Secrets of the Night.

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The cathedral sat in the middle of town, but she was unsure how she managed to stand at it's steps. Those large lavender eyes taking in the sight. High white walls, and stained glass gods caught her gaze. A small shiver went down her spine, "What was I thinking coming here...?" She managed to whisper out. Her voice usually held authority, but tonight it sound as if she were a child. The heel of her boot scratched at the cobblestone steps, as she tried to turn to leave. The movement itself seemed leaded and her legs refused to respond. A small hiss escaped her lips, "Damn it." She cursed herself aloud. The sound of her voice echoed back at her.
"Okay Talea you can do this." She tried to push courage into her own words, but even as they came out the emotion was fleeting. With a heavy sigh she looked down at her feet and pushed herself to walk forward towards the entrance. A small pleased smile pulled at her lips, but it quickly faded when her gaze raised to meet the doors. She couldn't stop now, and she refused to. With one delicate hand she reached out, her finger tips lightly feathered the golden handles as if it would burn her. Before she could lose her courage she yanked the door free, and stepped inside.
High arched white walls and dark wood benches met her gaze first. Her eyes stared further into the candle lit distance, a few were kneeling. She could hear whispers of prayer, and even then she still couldn't imagine herself worthy to even speak a god's name.
With one push of her foot she was walking forward, the sound of her heeled boots clicked against the tile floor. Till she came to a pillar, one hand traced over it. A steady sigh escaped her lips as she turned to face the door, her back pushing against the column. Her legs gave out and she slipped to the floor, her knees drawn to her chest. The sins of her past flashed before her eyes. Even in a sanctuary she wasn't safe from her own mind. Talea leaned her head back against the cool stone, "Please forgive me." She whispered aloud.


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Esperanza sat and watched as the woman known as Talea entered the church. She had been following her for weeks, waiting for the opportune moment to catch Talea off her guard. All of Esperanza's sources told her that this was the one, the one who would be able to help her.

As soon as the door closed Esperanza started to make her move, she'd planned on something like this, a public place, although she wasnt sure how many people were in the church.

'Oh well,' she thought, 'At least im inconspicous today.' And she was, her 5'5" frame was unassuming to begin with and she had adorned it in baggier jeans along with a concert A.F.I. t-shirt and matching hoodie. With the way she carried herself, no regular joe would guess that she was packing anything.
Talea rubbed at her eyes lazily, "Might as well get this over with." She pushed herself up from the pillar, looking around slowly to do a head count. Twelve people in her sights, including the girl wearing the hoody. That stroked her as a bit odd, when she entered she didn't notice her. Talea wiggled her nose before throwing the thought aside. Leaning her body forward to see past the pillar she looked straight towards the front the church, and a little to the left she found what she was looking for. Confession booths, and Father Lorent Johnson was inside. Taking in all the sins of others, and trying to save their souls.
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That is when she began to weight, a few of the people she had counted was heading to him. She leaned her hip lazily against the wall, waiting so patiently. He was her target, and she highly doubted he knew she was coming. One hand slid to grab at the thick length of long red hair, to pull it over her shoulder. She stroked the strands idly, "Hurry up people I got sins I could confess all night." She muttered under her breath.

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Esperanza moved along the wall of the cathedral toward a pew and picked the one closest to the confessionals. Kneeling down she proceeded to pray. She was not catholic herself, but enough of her colleagues and past relationships had been catholic, so, she'd picked some of the prayers and such up along the way. She thought this was useful considering her profession.

While praying she kept her voice down low enough so that she could hear Talea.

' she wants to confess, guess she's been doing this too long.' Esperanza thought as she was waiting. Patience is a virtue.
Once the last person exited the confessional, she moved striding quickly towards them. Talea's face went completely still, a serious scowled replaced the natural expression. Everyone she passed faded, as if they didn't exist. Her striding did not stop until she was standing at the confessionals. Taking a deep breath, she reached over her shoulder placing her hand on the hilt. The glittering of the steal could barely be seen as she entered. Talea's free hand pulling the curtain to hide her from view. "Father I have sinned."

Father Lorent Johnson answered her plea, "Talk to me my child, confess what burdens your soul." Talea removed her sword, to slide it down her leg. Completely hiding it from the priest's view, "I will kill this night." Her voice a mere whisper. The priest leaned forward, "What my child?" His ear pressed against the wooden window. Talea could see the shadow of his head, and pointed the sword. The sharp blade sat mere inches from the thin wood, it hovered where his temple would be.
Esperanza waited until Talea entered the confessional and then stood up from the pew and walked over to the curtain behind which the priest sat. Slowly she pulled back the curtain and looking at the priest put her finger up to her lips and stepped inside the small booth. She manuvered her way around to sit behind the priest her hand positioned between his shoulder blades and pushing slowly so that his head was away from the wood, but his shadow remained.

She smiled, this would sure catch her off guard, and leave an opportune time to show Talea her own skills.
Talea used all her strength to force her blade into a straight line. The sharp edge ripped through the wood, barely miss the priest. The sword quickly swept back leaving a small cut out hole. To her dismay the sword had no blood dripping from it, nor did she hear the priest crumble. Her brows pushed together in a deep scowl. Now her position will be compromised, "What the hell." She said in a annoyed tone, he wasn't screaming either. Talea threw her sword back into it's sheath.

Turning sharply she flung the curtain away, and silently crept around to the other side. Talea reached into her glove pulling out the small dagger that sat at her wrist. With dagger in hand, she pushed the curtain back just enough to see through. To her surprise a woman stood holding Father Johnson. Brows furrowing further in anger, she quickly stepped inside. Her free hand swept out quickly to clamp over the priest's mouth, "You say a word, and you'll die for sure." Her voice commanding the priest in a angry whisper. Talea looked up at her, "Who the hell are you?" Talea had to breath very deeply to keep from shuttering in anger.
Esperanza watched as the knife came tearing through the paneling right between her and the priest. When the knife withdrew from the hole she dropped her hold on the priest and tensed her wrists, setting the springs for the concealed punch daggers she had strapped to them and waited for Talea.

She just smiled as Talea pulled back the curtain and looked at her in anger.

"My name's Esperanza, and I assume you are Talea. Don't ask how I know, you know the rules, cant tell you that."
Esperanza stepped over the priest and pushed her way past Talea back into the now empty cathedral. Talea could hear the faint rustle of leather and metal against cloth when Esperanza put her hand up to push past her.
"And now, if you dont mind, before you decide to finish this job, I had a proposition for you. I'm looking for a new mentor, my last one..." with that she paused and chuckled "Well, he met with a very unexpected end quite recently, and all of my information says youre the best. Of course, the only way to reach the best is to inconvenience them."
Talea released the priest, his eyes wide in horror. She turned then heading back into the open, "Mentor, you can't be serious?" The words dripped sarcasm. This girl had just ruined her plans, and she wanted to be her student. This girl must of been crazy for even bothering to ask, "Listen whom ever you think you are. I am no mood to teach some child that got lucky." Her words still radiating irritation. The daggered hand lifted to pointed at the priest. Talea didn't bother to look at him, he already tried to creep out of the confessional, and she knew it by the sounds of sliding fabric. "You move I will cut your head off." She spat the words over her shoulder.

One foot moved forward and then another, Talea stepped closer to her. Her gaze sweeping over her slowly, "Your actually serious. Fine you want me to teach you. Finish the job, fix the problem you have no created." She spoke while putting the dagger back into her glove. Taking a few more steps to the left. Leaving the priest in the girls open view, Father Johnson fell to his knees. Each hand clasping together into a beg, "P-p-please don't kill me.....They forced me to talk, I swear....." He sobbed out of control, the sounds echoing through the building.
Esperanza walks up to the priest and kneels down in front of him. He mistakes the look on her face for sympathy.
"It's alright, Father." Esperanza placed the fingertips her right hand on the priests chest. "I'm not going to kill you, your guilt for betraying the sancity of the vows you took is." With that she pushed her palm forward and the spring loaded dagger pushed forward into the priest's heart. She looked into his eyes the whole time and when the light finally died she pulled the dagger out of his chest and lifted him back into the confessional, placed him on his seat and closed the curtain.
That done she turned around to face Talea, wiping her blade and resetting it into the device on her wrist.
"I don't see a problem here." Esperanza smiled.
Talea titled her head to the side, a amused smirk pulled at her full lips. Without saying a word, she turned towards the doors of the cathedral. Her strides were long, and quick. Soon as she got to the door, all movements stopped, "Are you sure you want this life Esperanza?" It was the first time she said her name. The girl toyed with her victims, as if it didn't bother her at all. Every life was precious, and that must be remembered above all else. "This life isn't a fun game, its full of pain and regret. Don't underestimate the devastation it can do on one's mind." Her voice was soft, and held a morning note in it's depths. Turning slowly, she wanted her to see the look on her face. Complete sadness filled her eyes, turning the shade into a turbulent blue. Talea's full lips were pulled into a small frown. If this girl agreed she was throwing her life into a downward spiral of deceit and betrayal.
"I've never known anything but this life." Esperanza looked at Talea with her own look of pain.
"I know very well what kind of devastation it can have on a person, but it's no different than any other form of psychological ruin. We see it everyday in normal people, they just dont know it yet."

She was looking back at the confessional which held the body of the priest, her lips pursed and her still sweet face contorted in a look of contemplation. Esperanza closed her eyes and said a small prayer, whispered so low the words weren't understandable. When she finished she turned around and held her head high, her dark eyes staring almost as if into Talea's soul.

"I do what I do for a reason, I have conviction. Whether it's right or wrong, sometimes it just has to be done. For the priest, a man of faith, his guilt really would have killed him. Better to send him to his Heaven than let him work his way to Hell."
With that she strode forward confidently toward the door and opened it.
"After you."
Talea stepped out into the night, a deep breath could be heard. It washed the filth of this place away, "Follow me." She did not ask, but simply began to walk. The heels of her boots clicking against the pavement, "Do you have a place to stay or are you sleeping under bridges?" Talea walked for about five blocks before coming to a stop. Looking around slowly she noticed a alley between a General Store and a Pharmacy. Reaching down to her belt she removed a small remote hanging from key chain. Clicking one of the buttons a car revved alive, the bright lights shinning brightly into there eyes. Instead of walking over to the car she simply turned and stared at Esperanza. Talea didn't say a word just waited for her to answer.
Esperanza followed quickly, staying just a step behind her as they walked down the street.

"I do have a place, and no it's not under a bridge." She answered as she placed a hand out in front of her to block the light of the headlights beaming in her face.
Talea pointed towards the car, "Get in. Training won't start till the morrow." She turned and walked over to the bright orange McLaren MP4, she ran her index finger idly over the finish. Once to the suicide doors, she clicked another button on her key chain. Both swung open, Talea disappeared inside. "There are a few perks to this job. This is one of them." She spoke while grinning sheepishly.
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Esperanza's jaw dropped open at the sight of the car, she had never seen a ride like that before. She had some stuff, sure, but like way. Usually whatever she got from doing her own jobs went into her arsenal of weapons and contacts to keep the jobs rolling.
She walked around to the other side, opened the door and climbed in. She was amazed by all the cool gadgets sitting in front of her on the dashboard.

" awesome! Like, I've got some sweet perks of my own, but this...takes the cake so far!" The look of pure shock and joy on Esperanza's face betrayed her youth to Talea.

"Seriously, this is the sweetest ride I have ever been in. Some of my contacts have those new cars like the Saleen and the Bugatti, but those are just for show, like they run great and go fast, but wow." Esperanza whistled looking around the car's interior. "So, want me to give you directions to my place, I going to yours?"

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Talea couldn't help the smile that spread across her cheeks, "You need to get rid of you place. If you want to learn its a twenty four hour job." She spoke while releasing the emergency break. Without waiting for her to respond she threw the car into first and whipped out of alley. Each shift was fluent, the world began to fade. Speeding through town uncaring if any cops saw, "What is your normal weapon?" She asked curiously.

Pulling the emergency break she drifted onto a ramp that lead to the freeway. Talea maneuvered around each car that was moving to slowly, the city lights drifted into the distance behind them. Green forest replaced concrete, and a deep sigh of relief escaped her lips. Slowing her vehicle she pulled off exit 134 B. Coming to a complete stop at the sign, she did not move forward but instead she waited.
"Alright, place..."Esperanza pulls out a cell phone and sends a quick message..."gone, done deal. As for my formal weapon." She pulls back the sleeves of her hoodie to reveal intricate looking bracelets on both of her wrists. The bracelets look almost as if made from silver with a design of snakes crawling across them. They are approximately seven inches long and attach to her forearm with a series of quick release clasps on the top of the bracelet, each one looking like a snake's head. She takes the one from her right wrist off and shows Talea the inside. On the bottom of the bracelet where it would stiagainst the underside of her arm is a leather pad. Esperanza pulls the pad away and shows a simple mechanism, a spring which is attached to the bottom of a blade, the blade sits inside two guide bars and appears to be only and inch wide. The blade is dark in color, has almost no shine and is mottled with dark lines that almost look like cracks. Esperanza puts pressure on the spring and the six and ahalf inch blade springs out of the guards.

"Its a custom. The blade is six and a half inches long and its made of high tempered carbon steel. Hand forged in the middle east, they call it Damascus steel. They're almost unbreakable and spring out of the cuffs at seventy-five miles per hour. Does some serious damage. The blades are also thin enough to slip between those tricky vertebrae in the neck area, no sound, no pain, just all dead. The bracelets themselves are made of the same metal,only coated in silver from India, the stuff never tarnishes. They're of course only good for close range, but that's usually what I get asked to do so." Esperanza shrugs putting the bracelet back on. "Of course, I'm not bad with anykind of projectile either, knives, arrows, guns, you name it, i can probably handle it."
Talea removed her right hand from the steering wheel to place it on her face. Fingertips rubbing idly over her temple, "Very well made. No guns, to loud unless you have a silencer. Also to messy, in my opinion. Stick with small archery weapons and blades. You need to feel death on your neck, as much as they do." She dropped her hand back on to the gear shift, speeding off down the narrow pavement road ahead. The foliage got thicker on each side of them.

Talea looked over her at her with a smile, "Do you know how to cook?" She asked wiggling her eyebrows. Slowing the vehicle to turn down a long dirt road on the left. A few lights dim twinkled through the trees, as they approached closer a large lob cabin came into few. Large arched glass windows, cobble stone boarder wood. "Beautiful isn't it?" She said softly her voice showing pride.
At her question of cooking Esperanza looked at her quizically, was she serious? Cooking?
"Yeah I can cook, I actually cook very well, baking is my specialty, but I can cook just about anything you want me to."

She turned her head to look out the passenger window of the car, staring in awe at the forest flying around her. She moves her head to look out the windshield. She say the beautiful cabin emergeing through the trees. She put a hand in front of her mouth and gasped.
"I have never seen something so beautiful in my life. LIke life near the warfs isnt bad, my home is nice, but...." She couldnt say anymore.