Senshi no Uta

"You're… TALKING?"

Miyuki's hastily snatched the shiny microphone from the ground before standing up from her fetal position. Everything was happening so quickly! A monster was hatching out of the meteorite while the band's friendly dog was instructing her through…whatever was going on.

Showing as little fear as possible, she held the microphone beneath her lips, her dark eyes fixed on the creature she was expected to confront. All she could do to help herself overcome this scariness was to pretend this thing was Godzilla and she a hero in the video game defending the city.

She began to sing the lyrics to one of her favourite songs, her unoccupied hand resting on her bosom, "Yume ni yume wo mite mune ga furueta yoru~"

Miyuki kept her eyes closed while she sang because it helped her feel less afraid. She let her mind go at ease while her form began to raise off of the ground and emit a glow.
"A robe? What f- Oh!" Noriko looked down quick, realizing all she had one was the lace and silk slip she put on after her shower. Though her face was probably as red as a beet, she did her best to look as refined and unabashed as any Queen.

"It's.. um... I'll go change!" Already turning to go, the sudden sound of something making impact with the ground outside somewhere had her stopping and looking startled. She was aware there was a meteor shower tonight, even saw some of the pretty falling stars in the sky. Had one crashed?

"What was that! I think we should check on the other girls, don't you Kenjisama?" All thoughts of marshmallows were abandoned and replaced with concern. Who knows what else could fall out of the sky. She recently saw a movie where entire cities were destroyed by falling fireballs!
Kenji felt somewhat bad for embarrassing Noriko, but it was better that it came from him then a stranger gave her a lewd comment. As she was turning to go back into her room, the floor shook. It didn't feel like an earthquake, it was more like a small jarring. "What the..." he started to say, moving towards the idol.

It seemed though that Noriko was thinking much faster then he was, and with her suggestion, he nodded, took her hand and headed into the suite that the girls were in. There was the sound of girls' voices coming from one of the rooms so he headed in there. "Is everyone okay?" he asked as he looked around. It seemed everyone was there, except for Miyuki.

Nijiko had been quietly watching the others while she ate a cookie. She wasn't normally so shy, but the others were either getting use to the change in their bandmate, or were too distracted by the meteor shower to notice.

When the large one went zooming in front of their window, she had gotten out of her chair to look out the window as well. That was far too close she thought, and though she doubted that Mikki was right about it being radioactive. It was likely just entry into the atmosphere that made it glow, she didn't think Miyuki was too rash, and had tried to grab the arm of the impulsive girl, but was just out of reach.

When their manager showed up in the room with Noriko, she wondered if they had met up with Miyuki. No, he wouldn't have wanted one of them out in the street where there was possible danger. And what was Noriko wearing!

Tarou growled once again as the meteor cracked open and a creature half oozed and half stepped out, the whole of its body was just like the arm, a translucent almost slime like quality interspersed with glowing star-like glows embedded in the flesh. The head of the creature was akin to what the UFO community refered to as a "grey" but instead of large solid black eyes they glowed with an eerie orange light, as it stepped out of the crater towards Miyuki it let loose an eerie screech and lurched forward claws aimed right at the transforming idol!


The sound the creature made could be heard faintly in the hotel room that the rest of the band was sitting in. She turned her gaze to the door as Noriko-sama and Kenji-sama burst in, checking to see if the girls were okay.

"I think we're all okay...but Noriko-Sama...what, um, what are you wearing?" Mikki raised an eyebrow at her outfit, a common expression the other girls would probably notice when she was attempting to understand something in her textbooks. She shook her head and turned back to the window and looked out the window again, hoping to catch a glance at Miyuki, if she could be seen that is.

Oh...I do hope she's okay. Should I tell Kenji-sama? I know they'd tell him if it were me missing...
Miyuki stared at the creature when her transformation ended, taking steps back to avoid the swipe it was about to make. She found herself in an outfit much like the costumes they wore on stage. Whatever happened with her silk pajamas, she hoped they'd return to her undamaged because those were expensive! Not to mention, they were her favorite...

"Uhh... Tarou! What the fudge is going on!?"

Answering her while she tried to rid of this thing was perfectly fine. She wanted to believe she was dreaming, but there was absolutely no way of convincing herself of this. Desperate for something to happen, she aimed the microphone at it, shaking it and even throwing in some magic words like "alakazam!" and "presto!". Nothing was happening... Was this just a prop that changed her outfit!?

She couldn't give up... One thing she knew about heroic video games is that lots of people count on you to win so they can live peacefully. And she had a feeling that if she was defeated, there wouldn't be another set of lives to bring her back. With the wand still in hand, she charged towards to monster, letting out courageous yell in its direction. It was, quite literally, cold.
"Um... a night gown... One should alway remember to put on their clothes before setting out to get marshmallows." Noriko replied with a sheepish look. There was no reason to lie or make up stories about it. Sometimes she was forgetful, and that was just how she was.

As Noriko looked around at the faces in the room she realized someone was missing!

"Where is Miyukichan? Is she late too?" The worried expressions on their faces suggested that wasn't the case!
The creature let out another horrid scream as Miyuki's frozen words washed over it. Suddenly the sound of cracking ice could be heard as the gel-like creature slowly froze then exploded in a small flurry of snow and twinkling lights leaving Tarou and Miyuki covered in a light layer of snow, which Tarou quickly shut off.

"So it appears I was correct and that you are one of the chosen ones. That's interesting, I sense the others are close by as well, you had best get back to the room, your powers should wear off rather quickly now since it was your first time and all. When you see me next I will not talk to you unless we're alone. Goodbye for now Miyuki of the Winter. Tarou spoke to her and turned and trotted off towards the hotel, a peculiar swish of happiness in his step and tail.


Mikki was looking out the window just as a small burst of snow could be seen above the rooftops. What in the world was that? It looks like it came from where the meteor crashed... Mikki thought to herself, she quickly pressed past the other girls, still standing about in her room and bowed deeply to Kenji-sama as she stepped out the door, without so much as a word to the other girls. If Miyuki-sama was hurt she would feel awful, especially since she was one of the elder members!

Pulling her kimono tighter she ran into the elevator and quickly pressed the button for the lobby. She hadn't noticed at the time but Inu-chan, Nijiko-Sama's dog was seated calmly in the elevator with her, he turned his piercing blue eyes at her and lazily wagged his tail. He seemed so well behaved but how had he gotten into the elevator? The questions had to wait as the doors slid open with a loud ding and Mikki ran out, heading towards the area she saw the snow explode out of. It was a lot tougher from the ground to navigate. Finally she came across a quiet street and down towards the end against the glow of the meteor she could see the silhouette of a woman, most likely

"Yuyu-Sama~!"she cried out, "Are you okay? Everyone's worried about you!" She slowly stepped forward, down the street towards her fellow band-mate.
Miyuki watched with awe as the monster she was fighting exploded into a flurry of snow that settled calmly on to her and Taoru, melting on the ground once it made contact with it. The uniform she was wearing disappeared in a flash, returning her to her silk pajamas that she was thankful to see unharmed. She had questions for the talking dog, but he ran away too quickly for her to even make a sound! One hand reached out as she took a step forward, hoping to get a word in but to no avail.

With a sigh and a frown of confusion, she looked down to the microphone in her hand, curling her fingers around it tightly. Was she entrusted with a special duty of some kind? Additionally, Taoru mentioned that the others would be awakening as well. She knew that had to mean her girlfriends... Even so, this had to be kept a secret in order to keep them safe if anymore monsters showed up.

Yuyu looked up from her transformation device when she heard her name being called, hastily hiding it behind her and waving back. All of the snow fell off of her as she moved. "I'm fine!"
She ran towards Mikki as quickly as she could so her friend wouldn't have to go far, nodding her head to her when she arrived. "I'm sorry for worrying everyone... I'll let them know I'm okay. Don't go too much farther, dear." She reached around Mikki to give a hug. As one of the eldest, she felt obligated to protect them.

Hoping she didn't look too suspicious, she jogged back into the motel to stash all her evidence in her bedroom and make sure she looked okay... When she arrived, she stared into the mirror, grateful to see that she had no scratches or blood on her skin. She slipped her microphone under the pillow of her bed and sighed, putting a palm to her forehead.

"Everything's okay, girls! I ended up wandering too far is all." she called out into the hallway, walking back into Mikki's room later.
Ai watched as in short order, both Miyuki and Mikoto left the room. Evidently, they had gone to investigate a meteor that had crashed nearby. Somehow, she had missed seeing it herself since she wasn't looking at the window the moment it supposedly rocketed past. She had heard a crash somewhere outside, but the noise could have come from any number of things in a city this big. Perhaps they had only imagined seeing a meteor, having been influenced by the news reports and their hectic schedule into seeing something that wasn't there. Still, she had no reason to disbelieve that they had seen what they claimed to. If they were half as bored as she was, they probably welcomed the distraction, even if it had come in the unusual form of a flaming piece of rock from space.

In the meantime, Noriko and Kenji-sama had joined them in the room. Apparently, this meant their meeting was about to get under way. Ai couldn't wait to find out what was in store for them. At last, she would hopefully have something to look forward too, as well as having some of their questions about the group's line-up answered. A few minutes later, Yuyu and Mikki returned to the room together, both of them seeming a little shocked.

"So what's the deal, you guys? Are we going to have to worry about getting crushed by space-rocks the next time we go outside?" She grinned playfully, joking with them.
Crouched down low on the edge, Kei dipped his first two fingers into the gooey pale mess pooled at the bottom of the meteor, a thick, gel-like string forming when he pulled back. It was disgusting; nothing like his original form. And yet he could tell that whatever creature had hatched out of this 'shell' of a sorts had come from the same place he had. For what reason, what purpose, he didn't know. Perhaps that was what frustrated him the most - not knowing.

The sound of a firetruck approaching coupled with police sirens forced Kei to retreat to the hotel rather quickly before he could have anymore time to investigate but at least now he knew for sure that the meteor showers were something a little more than just space debris. "But who defeated the creature...?" he muttered to himself, staring up at the numbers above the elevator door as they counted upward. He'd arrived at the scene possibly a moment too late. Leaning against the elevator wall, he sighed softly, running a hand through his hair. His mind was chaotic with so many questions whirling around... He wished he was back at the studio so he could lose himself in his rooftop garden for an hour or two.
The whole room seemed to be a flutter with noise. Suzume tried her best to calm the group. "hey hey guys... Calm down! Don't you think we should be getting to bed soon, ne? We've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow!" Suzume turned to Kenji-sama " would you please scold Miyuki-kun and YuYu-san? They just up and left!!! Without body gaurds! What would we do with out them?" she gestured to the group behind her. Plopping down on the bed, Suzume crossed her arms. "now I'm sure all of you are tired..." she yawned. "so let's get on with this meeting..." Suzume crossed her legs, she was becoming quite irate because she was ready for bed and 2 of her band mates had ran off before they could even start the meeting, which most likely meant, postponing the meeting with Kenji-sama.

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Momo was glad Yuyu was alright, though it seemed unlike her to just wander off too far. Moriko looked back to the window as she heard some sirens. No doubt there to check out the crash site nearby. There were so many falling stars. Were all those hitting down somewhere on earth? The thought was scary.
But there was something scarier. Meetings.

Not that she didn't like hanging out with her fellow band mates. It was just that business talk made her sleepy, at it was already late. Momo yawned, "I agree with Zuzu-chan, we should get started." That sounded weird, coming from Momo. But on top of being sleepy, she wanted to set a decent example for the newer members.
Noriko slipped in to a chair, pulling a pillow in to her lap. She was tempted to go out and find the others, but if they all left the room searching, then more people would turn up missing and they would never get this meeting underway. Kenjisama had been talking about needed to pick their group leaders all week, so it was good to get it over with. He had so much to worry about all ready.

"We can always nominate our leaders first, and then wait to vote when they get back." Noriko offered. "Oh! And maybe order room service too! It'd be nice to have something to eat!"
Mikki was nervous as she got back into the room, it was rather unlike her to have just run off after Yuyu-sama like that but she had and wasn't any worse off for it. Maybe this meteor wasn't radioactive like she thought but still it was very fool-hardy of them to even investigate, but they were safe and for that Mikki was thankful. The room was still full of the girls and Kenji-sama as she had anticipated but it seemed that they wanted to get the announcement out of the way for leader and sub-leader.

"So, you're going to let us know who you picked Kenji-Sama? That could be exciting." Mikki smiled at the manager and slid off towards the window and leaned against the wall, looking at the other girls. Who would be the leader? After all it was a big responsibility, they'd be the ones with the most solo lines and help decide who get the others. If the leaders didn't like you, you'd probably end up graduating without being noticed. With a small grin she waited Kenji-sama's decision with bated breath.
Soon after Mikki had left the room, Nijiko noticed someone else missing, Tarou. This was very unusual. Normally the stray was never more then a few feet from her. Standing she started for the door and looked out into the rest of the suite. She didn't notice him, and so she came back in with a frown, maybe he was under the bed? With so many people in a small room, perhaps he went somewhere to keep from being stepped on.

Nijiko was about to look when first Miyuki and then Mikoto returned. Behind the two girls was the dog. Maybe he was shepherding them back into the hotel. Nijiko was sure that the dog was fairly intelligent. She gave a kind smile to the girls when they returned, and then went over to her dog and scratched between his ears in reward for his good work.

"Since everyone is here," Kenji started looking around at the assortment of girls in their nightwear. Fortunately no one seemed to be as undressed as Noriko. "I suppose there is no reason to keep this from waiting."

Kenji stood behind the chair Noriko was sitting in, one hand resting on the back of the it as he looked at each girl, making sure he got eye contact when he did so. "I want to start by saying that I feel it's a privilege to work with such a talented group of young women. You have come together as a group wonderfully and even when the others made their intentions for leaving the group clear, none of you have shown anything but support and encouragement. Thank you. Kenji smiled at the girls. "I have considered each of your strengths, and it is my opinion that Moriko would be ideal in the role of sub-leader." He paused a moment for the girls to take that in before continuing. "As for leader, Miyuki, would you consider the role?"
Miyuki was still flustered from the previous event, but she was winding down as she took a seat at the corner of the bed and listened to Kenji speak. She absolutely could not wait to get into bed! She felt like she could sleep this night away and wake up to nice, normal day. Of course, there was a hint of doubt in the back of her mind... She gave a nod to Tarou when she saw him, her head turning to Moriko when she was announced sub-leader.

With a smile, Yuyu clapped her hands lightly, pausing the instant she was asked if she'd like the role of leader. She should have seen this coming, since she was one of the eldest. Her mind was occupied with other things, like playing video games and Jomei and going shopping for hats... As well as what just happened to her outside.

"Oh! Well, of course." she said, smiling again. It was a responsibility she felt like she should take and while she never volunteered for leadership, she'd take the position when it was offered.

Miyuki stood up from the bed and clasped reached out for Kenji's hand. After wrapping her hand around the four of his fingers, she gave it a gentle couple of shakes and said, "If you believe I'm right for this, Kenji-sama, I promise not to let you down."
Moriko blinked as her name was mentioned. "Eh? Me, sub-leader?" She looked to Miyuki as she clapped for her. Momo grinned then, running a hand through her hair as she thought about. She wasn't one to back down from and offered responsibility. And she was confident she could work very well with Miyuki.

"Alright, I'll do it," she grinned widely, "thank you, Kenji-kun, I won't let you down either!" She said, casually patting their manager on the shoulder. This excitement was waking her back up, and some food sounded good. "Room service sounds great! I want tempura! No, ramen... no, definately yakisoba." She said, nodding to herself.

The girls party didn't last long, Kenji made sure of that and before they all knew it dawn broke over Kyoto and instantly the fans were pouring out and getting prepared for the second day of Sakura Musume's concert. Rumors flew about town that someone would graduate at the end of this concert, another rumor said that they were adding members, even some of them said that one of the girls would be singing a solo song at this concert in preparation for her own solo work and would be graduating after the Tokyo concert! Of course these were all rumors but who knew if any of them had validity behind them?


Mikki yawned and stretched out on her bed the previous night had been a crazy night, the older girls certainly liked to celebrate the smallest things. But it was good that Momo and Yuyu were picked for the leaders, she was sure they'd be great at their new responsibility. As she lay there the excitement washed over her, every concert for her was like her first and it sent tingles down her spine. As she rolled over she took a look at her clock she nearly jumped off the bed.

"OH NO! I'm going to be late! Everyone's probably waiting for me in the tour bus!" Mikki cried out, quickly rolling out of bed and ran to the closet, she could leave her packing for tonight when they'd leave. She quickly changed into a tank-top and a loose fitting pair of jeans before running out and putting on her shoes. "Wait for me everyone!" she cried out, not even sure if anyone was around to hear her as she hopped into the elevator, ready to get to makeup with the rest of the girls. Today's concert was sure to be a great one and Mikki was going to give it her all!
Ai stepped onto the tour bus and let out a slightly melancholy sigh. She had never been an early riser, but the concert schedule had a way of wearinng her out like nothing else. Rubbing the puffyness out of her eyes, she sank into one of the buses seats, yawning a greeting to the handful of her bandmates who were already on board. Really, it came as no surprsie that she was more than a little tired. The past couple of days had been quite eventful, with the previous night topping it all off.

Ai had said nothing after the announcement of the new leaders. She didn't really have a problem with either of Kenji-sama's selections, but had refreained from making any comments unless they might have rubbed someone the wrong way. She had a tendency to speak her mind before thinking, and that sometimes caused problems. That was something she could definately do without while touring with a group of other girls, and she had found out that keeping her mouth shut was sometimes the best course of action. What's more, thinking about the new leaders, she had to agree that they were probably the best choices for the job. Miyuki and Moriko were two of the oldest members of the group, which would hopefully bring some much needed maturity and experience to their leadership.

For a moment, Ai let herself wonder what it would have been like if she had been chosen. While she hadn't really expected it or wanted the added responsibility, Ai, like any of the other members of the group, would have relished the spotlight and the extra opportunities the post would have provided. Still, she supposed she wasn't really cut out for a leadership role. Ai preferred her individuality above all else, even if it didn't make her terribly popular. As a regular member of the group, it was more likely that she would have more freedom, or at least as much freedom as was allowed for the member of a pop group.

Yawning once again, Ai turned onto her side in the seat, reclining against it even though it made a less than ideal place to sleep. She was tired now, but that would all change when the time came for them to perform. Being on stage always brought out the best in her, the cheering of the fans inspiring her to do her best. But, until then...

"Mmmmhmmmm... You guys wake me up when we get there, okay?" She yawned one more time before dozing off.
Miyuki was already at the bus, refusing to board until every single one of the other girls were seated inside. It wasn't because she was the leader now... It was just the intuition of an older sister! Either way, she felt responsible for them and now that she held some kind of magic power that could kill monsters, she had to keep an eye for for anymore odd dangers.

She was dressed in a pair of baggy denim jeans and a pair of green flip-flips, each having a strawberry at the part that separated her biggest toe from the second one. Her green shirt coordinated with, displaying a strawberry ice cream cone that had the face of a cat and even some ears shaped at the top of the scoop. To complete her look, she wore one of her many hats: Fuchsia coloured winter cap with pom-poms that dangled at either side of her head. The look was youthful looking, yes... But Yuyu didn't exactly look twenty-three and she dressed more mature during the winter.

While waiting, she held her denim jacket in her arms and watched as the other girls came towards the vehicle. A teddy bear backpack was strapped on to her back, containing the microphone that activated her powers. This was going to be attached to her at all times... At least, until she was certain it would be kept out of sight while on stage.

"Good morning!" she cooed to her friends as each and everyone who might be late came towards her, a warm smile on her face.