Secrets of the Night.

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A smirk pulled at Masa's mouth. "I'm always ready to kill." She said, having her sword at the ready. Not bothering to restrain herself, Masa charged forward, getting ahead of Vargis and attacking the vampires head on. Blood lust was filling up her eyes, and her smirk grew into a devilish smile.
Esperanza landed hard on her back, the bags of garbage not much cushion when you've fallen eight stories. She thought she felt and heard something crack, it might have been her. She lay there for a few moments trying to breathe, the landing had not been kind to her.
"Thanks for the help," She managed to finally croak out.

Looking up at the vampire, she noticed that his arm was broken or dislocated in three places. She tried to wrench her wrist out of his grip but couldnt. God, he must either be a vampire or he's just got to be completely insane.
Esperanza knew that she wouldnt be able to get her arm loose without breaking it until he decided to let go, and she couldnt risk another injury right now.

"Well, looks as if you've got me." Her voice was calm, almost too calm, but in his crazed state, Armand might not notice, it could just be from her fall.
"Aye but i don't... you see... hunger does strange things to people... so does pain.. at this point." he chuckled, lifting her up with the arm, it crackled and popped dull and sickly as he hoisted her intot eh air. gods ut he was tall..a t least seven feet for him to raise her up that high. he licked her cheek and then her chest, laughing at her reaction, whatever it was.

"at this point...drinking from you... you'de probably enjoy it." he hissed almost in a whisper. "HOnored foe..." he said, unexpectedly, dropping her to the ground and leaving the weakened warrior in the heap. he reached for a knife and slit his frearm open, crimson blood spilled down his finger as he shoved them intot he wound on her arm, then reached the same arm back, ready to strike her in the stomach... like a freight train.

"OYE!" vargis yelled, runngin beside her slower now, aiming with his guns to give coverfire. these vampire were fast. the first three slices by masa would miss, but the longer she harried a single opponent, the more their defense gave in and vargis's bullets found little purchase on them, but the distraction made her first hit on one of the youngbloods deadl, the swrod makeig it between two ribs as the vampire, abiker chick, fell to the ground, convulsing...
Esperanza looked at Armand in a mix of surprise and terror as he lifted her up, the sound of his arm sickening to hear. Oh my god...why didnt he look this big before? she thought as his face came close to hers. She wanted to scream and kick when he licked her, but her body was still in so much pain from the fall that a twitch of her leg and a very disgruntled kind of grunt was all she was able to muster.

She sneered at his words as she landed on the ground once more with a hard thump. "Not nearly as much as you would in this state," the words came out caustically as she watched him pull out the knife. "What the he...get away from me." She tried to pull back her arm from him, but it wouldnt move, she knew she had cut it too deep earlier. She backed away slowly as the arm he cut came closer to her, she had no idea what he was going to do with that and watched warily, not sure if she should run or not. She was disgusted and surprised when he grabbed her arm, the one that earlier she had cut, and placed the blood covered fingers into the wound. She grabbed her arm when he let go of it and held it away from her, almost like a child witholding a toy.

When he pulled it back she watched him, and yet she scrambled away from him as fast as she could. Which was not very fast nor very far.
"now suffer." he said, castign his ar tot eh left with a smile, his eyes seeming to almsot glow for a split second before he leaped into the air, disappearing from view as a flood of crows began flying out towards teh scent of the doctor... straight for the fight between masa, vargis, and the vampire ravers.
She flinched as he spoke and his arm moved. Her head moved slightly to the side, looking at him through the corner of her eye. She didnt really want to see what he was going to do then. She watched as his eyes began to glow slightly and then he was in the air and all that was left were the sounds of crows flying in the night.

Esperanza laid her head back and took a deep breath as she scanned the sky, waiting for him to suddenly land on her so pop out of the shadows without a second of warning. When nothing happened in the next few minutes she tried to get up. Sitting up was easy, but as soon as she stood up, her world turned red and spun. Esperanza lunged forward for support and smacked face first into the brick wall of the alleyway. She slid back down, panting. "Okay, so, up is NOT an option." her head spun even as she sat there and she decided it was best to lay back down. Falling onto her back, and again staring up at the darkness, she started to feel the most incredible things. Some, were painful and others werent, but for the moment, the were indescribable.
A flurry of ravens poured throguth eh nigth sky, filling the ears of all who where running fromt eh duke that night. Vagis and Masa fighting the vampires woudl notice them pause momentarily.

Meanwhile, off in the distance, the moon left beneath a cloud, the shadows growign darker now.
Esperanza lay there sprawled out on the ground for almost 15 minutes. She was in an incredible amount of pain yet she had to get up. Talea is all she thought.

"Shhh...that hurts." She mumbled as she sat up and leaned back against the dumpster. She slowly fished in her pockets for her cell phone. She pulled it out and with blurry eyes managed to dial Talea's number.

"Come on Talea, pick up, pick up..."
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Talea waited for the doctor to get somewhat comfortably seated before speeding off down the highway. Already she knew he wouldn't enjoy her style of driving, but at that point in time she didn't care. His and her daughter's life was in her hands, and she would do anything to keep them safe. The sounds of sirens in the distance caught her attention. A road block was beginning to form around the city. Of course they would do such a thing. A escaped prisoner is on the loose in their minds. How trivial of them to think her to be some kind of crazed individual. Then again was she? Should they fear her? Yes yes they should. Already she was starting to have conversations with the dark shadow that seemed to be consuming her soul. Quickly she shook her head to regain some of her composure. It took almost all her will power to push the beast back down. "No not yet..." She quietly whispered to herself. Now was not the time for it to break free. Everything she had worked for would be lost.

Her gaze shifted around the streets as they made their way back to the mansion of a house the doctor called home. It stood three stories high, and had a large security fence around what seemed to be thirty acres of land. "Clearly they paid you plenty for being a monster. I'm sure it kept what ever pity you had at bay." The words came out in a snarl. Though, she didn't have much room to talk. Her job was to go out and make people disappear for money. Talea slowly pulled up to the large M shaped gate. There stood a guard dressed in a navy blue jump suit. His face was strong and brows furrowed in disappointment. Those brown tinted eyes seemed unbelieving of the vehicle they pulled up in. Sure the mini van was a piece of shit. There was no need to judge its rusted paint job so harshly. She was so focused on reading his emotions, she had not noticed Dr. Mitchem had rolled down his window. "Let us pass Levi. We are in a hurry." He spoke quietly to the man, trying not to raise any alarm.

"Your wife...." He replied, "Is very angry. I already paged the house. She knows your home..." Dr. Mitchem's face twisted into something grim, and Talea couldn't help but smile. The woman must of ruled their home with a iron fist. Respect already blossomed with in her, and she pressed the petal to move the van forward. Around they went to the front door, and sure enough it was wide open. She could see the marble floors, and a spiral staircase. Not to mention a very angry house wife. Her grey hair was in curlers, and she wore a floral house coat. Despite the elderly wear, she was very beautiful. "I will not be joining you on this mission. Though keep in mind we are on a time limit. You must get your family and some of your laboratory equipment. Don't ask questions just go." She tried to push authority in her voice, but it was more difficult than she imagined. Kind of hard to demand obedience with another woman glaring in your car window.
" You've got explainign to do, mister." the wife said sternly." all this business going out late nights, and whwo the hell is this YOUNGEr woman?" she said. then her anger broke.

" We've been worried sick." she said, hugging him tight.

"There is SO much i wish i had time t say to you." mitchem said, amost tears in his eyes. "For now.. Get teh kids and their things... we have to go, tonight!" he said urgently.

" b-but-"

" but nothing, Someone tried to KILL ME tonight, and he already threatened you,"

"Tim, i-"

"MOVE, DELORA!!!!" he yelled, running to his laboratoy. the wife obeyed. for the first tim, she obeyed.

"Esperen sa-ansa-anza-anza..." the whisperes sounded in her head like thunder, Armands blood mingling with her, distractign her, mempowering her body even as it tore at her mind.

" Masa, your left!" Vargis roared, putting down his guns and hurling a large bowie knife at a vampire that had not paused.
When Talea didnt answer, Esperanza left her a voicemail. "Talea, get out of there gotta call me...there's a problem." Her voice was wrong, there was something wrong with it, it was filled with pain and yet not pain at the same time, tired and not.

As soon as she hung up the phone and tried to stand up she heard it, Armand's voice in her head, calling her name. She doubled over and put a hand over her eyes. The world in her head was still spinning, but she knew that it wasnt. It was almost as if just the sound of his voice tore her mind and spirit apart. Her body felt better, much better than it had at the start of the fight with Armand. Weird, thats really weird. Oh goddess, why is he in my head...whats wrong with me!

She took a tentative step forward and when she didnt fall over on her face she moved a little faster. There was a safe house just down the street that she could get into. There were things in there that she would need. She stopped at the end of the alley, it was as if his voice wasnt just in her head, it was almost as if that calling voice was in all of her, in her soul, her bones, her skin, her...blood... Esperanza stopped and looked wide eyed up at the sky, she understood it, and knew that it would be more dangerous this way.

She pulled her phone out as she ran across the street. "E. It's Esperanza, I'm heading west on Grove street toward the safe house. Hey, so, I need your help again. How do you get vampire blood out of your system, or block any kind of transmissions through it?" The man on the other end was silent for just a second before asking, "Esperanza, what happened?" She replied and was only able to get out one word, "Armand..." before E. the man on the phone told her that there would be someone waiting at the safe house, it might even be him if he could get there in time. She hung up and tried Talea again..."TALEA, please pick up this time...please..."
Armand's blood was inside Esperanza, he could feel where she was, and as he made his way to Masa and Vargis, somethign tugged at him... was it.. no.. just somethign strange in Esperanza's blood. He landed as a mass of crows behind the crowd of Vampires attacking Masa and Vargis.

" ENOUGH!" he shouted, a roar that made all the vampires pause, falling back from their attack as The Vamprie lord took several steps forward.

"so.. i HAVe been decieved..." he snorted, pulling off his coat. " coem here... both of you... I've got a lesson for you." he smiled wickedly, crackign his neck and pulling out his shortsword, taking a defensive position.

" Bring your worst...."