Shards Ch.1 - How it all began...

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  1. We used to let our Gods rule our worlds because we had nothing else to latch onto. Yahweh, Jehova, Allah, whoever they used to worship in Asia - all the same, just different name for the Big Pappa who gave our lives, our famine and our misery a reason to be.

    Keywords: used to. We found something better.

    Stones started falling from the sky. Encrusted in normal rocks, they were colorful crystals, brighter than anything anyone thought possible at that time. They came in nine colors:

    The white ones had a constant glow. They made caves less scary, soothed spirits and made nights livable by the blessing of light, making us see.

    The red ones had the warmth of a thousand furnaces, allowing the blacksmiths to forge incredible tools with the increased heat, and made winters bearable for those who managed to contain and distribute their heat.

    The orange ones were... strange, to say the least. When held in one's palm, it felt... lighter, for a lack of better words. The motion felt easier to do. And when struck with a hammer, it had a tendency to generate tiny thunder and sparks. They found their use as nifty trinkets and firestarters.

    The yellow ones were more rare due to their nature - they were unstable, volatile... and explosive. However, it had seemed that if one recovered the dust, it was possible to coat materials with it, giving an effect of weight reduction similar but tenfold to the oranges'. They were very appreciated by all of the delivery profession for allowing them to carry more.

    The green ones were oddly abundant - and reserved to the blacksmiths of the King, for they were almost unbreakable without a yellow-coated hammer, for a powerful and fast swing. However, for those who had the means to powder this tough gem, they had the priviledge of having Green metals - when forged into a material, the hardness of it increased (along with a slight increase in mass), making it nigh impenetrable, and able to repair minor damage to itself.

    Then there was the blue ones. Just as abundant as the green ones, they were mostly used as incrustations in various object - for it was even more difficult to break than green gems, with only one rumor of someone having broken it... They say with the help of two red gems, he has the hottest forge of all the lands and beyond.

    The purple ones followed suit. They were not particularly hard, or warm, or interesting - save for one fact. Shattering one yielded edges sharper than any weapon we could ever make. Sharper than any shard of glass a windowmaker would make. Sharper than anything we believed possible. Obviously, a method was quickly devised to add them to the edges of all working blades - from the wood saw to the great sword, going by the jeweler's knife and the artist's carving tools. Despite it's sharpness, nontheless, it was still unable to cut the two neighboring colors.

    After this was classified the indigo gems - the hardest yet most brittle material known to civilization. It was used in most mechanical devices - as the powdered form of it seemed to prevent wear in most things.

    And last were the gray stones. They had the color of obsidian, were brittle, and had no obvious uses - and as such, it was merely used as decoration or as pigment in various clothing and armor and equipment.

    Time progressed. They showed no sign of stopping their fall. Of course, their eventual abundance and oddity eventually led a scholar to study them. And thus I became the first Yellow Mage.

    Let me explain. These stones, it would seem, had two properties: the very essence of color and a catalyzing effect to these colors. And these colors were linked to different intrinsic things of our world. Yellow, the first to be discovered, represented movement and force. Then we discovered Green, which represented sustenance. Purple came shortly after - and we hit ourselves over not seeing the obvious, that it represented Sharpness itself. Blue was solidity, Indigo was hardness. Red was energy. And after long studies, we came to the conclusion that Orange represented Exchange or Permutation - we're still not sure which, but all we know is that giving it energy releases force, and applying force gave energy.

    Shortly thereafter, scholars and adventurers from all over started focusing on what ended up being called Color Magic after the legendary phenomenon of manipulating things without apparent contact. It became a more mundane part of our lives, as well, and made things ever slightly so better (despite the fact that most of the stones themselves were being taken by royalty as taxes, limiting the strength and use of said magic).

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes your first and only class on Color Magic History.



    1. No godmodding.
    2. Refer to rule 1. Your powers will be great, but there will be limits.
    3. This RP starts in a fantasy setting - but WILL move on to other settings. If you disapprove, you might want to not play this.
    4. No custom shades of color for predefined powers. You will be able to pick a color according to what you think you find interesting, and your powers will be explained to you during the course of the RP.
    5. Have I mentioned no godmodding?
    6. If you find yourself uncomfortable with physical and/or psychological violence, I would request that you sit this out, for there WILL be of both.
    7. Ideally, if we have less than 7 people, I would appreciate if there was no two of the same color. However, do not let this hinder you if you really wish to have a color that was already taken. Know what? Screw rule seven. It's more awesome this way.


    Character sheet:

    Name: self explanatory.
    Age: Preferrably above 25, strict minimum 16.
    Appearance: Again, mostly self-explanatory. Pictures or descriptions are fine.
    Color: What color are you trying to learn?
    Bio: Where you came from, where you went, anything relevant. Not obligatory.
    Disposition: General default mood of the character.


    Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Ask away!

    Current Roster:

    @Moogle-Girl as Cerulea Sira - Yellow
    @FireDrake150 as Elrohir Isilra - Blue
    @CreepyShutIn as Tara Raines - Orange
    @Saki as George Renton - White
    @Dramma as Kastia Rose - Purple
    @Viahra223 as Cadence - Gray
    @BaskinJR as Rennfield - Gray
    @Enderdeman as Jonathan Smith - Blue and *TO BE DETERMINED*
    @Caramon Zero as Krimsun Blayse 'Lucky' Lukzfurro - Red
    @Hellomadgod as Sir Gregory - Green
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  2. Question: what will the plot of this be like?
  3. Without going into the details, you'll learn the magic of your color, something will happen and it will take you across eras. I don't like revealing all before the thing even starts for two reasons: first, saying too much cements plot paths, and second - if players know exactly what will happen, what's the point of playing at all?
  4. Well, it's best to reveal at least the event that gets the whole thing started, or else there's no hook.
  5. The hook that sets everything in motion? The discovery of the purpose/use of the Gray Stones. And it's subsequent role in the destruction of a few towns.
  6. Fair enough. :o What era will we be starting in, then? I'd like to join but I want to make sure my character fits. Or can they be from any era?
  7. We start out in a medieval era - so at least dress your character in accordance, but you'll get the chance to change their clothing as we proceed through them.
  8. Sounds good! I'll have a CS up as soon as I can. :3
  9. No worries :D
  10. Name: Cerulea Sira

    Age: 41

    Appearance: Though Cerulea certainly looks her age, she treasures her beauty and does everything she can to leave a lasting impression, even if her idea of beauty isn't traditional. Her most striking feature is her baldness -- she intentionally shaves all her hair off for attention. Her complexion is rather pale, and her age has added wrinkles around her eyes and neck, but she has a sleek, smooth build, with a tall neck, a smooth jaw, and a beautiful hourglass frame. Bright blue eyes give intensity to her narrow-eyed stares.

    Color: Yellow. Cerulea is attracted to the yellow stones in particular due to their rarity and striking color.

    Bio: Cerulea has always had it in her head that she's better than everyone else. Her parents started giving her all kinds of gifts as soon as she was old enough to use them: first toys and candy, then money and treasures. She was told that she could have anything she wanted if she said the right things, and that was a lesson she carried all throughout life. Though she isn't actually related to the royal family, she thinks she is -- and that all evidence to the contrary is one giant conspiracy -- and that's all she needs.

    Disposition: Conceited and disdainful towards everything and everyone.
  11. Accepted.
  12. Intriguing...Im probably red, but, as a fantasy initial setting would fantasy character races, (elves, dwarves, dragons, shapeshifters, the like) be tolerable?
  13. Hm... Know what? I'll accept elves and dwarves. No dragon or shapeshifter player characters though.
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  14. hmm, i may Make an Elf then. Red or Blue I'm unsure.
  15. It's all good.
  16. Proper Full Name: Elrohir Isilr√°

    Preferred name: Elroh

    Human Lifespan Comparative Age: 20

    Actual age: 100

    (All the fantasy I have seen / read have longer lived elves)

    Color: blue

    Bio: Elroh is a elf from a long line of loyal, though Isolated, common elves. Preferring the nomadic life to the one of Isolation, Elroh tends to travel. Having a reputation as a skilled swords-elf. Living as a nomad for the last 25 years, he is wise in not only years but in his travels. Preferring company over total isolation, he will often hang around in the bars, drinking a little, scoping out potential partners in travel.

    Disposition: Kind, though a bit on the reserved side of things. A loyal friend and ally, will do everything he can to save others before himself, honorable.
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  17. Rejected for two reasons: first, as I previously mentioned, blue stones are almost indestructible - and as such, a blue-forged blade would be more valuable than entire kingdoms if made, and I will not allow an empire that wealthy - even if they're isolated, AND without mentioning that it would be pointless of him to carry a blue stone around since color magic had only been discovered in VERY recent times. Second, it sounds like your character will quickly devolve into a Mary-Sue - I mean, capable with a sword AND a bow, AND seeks to learn magic? There's a limit to how powerful I will allow characters to be as well.
  18. just a sword and carries stone then perhaps and a more basic isolated grouping, Sorry, I was racing a dying battery, didnt think things through. ^^;
  19. there, Edited. sorry about the earlier. ^^;
  20. I'm most curious about the orange stones. They supposedly turn energy into force and force into energy, but how does that work? The example given is of hitting one and making sparks and thunder, but does that mean that if you, say, stuck one on the end of a stick like a mace head and hit someone with it, the strike would have extra electrical energy with the impact?