enjoyed Selena's tongue, adding her own tongue to play with Selena's.

    Selena would soon find Reia sleeping, her long bushy tail wrapping around Selena in order to keep her lovely naked angel warm. If Selena decided to play with Reia's privates she would find that they were extremely warm and easy to stimulate. Reia however did talk in her sleep, most of it was light moans, however there was also little comments like 'beautiful angel' and 'tasty juices', along with the occasional moan of Selena's name.
    Reia would slowly wake up after sleeping for about six hours, about four of which was spent with a constantly erect member and a pussy that was hot as a fire and releasing more juices than when she was awake. She would give Selena some playful licks before she decided to take Selena's order a bit further. She would allow Selena to get up, then she would get on all fours like she was an animal. Reia would rub herself against Selena's leg before sitting down, letting her member be seen, lift up one hand then start whimpering and lightly pawing Selena. "Please my angel, your pet is horny. Please sing for your pet, let your pet slide inside you and feel your warmth. Please let your pet enter you with her fuzzy tail. Your pet would like to jerk off and cover your beautiful body in her seed. Please rape your pet, make me see that your the master and I'm the pet. Please use your lovely mouth to suck my part and lick my excited pussy. Please drink my milk from my nipples and play with my tail. Your pet is so horny right now and doesn't want to wait until after breakfast. Your pet would like to eat you out and drink from your nipples."
  14. "The trees make a canopy for me. Keep me safe and secluded," Selena said in response to Reia's question. "This is my home."

    She lay herself down on top of Reia, resting on her plush breasts while her hand idly stroked and played with the fox's member. It was hers now, her property. Reia's warm bushy tail covered Selena's chest, and the Siren hummed a dazing lyric while she slept. In her sleep the fox recovered and Selena continued to stroke and massage her member for the next few hours. She could easily help Reia cum in her sleep, but Selena wanted her desperate for release when she awoke.

    Once she was awake Selena rose to see her new pet kneeling before her on her hands and knees. She looked so much like an endearing little dog, albeit one with a raging erection. She enjoyed the affection, and listened to Reia's desperate begging with a satisfied smile.

    "If I gave you what you wanted so badly, how would I be the master and you the pet?" she asked with a sing-song tease to her voice. "I shall sing, and arouse you further, but no matter what I do to you it will not help you climax."

    Selena approached the fox as she sang. She lay her down on the grass and mounted her erect member, but this time in her ass. The Siren reached around and grabbed Reia's tail, slipping it into her wet vagina. Still she kept singing, and after two hours of riding both Reia's member and her tail, and Selena had achieved many climaxes, it became clear that it would be impossible for Reia to find release.

    She got off of her and turned around. Selena had Reia eat her out while she fingered and stroked the fox, still singing the song that kept her climax at bay but also drove her need for release higher. Then she mounted her member again, bringing Reia's mouth forward to suck her breasts. This continued until Selena was satisfied and she stepped away from her pet. Reia had not cum once.

    At last Selena's song stopped and she turned and smiled adoringly at her pet. "That was cruel. I promise not to do it the immediate future. You may cum now."
  15. Reia gave a light whine when told that she would be fucked but wouldn't climax, she however watched with delight as her angel laid her down then mounted her. She squealed out as she felt her angels tight anus around her member, her tail guided into Selena's pussy. Reia eagerly thrust her hips and pumped and wagged her tail, however after two hours her motions had become extremely erratic, she was actually crying out for a release.
    She ate Selena out, her whines lightly muffled within Selena's vaginal walls. She was being fingered and jerked, but yet her orgasm refused to come out, and it was making her struggle and dance.

    Selena offered her nipples to Reia, which the fox quickly accepted, her attempts to release even a drop clear as her hips were thrusting madly. Then Selena stopped stood, promised not to repeat that…for a while, then said that Reia could cum now. The fox, lost in lust, took that into her own way, she pounced Selena and masturbated ontop of her. The fox thrust her tail as deep as she could inside herself and started to stroke her member with both hands.
    Reia came from her vagina first, the orgasm powerful enough to force her tail completely out of her body and even lift her up some. And when she released from her member her seed shot probably half way across Selena's little clearing for the first three or so bursts before finally she painted her angel.
    Selena was masturbated ontop of, Reia returning to playing with herself every time that she came. It was nearly five long hours by the time the fox finally came down from her lustful high, Selena was absolutely covered in a mixture of the foxes juices and seed.

    The girl panted and purred, her member rapidly going flaccid…right until she looked Selena over which brought her member right back to life. The girl spent the next forty minutes licking every inch of Selena's body, including her mouth, vagina and anus. Finally the fox relaxed, laying ontop of her angel, giving a light hum as she playfully licked.
  16. Selena was taken aback as Reia jumped her. Her little pet really was an animal now as she tail-fucked herself and stroked her member like mad. The Siren gave a musical moan as the fox sprayed her from head to toe in vaginal juice and cum. It had been even crueler than she had thought, denying Reia her orgasms, because it continued for five amazing hours. The sensation of being painted in seed drove Selena to four more orgasms, and she would open her mouth again and again to accept fresh bursts.

    When she thought the fox was sated she sat up. The sight of her completely covered in cum must have excited Reia, because her erection instantly returned. Selena didn't get around to commanding her to lick her clean; she jumped forward and did that on her own. She eventually came down from her sexual high, and Selena smiled down at her as the fox licked along her breasts.

    "That was incredible," she said. "You are such a good pet. Maybe next time I'll make it impossible for you to stop cumming. Imagine an orgasm that lasts hours, maybe even days...But for now we'll rest. In the morning I'll want your fluids for breakfast. Your sperm, your juice, and your milk. Then I will plan how to use you for that day. Sleep now, pet."

    And Selena sang a soft lullaby, and the pair drifted off to sleep until morning.
  17. Reia gave a pleased moan when she was told that she was a good pet, she playfully nipped at Selena when told that next time it would be a song to make her release non-stop. She felt that might be worse, but then thought about painting Selena, filling her, feeding her, and that made her give a squeak as she had a miniature orgasm.
    Now the next day when Reia woke up she would stretch, give Selena a large lick before starting to lightly dance, wriggling her hips to give her angel a little wake up show. "My angel said she wanted me for breakfast..." Reia giggled and bent over lifting her ass high into the air and making her tail stand straight up and revealing to Selena all three of Reia's privates, and with some playful adjustments she was even showing off her breasts to Selena. "Choose what you want first and your pet will make sure to give you all you want."
  18. Selena woke up to the lick and slowly opened her eyes with a smile. Her new pet was putting on a show for her, dancing and swaying those sexy hips, allowing her hard member to rock back and forth in an almost hypnotic rhythm. She sat up as Reia positioned herself so that her luscious ass, hard member, and wet pussy were on display. Bending down a little further she revealed her luscious breasts too.

    "Hmm...what to drink first? It all looks so tasty," the Siren said. She reached out and secured a tight hold of Reia's ass. "I think I'll begin my morning with your juice."

    She latched her mouth onto Reia vaginal lips and slid her tongue as deep inside as it would go. She licked and probed and slurped, and through it all came a musical song that shook through Reia from her vagina up to her brain. Selena would make sure that Reia came again and again, until she couldn't keep her standing position anymore and fell to her knees, with the Siren's face embedded in her ass as she continued to mercilessly eat her out.

    After a dozen powerful orgasms Selena released Reia, her mouth wet with the fox's juice. She turned her around so she was laying on her back and dove onto Reia's member, sucking and bobbing her head vigorously. She guzzled down three massive loads of hot seed.

    "Delicious. But thick," Selena said. "I need to wash it down with your milk."

    She crawled on top of Reia and took her left nipple into her mouth. She sucked and moaned sensually until the vibrations of her tongue caused milk to shoot out. The Siren drank and drank, squeezing the heavy breast to get more and more out. Once she was done she moved to the other one and drank that too. She must have swallowed near a gallon of milk when she'd had her fill.

    "You make an excellent breakfast," she reported. She smiled at her helpless fox, at her willing pet. "But an awful mess. Clean yourself up and I shall take you somewhere more acommodating for two. This clearing is too small and I'm used to killing those I seduce. I have a bigger place by the sea that will be perfect for us."
  19. Reia gave a roar of pleasure as she fell forward, she wanted to remain up but her angels song while eating her out was far to much. She struggled to stay in a position that her angel would enjoy and be a good little fox, she didn't even care that this position caused her to spray herself with her seed, in fact she even adjusted some so that she could enjoy licking her own tip and each time she came enjoy a taste of herself.
    Suddenly Reia would feel herself rolled over and Selena dove right into Reia's fox member. Reia gave a hop, her tail reflexivly going straight for Selena's vagina to wag against it so that her angel would know that Reia was likeing it. Selena then decided that up next was her milk, "Yes mistress, my milk is all ready." Reia yipped out happily, though she wanted to kiss her angel before that point she decided there was other times to taste her seed in her angels mouth.

    Selena then told her to clean up and that they would be moving. Reia nodded and got up, she moved over to the pond, not really caring about the bones as she washed herself. As she finished however she ran over to Selena then kissed her, holding it until either Selena broke it or Reia grew hungry. "Your...not going to kill me are you? I...dont really want to die...and besides I'm your pet."
  20. The Siren chuckled as the kiss ended and she pet Reia's head. She loved how there was no real resistance from her pet. Even if she had said yes the fox would not have fought against her. "Yes, you're my pet. I won't kill you, my lovely Reia. My past victims could not perform like you can, and so when I was done with them they would die. But you are seemingly inexhaustible. I will have much, MUCH fun with you."

    Selena grabbed Reia's ass and hoisted her up with her thin, but powerful arms. "I will keep you, my dear. As you admitted, you are my pet, and I will take care of you. I'm just taking you somewhere we can be more comfortable together."

    She pulled Reia closer until her member hilted itself inside her. Selena held the fox close as her wings spread and she began to fly. They soared and flew fast, Selena singing the whole way to keep Reia comfortable with the idea of being in the air for the first time in her life. Soon a rocky coastline came into view, and with it a square sloped rooftop.
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