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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.
[dash=#EE3A8C]Mikoto Yoshizawa, the youngest member of Sakura Musume sat on her bed in the hotel looking out at the stars, dressed in a cute black kimono that the others told her to buy while they were allowed out shopping in Kyoto earlier today. The newspapers promised another spectacular show of the meteor showers that had been occurring the past few days. She sighed to herself and looked back down at her school books. It was hard work being a student, and even harder work juggling being a pop-idol on top of that. If she had any more responsibility she was probably going to buckle. At least her teachers were part of the studio so she didn't have to go to real school and get pestered all the time! Plus she had the other older girls to turn to for help should she need it.

Shooting another glance out the window she sighed again and tossed a stray strand of hair out of her eyes. Tomorrow was going to be a big day, first another concert here in Kyoto, then they headed out to Osaka for a concert, then they were heading back to Tokyo to shoot a promotional video and appear on Utaban, or one of those musical talk shows. But before any of that would happen they were going to have a meeting to discuss who the new band leader and sub-leader were going to be with the departure of their leader and sub-leader at the last concert, they were graduating and starting a sub-group on their own. Mikoto knew it wouldn't be her, she was still new to the band and wasn't the best singer but that was okay for her because she was improving, maybe one day when she was ready for it but until then she'd support whoever got the roles.

"I wish I had my telescope from home, maybe I'd see the meteors then, but then I'd be distracted from my homework. Life can be so unfair at times..." She shook her head and focused her gaze on her book once again, pencil scratching down notes in the margins. She prayed one of the other girls would pop into her room and give her a worthy distraction!

"Maybe I'll just turn on the TV...or I could always go see what the others are up to and get some help. I hate learning about the exports of Europe..." She said aloud, as she looked out into the hallway heading towards the other girl's rooms. Sure the hotel was nice but she didn't want to go wandering about, with a huff she sat back on her bed.
"oh Miss. Ibihara we can can take care of this mess... Please ot our pleasure..." the kitchen staff bowed at her. "well thanks yall! That sure is sweet of you..." Suzume dropped the rag back on the crome table and picked up the assorted plate of cookies of peanut butter, banana chocolate drizzle, and plain chocolate chip. "thanks again" she cocked her head and winked at the staff.

Suzume turned on her booted heel and headed towards the elevators. She pressed the up button waiting for the door to open. It had been a hellish 2 years. Being kidnapped had made her more aware of her surrounds and weiry of new people. But never seemed to stop her from enjoying life now. She often wondered what her life would be like if she hadn't god to that club 2 years ago. Would she be in college or be working. Would she be with her dad on his ranch or with her mom. Would she even be the same person? Maybe she would have a boyfriend even. He'd be awesome and he would oh shit.

Suzume hopped on the elevator before the elevator door closed on her. She breathed a heavy sigh "that was close". Taking her card out, she slide it into the slot for the penthouse sweet and pressed up. She whipped out her cellphone and texted all band mates to meet her in Mito-kun's(mikki) room. Mito-kun seemed to be a bit down today, and being so young Suzume didn't want her bandmate expierencing a depression during such a happy time.


The doors slide open to a palacial penthouse. Each member had their own rooms. Heading down the hall towards Mikki's room she knock on the door. In a delecate voice suzume called out to her "miko-kuuun!!~ I'm coming in!" she opened the door and sat on her bed placing the cookies in her lap. "I brought you some cookies... Soo what's up girly?" she asked
Ai roled over on the bed in her private room. It was huge, with a nice, fluffy white comforter. She pressed her face into its lush softness and sighed. This hotel they were in was great, but she couldn't help but be bored. It was always like this between gigs. Nothing but downtime with practically nothing to do. She hated the waiting part of this business, but she supposed it couldn't be helped. If they were constantly working, the girls would get exhausted sooner or later, and that would affect their ability to perform. Even someone energetic like she was needed a break every now and then, after all. Besides, sometimes they went on group trips and other outings together, and those were usually a pretty fun way to spend time between shows and appearances.

She heard the chirping of her phone from the nightstand next to the bed. She lazily stretched out an arm and pawed for it blindly for a few seconds before she finally found it. Raising her head with just one eye open, she looked to see what it was. It was a message from Suzume calling everyone to Mikki's room.

While she didn't real feel like being around the others at that moment, Ai figured it was at least something to do. Anything would be better than just staying in her room with nothing to do for hours. She got up and walked over to the door that seperated her room from the common area. It folded like a dressing screen as she pulled it aside, sliding into a recess in the wall. Walking through the living area part of the suite, her slippers squeaked softly on the floor.

The door to Mikki's room was already open, so she walked right in. She saw that Suzume was already there, sitting on the bead with her selection of cookies, while Mikki was at the window, staring out over the city in what looked like a sad mood. Ai supposed all the recent changes had been tough for Mito-kun. While she herself was not much older, she imagined being as young as she was made it hard to adjust to the rapid pace of show business. It hadn't been easy for any of them, but Ai and the older members of the group were strong and experienced enough to make it through. She hoped Mikki would be able to do the same. She was kind of like the younger sister she had never had, and she would hate to lose another member after already having lost their old leader.

"So, what's up?" she asked, sitting down at the foot of the bed with her legs folded beneath her. She grabbed one of Suzume's chocolate chip cookies and shoved the whole thing in her mouth without saying a word. Muching loudly, she reached up to adjust the cat-eared headband she was always wearing, patting her hair down around it.
"Don't you look handsome," Nijiko said softly as she stood up and put the grooming brush on the dresser. The large canine was sitting on the floor in her suite room looking like a king. His coat was glossy now and he was wagging his tale at Nijiko.

They'd only been back at the hotel for a little more then a half hour. Nijiko had gone off on a walk with him shortly after the shopping trip, not saying a word to anyone. More then a few people gave them looks as they had been walking. Especially when they noticed that Nijiko had not put a leash on her companion. He didn't go chasing after cars and she didn't have to command him to heel when they walked in public.

Back at the hotel she pampered her friend and was just picking up her brush to do the same for herself when something started to chime. For a moment she panicked, was that an alarm? Was she suppose to be doing something? Then she realized that it was her phone. She really hated that chime, it sounded like a buzzer for a smoke alarm or something.

Picking up the phone she looked down. A text message, great. It was Suzume, and it didn't seem to be any crisis at least. Just an invitation to go to Mikoto's room. That wasn't a bad idea really.

Nijiko took a deep breath as she set her phone down. She wondered if they'd be talking about who the new leader was going to be. Of course they would. Nijiko wasn't going to be in the running of course, tomorrow was going to be her first time back on stage since the accident.

Petting the furry head of the wolfdog, Nijiko opened her door and went across the common room and tapped on Mikoto's door.
Moriko had spent most of the day in her room, playing an MMO on her laptop to pass the time. But as night fell she remembered the meteors that had been since flying through the sky the last few days. And today, she was prepared to enjoy the show properly. Yesterday she had gone out just to buy something for the occation.

She shut her computer down, then moved to pull out the large box she had stashed under the hotel bed. "The Space Probe 300!" She annouced aloud to no one in particular, holding the telescope box above her head in victory of somesorts. But it was heavy so she quickly put it down again and opened it.

Momo was in the middle of assembing the thing when her cell phone buzzed with a familar ring tone. "Oh, meeting in Mikki-chan's room. Perfect~."

After finishing the telescope, she struggled to pick the thing up. It was only half her body length yet so frickin' heavy! Still, she hurried to carry it to Mikki's room, still barefoot and wearing pajama shorts and a band shirt when she entered the room of their youngest member, opening the door right after Nijiko knocked. "Konbanwa, Mikki-chan! Niko-chan!" She added, turning back around to greet the girl at the door, then turning again the greet the others before setting the telescope up at the rooms window.
"Ame no sasayaki mimi wo katamukete..!" Noriko was in her room, dressed only in a slip and fresh from the shower as she sang in to the brush she had previously been trying to comb through her hair with. She was supposed to be preparing for bed. 'Doctor Orders'. After a really big concert, Noriko often found herself napping and recuperating. ...but it was so hard not to sing! She loved it so much!

"Soko ni kakusareta nanairo no himitsu..." Spinning around the room on bare feet, she didn't notice her phone buzz with her favorite tune, alerting to a text message. "Come be as one. Come be as one... and fall in love. In love. In loooove, in loooo-oooove!"

Noriko stopped her spinning in front of a tall mirror. Posing this way and that before frowning. She lifted bits of her hair to check the color. This week she had a few tints of soft silvery blue in it. Her hair was so light and so different from the other girls... Although this color probably wasn't helping! Maybe she should ask them to give her a hair makeover?

With thought in mind, Noriko skipped over to pick up her phone and saw the new message. "Oh! Ooo... sleepover in Mikkichan's room..." That sounded like so much fun! But what was a sleepover without treats? Dashing to get her slippers, Noriko slipped them on her feet and was stepping out in to the hallway. She completely forget to put on some decent clothes, but at least had her phone in hand while she made her way to the elevator, intending to go to the lobby.
All things considered, Kenji felt their trip to Kyoto was going well. Sakura Musume was as popular as the record executives could want, and were pleased with spinning off two of the girls to make a new group. The only problem was of course it was the leader and the sub-leader. That was really the only problem on this concert tour. Niko-Niko was returning tomorrow, and all the girls down to Mikitty seemed rested and excited about this run.

It was though a long day and Kenji left his room to go down to the lobby bar to get a drink. He was walking down the hall rubbing his eyes after looking at too many papers, but when he put his glasses back on he wasn't sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing. Doing a double take, Kenji realized he was not seeing some ethereal spirit. No, it was Noriko, in something so delicate and thin that it hugged her body's every curve.

First there was no thinking, and then a flood of different thoughts. Realizing he'd better be quick, or else she'd get in the elevator Kenji started jogging over. "NORIKO!"
Noriko stopped at the doors of the elevator and turned around with a surprised, curious expression. There was Kenjisama, looking completely out of breath and startled. It was kind of cute!

"Oh, hello! I was just about to head downstairs and see if they had marshmallows and chocolate. Everyone is supposed to meet in Mikkichan's room, so I thought it'd be a nice treat for a sleepover." Noriko tilted her head, tapping her chin as she examined him.

"Aren't you supposed to be getting some rest, Kenjisama?"
Rest? That would be nice. The truth was he didn't get enough, and here was Noriko reminding him of that fact. It was sweet to know that one of his idols was worried about his health. Kenji started to smile down at the petit woman, when he remembered why he had tried to catch up to her.

"Um, Noriko. Did you perhaps forget something when you came out here?" Kenji tried not to look directly at her as he mentioned this. This was done only out of politeness of course. He'd do the same for any of his idols. At least that's how he tried to explain things to himself when these sorts of things happened.
"Hah! Eat that!"

Miyuki was enjoying a play date with a fan she became close friends with, who went by the name of Jomei. They sat side by side in front of the television in Miyuki's hotel room, battling it out on a game of Mortal Kombat. This was all she ever wanted in the world... Just to sit with a friend or two, even three would do, and play video games while they eat a lot of food. She was gaming so ferociously that she was even bumping into Jomei, the controller held high in the air as she made her final strike to win.

"Haha. Looks like we're tied for wins now," Jomei laughed, giving Miyuki a soft punch to the arm.

She seemed to prefer tougher gestures for affection, although she didn't mind a hug now and then. Before she could ask Jomei for another round, he stood up and said, "I should get going now. I have work tomorrow."

Miyuki frowned adorably, holding her knees to her chest as she looked up at him. He looked away the moment he noticed because he knew her faces could convince him to stay.
While he got his shoes on, Miyuki stood up, stretching out her bare arms. She was covered in nothing but a silk tank top and some silky, turquoise pants to go with it.

"Come back soon, Jomei." She said with a grin. She enjoyed gaming with her friends, especially him. He nodded to her and gave a half hug before leaving.

When she stepped out to see him off, she heard giggles and conversation from down the hall. She slid her feet into a pair of fuzzy slippers and then walked down to see what her girl friends were up to. Everything was boring now with no one to game with...
Suddenly there was an invasion in Mikki's room as her bandmates piled in, one after the other! First was Zuzusama, plopping cookies onto the bed and asking what was up. As Mikki was about to respond Kat-sama came in and curled up at the end of her bed, both of the girls asking what was going on with expectant expressions on their faces. Again she was about to respond when the door opened again, Nikonikosama, Momosama and Yuyusama all came through, Momosama carrying a telescope and setting it up in the window while the others took various positions around the room.

"Wh-what's going on everyone?" Mikki smiled softly, closing her book. When she had hoped for someone to distract her from homework she didn't mean nearly the whole band but she wasn't about to complain. She reached over and took one of Zuzusama's band famous cookies. She bit off a bit and smiled widely, they were delicious just as the others had told her before. Mikki got up and walked over to Momo who was doing something with the telescope she hefted into the room.

"I guess nothing is really up, I mean there's the meteor showers, and who the leader is going to be..." Mikki smiled, wrapping her arms behind her back and holding them there. She was unsure of who was going to step up, and who would even be offered. Usually it was based off of who was older and who had been in the band longest, so she was sure she was out of the running. If Mikki remembered correctly that really only left Momo-sama as a viable leader, and Yuyu-sama as another leader so Mikki's money was on either of them. With a wistful sigh she took another bite of her cookie and looked out the window, the first of the meteors shooting across the sky.
She blushed. "I'm sorry Mikoto, you just seemed depressed today and I didn't want you to be alone..." she smirked. "and kind of because I wanted to try out my new recipe on you." Suzume ate a cookie. She covered her mouth. "should we do a secret ballot or maybe an open vote..." she swollowed her bit of cookie.

Licking her thumb, Suzume wiped a crumb from Mitoko's mouth. She wiped her thumb on her dress. "you were messy and had crumbs on your mouth!" Suzume giggled.

Making her way over to the large window. She gazed down at the city below, watching all the lights glitter and shine. It was very pretty. She gazed up and watched the meteors fall to the earth. "it seems like there is always more and more every night, streaks of color passed by. Finishing off the cookie she rubbed her hand together and wiped her mouth. Turning on her booted heel she faced the group.

"how was everyones' day?" she questioned. Suzume looked at them expectantly.
"Forget?" Noriko thought about it. She had her phone with her just in case she needed to call for help or got another text message. And..

"Oh, right! I forgot to get some money!" That embarrassed look came across her face. The same one she often seemed to get. How did she always forget these things? She just ended up so lost in thought, they slipped her mind. Noriko smiled bright at the manager. Somehow Kenjisama always knew what she needed.

"I'll go back and get my purse, will you hold the elevator for me?"
Kenji tried not react to the embarrassed look Noriko had. She was not as scattered brain as she appeared, it was just she cared so much she tried too hard. At least that was Kenji's assessment. It was one of those things he more or less kept to himself. Others wouldn't understand and he was afraid Noriko herself would take it the wrong way. Her self esteem didn't need to be hit by something that wasn't meant to put her down.

"No Noriko," Kenji said as he reached out and put a hand on one of her slim shoulders before she could walk away. When she turned to look at him he instantly pulled his hand back. "It's not that, it's, um, were you planning on putting on a robe perhaps before going downstairs?"

He knew he was talking a bit quicker then normal, but he really couldn't help it. At least he wasn't going so fast that he was some adolescent run on sentence.
"My day? Same ol' same ol', kicked some butt online." Momo started with a laugh before looking back to Mikki. "Leader? Hmm, let's save all that stuff to worry about later. I'm so excited about the meteor shower!" She said, looking through the telescope and following one through the sky. It looked like a fireball. What an awesome once, maybe twice, in a life time exerience! "Sugoi~! Here, have a look Mikki-chan, relax a little." She told the other girl with a grin, moving aside to sit on the bed.
"Wait... You made these cookies?" Ai glared at Suzume incredulously, her jaws freezing in mid-chew. She reluctantly and carefully swallowed the mouthful of cookie she had been enjoying, deciding after a second that it probably wasn't poison after all and that she wouldn't die from it. At least she hoped so. She wouldn't be trying anymore of them, just to be safe.

"Meh. The day's been all right, I guess. Kind of boring, if you ask me." Kat flopped down on the bed, stretching her arms and yawning loudly. Maybe the shopping trip had been a big event for some of them, but it was hardly enough stimulation to suit her personally. It might have been a good idea if she had bought something for herself that she could enjoy during their downtime, like Momo had with her new telescope. In her mind, however, their upcoming work schedule was by far the most interesting thing to think about at the moment.

"Now that you mention it, Mikki, we haven't talked about who the new leader is going to be yet. What if we get asked about it in interviews or something." Sighing, she raised her head lazily to look at the others. "I guess we could just change the subject by talking about these weird meteor showers." Chuckling cheerily at her own joke, she thought to herself about how funny it was that with everything going on in their lives, somehow the very stars in the sky had begun to fall as well. There truly never was a dull moment in the life of a pop idol, apparently.
"Oh I just studied since we got back from shopping. But it's soooooooo boring...but I have to study in order to get good grades." Mikki sighed, but was quickly replaced with a smile as Momosama stepped aside from the telescope and let her look in at the meteors. They were interesting to say the least, balls of fire falling to the earth but as Mikki traced one she noticed that one had actually struck the earth deep out in a forest outside of the city but there was no explosion and no real fire, just a light glow.

"You know Aisama, we're probably not going to have an interview before the leaders are selected so we won't have to worry abo-" She was cut off with a meteor rocketing right past the window and smashing into a side street just a couple of blocks away. "WOAH!" Mikki cried out, jumping back from the window, blinking widely at the light glow that emanated from where the meteor had hit.

"Stop! You guys, don't go out there, I read that they can be radioactive...we should leave it alone until tomorrow!" Mikki warned before any of the girls could rush out of the room to go investigate.
The room full of girls exchanging conversation and sharing cookies made Yuyu smile. She had a lot in common with them, but most of them were so much younger... When she compared herself to Mikki for instance, Yuyu felt like an old woman. A very talented, young looking old woman.

"Been a good day," she answered quietly and simply to Suzume.

Miyuki put her back against the wall and glanced outside while everyone talked of the meteor shower. She truly was excited to observe this, it wasn't everyday that some interesting looking rocks fell from the sky. If she was lucky, she could get a souvenir! She'd be content with just a small piece of one meteorite.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a meteorite sped past them, smashing into the ground and making vibrations shake her. With haste, she ran closer to the window, her eyes widening at the giant stone in the distance. Mikki did instruct them not to go outside, but what if it hurt someone!? What about the potential harm it could bring to her friends? This was also a good opportunity to see if she can get her souvenir.

"Stay calm, everyone, and stay back. I'm going to make sure it didn't hit anyone."

With that, she rushed out of the room, still in her silk pajamas and slippers. When she opened the hotel door, she found herself shivering. Was it really this cold outside? With her arms cradling against her chest, she ran swiftly towards the meteor while calling out,

"Hello!? Anyone here?"

She didn't hear anyone, although there were sirens in the distance. It's possible they were headed this way but maybe there was an emergency elsewhere? It was strange to Miyuki that no one was around to see the meteor... It was so still outside and the shops had no lights on.

Her eyes went to the meteorite, her footsteps getting closer and closer to it. She was getting even colder with every step she took... A hand reached out, curious to know what it felt like to touch it. Before she could call out to the girls that it was safe to come out or even run back to tell them, her lips turned blue and frost began to swirl around her body. Her hand whipped back and she crouched to the ground, holding herself while she shivered. With each exhale she made, the ground by her toes began to turn icy. She could hear footsteps around her and thought she could see the figure of a canine close by.

Miyuki has not felt this afraid in a very long time.

Akira was the sort to miss out on a lot of the big events in Japan. It wasn't because of a lack of interest, nor was it because she hated the Western news media...She just had a habit of oversleeping. And this was the case once again. If it weren't for her mother's nearly constant nagging during her childhood tours, young Akira probably would have been the sort that just dwelled in her room, not really caring much about the affairs of outside world. Her mother would label her as slowly evolving into a "Cat Spintress." Of course, this always confused the young girl. She was either into cats nor spinning yarn for a living.


Beep, beep beep beeeeeeeep.

"Ayyyyeeee...What now Mr. Alarm Clock? I keep slapping you so I don't have to wake up so early..."

The clock read 9:30 PM.

"Opps...I guess I waaaaaaay over slept this time again."

Akira then shot up, wearing little more than a pair of panties and a old t-shirt that once belonged to her onii-chan. She then walked over to the bathroom and started brushing her teeth. After this was done, it was now time for her to find her glasses...And this would be more difficult of all the things she did to prepare for the morning, well in this case, the afternoon.
Tarou, or Inu-Chan as the youngest Sakura Musume member liked to call him padded out from the shadows, giving a curious look to the woman who looked like she was freezing despite it being a rather warm summer night.

"Well it looks like you're awakening that was a bit unexpected. Alas it can't be helped." A strong manly voice emanated from Tarou as he padded even closer to Miyuki. With a quick flick of his tail a small light purple wand shaped in the form of a microphone clattered to the ground between the two of them. "Quickly Miyuki-Sama, grab it and sing into it before the creature emerges from the meteorite!" Almost on cue a ghastly sound erupted from the hunk of space rock sitting in front of the woman and it began to crack as a translucent hand came out from the rock, glowing in the same pale glow as the area around them and imbeded in the almost liquid hand were what looked like tiny stars. With a growl Tarou backed away from the hand and growled low and deep.