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Slice of life, high fantasy, modern fantasy, urban fantasy ...anything fantasy really. Dark comedy, supernatural, psychological - anything with dark overtones and miserable, dysfunctional characters. Love me some Hurt/Comfort.
Adrien ran as fast as his legs would carry him, cursing his bad luck. Of course someone had seen him using his powers, and or course they had to have blabbed to the biggest gossip in the city who had told everyone else. And to add insult to injury, they were now chasing him out of town with pitchforks. Pitchforks! It was madness.

Of course being able to maniuplate the elements and feel people's emotions was mad too, but whatever.

Adrien hopped over a fence and ran to the woods. He'd be safe in there. For now at least.
"GET OUT!" The older woman yelled, the same woman who took cared of her all these years.
"Bu. . ." Misuki tired to speak to reason her voice low and horse, but she cut her off.
"OUT! I have taken care of you but no more with I live and take care of you the. . ." She bit back her tongue but continued on. "This is my last act of kindness leave now or get killed. So LEAVE!" She screeched and throw my little belongs in a bag at me and turned away.
"Sorry and thank you. . . " Was the last thing she said before she left silently and quickly out of the house into the forest she knew. Tries stained her cheeks.
~I'm sorry. No one wants a child like me. Even she couldn't take me in. . .~
She could hear the towns people looking for blood her blood as fire spread crossed the town. She ran faster and faster her breath shortening and tears blurring her vision but didn't stop until she couldn't see, smell or hear the town anymore. She finally stopped at the creek getting her breath back and water that she so desperately needed as she decides to rest for a few minutes her long curly wavy dark red hair fell to the ground. Her snow white skin seemed to glow in the rising moon as well as her two different color eyes a electric purple and deep sea blue but glassy from the tears. As she sat there on a rock looking up at the now appearing stars, her strawberry red full lips slightly parted to breath more.
Adrien ran until he was sure no one was chasing him anymore Stopping to catch his breath, Adriren brushed his blonde hair out of his eyes -which were a bright shade of green- and wiped sweat off his forehead. Damn those people could run. But it was his own fault for using his powers in an area he could easily get caught.

And now look where you are,' he told himself, 'hiding in a forest from an angry mob. Serves you right' Looking around, he decided to stop here for the night, it was relatively clear and he could sense a river near by where he could get water. He decided that was a good place to start, so he walked in toward it
Her body felt heavy from sleep and running she knew that she should keep going but reason didn't reach her anymore. The area was closed in and no one could find it easily and if someone came she'll be able to hear or feel them. She pulled down her shirt more and huddled close to herself since it was quite cold but at the time she didn't care.
She faintly heard a twig pop but it sounded more like a deer than a mob of people, so she pushed the thought from her mind not caring. Her eyelids fell and sleep happily took over her small body. as she slept on the rock defenseless.
Adrien blinked as he walked into the clearing and his eyes adjusted to the light reflecting off the water. He took a couple of steps forward and blinked again, Was that a girl laying on on of the larger rocks fast asleep? What was she doing out here? Sn he didn't look like she was camping and one didn't usally camp at the bank of a river. Adrien sighed, He should probably wake her up. He reached out and shook her gently.

"Umm, miss? You might wanna wake up now"
Misuki slightly opened her eyes, her face dazed looking and not comprehending what's going on. She looks at Adrien blinks and slips back to sleep and cuddles closer to herself as she lightly shivers because of the cold. Her once peaceful face changed into a sad one, tears began to quietly run down her beautiful face as she mummer to herself 'I'm sorry' over and over again.
'Huh?' Adrien pulled his hand back. Obviously this girl was lost or had no idea what was going on. Maybe she was still trapped in her dreams. Either way he hated to see girls cry. "Umm miss are you okay? Hey, please stop crying. Please.." he said a litte desperatly. He thought for a moment. He could use his empathy to figure out what was wrong, but she didn't seem very stable at the moment and using it on an unstable person could end badly. He could always take her to his camp (even though it wasn't really set up yet), he could start a fire no problem and get her warm. Maybe that would help.

Coming to his decision, Adrien scooped the girl up and carried her back to his camp and got started on making a fire pit.
She felt something warming her cold body but she didn't stir but cuddle closer to the source of heat, her tears starting to fall heavier than before.
Her mind nothing but a dark deep pool of mixed emotions and locked away memories bubbling to surface. The things she always tries to hide away from others and herself, not wanting to show or remember any of it. She was afraid and sad but above all lonely. Everyone she loved left, died or not truly never loved or even cared because her because who and what she is. A child that never deserves love and brings only misfortune to anyone she'll ever met. All she ever wanted was a friend, a family to call her own and to have what people called happiness something she has never had or receive.
As she lays there her mind a mess and a disaster not knowing what to do as her nightmare only getting worse and worse as a fever comes along also taking over her body.
Adrien stopped for a second as the girl cuddled against him., before shrugging. The fire pit was ready, fuel and all and he all he would have to flick his fingers in the dirction of the pit... He wiggled an arm free and- there, instant fire. At least one good thing could come from his powers.

He looked down at the girl shrivering in his arms and felt her forehead. Fever. Damn, he didn't have any supplies that could help with a fever. He could wet one of the cloths he'd brought in the river, but he didn't want to leave her while she was sleeping. She shook her gently. "Miss, you have to wake up now for bit."
She slowly opened her eyes but they were clouded with mixed emotions but this time she reacted she pushed him away and tried to run but her legs gave out from lack of sleep, food and her fever. She sat there confused and tired, her body heavy and shaking as she looked at the handsome man.
"Who are you? Are you here to bring me back or are you going to kill me here? Or are you here to sale me off to some pervert?" Her voice weak and shaky, thick with confusion. She grabbed her torn filthy shirt into her hand as she looked away from the handsome man realizing she showed him her eyes her cursed eyes.
Adrien was shocked. Just where had this girl come from and what had happened to her to make her respond that way. "No, no. none of those things. I promise." he said soothingly, raising his hands up in a I-surrender gesture. "I was just going to go wet a cloth and then bring it to you to help with your fever but I didn't want you to be left alone while you where sleeping so I woke you up."

She was kind of cute, he admitted, if completely scared, but he understood why. She had pretty eyes. Mismatched, but pretty
She lowered her head not meting his eyes, puzzled by his actions Was he lying? No it would have been clear if he was but still why would he help a stranger? More thoughts began to appearing as she began to ponder each one. She made her decision even if he likes it or not it can't be help. I can't trust people especially a stranger, even if he's cute.
"I'm coming with you I know those woods very well so you won't get lost or attack or eaten. Also don't worry about my fever it's nothing to concern yourself about." Her voice soft but wary. This time she stood up without falling but she felt lightheaded and weak but she pushed that aside. Her back was straight and she was taller that she appeared to be 5'7 to be exact, she walked towards the boy her movement swift but shaking. She lightly grabbed his playfully but mostly for support.
"So do you have a name Mr. Stranger?" A flicker of a smile appeared but her eyes lowered still. "Or shall that be your new name? Mr. Stranger."
"Of course it's something to be concerned about. It could develop into something worse, like Pneumonia or something. I can defend myself," No need to mention that no animal would dare attack someone who could make the earth shake with single step if he wanted to. No, he wouldn't mention that. "I'd prefer it if you stayed here and rest," he said when she stumbled and grabbed his hand, "but if you'd rather come with me..."

He chuckled at the nickname, "My name is Adrien, what's yours?"
"But Mr. Stranger." Apparently the nickname suck. "You really don't I've been sick much worse than this and I no one took care of me not even to check up on me and I lived!" A twisted smiled appeared on her lips. "Also I rather go with you because even if you say that we have bears,lions,tigers oh my and other dangerous animals." She reassured. She started to lean on him more, but her grip tight. "But my name. Well it's ummm . . . . . . . " She mumbled so low that even she could barely hear her own voice let alone her name. "So that's my name. So anyways we better get going." She ushered him forward.
~ I can't let him leave my sight or try to charm me either!~
Adrien frowned, but didn't ask the girl for her name again. She'd tell him if she wanted to, but he wouldn't push it. Obviously something had happened to her that made her nervous and pushing it would only make it worse.

"I still think you should stay here and rest, but if you really want to come with me, I won't stop you." He followed her

'I'll have to be careful around her, she may seem nice, but she'll probably turn on me if i use my powers in front of her'
She started to walked towards the creek every now and again stopping and listening for anything then moving on again until the reached the creek. She half walked half wobbled to the creek sitting down and putting her filthy scratched up feet in it shivering from the cold contact of the water.
"You wanted to come here right Mr. Stranger? If so please get want to needed but please keep in sight and hearing ranch." She asked calmly. The water began cooling her down but it didn't mean the fever would but it felt nice.
She felt at ease as much as she possibly could under the circumcisions until she heard a growling noise from behind her. Her body tensed up ready to fight or run as she turned around seeing the new guest all those feelings were gone replace with joy and happiness as her beautiful white tiger approached them. Her ember eyes glowed with tenderness but protection for me. Her graceful yet threatening body moved towards Mr. Stranger her eyes on him.
~Oh no.~
"Nala! It's alright his not one of them so it's alright. Oh my I've missed you so!" Her voice filled with relief. Nala Run toward Misuki and cuddled her, her body not full grown but still big about the size of a dog. Nala purred laying her head on her lap but still keeping an eyes on the man, she doesn't trust people especially if it's around her. Misuki just petted her softly smilely that crooked smile of hers not knowing how to truly smile.
Adrien nodded. It was a reasonable request. "Alright." Walking a little father down the river, so she could still see and here him, but it was far enough away that he could use his powers without her noticing (and if she did notice he hopped she would just contribute it to her fever) he placed the water jug he'd brought with him on the ground and moved his arm slightly and the water lifted up and went into the jug.

He jumped when he heard a twig snap. Some one had found them. He turned. And blinked. And blinked again. Was that a tiger? It couldn't be, right? The tiger was prowling towards him Oh Sh-

And then suddenly the tiger was gone, cuddling with the girl. What the hell?
She looked up towards him his face shocked with is jaw dropping to the floor, her face showed confusion. She looked around seeing if something is wrong but nothing appeared to be.
" Is something wrong Mr. Stranger?" She asked confused as to why he is like this as she continued to pet Nala as she rubbed her head against her legs purring louder. "Did you dropped or forgot something or even want you need is not here?" She asked again, tilling her head back and forth.
~ I hope not I won't be able to move yet.~
Eh?" He shook his head, "Um no... not really. It's just that tigers don't usually cuddle up to people." He smiled at her, "You must have a real gift with animals miss. And no, I have everything I need now," he held up the filled jug, glad she had not seen him use his gift. "We can go back to the camp whenever you're ready."
"Gift? No, not really it's just. . . ." Her voice faded with old unwanted memories surface her eyes darkening. Nala rubbed her head against hers bringing her back from her mind. "I'm alright. Really." Misuki whispered to Nala. "Why didn't we leave now."
Her feet numb from the water then almost brutally cold from the cool air and wind but she ignored it standing up feeling lightheaded and weak but she managed with the help of Nala.
She looked around hastily. "Ummm where do we go to get to camp?" She whispered slightly blushing. Directions aren't her thing but she was to tired to get lost argue 'she knows where we are' and get there tomorrow mourning.