Shi no Gēmu - Fantasy/Survival Game [5 Spots Open]

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  1. Hello there! If you're clicking on this, it means you're probably curious as to what Shi no Gēmu is all about! Allow me to explain. If you're already interested, here's a link to the OOC!

    Shi no Gēmu will be a GM'ed RP with a Dice-Based Combat system, where the basic idea of the plot is that eleven volunteers seeking honour for the world's most successful city, Yakazuma, are sent to a random island within the world. The island has been set up with traps, hazards, and challenges. Eight artefacts are carefully guarded throughout the island, and when the eleven collect all eight (whether they worked together to do it or not), they are allowed to leave the island, and are showered with glory and rewards when they return.

    It's much easier said than done, though. The eleven are given simple cloth clothes and one crude weapon of their choice to begin with. It's up to them to hunt for food, find a renewable source, and loot or craft better gear as they go along. How you play Shi no Gēmu is up to you. You could try and backstab your team mates. You could steal their supplies. You could leave the group and try and survive and collect the artefacts alone - your choice.


    But remember, the city of Yakazuma is watching you. Through powerful entities known as 'Gemu Eyes', people of Yakazuma can watch your every move. Through these mysterious 'Gemu Eyes', you are essentially being broadcasted to the public by magic. Depending on your actions, they can send gifts, monsters, traps... whatever they can be bothered to pay for the likes of you. But don't let that put you off... hehehehe...

    The seven groups that have already attempted this have all failed. Once everyone dies, Shi no Gēmu is lost.

    You, will be the eighth. Will you be the first group of eleven to win? Or will you somehow perform an event that will make Group 8 go down forever in history...

    For more detail in the plot, game mechanics, why not come and check out the OOC? Four brave players have already volunteered for Shi no Gēmu, either for their families, wealth, or to pay off a debt. Each group contains eleven players - meaning will still looking for 7!

    The OOC link is below. After reading rules and the basics and stuff, the CS can be located at the top of the Rules tab. Hope to see you there!

    Shi no Gēmu. Can you survive?
  2. Looking for 5 more peeps before the deadline closes; 2 others will probably making CS's soon, so soon there'll be 3 spots!

    If you're thinking about joining, now would be a good time to do so before the spots fill up~.
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