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  1. They told you that you were the best and brightest of humanity, but you knew better.
    As the world burnt around you, the rumours had already reached your ears.
    Whispering that the best and the brightest had already been sent out
    And in that cold desolation, none heard from them ever again.
    ... So the world is ending, you were told. But we think...
    You can do something about it.

    Intro and Rules


    The Heavens and the Stars is a semi-invitational forum RP. That means you're welcome to post here, but you will only be signed up if you're willing to discuss and commit to the game itself. After the game has started, this will be converted into an off-topic thread.

    Before we discuss what the game is, here are the rules I'd like to see players agree to before they send an request to join in:

    1. This is a cooperative RP. I fully expect tensions and bonds to grow up between the players, but in the end your stated goal is to work together for the future of humanity. Even if your characters move away from that goal in time, please remember that you are not your character, and working with other players is how we make the best stories.

    2. I am not expecting any kind of regular posting schedule, but I do want you to try to post once a week at minimum. Neither do you need to post long walls of text, if that's not your thing. In fact, if you like the idea of the game, but don't want or can't make a commitment, please feel free to join up as a 'regular NPC'; if your schedule opens up and you've a proven record, I'd be glad to upgrade you to a full-time player.

      I do expect grammar and spelling to be as good as they can be. Don't worry about mistakes, slip-ups, or English as a second language; just don't rely too much on abbreviations, 'internet-speak', or the like.

    3. There will be violence, swearing, and adult themes. Religion, philosophy, and what it means to be human are ideas I want to explore, with the knowledge that players are not their characters, and this RP does not condone any particular belief or idea.

      No intent is going to be taken to challenge any players beliefs or opinions, but your characters may encounter situations that test their beliefs or morals. I trust that any applicants will respect the bound between the two, as well as avoid antagonizing other players over their own beliefs or denial thereof.

    4. If you're okay with all the above, the secret word that needs to be on your application, or included in a PM to me is 'bananacakes'; I'll know you're hip to flip if you put it somewhere.
    The Setting

    The Heavens and the Stars takes it's primary influence from the Atlus RPG 'Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey', as well as lesser influences from media as diverse as Event Horizon, Doom, the novel Solyaris and the Tarkovsky adaptation, and opera.

    It is set in a world where earth is already presumed lost; its best heroes have already been sent out to investigate a mysterious growing dead zone above the arctic, which is spreading at an inconceivable rate, devouring all which it reaches... And those heroes failed. Another attempt was sent out - and it too, failed to return, losing contact with earth shortly thereafter, so you've been told.

    The backdrop of earth has been one of collapse. Countries are gone, borders are porous, and the rule of might reigns supreme. Your character either volunteered for one last ditch effort to investigate the anomaly, or due to their field and specialty, were press-ganged by the remnants of their government into this final foray, with the unspoken assumption you will not survive.

    Despite leaving behind friends, loved ones, and the ability to protect them, you have some small comfort. You were not the first choice of your government, the remnants of the United Nations, or anything resembling the international community; but you are skilled, and the people you have met are similarly talented in a wide array of fields. Despite the ruin and anger you have seen around you, there is still hope.

    What little data was collected before the links with Expedition 'Adin' and 'Dvas' vanished into thin air has allowed the world to pool together resources and give you state-of-the-art facilities enclosed within the heavy all-terrain vehicle designed to explore the anomaly. Security, health, and oxygen are guaranteed, if you can make it into the breach, and perhaps even a communication line back... This time.

    Your crew, despite being haggard and worried, are still capable, and know that they are the last line - so are determined to make it count, even if there will be no one left to remember your success or failure. It is in the darkest hour that humanity's hope springs brightest, and that hope has not yet been extinguished.
    But will it be enough..?
    Character Design


    Your character has joined the crew of the 'Étoile de l'Élysée', commonly referred to as simply the 'Elysee' or 'Star' by it's inhabitants. A large all-terrain vehicle inspired heavily by starship design, it includes interior agricultural facilities, many different kinds of equipment for all types of scientific analysis, air and water retention facilities, and all the conveniences of earth.

    Where does your character fit in? Were they 'signed up' by the remnants of their government, or did they join willingly, believing their sacrifice a chance to save the world, or what is left of it? Were they hoping that it might be safer to venture into the unknown then to risk life in the collapsing order of cities, or did they regret the decision to leave their friends and family behind?

    Characters can be from all walks of life, and from any area of the globe. Ideally they should be thirty years of age or older; exceptions will be made for exceptionally well-written characters, but this is a not a story about plucky youth saving the world...

    ... Since Expedition 'Dvas', which contained largely young and untested specialists, disappeared shortly after entering the Breach.

    Expedition 'Chetery' needs scientists, security professionals, astrogaters, agricultural specialists, engineers and mechanists, comms staff, and most anything you could imagine being useful on a long space voyage, even though it is questionable to assume a link between the Breach and open space, at least as we know it.

    If you are looking to apply, use the following character sheet:
    Any field marked with an asterisk * is listed in-game and searchable by the rest of the crew.

    *NAME: The name your character goes by. A list of aliases was delivered to Transnational Command, so any aliases they used in a prior life are known, as well as what that prior life entailed.

    *DATE OF BIRTH: Your date of birth. The current date is March, 22nd, 2031. If you prefer to list your character's age rather than think of an exact date of birth, that is accepted as well.

    *SEX: Your biological sex.

    *NATIONALITY: The little patch on your uniform that tells them where to send the coffin, if it's an open-face funeral. If your character has multiple nationalities and citizenships, note it here, along with their primary residence.

    *LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Primary language, and secondary languages, if any. Knowledge of English at a native level is necessary to the mission, despite some opposition within the Transnational Command. Knowledge of 'dead' languages may also be listed.

    *STAFF POSITION: Despite the semi-military feel of the Expedition, there are only three solid ranks; Crewmember, Officer, and Commander. All players will began as Crewmembers assigned to a particular command; the option to change rank may become available as the story progresses, though it is not a goal of the game nor considered important to the plot.

    Commands as listed are the Comms, or Communication team, Engineering, Supply, or the Logistics team, Strike or the Security team, and Observation or the Science division. Each colour represents the suit flair that your character wears, identifying their branch. Questions regarding each branch will be answered in the thread.

    *APPEARANCE: Feel free to be as brusque or elaborate as you like; the official, bureaucratic depiction of your character may not be to their liking, after all. All characters have a variety of casual outfits that they may wear under their Expedition Uniforms, which are designed to provide a modest amount of protection to the elements, purify air for a potentially unlimited amount of time, and provide rapid communications with the rest of the crew. Nobody expects the environs to support suitless life, however...

    *BIOGRAPHY, SHORT: A paragraph describing your character's talents, reason for enlisting (by choice or by force) and a statement of their consent to the mission. Other players will be able to look this up on their suit's computer attachment, so consider the information known. Example:

    "Maria Delgado (b. 01/04/1996) was enrolled in the Strike Team due to her experience as a rapid-responder in the Third Corfu Crisis. In addition to medical training, she has fluent command of several languages and proven ability to keep her resolve in tense situations. Maria Delgado consented to enlist in the Expedition."

    BIOGRAPHY: A longer biography. This is known to the Transnational Command, but not to other players. You may be as brief or verbose as you like, but it should contain everything about your character you care to tell. If it isn't listed here, and is a game-altering surprise (I have... A twin brother! Who is here with us!) it will NOT BE ALLOWED. Other than that, however, you may do as you please.

    *SKILLS/TALENTS: A re-iteration of talents and skills; this, however, may contain skills and talents unrelated to the larger mission. Does your character knit as a hobby? Are they a semi-championship bass fisher? Did they garden before the catastrophe hit, or read voraciously? Perhaps they have a thing for cheesy tosukatsu, or were an unpublished amateur playwright..? And so on.

    VITAL STATISTICS: Upon enlisting, the Transnational Command evaluated every member in several categories. These ratings were done secretly, without the knowledge of the participants and the rest of the crew. The information might be flawed and biased, as such testing can often be, but is used by the Command to keep tabs on the general capabilities of the crewmembers.

    Each statistic starts at a base value of one. The human average is five, and the max score for any attribute is, at the moment, eight. You have thirty points to spend; this would leave you six if you chose to have all of your abilities at human average.
    • STRENGTH: Your physical strength, ability to deadlift, do damage with your hands or legs, carry, and otherwise exert yourself on your environment.​

    • COORDINATION: Your hand-eye coordination, balance, poise, and ability to line up shots; how well react to whatever your environment throws at you.​

    • VITALITY: The amount of raw punishment you're able to take, as well as your resistance to environmental effects such as toxins, oxygen deprivation, and pressure.​

    • INTUITION: Your ability to rapidly observe and come to new conclusions, understand data from limited samples, and exert your mental understandings over the environment.​

    • PSYCHE: How strong your sense of self and other is; your ability to motivate yourself, those around you, and convince unknown actors to be favourable to you and to the crew.​

    • WILLPOWER: How well you resist mental and spiritual strain, coercive or forceful arguments, and emotional cruelty, as well your ability to grit your teeth when all else is lost.​

    • FAITH: A tertiary ability with no apparent benefits or weaknesses. For some reason, it was surveyed by Transnational Command. Representative in your faith in outside powers, fortune, and the like, regardless of what they may be.​

    PERSONAL EFFECTS: A small collection of the private mementos, tools, and valuables your character has in the footlocker near their bunk. They can be as important to your character or their history as you like; some may have only taken a few pairs of clothes they don't expect to wear, while others might have taken photos, good-luck charms, or a favourite potted plant.

    Finally, one last statement is required by all who sign up. Replace the name below with your character's name.

    STATEMENT: "I, Maria Delgado, personally believe in the success of our mission."
    Applying & Other Info


    Whew! I'll set to formatting this soon, in the meantime, put up any questions or comments you have. If you've read the rules and forms and would like to apply, you know what to do! You may apply here, or in a private message - knowing that I will make the public fields of your character visible upon their acceptation.

    I'm also accepting advice or help regarding formatting to make this look as pretty as possible; I love to write, but my aesthetic sensibilities are preeeeetty questionable, at best.
    Oh, and remember the secret passphrase! ;)


    Scepter of Justice

    Xenonauts Theme

    The Thing - Title Theme
    Music/Ambience - Etoile

    Von Braun Delta Inducer V8

    Nostromo Engine Ambience

    Star Trek Bridge Ambience

    Terran Briefing Room

    Space Empires IV/Track 9
    Music/Ambience - The Third Expedition

    Strange Journey OST - Morale

    Snowstorm Ambience

    Wind Chimes with Light Wind Ambience


    Dark Cavern Ambience

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  2. *NAME: Alina October

    *DATE OF BIRTH: November 13, 2004

    *SEX: Female

    *NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

    *LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Greek

    <<Not Latin? That's a surprise for a scientist.>>

    *STAFF POSITION: Crewmember, Observation

    *APPEARANCE: Stands at 158cm (5'2") and weighs 39.28kg (86.60 lbs). Very pale skin tone. White-blonde hair and grey eyes.

    <<Uh, hey, she looks kinda... sickly? Anything we ought to know about?>>

    *BIOGRAPHY, SHORT: Alina October (b. 13/11/04) was enrolled in the Observation Team due to exemplary performance and contribution to the field of quantum mechanics. She is best known in her field for her work on wave/particle duality and for positing the October Equation, which will be able to be used in the future to calculate the percentage of human will that can be considered "free" once enough information is available to fill in the unknown variables. She is partaking in Expedition Chetery on request for the purposes of research for her dissertation in her Master's degree.
    <<I'm actually amazed. This woman is barely even old enough to be called one and is participating in a last-ditch rescue mission for the entire planet for a COLLEGE PAPER.>>

    BIOGRAPHY: bananacakes

    <<I'm sorry, what's this supposed to be? Can someone please figure out what kind of biography "bananacakes" is supposed to be?>>

    *SKILLS/TALENTS: Qualified with Bachelor Degree in Quantum Physics (First), studying for Master's Degree in Quantum Mechanics. A-Levels of Computer Science (A), Physics (A), Further Mathematics (A).
    <<Wanna add C# to the list of languages, TNC?>>


    <<Hm... Well, she IS in Observation. A scientist doesn't need to do much heavy lifting.>>
    <<Huh. So she's not completely useless. Good to know.>>
    <<Uh, yeah, I thought so. What the hell, TNC? Why is she even out here?>>
    <<Oh. That's why.>>
    PSYCHE: 4
    <<Well, I guess that's to be expected of anyone out here for curiosity's sake.>>
    <<She's really on both ends of the spectrum here, huh?>>
    FAITH: 0
    <<Holy shit, what? Is that even possible? The scale is 1 to 8, 0 isn't even on there!>>

    PERSONAL EFFECTS: bananacakes
    <<Okay, Alina, I get it. You don't want me looking through your stuff. Going as far as to hack your own application is a bit much.>>

    STATEMENT: "I, Alina October, personally believe in the success of our mission."
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    I mean to say, take your time, I'll be fixing up my app over yonder, too. THE STARS WORK IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS

    Feel free to ask any questions or PM me or whatever if you need any clarifications, or want to run an idea by me.
    (And feel free to let me know if any of my info is locked behind eye-bleedingly bad formatting, aha)
  4. If I wanted to make a member that was both a part of the communication and the strike team, could that be allowed?
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  5. Are additional pictures allowed for appearance? I'd provide an official one as well, of course, just wondering.
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  6. Red Panda: Absolutely! I wanted to create the idea that the first two expeditions had been composed of the most experienced, and most experimental and talented that earth had, respectively. The cast of this game is plenty skilled themselves, but short on people to fill jobs.

    If it makes sense for your character to be pulling twice their weight, go for it; or perhaps they've got partial responsibilities on each team.

    The shoulder flair that identifies your branches would look


    Or perhaps the reverse, depending on which branch your character considered/was assigned as their primary.

    Alaska: Absolutely; I should probably have more pictures for setting and world-building, as well as references; I don't want to overuse my influences from Megaten on my sleeves, however, so I'm taking my time. Please feel free to use as many pictures, from as many different sources, as you please. If it helps you get into what you want out of your character, more, it helps me write a better story for them; or so I believe.

    Edit: If any of you kindly folks can help me out, if you'd let me know what I'm doing wrong with the images for the moodboards, that'd be fantastic. I'm trying to 'nest' the images under fields to make everything neater. Maybe there's a better idea? Whichever causes you less eye-strain, as I plan to add more art and music as time goes by and you discover new areas!
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  7. I'm not sure what exactly you mean by nest them, but I can't see any pictures, and the letters below each other are a bit hard on the eyes.
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  8. I wanted to try to put them under a layer of accordion-tabs to sort them better, nest might be slavglish, ahahaha.
    The idea was that you'd click moodboard>the art section>and then have thumbnails so that it wouldn't destroy people with bad bandwidth.

    I think they're at least visible now, though. Let me know if there are further problems!
  9. They're visible! But they all look sorta... blurry? Or perhaps oversharpened? They all sorta frizzle.
  10. Hmn, I'd meant to slap a filter on that only softened the images, but I see what you mean. Cha...
    I'll try to have them back up and looking less frayed and frizzly in a bit. At least they're visible and the text is intelligible now! Baby steps, I suppose...
  11. Quick question, albeit I probably could figure out the answer once we get started (but I'm impatient and hyped), how many personnel are in each room in terms of quarters?
  12. Could you perhaps get a little more into detail about the different commands? Perhaps give three examples of common tasks for each role, if possible?
  13. This is still breathing, right? Right?
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